Mayo Football Podcast episode: Final Whistle – Mayo beat the Rossies again

Two second half goals helped Mayo to their third win over Roscommon in the space of three months in Saturday’s All-Ireland SFC Series at Dr Hyde Park. 

Rob, John and Mike chat with former Armagh star Aaron Kernan afterwards.

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86 thoughts on “Mayo Football Podcast episode: Final Whistle – Mayo beat the Rossies again

  1. Just listened to The Final Whistle Podcast. It was super enjoyable. I love listening to Aaron Kernan. He’s generous with his commentary. Good to get the win. I’d love to have a proper crack at the Dubs.

  2. Swallow Swoop it all depends on what you mean about having a proper crack at the Dubs. With what they did to poor Cavan this evening Mayo are miles off where they need to be to have any hope of beating the A I Champions!

  3. Good to get the win but not a very impressive win and certainly not good enough for Dublin
    We had our usual near meltdown at the end a.
    And Burke had a legitimate gripe at the ref who missed calls for both sides but our penalty was a huge call and a turning point in the game
    McBriens injury was a big blow and hope it is not serious.
    With Savid out and AOS subbed Roscommon were lobbing Gail Mary’s towards goal and we had no big men in there to deal with the high ball
    I posted earlier this week that the bench was unbalanced with a shortage of size.
    Surely there are some tall players in Mayo
    .Burke was emptying his bench of big men to contest kick outs and we had no response
    We were more direct in the first half but went slow and lateral or backwards mostly in the second half and seldom tries to get theme ball inside and we’re too bunches out around the 45
    I continue to be amazed at the level of basic skills despite all the academies and training
    Bad passes bad decisions sloppy soloing hoping the ball trice and not under great pressure and the inability for 2 or 3 players to tackle without fowling
    I thought Buckley was a genius at coaching g tacking and of course the weakness off the weak food.

  4. Mayo67 you are spot on with your comments….I some time watch this team and wonder if they actually train during the week so many fundamental mistakes.

  5. I see what you mean, John McHale. We need to say some rosaries and get started around now.
    I guess I mean I’d like to keep the score respectable against the Dubs and especially prevent the ‘take off’ they do, where they put the foot down and go on a rampage racking up scores without reply or similarly where they catch a team in a bind and start winning their kickouts and scoring from them in a loop (like they did to us last year in the quarter final).
    I note they got five goals against Cavan. Could we keep them goal-less, for example? The Rossies were sticking with them last week until they got two goals and pulled away. Could we block this tendency that makes them look good?
    I feel what they do is smell a weakness at some point and exploit it. Press on it and rack up scores.
    Of course, what they also do, perhaps with even less mercy is the death by a thousand cuts, where they get measly little points and frees here and there early on, get the refs’ calls, maybe benefit from a team’s mistakes and before you know it they have padded out a lead, not to be caught.
    I feel we could possibly deal with the first scenario above (prevent the “take off”) but it’s harder to prevent the second. The latter is where we really need to be clued in and “on it”.
    I wonder who on our team could hurt them. Eoghan McLaughlin? Donnacha McHugh? Cillian? Aidan?

  6. Mayo67, Burke hadn’t a legitimate call for a Ross penalty. Ruane got his foot to the ball long before any contact with the Ross forward. In other words, it wasn’t a foot block.

  7. Our injuries keep mounting 4 that we know off but we do not know much details
    Durkin,Diarmuid. McBrien and I presume Brickenden Hope there are not any more in training before the Dublin game

  8. @Mayo67/@Cp: According to McStay only Durcan is long term. All the rest, including DO’C (confirmed by Eoghan in his MOTM interview talking about DO’C pushing to be back for the next game), fighting to get back in contention.

  9. What value in beating Dublin in 2 weeks? We wouldn’t beat them twice in same year. Better waiting to have a write cut at them in AL semifinal or Final. Monday you I expect we will be in neither.

  10. Well we know the details of Paddys , hes finished for the year , 100 percent .

    Supporters really need to stop acting like a spoilt child , such entitlement . We are into the last 12 at a minimum . We have one big game left till the knockouts , if ye dont get out and get behind the bucks for this one , snap up every single ticket ya possibly can , well quite frankly youre a disgrace . If its tullamore , the hyde or wherever , lets take a terrace end and fill it with green n red . The jacks will come out for this one ,so should we . Join me in an attempt to bring back the atmosphere . Weve a free shot here ,lets give it a rattle . Whats the sense in holding back any longer .

