Mayo Football Podcast episode: Final Whistle – Mayo draw with Dubs

It looked Mayo were set to snatch a surprise win against the All-Ireland champions, but Dublin came back from the brink to earn a draw the denied Mayo top spot in the group. 

Rob, Colm Boyle and Ed McGreal react to a dramatic day at Dr Hyde Park while Mike catches up with Kevin McStay and Tommy Conroy.

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48 thoughts on “Mayo Football Podcast episode: Final Whistle – Mayo draw with Dubs

  1. He’s not a corner back Aidy – play him at 6 and you’ll see a different animal

  2. Has Hession pissed on Kevin’s Corn Flakes or is he carrying a knock ?
    Surely that game was made for him today with his pace and football ability.

    Really encouraging stuff from our boys today. Loads of heart. Thought Flynn and Ruane were outstanding. ROD showed serious minerals after a few misses to step the end.

  3. Future looks very bright for Mayo football. Young guns stood up well today bar Sam having an off day. Still have great hope going forward. Not done yet this year

  4. Mayo team, the pride of the county, absolute heroes. Mayo supports a disgrace, outnumbered 5:1

  5. Sam Callinan is a class act but you can’t expect him to excell at his age in a role that is alien to him. When he went forward he offered a lot. I’d be more worried about our cf position. Darren has looked OK against Cavan and Roscommon but they are not at the level of the likes of Dublin and Kerry and he offered very little today. If Diarmuid is OK I’d put him in there and leave the midfield as it was today. Not sure how it looked on tv because I forget to set record but live I thought we had the legs on them bar when we gave McCaffrey too much freedom. He should have been upended as soon as he received the ball for their last point and if they can score a long range free into the wind so be it but don’t let them inside.

  6. Aidi Costello scored 4 from play too much I agree
    Best display from Mayo in a long time.’, but still room for improvement more direct play contesting the high ball round the middle better and less unnecessary fouling in the scoring area and closing out the game better/ on the last play we should have all retreated into our have let them have the short lockout and forced them to work from deep with the clock ticking. Of course our two starting midfielders were out of the game when Kilkenny made an uncontested catch, All in all a great shift by all and we maintained our intensity level for the full game better than we have done for seem to have learned from last year and are timing the run better.and congrats to all the coaches on this blog who wanted to see Tommy at half forward it was his best game all year
    I don’t know if McHale will hold his place in the starting lineup

  7. Ya, some defenders had a nightmare of a game, opened up completely every time, you always felt the Dubs could score in each attach.

    The good,
    Management cleverly ordered the shooters to take shots from the stand side in 2nd half with a tricky breeze at their backs.

    Brilliant play from Conroy, O Donoghue and O Shea, great scores from players.

    The bad,
    Very poor in the tackle
    Intensity not there, but only in final 10 minutes.
    Lost most breaking ball around the middle.
    Letting Kilkenny catch the ball right on the sideline for the Dublin leveller at the end.
    Some defenders has lost the art of close in defending and beaten very easily.
    Bringing on slow type players late in the game only for those players to get exposed for pace when they actually moved out the pitch.
    Two very poor misses, one a free in 1st only 20 yards out from the Dubs goal, other a fisted effort in 2nd half.
    Not bringing on players like Hession for shear pace alone.

    Dubs seemed to be holding back a bit.

  8. Bate the blanket, I saw some excellent close tackling today mostly just outside our D. I thought, “thank God for that.” The Dubs didn’t get things easy in our defence in the main. Buckley has taught our lads to get in close to their man and to come directly into contact with him, causing the opponent a lot of discomfort. Keegan and Durcan did this well in the second half in 2021 and I could see this in evidence today. I honestly think if we had stood off them more, we would have lost that game. It would have been too easy for them.
    Both the mass defending and man on man close quarters defending were quite tight today. We can improve on it, of course but there is a decent building block there.

