Mayo Football Podcast episode: Final Whistle – Mayo beat Galway

Photo: Piaras Ó Mídheach/Sportsfile

Mayo have kickstarted their National Football League campaign with an impressive win over rivals Galway in Pearse Stadium this afternoon.

Rob is joined by John Gunnigan, Mike Finnerty and also by Colm Keys to give their instant reaction on today’s game.

You can also hear post-match audio from both managers Kevin McStay and Padraic Joyce.

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28 thoughts on “Mayo Football Podcast episode: Final Whistle – Mayo beat Galway

  1. “talk has to be matched by some tangible on-field evidence that we’ve addressed the causes of our shortcomings last year and are better equipped for the heat of battle when it really counts this year.”
    That was one of the questions posed here before the match by the Mayo News.
    I don’t think we can answer that after today but I’d sincerely hope that the blog and posters would give all our players that are trying their best to wear the Mayo Jersey come championship and also give management a chance to improve this year rather than focusing on all that went wrong next week

  2. Loads of positives today, (obviously it comes with the health warning that that side galway lined out was down 7 or 8 starters)

    – notable we seemed to be back to the tried and trusted, runners from deep, all the halfback line outstanding, runners off the shoulder. Lots of pace
    – any of the hb line could have been motm. I often give out about him but eoghan mcL was unplayable today,all his best attributes bought to bear
    – got some minutes into young uns at the end
    – no injuries as far as I can tell
    – always good to beat that shower, can never do it enough

    Special mention to my motm Fergal Boland, outstanding today from start to end, exactly what we are missing in the hf line, creative, heads up baller who can shoot from range. His 3rd point was out of this world. The mind boggles how he didn’t even make the extended panel last year

  3. Galway were brutal. Worst I’ve seen them in years but not surprising for the first round of the league.
    Thanks Mayo for still putting in a good shift today. Fair play.
    After how we played overall in the championship last year, it will take me a long long time before I get excited about Mayo this year!!

  4. While delighted with the performance and win today, I can’t shake the feeling that Galway are playing a cute game this year. As we all know, timing is everything.

  5. Maybe Nephin, but a strange approach to not show up against their biggest rivals who beat them in last years league final, and then knocked them out of Championship.
    If anything, it should have been the other way around.
    Still, Championship is the be-all and end-all once it gets to May. By then, today will be long forgotten.

  6. Nephin – If Galway are playing cute game there is no chance in hell losing at home to Mayo by 8 points in the first round of the league is part of it.

  7. I dunno Nephin, i think their playing it cute aswell. They have the soft draw in Connacht, so realistically Galway’s season starts on Connacht final day.

  8. Comer said himself during the week that he and other injured lads won’t play all the league.
    Just heard earlier Galway had a serious training session yesterday morning, and a high profile speaker in for the afternoon, so maybe that would explain a little.
    Joyce maybe learned a lot last year in pushing players through league and championship and it backfired so we’ll see

  9. We were much fitter than Galway today, don’t get carried away, they were a shambles.
    But I enjoyed my night out tonight.

  10. Considering the awful conditions Mayo’s handling and movement were excellent. The odd mistake but for winter football it was pretty good. We were playing a style of football that suits our players and should continue with and improve on it. Just hoping we don’t revert to that ponderous safety first sideways crap come championship as we did last year.
    On another note has anyone an update on Enda Hession’s injury status because a fully fit Hession is made for this type of football.
    Hopefully we can get league safety ASAP and start minding players for the real tough stuff ahead.

  11. Good display by Mayo but if I was teamsters or big mick I would not get to worry remembered mayo playing very poorly in league matches spring to mind cork Donegal matches and still make the all Ireland final

  12. The league is about putting a system and style of play together and testing it. We did that yesterday with positive results for the most part.
    How stern the test was is debatable as Galway were poor.
    Discipline, creating goal chances and more rigid test of our defence is needed.
    And we’ll get that next weekend. Dublin, unlike Galway, will be looking to put down a marker.

  13. So when mayo win and put in a good show Galway are just really poor and playing it many exsuces it’s ridiculous.

    When mayo loose Galway are favourites for Sam jaysus.. And when we win it’s our all Ireland apparently sorry but I get sick of that…

    We are well able to beat the dubs next weekend and I say mayo by a few points again.
    Only January and early days and the league but fair play to our guys and fergal Bowland hell be some player for us.