  11. Roscommon and Cavan have now both lost 3 successive matches in the championship and are still not out….anyone think the structure should be changed…

  12. @Lahanman: That seems an odd question. Assuming you’re not being rhetorical….

    You avoid an extra game (most likely against 1 of Derry/Armagh/Donegal/Cork/Tyrone/Louth/Monaghan/Meath so far from a gimme), you get an extra weeks rest (vital for both mental & physical fatigue), you push Dublin into a pQF to potentially take out another strong team (any of those mentioned above besides Louth), you avoid going into a QF against a group topper (with Galway likely to top Group 1 we’d likely have a 50% chance of Kerry there or else 1 of Donegal/Cork/Tyrone), you’d push Dublin into having to draw a group topper while on a 3 games on the bounce run (worst case knocking out an in form group topper while also increasing the odds of Dublin falling at QF or more tired in a SF) and you’d dramatically boost momentum and confidence in our own squad.

    A win would be huge.

    A quick look at how the teams on 1 weeks rest struggled relatively to those on 2 weeks from Round 1 of games (even Dublin started poorly, coughing up a shocking number of chances to Cavan while missing a shocking amount of their own) shows just how important avoiding the pQF is. Something that wasn’t in doubt even last year, when we sadly experienced the full meat grinder of it first hand.

  13. TsuDhoNim there’s another interview when Midwest ask Kevin is Diarmuid O’Connors injury long term and he says we don’t know he still has to be scanned

  14. Fair play to our guys lots to work on for sure but I’ll take that kind of win over a very confident rossies side any day.

  15. Don’t think it’s fair to call any fan a disgrace Sean Burke. There’s only one disgrace here and it’s the GAA themselves. They’ve destroyed a once great summer championship with this new nonsense format. Countless meaningless games lumped together between May and July. Cavan and Roscommon have now lost 3 games each in the championship this year and one of them will still be in the play off for the quarter final in 3 weeks time. Fans are voting with their feet and not going to games. A crowd of 9000 at a Mayo/Ros game on a sunny Saturday evening on a June Bank Holiday tells you all we need to know. And the fact that the majority of games are now behind a pay wall and a pensioner without WiFi access has to revert back to the old days of listening to a game on mid West just adds to the sham. And let’s face it, it’s highly likely that the juggernaut that is Dublin GAA will more than likely pick up their 8th All Ireland in 10 years in the last week of July.

  16. This – there’s a clear difference between criticism and abuse and your comment was on the wrong side of the line in that regard. You’re in moderation now as well for your troubles.

    Clare – I’ve just edited out the bits of your comment where you make reference to what was said in the one I’ve just deleted.

  17. @willie Joe Ok thanks!

    Great waking up this morning after that hard fought win we all knew it would be a close one!

  18. To Willie Joe, you deleted my comments which were fair and an honest opinion. You are obviously biased and a dictator. I won’t loose any sleep over it.Goodbye.

  19. Dont disagree about the format dave but thats beyond our control and that is the way it will stay for this year . What im getting at is forget about all other complaints , formats , chances of winning sam etc etc . We as Mayo supporters have a game versus Dublin probably in Tullamore if youre to believe the most commonly held opinion/rumour , do you think it would be right for lads representing our county , lads who have trained and pushed themselves to their limits all year to run out onto that pitch to a ground of blue smoke packed with dubs outnumbering is by a large amount . Yes im not for budging if it turns out that way it will be a disgrace . Outnumbered out roared by Galway , same against roscommon x 2 .

    Im not preaching , im just a supporter like all the rest of ye but i will be encouraging as many as i can to go to the next one as i think its very important to create that buzz again . It will also be a great dsy and occasion . People need to stop being such drips / spoilt brats .

  20. I’ve seen a video of the Fergal Boland incident and it’s absolutely no way a red card and Mayo should lose the absolute rag if it stands.
    It’s a regular collision trying to pressure a player in possession with no intent, minimal force, no elbow, attempted shoulder to shoulder and the player goes down like they caught one from Tyson. This is a bit of contact in the back garden contesting a ball at a family kids party contact.
    To my knowledge Fergal Boland has never been sent off at any level. Rarely even gets a yellow or black.