  9. Surely Mick Fitzsimons is the most talented and indeed decorated one legged player in the history of Gaelic football.

  10. Mchale was lively and did well against top level opposition and be it starting or from bench he’s a crafty player.
    I do maintain out best lineup will include diarmuid and or Loftus as a double 6 and the other at 11.
    Mchale will add craft against more defensive teams but for frantic fast paced battles , Loftus and diarmuid will give better control .
    I,d like to get cork as we owe them one.
    Derry will be dogged, Monaghan will pose different questions and maybe what we need by worrying high ball in our fullbackline .
    I’m confident in Reape Mcbrien and Brickedeen under high ball. Coyne I think must be under pressure but credit to him keeps getting picked, only shame is it pushes sam back to 2 .
    He’s far better out field but we can move donnacha back to corner until we meet Fenton again and with Donnacha, Mcbrien and Brick they well able for any high ball and cover any lack of speed with double 6 .

  11. Think we got two scores from McHale turnovers he had another opportunity for himself when he had broken free into space but wasn’t fed the ball in time by Tommy I think it was at the time. He’d also on another occasion peeled off towards back post for goal chance but wasn’t passed to and chance was lost.
    Creating such goal scoring chances and tackling are the two main areas I feel work needed on. We conceded a good few scores from poor tackling attempts and if ref was not as generous could have been few more.
    But all in all a decent day at the office.

  12. Also I have to say again paddy durcan is still obviously doing great leadership behind the scenes is well he’s still our captain and I’ve no doubt hell come back stronger then ever next year..

  13. Just watched the Sunday game,what a load of horse shit,Dublin were so bad,not like Dublin,worst game in a long time,not a word about how good Mayo was

  14. I think McHale is short of the required standard for an 11 at this level. His pass above Aidan’s head when a pass 2 foot lower would have put Aidan in on goal was the biggest example. Doesn’t matter for the next game as Boland is still out and the standard will be lower than today, but it won’t be the weekend after.

    Lads, Ryan is not playing well. If he had any other name than the one he has he’d have been whipped at half time today. 4 misses, a terrible kick pass, and a butchered goal chance when all he had to do was lay it off to the man inside but he took so long Fenton got back and blocked. His rate of conversion is really poor. Mentally though he’s strong, as shown by his free at the end. Imagine Towey was allowed that much leeway.

    Aidan was absolutely superb. He’s actually under rated still. He’s 34, 3 years younger than Cillian having played a much more physically demanding role over a longer period and he’s a nailed on starter and Cillian is a sub. That sums it up for me.

    Ruane is really back on form. Conroy too.

  15. Oisin McConvilles prediction of Mayo finishing bottom of Group 2 was a terrible call in fairness, hard to take anything he says serious after that.

  16. GBXI, without Ryan’s incredible scores today, we’d have lost that game. He had a different role today. He appeared quieter but that’s because he wasn’t being a workhorse or asked to be. Aidan was the one making the scores and putting them on a platter for Ryan to score. All Ryan had to do was put the boot through them and nail some outrageous scores from distance with incredible accuracy. Ryan was outstanding for me.
    He also did some good tracking back.

  17. GBXI. Ryans not playing well??????
    He smoked the guy marking him today,covered so much ground,he was my man of the match,that man off the ball works harder than anyone,great game

  18. Have to dis agree with the Ryan isn’t playing well jeez sorry but the amount of times I heard Ryan O Ds name on commentary and then saying he’s mayos best forward by a mile to..

    You can’t really compare Ryan O D to towey either? Towey getting as much leaway? Don’t get that comment to be honest

    Ryan O D is one of the top forwards in the country Ok he’s bad moments sometimes he’s only human but by God he’s been our best player all year were so lucky to have him and he’s a gent is well.