  14. While the league is definitely of secondary importance this year you can see this morning the importance of the 2pts in terms of morale.

    Galway are getting a kicking off everyone today, their own fans and pundits alike. Suddenly they are a team in crisis,talk of team in crisis, unhappy camp and PJ under pressure. If Mayo had lost all that crisis talk would be attached to us today so for that reason if nothing else its good to get the win.

    Not getting carried away as I realise we were playing half a galway team but much prefer to be in our position then theirs at the minute

  15. I’m delighted to see Fergal Boland back in the Team we really missed him last year. I’m hoping as other posters have said that this style of Running play is here to stay. Running at pace straight through tackles and having a man to offload quickly is the way forward. This puts the opposition on the back foot and leads to spaces opening up in front of the Runners. Look at Monaghan v Dublin they were brilliant busting through tackles and finding spaces to pass and shoot. Galway were poor yesterday .
    We will get a better perspective of where this Mayo Squad are next Saturday evening.

  16. Well played to our lads, by far the better team on the day. For whatever reason Galway were flat and didn’t have a great heart for battle, we won all the exchanges. I doubt their S&C would allow a heavy training session the day before, that’s probably a rumour but expect they had put in a very hard session within the last few days.
    Om our side, lots to be positive about but still loads to work on. I was very happy with our discipline in defense (bar the 2 cards) but despite keeping Galway to 10 don’t see a defensive structure other than having. Hurson was only middling with the whistle, awarded them 2 technical fouls which didn’t look like such definitely missed 2 blatant pushes on the back, one on Reape we got away with the other turning us over. The penaly looked soft but we’ll take it so 8 points probably flatters but it was worth a comprehensive 5 point victory in those conditions. Of the newbies, Reid looked at very much home at that level, Duffy a little raw but he’s not afraid to take on the opposition. I thought half the team would be in consideration for MOM but I think Flynn’s contribution was massive throughout. Eoghan Mac played very well (great to watch his pace) and I think avoded turnovers, more of that and it’ll be hard to displace him. Callinan looks a top defender and McBrien bar getting turned once by Walsh for a point, was also excellent. Reape helped out with a lot of confidnece coming out to help the defenders, I don’t think we need to worry about aerial threat with him in there.

  17. No one is getting carried away, I think we’re all around too long for that. It was 2 valuable points only. Galway could be in a very different place this time next week if they beat Roscommon. The only way is up for them performance wise.

    On a side note, I think Mickey Harte made a big mistake this weekend. It was obvious he wanted to put down a crayon, sorry marker, against Kerry. I think he walked head first into the yerra trap. He played basically a full strength team, when it was publicly known the Cliffords were not involved. He scrapes by a Clifford less Kerry with a rookie midfield by 1 point. I firmly think thats advantage Kerry. Jack will be absolutely delighted with that result. Derry threw all they had at them and only won by a point. Should they meet later, the Kerry media mafia will have a field day.

  18. So when we beat Galway (as we have done 5 times in 7 games under McStay) it’s because either they were poor, or, they were being “cute” and holding something back. Well that tactic has worked well for them so far! They are not good enough to be so dismissive of us. If they had the 5 wins, 1 draw and 1 defeat against us then they could be forgiven for “being cute” and not showing their hand. Let’s remember that many were talking of Galway being strong challengers for Sam Maguire last year only for it to peter out in a whimper. Many spoke of Joyce either going (or being pushed) in the off season. Throw into the mix how Joyce hates us and was spitting feathers after the last two games against us, and you begin to see where I do not buy that story of them “being cute”.
    The reality is that their squad is not as deep as they would like and once they go beyond their starting 15 there are only maybe two players who could come in and compete. Once Galway are without a fully functioning Conroy and Heaney then they are not as strong and aggressive, and they lack leadership around the pitch. That much was evident yesterday. Pulling Daly after 20 mins and having to throw in Conroy at half time proved the lack of options at Joyces disposal. They should be a different animal come the Summer but losing at home to us is a blow, especially when you consider they have four games away v Roscommon, Tyrone, Monaghan and Kerry. Throw in a home game v Dublin and you begin to see where the easy points might be hard to pick up.
    From our point of view, we had the stronger side of the two, played the better football and fully deserved the win. A couple of new faces got to debut, a few positional switches worked and, most impressively, we displayed very sharp skills in difficult playing conditions. Our handling, angled runs, cuts and foot passing were all very good and bar a 15 minute period in the second half where we lost our way on the tranistion out of our defense, we controlled the game.
    One particular area where I felt we showed excellent game management and “smarts” was when we went down to 14 players. By my reckoning we took just over 6 mins off the clock by smart game management, eg 90 secs for a head injury, and well over 4 minutes when we played “keep-ball”. That left Galway with very little time of the 10 minutes when they had a player advantage. We still have areas to improve on but, that was an impressive, controlled and deserved win.