  21. Agree entirely with those lambasting this new format, and, the Dubs were making a statement I’m told (wife diehard fan plus countless relations) yesterday about their unwillingness to travel and, said by some, how poorly they perform outside Croker.
    I reminded them how under-strengh Cavan were though which brought a few assenting nods.
    The result in Cork was the first upset: more to come.

  22. I wouldn’t rate Barry Cassidy very highly as a referee .he sent off Jordan Flynn very harshly against Dublin in McHale park a few years ago while totally missing/ignoring a blatant punch by James McCarthy

  23. Sorry for the interjection again but some famous Kerry footballer recently said that Gaelic football is now predominantly played by athletes which is the core issue in relation to the lack of basic skills. Can’t disagree with that, not me anyway.

  24. Might need be careful on Boland issue if mistaken identity, if the incident was executed by another player, a starter he may be better to take one for team if any chance a starter could get ban instead.

  25. Each to their own, This, but your deleted comment was neither fair nor honest. And the word you’re looking for in the second last sentence is lose, not loose. Now hop it, you won’t be missed.

  26. Its mad how people view things .
    Rossies were to be buoyed after a defeat by the dubs , but in fans views we have already lost to dubs and going no further .
    The dubs game is a free shot, ask any player, if they want to be training on 18th of June, playing Rossies fro third time in as many months or with sun high in sky playing g the dubs.
    This is why these lads train so hard and commit their time and efforts to the county.
    I think that’s forgotten too easily but fans on the ditch.
    Get behind the lads encourage them and you will see the best version of them.
    Footballs not like what it was a few years ago, it’s more like basketball in possession retention and shot selection within the zone jargon but we are one of few who can play off the cuff and release the Mayo aggression press and mayoral relentless driving forward from halfbacks .

    I don’t think dubs defense is what it was, Fenton is a machine , he’s every year top top player but we need to try stiffle him.
    Their halforwards are more average than the olden days and Con and Mannion inside are class but can be stopped at same time .
    Just cool the negativity, I get some people don’t like mcstay and Rochford but there’s progress, if we play Loftus in a halfback sweeper role as he did yesterday that was with clear intentions for going forward .
    Loftus will retain possession, is a good tackler and great distribution in addition to athletic qualities of being able to join attack.
    Diarmuid and Matty works so hopefully Diarmuid is back, Coen is such a wise head and always worthy of a start, Sam’s confidence is back and is growing into role, eoin Mac was superb and shows that if Loftus is halfback sweeping that Eoin can get licence to get forward even more .
    Mchale is player we have all created but never got a run due to injuries but fairness to management they getting best of him and he will thrive in big games.
    Flynns coming back to himself, ROD and cillian on form, AOS playing as well as he has with a maturity and cuteness so that’s again a positive albeit I love to see him coming off bench to batter into the dubs .
    Tommy c looked more confident refreshed mentally and a certain freedom to him and like all other players will step up and thrive in game v dubs.

    There’s 1 no. 1 ranked team in the country and that’s the dubs, Kerry , Donegal, Derry, us, Galway, Tyrone are much of muchness and anything could happen on any given day so I’d embrace a championship of unknowns rather than the typical Dublin Kerry thing .

  27. Watching back on GaaGo Michael Murphy seems bewildered that so many years later Mayo have returned once again to a full forwards line of Cillian/AoS, which yesterday yielded a grand total of 1 point between them. It hasn’t really worked as a partnership at any point in the past 13 years so it’s hardly the future now.

    Some thoughts…
    – Eoghan McL was exceptional, a clear motm, he can be raw at times but when he is on it like that he must be a nightmare to play against
    – ROD very good once again, key plays at the key moments
    – McHale has nailed down his jersey, fair play to him for grabbing his chance
    – mayo were very lucky on the penalty call
    – overall felt like a comprehensive victory, felt more like a 5 point victory

  28. Outside of boot, is Loftus in the half back sweeper role not the entire system we built defense around last year management had to abandon as didn’t work?
    He didn’t retain ball when stripped for goal week or two ago and was turned over a few times. And gave a away some frees. This not a slight on Conor, he’s a very good footballer, but he’s a forward, and well able kick scores.

