Mayo Football Podcast episode: Final Whistle – Mayo edge out Dublin

Mayo have beaten All-Ireland champions Dublin by a single point, on a scoreline of 1-12 to 0-14.

Rob caught the reaction of John Gunnigan, Colm Boyle, Mike Finnerty and Edwin McGreal.

You can also hear post-match reaction from Kevin McStay.

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87 thoughts on “Mayo Football Podcast episode: Final Whistle – Mayo edge out Dublin

  1. As I said in a previous post you could argue that the No. priority is to find another young, fast, ball-wing FF who can take a score. Against packed defences our biggest weakness is creating and taking chances.

    ROD is crucial to us in that regard..but we’re overly reliant on him.

    Defence and midfield doing ok.

  2. Thought the pitch looked in excellent condition.great to see nearly 15,000 and a good atmosphere.cheers every time mayo got the ball

  3. Ah look lads. Aidan should have been replaced sooner. The ball into the D failed time and time again mainly because Aidan is now so slow. It is frightening to think why Mcstay could not see it and put on a younger full forward. Maybe I’m wrong and I know Aidan has been a great servant but this game is too fast now. The other stand out for me was when we stand off Dublin and allow them to develop from midfield or from the back they kill us. When we pressed up in the last quarter we really turned the game. But this comes with confidence and tonight will have done us a power of good. We had a lot to deal with in terms of our confidence given our performance against them last year. I know tonight was tight but hopefully we will have learned a lot. Worried about McStay making the right calls though. Paddy Durcan is the man. He is a leader and showed us how to run at Dublin.

  4. Sad to see that it now looks like the end of the road for Aido as a first 15 starter.No threat again tonite.Way off target with the free.Cillian has to start ahead of him in Tralee.Bring him on if things are going bad to change it up but hes not the answer going forward his good days are well behind him now.No threat on goal and McStay has done a tonne of work on him on this.

  5. Muckle well said.but we were very lucky.
    Thought flynn worked awful hard so did carney.they are half forwards not midfielders.Dublin should have won but we didn’t let them

  6. As Mayo supporters we need to enjoy the win over Dublin! Don’t be worrying about Aido or SAM . Stay behind the team and all will come good in a few months. Plenty of time for Aido and some more to get Croker fit!!!!!
    Overall a very strong start of Mayo.

    Don’t be like Dublin and the likes and turning on our own!!

  7. What I saw this evening was a young team that were not afraid and kept trying. They didn’t give up and made it up as they went along. Remember dublin put out a strong team, lots of medals between then, our team have many in their first year or on their second year on the team. So for that a massive plus for me.
    We played in mcHale Park and we won. If we keep this up, we will own our homeground, rather than what has been happening up to now. We cam make it a place where others teams don’t want to play us st home, because of the advantage. Previously, I dreaded any home games.
    Lots of pluses from tonight. Stay away from RTE commentary, very disappointing.

  8. Maybe I’m reading too much in to Mc Stay saying the injured lads will be back for round 5 but I think that’s a very significant statement.
    Park our next 2 games aside for a minute. I think Rossies at home is our most important game from now on. If we were to win it, we most likely secure Div 1 status but more importantly we need to win that game to show that we are taking our championship match very seriously this year. That game is a must win. No 7 games in 8 weeks or whatever it was last year. Win that and get a better positioning the championship group.
    Now, I’m one for focus on the next game and all that but I’ve felt from day one that we need to beat Roscommon this year. They are going well, mgmt are confident, good pace, scoring forwards so it won’t be easy, but I foundcthe mention of round 5 interesting…

  9. Love the podcasts but jeez, Rob, tone down the hype! And making it out like we have a brilliant midfield!? We were cleaned 1st half and only Carney made any impact in the 2nd. Jordan had arguably his quietest game for us in 12 months. Apart from 3 or 4 lads, Mayo did not play well. Dublin were miles better in every capacity for the first 25 mins, as Boyler reminded us. We got a quick run of scores in 2nd quarter but then they dominated again for the first 10 mins of second half, dictating the pace and shooting over 3 points. They let us off the hook at 11-8 in 3rd quarter. They took off their main scoring threats for final quarter and clearly tired. It’s not like they didn’t have chances in the final moments…they had a few terrible sides. Sure, we admire our ability to stick with it and psychologically it’s important to be able to win when you don’t play well, but Dublin’s overall performance was better than ours. When they were on top they really clearly were. Yes, we went on scoring burst and Coen, credit to him, too an opportune goal when Flynn’s effort dropped short (one he should have kicked over), but at no time did we ever control the game in the same manner than Dublin did. The teams were evenly matched when we adopted a more aggressive go-forward policy, instigated by Paddy Durcan.

