Mayo Football Podcast episode: Final Whistle – Mayo no match for Leitrim

The Mayo U20s have suffered their first defeat of their Connacht championship campaign following a 3-12 to 0-16 defeat to Leitrim in Ballinamore this evening.

Mike was there to catch the reaction of Mayo manager Peadar Gardiner and Leitrim manager Andy Moran.

Rob was also in Tuam Stadium keeping an eye on Galway’s match against Sligo, which ended in a four-point win for the young Tribesmen.

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15 thoughts on “Mayo Football Podcast episode: Final Whistle – Mayo no match for Leitrim

  1. Can’t understand why the mayo county board didn’t give the under 20s job to Sean Deane given the great job he’s done with the minor teams he had the last three years.
    Back to back connacht titles with two different teams & all lreland runners up in 2022.
    It was a crazy decision not to have given him the mayo under 20s job.

  2. A needless comment West Awake. Where were you last week when they beat Galway ? The current management seem to be doing a decent job in producing a good brand of football mixing the traditional mayo runninr game with the use of the boot when necessary.

    They lost to a very good, physically competent Leitrim side who had their homework done and set up effectively sprinkled with the magic of Paul Honeyman up top who we could not get a handle on at all. The choice by Andy and Leitrim to play the game in Ballinamore was also a clever one.

    It’s game on now in two weeks against Sligo. Winner goes through if I’m not mistaken ?

  3. @The West Awake – Sean Deane was over this particular group of u20s in 2021 when they were minor and they lost by 7 points to Roscommon in the first round of the Connacht Championship.

  4. I‘m with westawake on this one . Sean Deane knew the group inside out having won Connacht titles and having reached an all Ireland final with them . He was the logical choice . Let’s see how the season progresses. They can still go deep into this competition.

  5. Far too much being made of this team being young. Honeyman who destroyed the mayo defense was a minor last year.

  6. @mayo67 – That is the more concerning thing and we had two players who were involved in the senior panel in our half back line. I thought one or Morahan or Duffy would have been able to quieten him, even Mortimer or McGreal who are the same age and made previous minor all star teams.

  7. I think it is better for young lads to experience more different voices and idea during their development, so no issues with different team being appointed.
    Even at senior, lads having same coaches for 7 or 8 years, you would wonder what more they can learn.

  8. The too young and not physical enough opinion was Enda Mc Gearty thinking out loud and excuse that seems to have stuck, even journalists last night brought up the young and physicality view point with Peadar Gardiner last night. Not sure would I be using that excuse at all when Sligo had 11 players last year who were aged 18/19 and went on to win Connacht and beat Kerry in the AI semi final.

    You pick the best 30 plus players from three minor grades for any U20 team which I beleive Mayo management have done. Match against Sligo is Connacht Quarter final now.

  9. Mark Maloney claremorris senior player for the lasy two years should be there as well quality player

  10. Mark Maloney claremorris senior player for the last two years should be on that team as well quality player

  11. Did’nt see the Leitrim game so can’t comment directly on that. I was so happy to hear Peadar indicate that they were going to play a more direct adventurous attacking game and we saw evidence of that against Roscommon and Galway and it was so refreshing after the awful negative boring dross of the previous two years. However, they appear to have paid very little attention to the defensive side of the game, system, structure etc., as clearly evidenced by the amount of goals we have conceded. I am all for a direct attacking style, but defence is also important and we need to get the balance right.

  12. Unstoppable I don’t agree with you if you remember it was covid that season 2021for the was hard on every intercounty manager /players as they couldn’t train properly and only had a few training sessions on top of that a few players were out with covid .it was knockout football lose and you we’re out. Can’t be hard on any manager that season.

  13. @The west awake: Going on interviews made in ’21 and ’22 I’d imagine Sean Deane himself might disagree with you slightly there on some of the root causes. He made specific comments on them getting overrun around the middle by Roscommon due to size & power differences, having played a very mobile pairing of Sean Morahan and a young u16 Diarmuid Duffy in midfield for minors in ’21, and went out of his way to find two bigger lads the following year (Luke Feeney & Jack Keane, with Oliver Armstrong in off the bench when needed) to help avoid the same risks the following year and give that bit more size and power around the middle.

    A lot of conversation around S&C when talking about physicality with the underage sides (I’d personally assume the issues are more height/size mismatches than being behind on S&C – the frequent talent we’re bringing through from underage to senior hitting the ground running much faster than most counties suggests we’re doing well above average/the majority there) so was very interesting to hear James O’Donoghue in conversation on Off The Ball highlighting some of the (very, in his eyes) significant risks of lads rushing to bulk.

    A specific angle on it that I hadn’t previously considered, but likely one we should all be paying a bit more attention to. I’d always looked more on lads bulking as a risk to losing some of the explosive power/pace if the balance between the two in training was in any way off…. but the injury risks likely a far more worrying downside should the balance there ever be tilted even a little too far.

  14. One big aspect is that the other regenerative parts of the body in the joints it’s like a 250 day regeneration. Muscle tissue regeneration is much lower and it’s ability to strengthen is pretty rapid. The danger is a person developing explosive power more than their joints and mobility can handle.
    You don’t have to be big to be explosive. A gymnast can be 5’9″ 75kg but it’s the most incredibly strong and explosive 75kg you’ll come across.

  15. I have been at all the U20 games so far and a number of the challenge games and I think we were beaten by Leitrim for a number of reasons ; -complacency, after the Galway game we took it that we were through to the knock out stages already and made light of the Leiria challenge ahead; we didn’t give Leitrim enough respect…(even though they had taken Galway all the way), ; we made too many changes-3 in defence , one new midfielder and one in the forward line….; some of our lads were not match fit….or only on the way back after longer term injuries….and finally the Ballinamore/Andy factor….. Leitrim brought us as far north as they could to a tight pitch with a good local support and Andy had his home work done….played a sweeper in front of our main threats in the full forward line and broke with pace ….and contested midfield aggressively think we were naïve leaving one on one inside too many times and giving their very talented young forward Paul Honeyman loads of space to exploit. Fair dues to Leitrim they gave us a right trimming that we have to take a learn from , positive is we have another day and its now do or die knock out football….we have the talent to go to a Connacht final at least… if we get the team selection right, and injuries don’t impact plans

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