    Tackling in general is an issue for us, some of the frees including the penalty we conceded are of a sillier nature, hand on back etc. regardless of soft nature they are fouls and give ref the choice. Given we have likely spent nearly half million euro on a defensive specialist in past decade I’d like see this area improve.

  29. McHale was excellent, yesterday, his forward play and runs into the pocket for his scores were fantastic and his tracking back was phenomenal delighted for him. Mclaughlin was outrageous over all a good performance bar a few scary moments at the end we deserved the victory. Minor and Senior double in a week in the Hyde. Loving the Hyde.

  30. Do we still have the same issues as last year ? Build up a nice lead and then we either nearly or fully collapse in the last few minutes once a bit of pressure comes on. It has happened against Louth (2023), Cork (2023), Galway (2024) and Roscommon (2024).

  31. Our forwards are not good enough. Our build up play is too slow and predictable. Dublin could go to town on us.

  32. Free shot at the Dubs now, we or nobody will beat them twice this year, good show is all thats needed and try some new things out. . Beat them when its a Knockout game later in season. O Shea has to be on the field for last quarter so either leave him off till halftime or start him and withdraw him at half time and then bring him back on for last quarter. Give the likes of Towey and another one or two a ful lgame against a big team and rulke them in or out.

  33. To add to a few comments earlier firstly obviously great to win though lots of frustrating times during the game. Probably think Tommy was right to take a point and make it a 2 score game at that stage as a misplaced pass would have ended the move. We are in the pack so most games are going to be hard fought we have no devine right to win and plenty of teams feel they can beat mayo but mayo should feel they can beat most teams also and no point thinking we have players like the previous decade so we should support the team and hope for the best. Cillians wind check with the grass b4 demanding the ball for his score was unusual to see but class. Lastly what happened to the Jimmy worshippers since yesterday i said it b4 I’ll hold off on kissing his boots for a while yet

  34. Some dubious decisions yesterday, our penalty should have been a free out,a bad call on a sideline Ball given against us that resulted in a Roscommon point,a wide given against us that was clearly a point and of course Boland’s red card.
    In fairness to the Ref most of the above calls were made by the other officials.

  35. @Sean Burke yet again I agree the support and atmosphere at the match was brutal , you could hear a pin drop, we as Mayo people were famously known as the 16th man roaring on the team. Our team is in transition, we have a very young team (with the exception of Cillian/Aidan) . I spoke to one of the players last evening and one of the comments surprised me he said “God the atmosphere was awful “. We forget the players feel this on the pitch . These guys deserve support but like Sean said apart from genuine hard core fans are behaving like spoiled brats. This is a new team, they put in the same sacrifice and arguably more with the new format than our old hero’s . If a player playing feels a drab atmosphere then I sure that deflates then feeling of no belief in them. ( my view, not the particular player) if somebody works in a dreary toxic or negative environment how do they react???
    I get the style of play earns a response but what happened to thick and thin? I for one and pissed off with the negativity, they are our team if as it seems it is “it a matter of when they will be bet” lord God what is the point.
    They got a win in a tricky game move on and support the lads. Injuries unfortunately are big but surely it now we get behind the next man up . Apologies for the rant it’s not directed at the genuine Mayo fans who in fairness are well entitled to an opinion in this professionally managed platform
    Finally delighted for Eoghan Mcloughin, class performance
    21 year old McHugh bedding in nicely
    21 year old Callnan bedding in nicely
    Jack Coyne bedding in nicely
    Darren McHale has stepped up
    Jordan better yesterday
    Here hoping to the next game

  36. @No doubt

    I wouldn’t be too worried about the jimmy worshipers, Donegal have made more strides forward in 6 months then mayo have in 18. In this new format every team is entitled to lose a game or two. We lost 3 championship games last year. Ironically we lost to cork (when we were meant to be one of the top 2/3 times in the country after hammering Kerry) just like Donegal did yesterday..

    I don’t think there is anymore easy games for us now. Dublin and a tricky preliminary QF with a 33% chance of it being Galway / Armagh / Derry. If our form doesn’t improve soon we won’t need the CB to be making anymore requests to not play in Croker. We won’t have earned the right. And if that happens I’d suggest mayo is at its lowest point since Longford 2010. Hopefully not the case.