  10. We showed Dublin far too much respect in the first 20. But that’s not surprising for a group of young fellas. When they warmed up to match pace and played to their strengths the game evened out nicely. I don’t like it usually whinge about refs but I thought the dubs were helped along nicely by last nights man in black with some decisions in handy scoring positions. He was very keen to move the ball forward if you looked sideways at him. We need to cop on in that regard – drop the ball and walk away is what we tell our young lads. Not rocket science. Nothing like beating the dubs. This was a significant win – came from behind twice to score a. Lin her. Well done all.

  11. Any thoughts on the new phenomenon of keepers playing as outfield players. Reape nearly got caught out last night when Dublin turned us over and a Dublin player went for a hail mary that went wide. It’s a recipe for disaster. Not sure why any manager allows us to happen

  12. In fairness to McStay, his post match analysis on the podcast was on the mark. Which is good to hear.

  13. That’s it Paul, but before I’m misinterpreted for being ‘negative’, I believe we have a solid panel and if we have a full healthy squad, it close to it, then I believe we can beat anyone. We just didn’t play well last night at all, bar a handful of cameos.

  14. Dave Johnson – Bridgets lost a club all Ireland because their goal keeper was gone out the field and hopelessly out of position when Glass shot for goal. Both Derry and Donegal conceded soft goals last weekend because they got turned over and forwards kicked into an empty goal.
    No boubt it will happen us too if we continue with this crack. Cluxton never felt he had to come out the field and he and Dublin did ok with him staying in goal doing the job he should be doing.

  15. Like Jack Carney a lot, soars high in the second half catches a beautiful ball above three Dubs, but then turns around and kicks it twenty metres back.. The modern game eh!

  16. Dave. I couldn’t agree more with you re Goalkeeper
    Coming out. Reape last night was in Dublins half of the field a few times. It’s only going to be a matter of time before the ball ends up in the net . This has happened already to both Derry and Monaghan last year. Loose possession and you are going to be picking the ball out of the net. But to be fair to Reape he has obviously been instructed to come out.
    It’s a recipe for disaster. Place for the keeper is in the goals.

  17. As Lee keegan said the focal point of our attack is not working we need a change in full forward line

  18. I must have been watching a different game to everyone else . I thought Aido did well but blotted copybook with a couple of handling errors which could have resulted in scores. He got absolutely zero from the ref. At one stage he was fouled twice in one play and nothing given. The same ref handing out soft frees the other way all night .
    He is the focal point of the FF line .
    I think it’s working .

    Who else would we play there ?????
    Cillian is way way off the pace. And his role will probably subbing in for o shea (or other ) in last 15 minutes of games . He also just doesn’t have the same strengths that Aido does. Nobody does. I think he is absolutely vital for the summer .

  19. As a young fellow was always told the best defence in Gaelic Football is attack, if the ball is in their half they cant score, and the other one was mark your man , stick tight to him. Mayo only loked good last night when they were moving forward with pace lead by Durkan, but when the other team gets possession they have to surround that player immediately with numbers and force the turnover, just like Tyrone did a few years ago to Kerry. Nice to win agame at the wire that we should have lost. Too often we lost games at the wire we should have won, maybe things are changing for us.

  20. The yo-yo of comments and sentiments is well known, but hard not to get sucked into it. Great to get the 2 points, but doesn’t feel like a win (which is actually a great feeling when we’ve beaten Dublin). The rake of wides from the Dubs at the end was crazy. AoS giving up on the right sided frees after one go looks like a backwards step vs last year – he’ll know his own form but long term RoD’s not going to have the quick pass option across normally.

    When Aiden was further back in the field in first half it looked like that completely killed off any long ball options to the FF line. Would have been hard anyway with Dubs sitting back.

    Boland didn’t do much wrong and wasn’t lifted of possession, but on the TV is looked like most of the link play was fairly safe and not very incisive. Would definitely want him on again against Kerry to see how he goes – seeing how the forwards do with him against Div 1 teams is crucial.

    Still looks like we have work to do re getting scores easier from the forwards in play.

    All things to work on / be looked at, but plenty of opportunities to do that and wouldn’t swap places with any of the other teams.

  21. I’ll be positive this morning.
    Looks like we’re safe already in Div1, unlikely to get relegated with 4pts already banked.
    There is the basis of a really good defence there. For my money David McBrien is one of the best full backs in the country. San Callinane, Rory Brickendon, Jack Coyne, Donnacha McHugh are all developing well.
    In midfield and attack, well, we’re going to have to use the bench intelligently.
    Overall I’m positive, but in truth we are waiting on a few underage diamonds to come through in midfield and attack.

  22. Reape was staying up the field for Dublin kick outs to prevent them kicking into space.
    He was standing in open space which meant Dub couldn’t kick it there (or would have likely lost it), so they had to go short or a long 50/50 ball.
    Not saying I agree with it all the time, but there’s logic to it and it worked fairly well overall, but if Dublin had managed to flick a ball on and get a goal on the break, would it have been worth the gamble?
    That’s what mgmt have to weigh up I suppose.