  19. There’s 2 years between them. Aidan was minor in 08, Cillian a minor in 10 I’m pretty sure.

    I explained my points on Ryan which can’t be doubted. No points from play in first half, 4 misses, poor pass out of play, butchered goal chance. Also started the second half with another poor miss. He scored two good points from distance in the 2nd half and nailed his free after a great pick up. If he is Mayo’s marquee forward then much more consistency is needed. People talking about Ryan for man of the match. Aidan, Tommy, and Mattie were miles ahead.

    The working hard thing is laughable, these are the top 8 teams in Ireland – hard work is the minimum.

  20. GBX1 your aging poor Cillian he’s a year younger than Aidan!

    Tony Freeman I think to Oisins defense he didn’t predict Mayo to finish bottom of the group. He said they could struggle, which is very different.

  21. GBXI, according to the match report, Ryan scored three from play (at least two from distance) and four from frees. (Tommy scored three from play.)
    He had the guts to go for goal when it was on. It didn’t work out. I give him a plus for guts. What other Mayo player went for goal? This when it was acknowledged by many that Mayo needed a goal to win. I don’t hold his missed goal chance against him. He went for it. If you don’t risk you don’t get the reward.
    The first half was low scoring and we got lots of frees in that half from Tommy’s direct running.
    The misses weren’t devastating (except the first missed free – and that was uncharacteristic).
    On the whole I cannot fathom your comment about Ryan. You’re free to have your interpretation but that is mine.

  22. I’m pretty sure GBXI if you look at the stats Ryan is well above on consistency

  23. @swallow, the goal chance was created all by Ryan but he delayed making a decision when should have passed to the free man. For me that’s not guts it’s poor decision making, maybe even selfishness. I’ve never said he lacks courage, I just think his form is highly mixed and he is cut huge amounts of slack.

  24. Mabey I’m wrong but I always thought that in a blocked kick you always blocked the ball not the leg!!!

  25. I was at the game today and missed the TV coverage on the Sunday night. I thought the best goal chance that we had, came when Stephen Coen put the ball over the bar in the first half. It looked like we had two men unmarked inside. But as I say I only seen it once,. at the game. I would have liked to have seen it on TV to confirm that.

  26. Jaysus some dubs giving out that Aido was signing kids autographs afterwards saying he loves the spotlight they really have it in for him.

    Congrats Aido on your 90th game today so be achievement and you put up with so much shite and doesn’t seem to phase you at all some player to.

  27. The Gaa/ Rte fascination with having to do the draw on a Monday morning is mystifying.

    Why in the hell can it not be done on the Sunday evening ?

    The only logical explanation I can think of, is that it’s cheaper to rent out the Kinder eggs on a Monday rather than a Sunday.

    With the money being lost on ticket sales, money has to be saved anywhere possible I suppose.

  28. Sometimes we forgot, we get dreary and bogged down by the what’s ifs and maybes and hard luck stories. But the world keeps spinning on and life is fecking short. For me today was a great reminder that if the Mayo senior football team is your badge, your identifier, your silent roaring heartbeat, or whatever best describes that then if and when they make it tick like happened today, do your very best to be there on the terraces to witness it if your fit and healthy and able.
    It probably was 2:1 in support against us today and perhaps as much as 4:1 road side of the pitch, but it didn’t feel it. It didn’t feel it because the Mayo lads were giving it their everything on the pitch and in turn the smaller mayo support did likewise.
    All, try and make it to Castlebar if fit and well next weekend. Whatever happens over the next 6 weeks, today was the first day that this new Mayo team found their own identity, independent of the heroic team of the past decade. They now know who
    they are. It’s go forward now.

