Mayo Football Podcast episode: Final Whistle – Mayo beat the Rossies

The Mayo senior footballers have beaten the Rossies by 0-15 to 0-9 this evening in Hastings Insurance MacHale Park.

Mike, John and Edwin were there to summarise the night’s action and we’ve also got some post-game audio from both Kevin McStay and Davy Burke.

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10 thoughts on “Mayo Football Podcast episode: Final Whistle – Mayo beat the Rossies

  1. Thought we played well enough albeit maybe a bit lateral in the first half. Could have won this game by much more, we made the Rossies look poor. The only real critisism I’d have is we gave them a good bit of space for a couple of their scores. McHugh’s best game I’ve seen so far so I gave him MOM. Injuries the big concern now with 5/6 potential starters in bother.

    We’ve beaten Galway and Roscommon which is a must for me for anytime we meet them and thereabouts with Dublin / Kerry so that will do for the league. Last 2 games are for systems and giving lads game time

  2. Survival assured, more or less anyway. I’m wondering if any of the four managers involved in the two games learnt anything last night? Derry had the spade work done and I’m baffled by Roscommon, truly baffled. They looked unhinged at times. Dessie and Mickey were like two Cheshire cats cosying up in front of the fire. Pressure off now so time to let loose the young lads entirely. Let Derry and Kerry or Dublin shoot the lights out in Croker.

  3. @Mark Dempsey perfect summation of the derry/dublin game, both teams just pissing about in a glorified friendly in anticipation of meeting again in a few weeks.

    Always a good day when you beat the rossies.
    It wasn’t perfect but lots of very impressive individual performances, Hession and Mchugh outstanding, RoD carrying the attack and Coen continues to the most underrated footballer in Mayo, he is consistently reliable

  4. @Thedarkyfinn: Some positive news from Kevin last night on those.

    James, Paddy & David all should be pushing for minutes against Derry. DO’C a little later but likely back around the NY game in Connacht. So just Eoghan with a significant question mark over at the minute (could be as bad as Connacht Final but a bit like Murchan’s one a week ago he could be back for Derry yet, so fingers crossed).

    Not heard much on Reid and Murphy, hopefully both recovering to potentially give some more pressure/depth. Reid’s height/fielding could be an important tool in a few scenarios.

  5. Agree Supermac, but was that the rossies or some tribute band, because I’m still bemused by their efforts and the behaviour of a very agitated boss on the sideline.? I’m a bit of a conspiracy theorist perhaps but that team looked primed to yield yesterday. Makes no sense considering where they lie in the table but it was peculiar to say the least. I’ll remove the tin foil hat for a minute and hope it was because Mayo were just superior.

  6. Hay saved, Rossies bet. Although that said, I’d hope that last years pattern doesn’t come back to haunt us, whereby we ease past them in the league only to get knocked on our bums come championship. Davy Burke is a very shrewd manager IMO.

    Now that league safety should be assured, maybe we can do a bit more experimental stuff in the league and tailor training towards championship mode. Personally I would rather win a Nestor Cup this season than reach a league final again.

  7. My view on the Rossies is the departure of Mark McHugh is effecting them. I think Burke is eyeing the Kildare job (his native County and where he lives) for next season. I think his plan is to again have Roscommon completely written off before our championship game. Roscommon are perennial bottlers when they are favourites in knockout Championship games. Lost to Clare twice in ‘16 and ‘22. Kildare and Cork last year. Were slight favourites against us in 2020.

    Burke will be relying on the oul long grass and newspaper articles to fire them up for us in Connacht. It will work too, as they will be coming out all guns blazing, hunting in packs and reacting like the England rugby team to every turn over. To sum up, I feel Burke is not arsed about relegation as he plans to be gone. His plan will work and beat us in the Hyde IF McStay is silly enough to ftake them for granted based on last nights non performance.

  8. @TsuDhoNim – Thanks for that update I hadnt heard it but I’m much happier now. So the news is not to bad. If E.Mc is a hamstring that can be about 6wks so he could be the worst case

  9. I’m a Mayo supporter.. My complaint is that ref. Should extra time for the pitch invasion by fans before the final whistle was blown. Fair play all round. It would hardly affect the match outcome, but the score? Fan discipline important, another team management might demand better treatment. Final whistle decides end of the game. Not the fans. One to be careful of.

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