  23. He might be a focal point KM79 as he does win some ball out in front, but he fumbles as many as he wins and he has noticeably slowed up. He’s scoring little or nothing and the pace will only get harder for him come summer. Unless his fitness and sharpness dramatically improve over the coming games, I’d be keeping him in reserve for the last 15mins. Give others a chance to grow, contribute and lead.

  24. From my view of the game, it is obvious that a lot of work has gone into our defensive pattern over the last few months. We never looked like conceding a goal with a run through the middle unlike last year. This for me is a massive plus.

    Ball winning in the full forward line does remain a problem. Im not sure if it is the type of ball going in (timing, pace of the pass or accuracy), the ball winning ability with close contact, or the off the ball movement that is the problem (We seem sometimes to make one run for the ball and not one or two short decoys before the actual run).

    Obviously when the ball is not sticking up top, the running game comes into play as we saw last night. I see the ability to adapt as a positive step.

    Best for me was Paddy, followed by Jack and Ryan. David and Sam look to have a big year ahead of them.

  25. Right lots to work on for sure.

    But we should take the win over the all Ireland champions who hammered us out the gate in the quarters when we can.

    Loads on here said only league doesn’t matter how you perform and Sam is where it matters etc.

    How lucky are we to have a player like paddy durcan?? And some were questioning why he got to be captain again a top class player who’d walk onto any team and a gent to.

    Still think reape is our number 1 goalie no goals let in last night v the all Ireland champs yes he had some hairy moments but he’s still the number 1 choice for sure.

    We should be safe in division 1 nearly now

    So I’m gonna be more optimistic and take that hard fought out win while we can. ( it’s only the league remember…….)

  26. Don’t like to see so many negative posts like Dublin were the best team or we got lucky. Remember Dublin were sloppy on plenty of occasions in front of the posts too. This wasn’t a top class performance but mayo didn’t concede a goal or very few if any goal chances, stuck in when 6 – 2 down to draw level when the game could have ran away from them and got a much needed home win. Many on the blog rightly point out for years our need to tighten things at the back and it looks like this is happening so one small step for mayokind might be the way to go for the for me lots to be positive about and heading in the right direction and my
    school report after game 2 would be “seem to be taking in what’s being told, making progress, needs to keep improving, work hard and could do well in the leaving”

  27. @No doubt good post!

    It seems whenever we win now it’s the opposition we’re poor or we didn’t deserve to win or we were lucky to win ( we won’t be happy till we win Sam I think….)

    Def had hairy moments for sure but people were saying league is a time to try new players and guess we did have to see if towey had what it takes to play inter county.

    Fergal Boland take a bow though anyone who says he’s not up to inter county standard or who flakes out in big moments needs to go to specs avers. Fair play to him!!

  28. Didn’t comment last night because I really didn’t know what to make out of that game.we were extraordinarily poor in the first 20 minutes leaving huge gaps at the back for Dublin players to run into and we had absolutely no intensity to our play.decent balls played into our full full forward line being fumbled with terrible handling by Aidan o Shea and bob tuohy.we have the usual daftness about what’ loads said before the game.people give an opinion.last night’s game doesn’t prove anyone right or wrong .everyone mayo person wants mayo to win but while it was great to win especially against them alot of our old failings were on show again.wrong options taken .kicking the ball into the goalkeepers hands .someone mentioned here jack carneys brilliant catch in the second half and he immediately kicks it 20 yards backwards so losing the advantage of beating the press .on a positive note paddy durcan was excellent.jack carney have some great moments.Sam callinan continues to improve and we have 4 points after 2 games so we couldn’t have asked for a better start so plenty to build on .watched the game back this morning and ger canning thought Jordan Flynn was going for a point.ah no ger Jordan saw Stephen coen standing on the far side of the square and he played the most brilliant pass of all time to find coen in front of the keeper.anyway it’s always a good day when we beat the dubs

  29. Agree with you @mayonaze on Mayo’s midfield. We were weak there last year and we are weak there looking at yesterday’s game. Jack Carney scored a good point – but remember Ruane scores from play nearly every game he plays – and he caught one brilliant kick-out at a crucial time but he lacks the ability to dominate in there, in terms of winning primary possession and setting up scores like a Fenton or David Moran.

    Flynn is absolutely not a midfielder but is a very good wing forward. Net result is were lacking a ball winner in there. Might be worth trying Touhy at midfield v Kerry. At least he has the height.

    @km, agree with you on Aidan. He’s had better days but he still won a number of important frees. He’s definitely more effective than Cillian in at full forward.

    Dublin were so defensive yesterday and well organized but that’s really hard for teams to break down. You see it in the number of scores Mayo got from frees. Just so little space in there. Eoghan Mc was a big loss in the second half.

    That team largely deserves to start v Kerry in Tralee.

  30. People shouldnt be harsh on bob touhy either he’s still very young and is only starting out he’s still a star in the making.