  37. No it’s not same as last 6 .
    Last year Loftus played 6 but ended up in fullbackline most the time .
    This role is very different, he’s playing a role that blocks off the middle while allows Matty and Eoin go forward without a second thought but yet linking play.
    Look there’s always one or two mistakes, these lads aren’t robots or this isn’t professional job maybe the expectations are that of premier league footballers yet these lads back to everyday work in a day or two .

    I think the AOS and Cillian debate was a little silly sure Cillians been I jured the last number of years .
    If we had them fit they would have played, but we adjusted to a game which was to be slower paced at the start and put on the two elder men but had Tommy kept for end of game , maybe that deserves credit or was it a fluke by mcstay and rochie ?

  38. @Privileged +fan

    I agree the atmosphere these days is brutal but I’d add 2 reasons for it. First is the structure of the championship and second is our style of play. Both take risk out of the equation and that goes a long way to killing the excitement.

  39. While it would be a surprise to beat Dublin, especially with injuries mounting up. There is something about playing Dublin, that gets the juices flowing. But can’t be kicking 7-8 wides in a half, need a 80 percent conversion rate, and possibly 2 goals as well. But for today happy, great to get win

  40. Agree green and red, Donegal no more than ourselves done alright in general yesterday.
    Defensively they also set up somewhat differently to previous games.
    Outside of boot I dunno, maybe you right, but in the few minutes played YTD that much change is noticeable. He was FBi e when stripped for goal.

  41. Green&Red – 2018 was far worse than this year. Sure we barely won a game (league or championship) that year.

    Personally think there’s far too much negativity around our current team. You’d swear we were invincible during the 2010s the way some people go on. In 2014 we absolutely robbed Roscommon to win by a point. In 2017 we only drew with them in the quarter final. That’s before looking back at some of those qualifier games in 2016/17.

    We have had 2 fairly comfortable wins over Roscommon this year.

  42. Some good news in that MCBrien’s subbing was precautionary. The Dublin game I see it more than a free shot it’s a must win for me and that should be the attitude for it. Why ? It could blow the championship wide open. It’s this type of win the Mayo support need to get rid of all this doom and gloom and negativity. Now is the time to beat the Dubs – topping the group is a serious advantage.

  43. How many players are we down since game starters v dubs 2021 , paddy , leeroy, kev mc and most likely diarmuid . Its a lot of quality surely , weve gained mcbrien , cillian (back) , carney , coyne , mchugh callinan. Thinking out loud here so maybe left some out , crux of my point is though its not all doom and gloom , weve still a fighters chance .

  44. @Green&Red, agreed and good points but again if a player feels this it’s fair to say that we have to try and up the support. As @Wide Ball said, we done what is needed…
    Negative vibes seep into a workplace and it will seep into the team.. we as fans job is to support our team

  45. You beat me too it, Wide Ball – I was just thinking the same thing about some of those performances in the 2011 to 2017 era, many of which were very wobbly. Seamus O’Shea admitted as much on the pod some time ago, noting how many of those displays were poor enough.

    Sean Burke and Privileged Fan are also definitely onto something about the current mood among Mayo supporters, something I’ve picked up as well in the general tenor of comments on here over the last while. There’s definitely more whining and moaning than there used to be, you’d almost think that some are taking their cue from somewhere. It’s as if some supporters have forgotten what their role is, which is to provide support, rather than to whine incessantly about all that’s wrong.

    It’s sad to see the fall-off in support but a large part of the blame for that surely has to be the new structure and tight fixture schedule, which, let’s be honest, wasn’t put together with supporters’ interests in mind. People are definitely voting with their feet in that regard, as they’re entitled to do.

  46. I agree about the support.god be with the day in I think 1966 at a league game in Tuam when the Mayo supporters invaded the pitch with Galway well ahead.
    Game later awarded to Galway.
    Roscommon could go through by just drawing with Cavan, mad.
    No home PQF would be an advantage to them!!!

  47. Sean Burke don’t think McLoughlin was playing regular starter then was he?
    We have far more than a fighters chance, most our panel have all Ireland final experience other teams would love to have in bank, combined with opposition not being as strong as other years we will in mix on our day.