  29. Excellent post and we please stop with the childist mayo for Sam for nonsense.we played very well today and yes it wasn’t perfect but I honestly didn’t see this because the evidence of previous games didn’t suggest we had this i us and I so delighted to be proved wrong.I am not in any way an authority on football but would interested to know what some of some of ye thought on Dublins last kick or as in should we have dropped off and got everyone inside the the 45 .gizmo is usually good on this sort of thing

  30. Good solid performance and some players are coming into form now which is great.
    The major thing coming away from the game is just being in that winning position with seconds left and letting Dublin score, relatively easy?? 2017 all ireland when Dubs won after Rocks free with seconds left, they just pulled, dragged and pushed Mayo players all over the place. Game stopped for a minute, Kilkenny black card, Costello yellow card, Keegan pulled to the ground. We needed that yesterday and will need it in the future. McCaffrey is there Keegan type player. He should have been targeted, just hands on him, anyway at all. Instead, we let him straight through.
    Think Management and players need to look at this. What I’d suggest is our forward line have to start the pulling and dragging and we just drop back. Let the opposition have the ball in their full back line. Slow the thing right down. Black cards will be a consequence, but we create our own organised chaos, everyone knows the plan. Maybe I’m harsh and I understand lads are out on the feet, but it was a comedy of errors and bad decisions from Mayo players in seconds.

  31. Soup – I agree. In a winning position with literal seconds left and couldn’t close it out. Ridiculous.

  32. Wasn’t what the scriptwriters had in mind but thoroughly entertaining nevertheless. There’s not too many miles left in some of the Dubs was the consensus among the relations pouring home.
    That’s not to take away from a well drilled Mayo performance. I’m thinking now we didn’t see an All Ireland winning side yesterday in Roscommon. Dublin looked very leggy and possibly a year too soon for the green and red.
    Jim McGuinness could well live up to his Jesus in a tracksuit tag. Anyway, the Dublin fans are not as upbeat as the Mayo one in this house.

  33. If it wasn’t for Ryan O’Donoghue we wouldn’t be in with a shout against any of the top teams. He makes us tick and his array of skills and non stop energy keep opposition defenders in a state of panic at times.
    It’s amazing that everyone’s calling out for a proper game of football and for Mayo to compete with the best, and lo and behold we get both of those things and ye’re still fecking miserabl. Sighhhh, I give up!
    Haven’t seen the replay yet but I thought I had a good view of the Fenton challenge on O’Donoghue and it looked like a penalty but as I say I haven’t seen a replay.

  34. Preliminary quarter final draw prediction.

    Mayo v monaghan
    Galway v cork
    Tyrone v Derry
    Louth v roscommon

  35. God,when we play well some supporters can’t enjoy it,it must really upset them that we are a top class team, they must h enjoyed the seventies better when we could not win a match,I have never attended a game expecting to lose,I am certainly not going to change now, we can all see a Corofin style to our play

  36. JoeG
    In total agreement with you. Did not see the match as I was travelling but listened to the first half and watched the Sunday game. Tomas O”Shea singled out Aiden Ryan, Sam and Tommy He was impressed with the Mayo performance for a change !
    Why are some people so negative about our performance yesterday? We’re they watching the same match. Folks let’s get behind our team and stop the bitching! Onwards and upwards for next weekend in Caislean A’Bharra
    Mhuigeo Abù

  37. When kilkenny came down with that last ball he should have been driven over the line as far as tulsk.players switched off,Mcstay was roaring at some players to get back christ they shouldn’t have to be told at this stage.We need to be more ruthless when we get on top of teams.on Ryan’s missed points in first half the dubs missed quiet a few in the second half,think there was a tricky wind.

  38. I really thought Dublin would win comfortably yesterday. That’s not being negative or downbeat, it was just based on where I thought the teams were.
    Mayo were great in the second half and what was really pleasing was there seemed to be a plan.
    The defence was very good at times and nullified goal threats. I don’t like naming names but there are a couple of defenders who should be told now not to cross the halfway line. They add nothing to attack but leave us open to counter.
    A win yesterday would have been powerful but its nice waking up this morning knowing we more than held our own against the best in the business. Should give great confidence to all.

  39. All I can say is well done to the lads. Nobody can complain about that effort. I hope it doesn’t take too much out of them in advance of Derry however. Potentially three high energy games on the trot is a bit ask.

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