    And ‘loads’ did say that league is for trying new players and that it doesn’t matter what we do in league so much for people not caring about the league.

    We should take the win and 2 points while we can God I would hate to see this blog if we had lost.

  31. Jeez it’s a good job we didn’t lose ……..We have beaten the Dubs/All Ireland champions and Galway away in our first two games and there is still so much negativity. There were lots and lots of positives in terms of squad depth over the last two games imo . And also credit to management . We were crying that we were so open last year and in general against the dubs
    No goal chances conceded again. The middle of the pitch completely shut down. The Loftus experiment last year went on far too long and was a disaster . They seem to have learned . Positive

  32. Galway away is always a tough gig and we came away with 2 points
    Dubs at home who we haven’t beaten in 12 years and we win without really performing, another 2 points gained
    Defence has improved massively, we are no longer soft down the middle
    Blanket defences are no longer our Achilles heel, we are working our way intelligently around them and getting scores on the board
    New players being given their opportunity to shine and you can see their confidence growing
    After only two games I’m happy with the above
    2 more points will be taken from the Kingdom in two weeks time ,Div 1 status will be secured and even more players will get their opportunities to stake a claim for a place in the match day squad.

  33. We started poorly – but when we break down the why. We won the ball from the throw in, and gave away the ball. Dublin keep the ball for a couple of minutes and kick the opening score.

    Seconds in and we gave away a turnover – and as soon as we did we looked at sea. Dubs had made a change before throw in and we needed a break in play to sort out our match ups – instead we had a few pressurized kick outs, and it’s the best part of 20 minutes before we get going.

    And when we did get going, we did our version of what the Dubs had done to us – pin them back, press the kickout, keep them under pressure – and we score 4 in 4 minutes to tie the game up.

    Obviously don’t kick the first ball of the evening away is a lesson – but we need to have a plan to break the play and buy ourselves some time to get organised early in the game. We have seen teams do this to us time and time again.

  34. It’s very interesting to see what people class as negative and what’s critical. I’d class negative as someone saying we don’t have a hope in winning an AI this year because of X Y and Z but on one has said that. People have said the we had some luck in the game, and acknowledged that on the balance of play, maybe we didn’t deserve to win it. Some others spoke about how our attacking shape still needs work. That’s not negative, it’s acknowledging a weakness we need to improve on. Sometimes people need to stop being so sensitive. The line “we bet the all Ireland champions, so it’s great” really carries no weight. We hammered 2022 All Ireland champions last year only to lose a QF by 14 odd points a few weeks later.

    We have 4 points on the board which is good, but we have not came across a team yet that is at championship pace or focus, and righty so, it’s only February. So let’s just hold off the sniping of “negative commentators” now because if the same story repeats itself from last year again the so called “negative commentators” will be justified in their argument.

  35. Maybe we could be brave this year and use Diarmuid from the bench?
    Given how yesterday’s game played out, imagine Diarmuid coming on fresh on 25 mins?

  36. KM79, Aido was lucky enough not to pick up a few cards last night, especially one where he lead with hand towards face in first half coming down with ball.
    Some frees we could have been given yesterday alright. But I feel we benefited far more from the ref than Dublin, which was nice.

  37. Certain posters seem to confuse constructive criticism as being negative. It seems your a black sheep if your not lauding the team or certain players with praise after winning a couple of early league games.

    Maybe some supporters are happy out singing the saw doctors in a half empty croker in Spring? Lots of us aren’t and are tired with endless AI defeats, don’t care about the league, and don’t blow smoke up payers backsides after winning two games in February.

    As a County we have to be ruthless to get over the line. Theirs a long way to go this year, we have had some good performances in two games, thats it. We do seem to have closed the runway that was present down the middle of defence all last year. Thats the biggest positive change i’ve seen so far.

  38. @Green&Red

    It’s not so much the content of the posts as the language used.

    A lot of people seem to think that their words carry the weight of their personalities, but that is not at all the case.

    A lot of people, and I watched the match with two of them, need to shut up and actually go back and listen to what they actually said, because so often when their response is “that is not what I meant”. If it’s not what you meant, why did you say it?

  39. Very solid and positive opening to our league campaign with many positives to see.
    Firstly, the Loftus experiment at 6 has been binned and we’re no longer open down our central channel. Away to Galway, home to the Dubs and Reape hadn’t a save to make. Two clean sheets against two potentially threatening forward lines.
    Secondly, we’re displaying game smarts. Took over 4 mins off the clock v Galway when we were down to 14 by playing keep ball. Last nights winning score displayed great alertness deep in injury time and a real desire to not settle for the draw, cuteness by Ryan and Boland too. Also, I like the way that we fouled 3 Dubs on the resuming kick out to slow the game and their final attack.
    Thirdly, we’ve 2 wins in the bag without DOC & Ruane and others are stepping up with Tuohy having good impacts in games at times, Carney has gone up a level too.
    Fourthly, Reapes kick outs have been exce3. Especially last week in difficult weather conditions.
    It’s obvious that there is a lot of tactical and shape work going on at training because from the 20th min on last we never looked like conceding a goal and we had a good balance between numbers back in good positions while still being able to break up the pitch when we had the ball.
    For me, I’d take a weakened side to Kerry and give the newbies and fringe players a run out. Do a Kerry on it, by not showing too much. Rest our key players and see how others fare against a strong Kerry side. A loss would be no harm as we have plenty of opportunities to get the 2 pts we need to avoid relegation.
    Happy where we are. Up Mayo.