  48. Wide Ball

    You might be right there I forgot about 2018 it was that bad. But it’s worth pointing out that it’s a very similar style of play to 2018 and the two men who currently coach this team were manager and trainer in 2018. And let’s face it the majority of mayo supporters and the CB wanted them back so we only have ourselves to blame.

    Rochford and Buckley had so many close calls when Rochford was in charge last time.

    Failed to beat Galway
    ET vs Derry who were Div 4 at the time
    Last minute peno against Fermanagh to rob it.
    ET against cork who were Div 3 at the time.
    Close game against down and Clare
    Draw with Roscommon in a knockout game.
    Loss to Kildare.
    Crazy tactics in the 2016 final with goalkeepers.
    No Connaught title.

    So on one hand you can see that style of play is poor and I’d also question have fans lost support in the management? I agree there is negativity around the county, I’m only trying to see what the cause of it is.

    Mayo have never been invincible over the years but Horan took us to a standard whereby we could be competitive on a regular basis. We have to keep those standards at that level. And as Kevin said the transition is done and he’s there to win an All Ireland. I think the management are reminding me of a politician. A lot of good talk but it’s not filtering through to clear improvement

  49. @seanBurke. Not sure if I agree with you regarding supporters or what you mean by spoit brats unless it’s supporters constantly whinging and complaining if things aren’t perfect. Personally I don’t attend as many games as b4 but it’s mostly down to a combination of things be it work, not suitable time, family reasons or maybe just wanting to watch from the comfort of the couch and believe me i served my time going to games many times on my own in the late 80s and early 90s and am still seen as the madman who’d do anything to watch mayo. I think it was 87 v Galway a low scoring game 8-7 to David kilcullen lording it for the minors in roscommon i think v armagh, 93 v cork, 97 final travelling without a ticket and failing to get in and ended watching the game in somebodys house and I’d say every croke park game in the 90s until very recently. So ya i have served my time but just because I don’t attend all games doesn’t make me any less a supporter than when I attended and maybe even a bit offended by comments but I intend to go with whatever suits me best from now on be that the sofa or the stand.

  50. The supporter thing is over egged, sure if ask players they love seeing crowd get behind them and all that, as is only natural. but they’ll also likely tell you when games on they in the zone and hear feck all bar the blood pumping.

  51. I think I’d normally be fairly positive about the team and I think we did an awful lot right against Roscommon but I do takeaway two things from it.

    One: Conroy has to square that for a goal.

    Two: when Smyth I think it was for Roscommon claims that mark, Flynn has to slow him down. Take a black card if needs be. Not the purist football we want in Mayo but we need that ruthless edge. Maybe don’t even bother to compete, when he lands just hold him, ref will move it forward 10 yards or so. Of course, the penalty should never have been conceded if we had kept a disciplined structure at that stage of the game. Rod I think was our last defender when ball played in, then Sam has to turn and run for goal. Further out the field some players weren’t even alive to the danger, or might have just been out of gas. Surely management have a set up for if we find ourselves in that scenario but it didn’t look it based on the evidence.

    I’m afraid while this naivety pursists, fans will struggle as they see what is coming down the road. We always give teams a chance.

    If we had taken our chances – we could have had five goals – the supporters wouldn’t be long bouncing back.

  52. Supporters can’t win. When we were at our pomp Horan said in a radio interview that we put too much pressure on the team with high expectations. So filling out grounds around the country every weekend, getting behind our county, out-numbering the Dubs in Croker and taking he Hill were all the wrong things to do as far as the great Horan was concerned? So when we lower expectations then we are accused of not supporting!

    One feeds the other. Flat performances (not entirely Mayos fault here) lead to flat atmospheres, which leads to no noise or “edge”. No knockout games leads to a lack of that 1% or 2% of intensity. That reduction throughout the team is enough to just take the edge off performances too.

