Mayo Football Podcast episode: Final Whistle – Mayo minors lose out to Armagh

Mayo’s championship campaign at minor level came to an end this evening at Pearse Park in Longford, where they were beaten by 0-16 to 1-6 by Armagh in the All-Ireland semi-final. 

Rob and John were at the game and they chat about where the contest was won and lost. Rob also gets post-match reaction from Mayo joint manager David Heaney. 

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13 thoughts on “Mayo Football Podcast episode: Final Whistle – Mayo minors lose out to Armagh

  1. The game wasn’t won by leaving all our backs in are half, even when we were 6 points behind and Armagh had pushed 15 behind the ball we didn’t support the attack, just pittered out.

  2. We need to figure out a way to beat the blanket or else we are wasting our time at all age levels.

  3. And Derry may still win senior, if they get favorable draw next weekend who knows

  4. We have to stop hyping up these young lads and teams before they achieve anything. Once again this minor team – like the team of a few years ago – were hyped up by some people within the county. I have said it before – will we ever learn.
    It’s not the players fault that this ridiculous rubbish is been written about them even before they had won one of the poorest Connaught minor championships in a long time.

  5. Can we just copy whatever Derry have decided to do at underage in the past 5 years?? Seriously. Oh I wish we had someone to come in at Co board level to really shake things up. We just continue with all the same old mistakes of the past decade underage.

    Let’s start with S&C. I know some have said that teams/players physically strong at 17/18 might not ‘make it’ to senior but at least these counties are doing their utmost to win at these underage levels…. Success breeds success…anyone in Mayo academy/board level ever hear of that one.

    It’s insanely frustrating following Mayo when it’s clear the mistakes being made.

  6. Armagh are an excellent minor team. If Derry win the AI it won’t be easy. We didn’t fire at all but they were about a division above us. Outgunned so we’d need a standout group to be contenders in the years ahead. Not great for Connaught but we need to do something different.
    Even the star player only had a few cameos. Don’t see how it translates to senior compared to a young David Clifford based on today albeit the team was mostly in systems failure. Our other standouts today were no 2 and no 6. No 2 looks like a carbon copy of Jack Coyne on the ball but also mopped up a load of ball.
    Armagh seemed to have a great sense of synergy looking like loads of drills had them moving the ball fast like Corofin club team a number of years back. They might not win the AI as we were poor but I’d have them favourites based on not seeing Derry.

  7. As for S&C, I’ve heard it said weights is a bad idea before age 16 presumably because they’re still growing and have small skeletons. I don’t think that was the main factor today, it was more about organisation and the relative skill levels of both teams. Also not sure how selection works underage, could be 60 young lads at the trials, one bad game from nerves could exclude a lad.

  8. I could be wrong @shuffly but I think their no.15 scored about 5 points.
    I’d prefer to see our defenders defending.

  9. Derry won’t be going anywhere anytime soon, thats about 4 years in a row of stellar work done at minor and u20 level from them, thats a county that was in the doldrums just 5 years ago.

    Serious work being done up there. They obviously have the right people in the right roles

  10. Spot on Supermac and Limerick in the hurling also showed what can de done if the right people are involved. I don’t have much faith that the Mayo CB will do anything though. Things need a radical shake up right across all age groups. If you look at our academy set up. The under 15’s and under 16’s might have met up 10 times this year and it’s the end of June. The Mayo girls equivalent squads might have met up closer to 80/90 times I believe. There are a lot of very well intentioned people out there that are willing to help, but someone needs to lead them and give some proper direction.

  11. Success at minor is not the be all and end all. Success at this level should be measured by the quality of players coming through not how many all irelands are won by 16 and 17 year olds. Dublin have 1 minor in 40 years. Has Kerrys 5 in a row delivered the dominance at senior everyone expected? Yes they have Clifford and O’Shea but have the delivered enough players from those sides. Them lads are all 23-28 now. Another couple of years and they will be on the slide.

  12. 100% Paul. The Dubs work on heavy lifting after their teams exit the AI series, whether that be at u17 or u20. Their success lies in pulling in a couple of young lads and pumping them up until they can make the A team training squad. I’m sure Kerry likewise etc….efficiency versus is doing things the right way, the other is doing the right things in the first place.

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