  19. Excellent post Pebblesmeller – nail on head re Galway. They dont have the squad depth and with worries over Comers injury history and Kelly’s current state their outlook is not that glossy plus Cooke leaving the panel is a major blow to for them. They like us woukd be looking for some newbies to step up – evident for us but not from them I’m afraid. Dont see them waiting in the long grass at all it looks nicely mowed !

  20. The game management by players with “injuries” during black card was excellent.
    Was laughing at time thinking of all the posters giving out for Galway doing it previously 🙂

    I’d imagine this will be clamped down in future rule changes as it is a bit daft and has got lot of focus in different games the weekend and last year obviously

  21. Normally would keep well clear of here after a game like that yesterday, but enjoyed the pod afterwards, in fairness everyone keeping a level headed approach regarding the result.
    On the streets of Tuam this morning the feeling is, despite it been early January the knives are been sharpened!

  22. Surely not for Joyce? He’s gotten Galway further than anyone since Johnno. 2022 Comer and Kelly were injured and Walsh had had zero break due to club. 2024 same lads injured (add in Silke and McDaid). Cooke is gone and Conroy is a year older. Joyce can’t do anything about any of this. If he had a full team last summer and yesterday that’s different, but he has been blighted with injuries. I still think if Galway have a full team to pick from there aren’t many ahead of them. The bookies would agree.

    It’s also way way too early to be making assumptions about any team or player. What happens if we lose by 5/6 next weekend and Galway beat Ros. Are the tables turned?? Again, it’s Jan folks.

    Boland had a good game yesterday but he’s had plenty of good games in the past without enough consistency to nail down a start. Colm Keys suggested as much on the podcast. I hope Fergal continues. He’s a smart footballer who can score but I’d like to see him become a more regular influencer.

    Carney too. Arguably his best game yet, but still a bit to go. He appears to be moving in the right direction. It’ll be interesting to see who we will go with as 8/9 in the summer if all are fit.

  23. Really good to see management give Duffy a chance yesterday and while he didn’t finish his chances he definitely got involved and was in the mix. Hopefully it shows to his teammates from minor in 2022 that the chance is there now. I’ve always said the really top intercounty footballers make the step up to senior or get some competitive game time before they’re finished u20’s. Duffy has shown the way. Up to the other lads to step up to the plate.

  24. @Mayonaze

    Year 5 and Joyce is mumbling and speed running his way through interviews.

    Yesterday was supposed to be the opening chapter of Year 5 – instead people are scratching their heads wondering if this is really what you should have after 3 years of Cian O’Neil.

    All politics are local, and Joyce came in on the promise of taking a wrecking ball to the Kevin Walsh regime – and Kevin is very much in vogue ATM, and travelling the whole way to Cork week on week.

    That lasted until COVID and a record defeat iirc in Tuam.
    And Joyce appears to decide there and then that his predecessor actually has the right idea about how to beat Mayo.
    But he’s spent the last year(?) removing that knowledge from the panel.
    And Galway have spent the last five years in transition because of that decision from Joyce.

    And yesterday, 5 years later and your still at square one. A project that the players themselves have never seemed to fully buy into, since probably pre-covid when there was a real buzz and excitement – but everything since has dour us against the world stuff, delivered incoherently at 90 miles an hour.

    I think we were discussing Mayo adopting a seize mentality last week and this is how I at least would expect that to end up looking.

  25. Pebblesmeller – if you take players of the calibre of Comer, McDaid, Kelly, Silke, Cooke out of any team in Ireland at the same time you will struggle. Depth doesn’t come into the equation when you’re missing players of that quality, its near impossible to find replacements with that level of leadership and ability.

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