    My own view on the Mayo support has been posted here by me enough times already. Tyrone 21 was enough for many of us as it showed not only that our management had never learned a thing in All Ireland Semi Finals and Finals but also that our CB was not ambitious or ruthless enough to tell Horan to step down that evening. That lack of ruthlessness and ambition feeds through the mindset and also sends the message to the supporters that losing and repeated failings are totally fine with us. I never blamed the players for that loss, I blamed 100% on Horan and then the CB. Failure to act accordingly was enough for me to say, “OK, maybe it’s time I don’t take it all so serious and maybe take back a little time and money for myself?” Throw into the mix the continued demeriting of the season ticket, the increased cost of it and now, this bastardized version of a non-jeopardy, non-knockout championship which has been designed totally for monetary purposes only and NOT for the supporters or players benefit, has all led to the dwindling numbers and attedndances. Toss in also a rule a book which benefits cynical play, defensive structures, 2 and 3 man sweepers and an alarming reduction in the amount of kick passes and high fielding, and we have a game which is almost unrecognisable to what it was 10 or 15 years ago.
    S&C coaches, data analyists, 30 man backroom teams, video and drone footage, “green” and “red” zone blood tests, trackers and HR monitors, and yet we have intercounty players who lose the ball on the solo at speed, can’t kick off their weak foot and are incapable of kicking the ball over the bar from 35m. But, they can cover 13km in 70mins of football at 70% intensity, they can single leg squat 120kg and they are over 75kg in weight so they are in contention for a jersey?

    The game has changed and is changing where athletes are valued over skill. Gealic football at it’s best is a game of skill played at speed. Both skill and speed are being coached out of the game where strength and power trumps skill, and crowded space trumps speed. Blocks, tackles and turnovers (all rugby jargon) are valued over fetches, shots and foot passes. Pass completion %, shooting accuracy % and scoring zones are favoured over creativity, imagination and risk taking.
    Something needs to change.

  53. We had a good win yesterday,no need for gloom,I have only around sixty years following Mayo,we have been spoilt the last twelve to fourteen years,but can anyone anywhere please enlighten me how people expect us to drive lo v ball I to the fowards,when there at least twelve players inside their forty five line,even David Clifford would not thrive in that situation

  54. That’s the very point I’m making, Corick Bridge. Attacking, inventive play is not encouraged and only defensive play is rewarded. That’s not Mayos fault, or any other teams fault. Teams play to the rules so it’s time for rule changes.

  55. My posts might come across as a tad “im the the best supporter ” that is not my intention or view , im just the same as everyone else wanting mayo to do the best they can . All im saying is wheres the harm in generating a bit of wanting to mobilise our support into creating an atmosphere . Something as simple as club51 bringing back there flags , that MISC too , mayonaze with his big flag , the few like Enda from lahardane (good vocals lol) etc etc get all that into one terrace along with anymore of that mindset ,id join such a gathering for example and boom we have a simple effort that could take the lead in getting behind the team . Dont see why there would be a reluctance or objection to such . This upcoming game is the game to go at it .like i say its just an idea , not here to tell anyone what to do

  56. I was in croker in 2011 when we played cork and there was only a handful of mayo people there but that game reignited the support and something similar could happen against the dubs .There are just alot of factors at play.The cost for families in particular.the needless amount of games and and the extraordinarily slow boring bouts of play that has to be endured and sometimes people just have enough of it .personally I don’t find the game entertaining any more and at the end of day people will pay to be entertained but not to be bored senseless and I mean this about football in general

  57. Defensive play is important but teams like Dublin and Kerry have figured out how to beat the blanket over the years and mayo still have not.

    Dublin always have support runners coming off the ball at speed.

    Mannion, Rock (before he retired) and Con build their game on doing the loop run around the man on the ball who lays it off for an easy score.

    They attack down one end with an overload and if it gets blocked up they quickly switch it the far side of the field to a free man.

    Con has anchored himself at 14 this year, strong in the air and has countless runners moving around him.

    Kerry do pretty much the same. We can talk about defensive shapes all we like but Dublin beat them and so do Kerry. We have AOS in at 14 and he’d be as well out on the sideline with McStay because the ball is never kicked in BEFORE the defensive shape is in play.

    It’s not rocket science to know that quick movement of the ball is harder to defend than slow movement.

    And as Pebblesmeller said, these “experienced” management teams aren’t learning or trying out new things.

  58. I lost count of the amount of times yesterday when I counted at least twelve players inside their own forty five,quick ball is only handing it over to the opposition,I was very impressed with the Corofin style our players showed,I believe that we are doing quite well,perhaps Gizzmo is on to something with our small investment in our coaching expenses,after all Meath spent far more than we did despite being less than half the size of Mayo

  59. Corick

    I’m not sure when was the last time you watched Corofin play football but it was absolutely nothing like what we watched yesterday. Unless you mean the Dublin / Corofin style of play. Yes there are similarities there.