  40. The negativity is really putting me off the blog
    Less than a week ago there were comments saying we had regressed to 2010 Longford levels.
    There are positives and negatives in lots of situations and it’s important to acknowledge both.
    However to beat Dublin All Ireland champions on the “narrow” pitch in MacHale Park whilst not playing near our potential and then have people hyper focusing on the bad parts? That in my opinion is a mindset issue,a bitterness,a decision not to be able to enjoy,a disease.
    I don’t want to get too deep on that so I’ll leave it there.

    On the game itself,
    Aido is not fully fit or sharp,he seems slow and off it.Hes only back from holidays so I’m hoping that’s a fitness issue,time will tell.
    We stood off Dublin way too much early on,hopefully we learn from that.
    We’re too reliant on ROD, Tommy made a big difference when he came on, would like to see the two of them start for whichever game we target for league safety.Towey needs more games to see if he’s going to be a real option for the summer,luckily we’re in a position where he can get lots more game time.
    The major improvement so far from last summer is the defence, how many times have we been suckered punched by Dublin goals down the years?
    No goals conceded and miraculously no goal chances conceded in either of our first two games,when did that last happen against div 1 standard teams? If we continue with that we’ll win nearly if not every game we play.
    David McBrien is turning into the player Boyler always said he’d be.Sam dare we say it reminds me of Leeroy and Jack Coyne has quietly but efficiently made himself a nailed on starter.
    Jack Carney is finally delivering on his potential.
    Jordan Flynn whilst a bit quite last night is one of the best half backs in the country.Fergie had a tough evening but contributed a lot to scores and kicked the winner,that game will stand to him.

    All in all an excellent start to the league with still plenty to work on,lots of players to come back too like DOC,Carr,Mattie and Hession.

    Interesting to see how McStay manages out the league now where we clearly don’t want to be in the final.

  41. Clare. I’m not been critical of Reape in any way.
    He is just playing out the field more than I would like. He is being told to do this by management. But I will guarantee you one thing. Sooner or later he is going to get caught. I still think the goalkeeper is better to stay nearer his own goals.
    He did not have one shot to actually block last night.So well done to a tight defence. I think he is the in possession of the number 1 jersey at the minute. But I think he is a bit suspect when the pressure comes on, like in the second half of the
    Quarter final last year v Dublin.

  42. @chick79 never said you were being critical didn’t mention you in my comment. Entitled to your opinion sure.

  43. I was trying to do the maths on clean sheets last night;

    My numbers were 3 defeats over the last decade when we kept a clean sheet.

    The correlation between clean sheets and wins is pretty much as nailed on as you can get with statistics.

  44. Agree with Pebblesmeller, no point starting the likes of Paddy, Ryan, Jordan and Aidan down in tralee. Keep stuff up our sleeve. One of our biggest mistake last year was playing nearly the same team from FBD to connacht championship. To be fair we approached FBD different this year and was great to see. Lets be cuter now and give a few new lads a run from the start in Kerry. Lets see what these Ballinrobe lads can do, with no pressure on them.

  45. Mayo done very well last evening,
    a few changes here & there will bring them on for tougher challenges ahead. The first 20 minutes was poor, defence was backing away too much when dublin moved into third quarter of the pitch, needs to tighten up bigtime because going forward teams will take more advantage of all that space around 45m area.
    Midfield needs to win more ball & move it in quickly. Full forwards has to be quicker out of the traps to win possession & hold onto the ball, to many dropped balls last night, then they will gain more confidence. Paddy Durkan had a great game, Ryan O Donoghue also.

  46. Watched some of the match back and thought McBrien has a stormer. He looks to have put on a good stone of muscle from last year. He’s a huge unit. We’re building such a strong defence now, with lads like Hession to return, and thankfully we’re no longer hopelessly porous. This is where we must start from.

    At the other end, please god Tommy C will improve, as this will go a long way to changing our fortunes up front. Ryan is playing outstanding stuff. Some man for one man.

    Looking forward to Tralee.

