Mayo Football Podcast episode: Final Whistle – Mayo pay the ultimate penalty

There was no fairytale ending to Saturday evening’s All-Ireland SFC preliminary quarter-final for Mayo.

A penalty shoot-out defeat to Derry in Castlebar means that their interest in this year’s championship is over. 

Rob and John are joined by Colm Boyle and Ed McGreal in the moments after the final whistle, while we also hear from a disappointed Kevin McStay. 

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106 thoughts on “Mayo Football Podcast episode: Final Whistle – Mayo pay the ultimate penalty

  1. Game was lost on the line. Not the refs fault, not derrys fault, not championship structure fault. Dare I say not even Philly McMahons fault who came in for heat last week.

    The fault rests 100% with our management team and in particular with this horrible style of play that follows Rochford everywhere he goes.

    Will be interesting to see if Seamus Touhy puts a review process in place after year 2. Was quick to put one in place for the U20 management after their first year.

    Unfortunately we are regressing quite a bit. Can’t go a full half of football without a forward scoring from play. Would love to know what our forward coach from Corofin is doing in training.

  2. Everyone needs to remember it’s a game of fine margins. If we held out for the win last week or got the insurance point in normal time today people would be singing the teams praises. The team have given their time and energy for the pride of the jersey and we should all thank them for their service which will lead to the ultimate reward some day. We are blessed to be passengers on this journey with the team and although it’s hard to take defeat today, the future is bright for Mayo football. Let’s all support the minor team tomorrow.

  3. Bullshit Boston we had the chance of winning 3 games to Galway , Dublin and Derry and blew it every single time.Thats a failure on management and our performance in the 1st half was really poor, Serious questions need to be asked at the next County Board meeting about our management team.Looks certain to be a Dublin Kerry final now if there kept apart.

  4. We lost the match in the first half one point from play really not good enough. Tactically we were inept
    When Aidan came of we were leaderless. Not sure why he was substituted and why Diarmuid did not start?
    A great 2nd half and feel for the players who really produced a memorable performance and yet we found another way to lose!
    Yes I agree that we need a review of this management team after 2 years. I am of the opinion that we have regressed under their stewardship and perhaps a change would be appropriate.
    Like all Mayo fans devastated. Best of luck to our minors tomorrow

    Mhuigeo Abú

  5. It’s a game of fine margins but when you fail to win 3 times from the winning position then there is something wrong somewhere.were the management not aware what Derry were going to bring this evening.we were very poor in the first half .we then get ourselves into the winning position and yet again find a way to lose .what role had this lad from corifin because it bore no resemblance to anything corifin ever did and the problem is even if we had held on to win in normal time this exact same scenario would almost certainly be played out again.I never at any stage thought we were good enough to compete for an all Ireland this year but we are better than this surely

  6. Travelling Wilbury – give it a rest. This isn’t the night for trolling. You know where you’re headed for if you keep that up.

  7. @cconor reape that’s super harsh aiden O shea and cillian O Connor are owe us nothing.

    They are stars.

    Fine yes we all know we haven’t crossed the line but go into their minds for minute how do you think they feel?? They know more then any of us hoow much Sam means to us.

    I would not judge any of them. Ye realise they go out training prob dawn noon and evevining this is with all the fucking slagging we all get for our live of mayo and mayo gaa but it doesn’t phase them cause they a tree like fuck it we are gonna go for it….

    The ones I’d be giving out about is gaa heads only looking for money sooo many games at once who don’t give a fuck about player welfare and match games we will bounce next year as always with paddy durcan back.

    Just hope our guys are not beating themselves up over today ???

  8. Travelling Wilbury that’s 3 times now you have repeated that nonsense. WJ is well able to speak for himself but Gough who I consider an excellent referee did err in injury time v Galway. Thought today’s ref was good as well giving a definite and deserved penalty. Ref not bad last week either so I don’t think many mayo supporters will be blaming the refs too much. As regards losing the game on the line I am hearing it since 1951. Johnno lost it on the line, Maughan did likewise, not to mention Horan, Rochford and now McStay. PJ won it on the line in Connacht final, Dessie snatched a draw on the line last Sunday and now Micky s cleverness on the line took it to penalties. McStay should have fisted Sam’s chance over the bar, he should also have pulled down Kilkenny when he caught the ball on Sunday and he should have stood in front of the Galway goalie in the last kick of the Connacht final. I hate blaming players especially Mayo players who put in such a fantastic effort as always but games are won and lost by players especially games of very tight margins. Sam should have scored today, Mayo defenders should have got hands on the ball when Glass effort came back off the post and some Mayo player should have pulled down Kilkenny last Sunday. I am not sure if it is a post Covid thing or not but so many people seem to relish blaming someone or scapegoating someone when they are disappointed. I thought the effort over the last 6 days was superb and we are desperately unlucky to be out of the championship. I don’t see the point in blaming someone for my disappointment. The team and management made a huge effort this year and maybe, just maybe we are not quite good enough (or lucky enough).