    And quick ball certainly does not mean handing it over to the opposition.

  60. Aidan played well yesterday, he helped create several scores and his power disrupted the set defence. Some of his hand offs were real f*ck you stuff.

  61. Corick I wish had your money if around half a million on one coach was a small investment!

  62. Just watching rhe Derry v. Armagh match, some of the score taking is an entirely different level to what we saw yesterday.

  63. Green&Red say it’s a typo by Corick and referencing the Dublin style which has similarities to Corofin alright.
    McHale made a big difference yesterday again in fairness to the speed and directness of our forward play.

    We’ve been unfortunate with injuries recently but can have a good rattle at the dubs, we still have huge experience in the squad with lads with all Ireland final experience under Horan in his last reign.

    Hopefully it won’t be in to big a venue as atmosphere does be better in smaller venues when crowd closer to full. Even a middlein crowd in a cavernous stand can be a bit full. And with both ourselves and Dubs safe sonti speak, people under financial constraints especially unlikely to fork out.

  64. I have decided not to interact anymore with the extremely poor attempt at trolling.Beyond ridiculous stuff at this stage

  65. It Means Nothing to Me – some of the defending by Derry in particular would remind you of an U10s blitz

  66. Did radio one say earlier Clones for the game v dubs .

    Derry still contenders then ?

  67. I believe that we have seen the all Ireland champions in action this weekend,not the favourites either

  68. An awful lot of poor shots in Derry as well as good shots.
    I heard that on radio 1, but Clones shouldn’t be a serious consideration – it’s an awful place to try to get to. Bad roads no matter where you’re coming from.

  69. Derry were a complete calamity defensively .mcginley now suggesting Armagh are contenders . Someone needs to make a sketch of how these guys change like the irish weather .

  70. Gizmo,it is peanuts I comparison with other teams,just realise how much money we generate for croke park

  71. As I predicted ye had a few points to spare over the Rossies, its hard to beat a team three times and Rossies gave it a right go but ye did enough to get the win. Dublin on a different level though and a game Mayo must be wary of. We scraped over Westmeath, showing great heart to get the win but the favourites for our group must be Armagh who have hit form but as predicted by a fair few people myself included Derry have run out of road after the league. We are guaranteed 2nd same as Mayo with likely opponents being Roscommon/Cavan, Cork/Tyrone or Monaghan. I hope we can beat Armagh but without Comer and Finnerty I’m not sure we can put up enough of a score. Derry were dire though, made Armagh look like Dublin!

  72. You’re right @seanBurke and last weeks contenders Galway were saved by an intercepted pass by Shane Walsh for a goal v westmeath to stop the wheels coming off the bandwagon.

  73. See no Kelly, Comer or Finnerty for Galway today, we far from only ones with injury issues it seems.

  74. Looking at Kerry earlier and they’ve rapidly improved their spread of scorers from last yr. They’re purring away nicely and I’d be backing them if I were a gambler, not Dublin. I think Dubs will come unstuck before the final.

  75. Corick, half a million is far from peanuts for most people I’m afraid. Our bill this year will likely be our highest ever and put us far ahead of most counties based.
    The spend wouldn’t bother me as much if we were showing improvement in our tackling, that’s the bigger issue. It’s costing us several scores a game, which could cost us before years out.

  76. Gizmo,I have been outside Quinn’s many times when we were going to Croke Park,the takings on that day alone would more than pay our meagre spend on our coaching expenses

  77. I know I know, i enjoy crossbaiting. 🙂 But you are right it’s only nonsense so will stop engaging.

    Looking forward for venue announcement. Some of our players reckon Hyde, but Rossies think it won’t be there.

  78. That’s great Corick, but does nothing for the GAA people in Mayo clubs who pay for the millions we spend and still have nowhere to train as you know your goodself.

  79. It is up to our county board to hold Croke Park to account,insist that they return a fraction of the money that we have generated for them be returned to the Mayo county board,we have generated many,many millions of euros for Croke Park,get some back,so we can invest in our coaching expenses

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