  47. Watched the game last night in the Oxford Arms Pub in Camden Town last night and I have to say it had a brilliant atmosphere and Full of Mayo Supporters. It really is a Great venue and We celebrated well after the final whistle.
    On the game itself it looked like one we were trying really hard to lose loosing possession, kamikaze passes, running into trouble and again and again aimless and lacklustre kicking at the Dublin posts.
    Padfy Durcan finally decided to take the game to the Dubs on the 25th minute and He more than anyone dragged Us back into the game. His energy seemed to spread like wildfire throughout the Team and We finally started to play direct football and lose the shackles of the lateral hand pass and the backwards kick pass. Ryan was brilliant and Jack Carney also. Fergal Boland is a real find , imagine we have had him for years in the Mayo set up and really ignored him. Cillian should have come on earlier for Audi who tried hard last night but could not get going.
    A good win and the real winner last night was the gutsy performance from this Mayo Team and hopefully it looks like mentally we are starting to believe and fight.

  48. Management will have learned a lot from game. Being able to experiment and still pull of a win is a plus
    -Too much respect shown to Dub in early stages
    – both teams probed to find an opening and create a goal chances, but were frustrated by the lack of space. Mayo a much better team in full size pitch, as are Dublin
    – McBrein Brickenden Carney are starting to blossom. It will take another year for Tuohy McHugh and co to be hardened quality championship players
    – AOS to be relieved responsibility of free taking. When the pressure is on, hes not going to deliver.
    – More experimentation for Kerry clash. Big improvement in performance of management. Is Canney having an influence?

  49. Watching the monaghan V kerry game on the TG4 app, a brilliant service BTW, really top class 1st half of football end to end stuff, monaghan probably should have had at least 3 goals, david clifford already introduced for kerry.

  50. Was at the match and watched the whole game all over again on TV. I really don’t get all the negative comment’s re the performance, and I don’t get all the negative comment’s by pundits as regards the League in general . I for one am delighted that Mayo are the reigning League Champion’s . I seen the thousands of Mayo (and some from Dublin) on the pitch afterwards, they were buzzing. I in the past seen Connacht Titles won by Mayo with less enthusiasm . For me great to win. I hope, but have no realistic right to expect that Mayo will win every game in the League and retain the League Title. ..a week after the League Final, regardless of whether Mayo is in the final or not, we will face New York in the Big Apple. Some are still saying that it was advantage Roscommon last year because they had more time to prepare for Mayo than Mayo had to prepare for Roscommon.. that’s true but Roscommon beating us was not the shock of the year. We only prevailed by a single point earlier in the League in the Hyde.. Roscommon are a very good team,.. with a young enthusiastic manager,. and they actually drew with Dublin in Croke Park in the Championship later on in the Summer. New York are not Roscommon, having only won one game (v Leitrim last year) in their entire Connacht Championship history. Championship is priority no doubt, but let’s cherish the League as well. Last week v Galway everything we sent into the full forward line stuck, but yesterday v Dublin most came back out again as quickly as it went in.. Would love to see a fit James Carr in our full forward line, I think he would solve many of our problems there…Up Mayo.

  51. Some good stuff last night and some not so good but deciding how the summer will pan out after 2 league games is a bit ridiculous.
    I’ve been banging the same drum for several years now and once again I have to state how vital it is we find a left footed reliable free taker. Game after game we’re leaving kickable frees and 45s behind. Even if he is not a brilliant footballer it would be probably worth the exchange.
    Two other long term gripes………the square ball needs to be abolished as it’s too hard to call accurately and finally the advanced bloody mark is a joke of a rule. A player lobs a 20mtr pass into a team mates chest. So where is the great skill that needs rewarding with a free shot at the posts?

  52. Margie, that’s a great post!
    This is the time of year to see where the weaknesses are & the areas that probably need improvement for the big championship days ahead. It’s not negativity, it’s being realistic.
    Yes, it’s great beating the Dubs anytime, even in February, let’s do everything possible to prepare so that if we play them later in this year’s championship, we get the same result.

  53. Watching game back, didn’t realise exactly how much booing our fans were doing. Don’t think impacts on opponents at all but optics aren’t great IMO
    TG4 is such a blessing, long may it continue.

    David Clifford with the little flicks etc. Is a class a part. Like RODs vision last night with last free, the vision and belief of the top players is another level.

  54. Agree fully with @frosthammer the “negative comments” in some threads could be phrased differently. The content makes sense but some come across as running down the team. I also think resting players for the kerry game is a good idea. We’re not in dire need of points so give lads plenty of game time and if we win brilliant and if we lose it’s a weaker team and we don’t show our cards to Jack. Hope he wouldn’t feel disrespected if we send a weakened team to play the aristocrats.

  55. Callinan and Brickenden shouldn’t be sent to Kerry, especially if they win Wednesday, no need for them to play 8 games in 24 days or whatever it would be at that point.
    No doubt, be awful sad if poor fella was annoyed by it 🙂

  56. @ JoeG I don’t think any team could carry a passenger in the hopes that he may or may not get a few frees from the right. Open to correction but I think apart from Kevin Quinn we may not have anyone else close to fitting the bill…. would he contribute enough besides?
    I would fancy Ryan or Cillian from up to 20 metres to the right. If it’s closer to the sideline,you take it short like Ryan last night.