  9. Extremely disappointed!!! No amount of points will kill the pain. Not ref bashing, but thought he was poor today( especially when he knew the Derry Dark arts)

    Please God Aid and COC give it one more year?

    Not sure about Mcstay, should he wait?

  10. I think some of the substitutions today were puzzling and the style of play is tedious, but this team have been in a bad way since 2021 when Horan had them. Fact is, the new squad isn’t a patch on the 2010s squad and some fans are having trouble accepting this. They haven’t the skill, physicality or mental strength of the previous squad. It is what it is. Golden generations come and go. Ours is more or less gone apart from the few who are clinging on. Our best young player was Oisin Mullin and he was let go. Nobody is going to tell me that any of those young players there now are of the same standard as their forebearers.

  11. Clare,

    For someone who comments so regularly on this blog with very strong opinions for the last couple of years, out of curiosity how many Mayo games have you been to this year? Players you have mentioned are fantastic footballers for Mayo, but have been quite poor and have made little difference this year.

    Ask your Dublin ‘mates’ what.they think of Mayo now?

  12. How many years have we come up against a blanket defensive structure and we still try to beat it the same old way. There was no surprise in what Derry did this evening. Why is a goalkeeper allowed to carry a ball repeatedly inside our 45 and not a finger laid on him? We follow our man and totally disregard the man with the ball as he strolls past. I presume the management dictate how we play so therefore they must take the blame for how we set up. AOS was immense once again and when he left the field so did our leadership. He was targeted all evening and how he maintains his discipline is unbelievable. He should have been brought back on for extra time to cover defensively or to midfield as they were forced to go long. Two forwards miss two penalties. Another year ends in abject failure. Mayo supporters are not going to be in a hurry through the turnstiles next year as the whole set up is a farce and an expensive one at that. Maybe the U17s can provide some cold comfort tomorrow. Best of luck to them.

  13. Obviously still gutted at today’s loss. Hopefully Aidan and Cillian stay on and we strength our team/panel further next year. I wouldn’t be calling for a change of management, but it could do with some tweaking, maybe with a few personnel changes. I am all for optimism, but today was a reality for some posters on here, who seem to predict a Mayo win in every game, based on very little evidence. During the week, we had a lot of confident predictions on here, with Mayo to win by 3 or 4. A few deluded souls were predicting 6 point wins, and, one, even more deluded soul made a 7 point prediction. I don’t know what planet they have been watching Mayo play football on over the last few years, but it is a different planet to the one I’m on. People were bigging up, and rightly so, our excellent performance last week, but the world and his dog knew that this would be a totally different game, with a well organized blanket defence, which we struggle against-I think some people did not factor this in. Good luck to our Minors tomorrow and here’s hoping they can lift our spirits.

  14. Must have got 20 WhatsApp’s of Rory Mcenroy in a mayo jersey.
    The joys of being a mayo fan in a border village
    My Flag is still flying .best of luck to Galway and the Rossies it’s a pity we couldn’t keep our end of the deal .

  15. The optimism of the Dublin match was short lived.

    Looking back over this year, with the exception of outliers against New York and Cavan, we typically managed 15 scores per game. I haven’t done the actual average but 15 scores is no where near good enough, unless three or four of them are goals. Our forward play was ponderous for large parts of the year, the shifting of the play from side to side was not quick enough to move any blanket defence and create an opening. We typically played backwards and tried to go again. Training must be a nightmare. It does seem players are coached not to shoot unless they are very confident of a score.

    We typically engage teams higher up the pitch than others, this is a massive effort for our players, especially the half forward line, they have to get through a huge amount of work and by the end it probably contributes to the amount of shots we drop short, or even that we just turn down.

    At the back, we started with Brickenden as full back, McBrien at centre back, then changed McBrien to midfield and then back to full back. What was the thinking behind it?