  57. 2 Hops. Doesn’t need to be a passenger in much the same way that Maurice Sheridan was pretty average in open play but he rarely missed a free. He was right footed but he could nail them from both sides.

  58. If anyone happen to know Aiden’s stats from frees last season it would be very interesting to know. I don’t see past him being absolutely essential for the team this season so seems like stick with the frees at least for league is worth the effort – especially if we bank 6 points.

    On who to play and who not to going forward – managing injuries and number of matches should be key. Once that’s looked after looking to have a changing spine of starters to allow whoever comes in to play in a team that will resemble the championship team would make the most sense to me. We did that a bit at the end of the last league, but hopefully we’ll be able to rachet that up this time round.

  59. McStay has to try out more players in the few games left now we dont want to end up in the League Final. He has licence to take risks of losing games.Particularly inside forwards where we are struggling for scores from play, players like Kevin Quinn, Darren Quinn, Cillian and Paul Towey need game time.Aidan cant score so what good is he at full forward.
    And its hard understand why players like Frank Irwin, Cian McHale, Conor Diskin and James McCormack are not making the subs bench.

  60. Galway and Roscommon draw not an ideal result for either.

    Hopefully Mayo target the Roscommon game for 2 points and secure our status in Div 1 for 2025

  61. The last time there was such a clamour for Mayo NOT to win the league..2022..we made the league final alright (despite ourselves, By the way.. how would any of ye actually send out a team to lose games?) ..if you were to want a team to be hammered in the league final..we were hammered by Kerry in the League Final 2022 (it didn’t do Kerry any harm winning the league, they went on to lift Sam in 2022) . but it didn’t do Mayo any good.. Galway beat Mayo in the first round in Connacht in Castlebar in not winning the league is hardly a Silver bullet to having a good Championship.. and we definitely didn’t learn any lesson from the very heavy defeat to Kerry in the League Final because Kerry repeated the same dose and put us out of the Championship with a second successive heavy defeat in Croke Park in the same year.

  62. No goals conceded is a plus but if reape continues what he’s at .. that will soon change. Kamikaze stuff. Risk severely outweighs the benefit. No doubt our forward play was nowhere near Dublin s slick movements and there finding of pockets of space. Time to try a new target man inside. One that can contribute to the scoreboard. We are now in a good position to do so. No evidence so far of what canny is doing as a forward coach. Let’s hope it develops as we go on.

  63. Totally disagree gzmo as regards the booing , dubs missed one before ht through a very loud chorus of booing and jeering , hill16 invented it in gaa grounds , so whats good for the goose and all that .

  64. Each to their own I suppose Sean, I just find it in poor taste. When playing crowd noises or instructions managers shouting in from sideline barely registered 🙂

  65. Just for the record. I was right beside ROD foe the last play. It was no free! But it makes up for 2 that AOS didn’t get. Maybe our luck is finally changing…

  66. Our full forward line out scored Dublin’s full forward line of Costello, basquele and small 0-2 to 0-1.

    And our half forward lines scored 2 points each from play.

  67. With that last free once you put your hands on the back of a player going down on the ball it’s automatically a free .Brian Fenton appeared to rugby tackle o Shea to ground.hard to see how the ref didn’t deem it a foul

  68. What is the actual rule , if a player dips down to attempt a pick up of the ball and is touched , is it a free or not , i have always thought it was .

  69. Would be no harm whatsoever making a league final and getting a run out in Croker before championship.

    Tyrone, Kerry, Monaghan and Roscommon will get that game in Croke Park through the league fixtures. We won’t.

    Last time we went to Tralee, Kerry scraped past us and carried that momentum on to win Sam. It’s really hard to know what to do this time. We’d all love to beat them, but they scrap a one point win and suddenly they’re the bees knees again.

  70. A cracker last night I have to say.

    Down the stretch, we looked the Dubs in the eye and they blinked. A triple whammy: winning at McHale Park, in front of a raucous home crowd; beating the AI champs, and putting another two points on the board. Oh, add in a goal scored and none conceded.

    Yes, far too much respect shown at times, but when we got a smell of it, we went after it, and didn’t panic when the Dubs won back the lead. Lots to work on, particularly the last move, and breaking the gainline.

    Selection policy is interesting. The same 26 as last week if I’m not mistaken, not using Plunkett, and giving young Duffy a lot of game time

  71. Delighted with the win and for Fergal getting the winner. We did look flat for the first 20mins or so not sure why really, maybe the positional changes, the come down from the Galway game, the early 2 injuries needing 2 changes, suspect its a combination of these. Dublin were up for this game and came for the win no doubt about that so that makes it sweeter..

    I dont know what the final turnover figures were but we had a few players that got turned over a number of times each with a couple leading to Dublin scores that was the big downside for me but obviously can be worked on. We defended deep which did allow for easier point taking for Dublin but offered no goal chance being the plus to that. Also I think it was evident throughout the game that we stood of them generally, difficult one to explain but it looked like we could have been tighter to them when they were in possession – it may have been tactical, I dont really know..

    We may not have done if often enough but when you run at the Dubs in attack you will get something out of it …Tommy, ROD Fergal showed this. Carr E.Mc would have been big additions last night on that basis also.

    Happy with result but room for improvement – not a bad place to be in at all !!

  72. Well now the Dust has settled, contrary to a lot of peoples opinion I really enjoyed the game. I thought Mayo deserved it just about. I got what I wanted from the game, couple of young lads having an impact, Theo Clancy starting and playing well, and a competitive hard fought game. You’s have the makings of a good team there. Great atmosphere and hospitable hosts. You are actually a mad bunch ( I mean that in a respectful way ) no doubt we will see you down the road during the championship. Saviour the victory as you should be doing.

  73. Nice post @ hill 16.your “mascot” should have done a lap of the pitch with the cup and really got the crowd going. Early days yet and I’d have no doubt Dublin will pick up enough points to stay safe. Hopefully mayo will pick up a couple more along the way whilst also giving game time to a few more players. I always want to win every game we play but I’m beginning to feel like game time and
    Working on a system while being competitive is very important.

  74. So Clare, just to be sure, Reape is your preferred choice of goal keeper lol etc etc….
    Just trollin’ hi!
    2 games in and no three pointers conceded.
    I’ll take that. A few long rangers landed too.
    About our more senior players, hasn’t it been a thing over the last few years that we believe the team are going for gold in the gym this time of year? And maybe that explains the lethargy in AOS and COC?
    Still, from what I could see, as soon as COC came on he had a disruptive influence on the Dubs at the back, a bitta panic, the jitters I thought.
    Brian Fenton had a quiet evening but he signed as many Mayo jerseys as Dublin ones last night.

  75. The good news for us is that the Clifford’s will be back in action for our clash. The two week break is coming at a good time. Opportunity to reflect and also address issues arising from our performances… And more experimentation of course….
    @ Clare, I think we’ve got the message re your opinion on Boland and Reape. Not arguing but point made…

  76. For a guy who was playing Junior Football 3 years ago Jack Carney is turning into a class Act and a tireless workhorse. Pitted up against the best midfielder in the country over the last 6 years and his catch out of the sky last night when under pressure to win our own kick out on the home stretch was worth the entrance money alone. Special mention for Coen also thought he turned the game on its head when he came on

  77. Apologies if this has been asked previously,is there a reason that we played Galway,Dublin and now Kerry coming up the same weekend both in men’s and ladies football and no double headers.

  78. @ontheditch a bit much tbh? I have barely commented on this thread? I literally didn’t even mention it until the poster above did.

    I was literally responding to a person above. @willie Joe?

  79. I see at this stage mayo have the 2nd best score against record 1 behind derry. Also I’ve just realised if mayo were to get to the league final they would end up playing 4 games in 3 weeks including travelling to and from Dublin for league final and a couple of days later travelling to New York play a game and home again. That’s some schedule.

  80. I don’t want to be complaining about refs but I was in the stand last night and thought scully was very lucky to stay on the pitch after the linesman seemed to see him punch paddy in the head and he was only booked.
    Good win, great to see us winning a game we arguably shouldn’t have

  81. – We are all happy with the result but mixed opinions on how Mayo played and what it could mean.
    – Whether it was a blanket or a system or a man marking tactic in place for the first 20 minutes it did not work on Fenton and Mc Caffrey as both got loads of space and time. Indeed Dublin concentrated play on the left flank all of that time.
    – Our midfield was anon in the first half and every kick pass that went into our half forwards came back out just as fast.
    – Credit to Carney who got through a power of ball in the second half and Paddy who in the last two games is hitting top form which is brillant. ROD for his general play and his clever pass to Boland for the winning point.
    – Kelly give extremely soft frees to both sides which will not be given in championship games.
    – I had 4 games I wanted us to win for all sort of reasons namely Galway, Dublin, Kerry and Roscommon.
    – Stick or twist v Kerry. We either pick our strongest team and go for it OR pick a complete second string ….
    – Great crowd of 14,700, compare that to just over 8000 for Wexford v Kilkenny derby.

  82. Picking a second string makes a mockery of the competition and we learn nothing
    I agree with you re the ref and one free to AOS was a balancing act for not giving him a free two minutes earlier.
    The game showed up the difference between a rookie and a seasoned campaigner, but Carney at 21, mixed it with the best. Very exciting prospect and mentally strong young lad with great self belief.
    Let’s keep getting a balance between experimentation and a winning team. See where it takes us.

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