    Against Derry we turned them over at the start of the second half a number of times, a large part down to us dropping deeper and closing down space, not allowing players time and space near our D. How often do forwards look superb against us with five yards of space stroking the ball over the bar versus us asking Ryan time and again to kick points under pressure. We need to embrace our own blanket. With McBrien, McHugh, Callinan, Durcan, McLaughlin we have some excellent tacklers.

    Our kick out needs a lot of work, we are only able to go short. Long kick outs are 50:50 at best, and a strategy to improve this did not seem to materialise all year. This despite the fact that in Carney, O’Shea and Flynn we have capable fielders.

    I feel for Conor Loftus, a forward all his career now changed to a half back, next year we might see him in the full back line. A lovely foot passer also seemingly instructed to handpass to safety. Hession too hardly got a kick all year, same for Towey, yet with the year on the line they were thrown in. Fine footballers but it’s hardly great for confidence.

    Unfortunately the question now is where to from here? We have had two years of no progress beyond the quarter finals. We don’t have a Clifford or a Con but then again neither do Donegal or Armagh. Questions will be asked of the sideline. In 2025 what will the management team do differently, the support has continued to slide since ‘21 and this year will see a few more become disenchanted by the whole thing. People may say it’s fickle but that is the reality. We believe in the players, believe we can make at least a semi-final, however the results and style of play is turning people from this team.

    It’s not all doom and gloom I must add. McHugh had a phenomenal year, tasked with marking some of the best there is and more than held his own. Flynn continues to become a leader, Ryan remains by far and away our most reliable forward, Tommy slowly found form, Mattie drove forward from midfield and with the exception of Aidan and Cillian it’s a young panel with plenty of experience. Our minors also showed us the freedom of expression and potential that is within the county. If only senior wasn’t so full and boring at the minute.

    A lot for us to digest in the long winter ahead.

  16. Well, guys, as we gnaw at the bones of another bitter defeat, I decided to do a small bit of Critical Thinking into our attitude to the Championship, and why it is that we consider ourselves to be a Powerhouse in Gaelic football, with an entitlement to dine at the Top Table every year (which, by the way, I myself have believed for years). To that end, I decided to compile a few stats on the 73-year period since we last won Sam, and here they are:
    In that period of time, competing in what is, effectively, a 3-County Province, we’ve won 22 Championships. Not too impressive, I’d be thinking. Ros aren’t far behind us, with 15, while Galway are a mile ahead with 33, with the not-insignificant distinction of having 6 All-Irelands in the same period (1956, ’64, ’65, ’66, ’98 and ‘01). So that’s our claim to fame — 22 Connacht titles in 73 years. That’s it, nothing else (I won’t count League titles here, 4, I think), yet we’re always shocked and upset every time we miss out on Sam for another year. Looked at like this, it appears to me that we have a massively overblown perception of our place in the pecking order, and could really do with a more realistic assessment of where we actually are in terms of ever winning the Big One. One more statistic might cause us to further question this sense of being Champions-in-Waiting that we seem to have built up over the years: in the 73 years since we last won Sam, we’ve won, as I said, 22 Connacht titles. In the same 73-year period, Kerry have won 22 All-Irelands. Mayo for Sam? I’m not so sure any more…..

  17. Sean Harrington, bringing out stats from 70 years ago to downplay what we should expect from the team is ridiculous. Why pick 1951 as your arbitrary cut off point to support your argument? What about the 26 Connacht titles won before 1951, do they mean anything!

    What happened in the 50s 60s and 70s has nothing to do with the modern era. By all means use the current performances over recent seasons or even do your stats since championship structures were altered to a back door from 2001 onwards, to inform fan expectations but don’t expect many too support your point that just because we didn’t win too many Connacht titles in the 60s and 70s that we should accept where we are in the pecking order in 2024.

  18. I think Sean it is a case that since 2011 we turned a corner and contested semi-finals and finals. Went close on occasion and had some marvellous teams and players.

  19. I think it’s time to retreat into hibernation and see if we can find another forward .
    Watch club football and who knows the Ethan Gibbons, Stephen O Malleys, Luke Feeney or James Maheadys might put their hands up for inclusion .

    I feel there’s no fear of AOS leaving , he’s so engrossed in it, but you could see the draw of the media work Keegan is doing too, but I think the Connollys car , the love of the battle and especially the form he showed this year will see him back.
    Cillian I hope for another year too but just hard to know.

    We need a no 2, teak tough, strong defender and maybe if Golden of ballina can refine his skills, he’s hell of an athlete and rugby style build.

    That illusive forward and maybe a free taker, just shame Mchale or AOS weren’t on field to hit that free over the bar at the end but what’s done is done .

    Support the Minors and let them be minors, but if hes good enough , hes old enough and never held back a certain selector of the minor team. Thanks Willie Joe and Co for the year of really what can be only summarised as what could have been, again.
    Last word is this team isn’t as talented as ones we had in the past but the effort is there and as a collective if they can learn and get another 10% out of them plus a few form players, a more dynamic attack where cor er forwards can break free and we mix the long ball up .

  20. Right, this campaign is done and commiserations to all who put in the hard yards etc etc. I’ve only one gripe – Why were Derry afforded so much respect from the outset? Stupid question ?… actually, it’s a statement in truth. Close examination of the second half reveals it to be true. Some might argue there was too much disrespect towards Harte here and elsewhere, but I’d counter there was an air of over respect for him on the pitch in the opening half. Nothing will change unless the psychology of the squad does. You don’t enter a Coliseum wearing nappies… it tends to embolden the opponent. This team was too fearful and respectful. That’s how they were turned out for this war. It’s not on them at all.
    I’ve seen the real Mayo…in fact, it was just last week.

  21. Losing of the game was taking Audo of. Same last week with the Dubs all be it we got a draw. If it was his last game I wish him the best of luck. And to those people who abused him over the years(and plenty in his own county)ye should be ashamed.

  22. No reason why county championship can start last week of July now that would give 5 week break.

  23. Emotions running extremely high understandably.
    There is no way Aidan o Shea will retire and he definitely won’t announce anything straight after a game so stop with the rubbish rumours..
    He deserves so much more than that here.
    Management always get most blame after a defeat like that but in reality a game of that magnitude some tough decisions have to be made.
    When we played Armagh two years ago in a very similar game , extra time and penalties PJ made some changes that day that at the time left us all perplexed.
    I remember he brought on Billy Mannion in extra time ( we haven’t seen him since) and he done brilliantly. Taking off Aidan last night might now seem to be crazy but Mayo were absolutely struggling in the forwards , all evening, the scoring return from play shows how time and again Mayo struggle against these defensive teams.
    I predicted extra time and penalties yesterday morning as I knew Derry ( unlike Dublin the week before) would shut up shop and Mayo would struggle.
    Mc Stay will definitely get his third year , maybe a change along side him is needed and they should make winning Connacht there number 1 priority for 2025.

  24. @PJ I’ve been to quite a few games this year?

    Not sure why your questioning that to be honest..

    And for your information my Dublin mates all said that they felt sorry for us last night said it was a tough way for us to go out last night..

    Yes I’ve strong opinions so what

    I’m still gutted we are out as most are I think we just looked flat out.

    And by the way I live in Dublin so sometimes hard to make every match but I’ve gone to as most games I could this year and will again next year to.

    The pain is hard today but I’ll still be shouting on our guys as much and as loud next year and I’ll give one hell of a roar when durcan finnally takes to the field again.

  25. How long is Buckley involved with Mayo? Rochford been around the block in different periods. Our style of play for the most part has been awful all year. Someone mentioned we are averaging 0-15 a game, I’d believe that. Our attack is slow, lateral and ponderous all year.

    I’m not faulting the players or managements effort and thank them for it but are we just going to do the same thing again next year?

  26. Lahanman – club calendar is set. We’ve all known the championship dates all year. Players and management teams have holidays booked, weddings etc to plan around it. Not to mention all the lads in America on J1s. Changing all that by brining the date forward would be a monumental own goal.

  27. I’m still so sad the way went out last night gutted for these guys

    Ryan O D your a star 1/44 before last night’s game

    Tommy conroy your coming back to your best and hopefully your left at half forward next year

    Colm reape you proved some of the doubters wrong in the last couple of games..

    And to every other mayo player thanks for the moments thanks for the massive effort ye put in every game, training etc thanks for making so proud each other to wear the green and red I’ve no doubt we will come back stronger then ever next year have a great rest of summer guys ye deserve it

    Management are in trouble here won’t say anymore on them but don’t think they will be here next year.

    Dubs for sam now.

  28. A few thoughts on last night. We took far to long
    To get the ball back down the field when their keeper was disposed all nigh, once in our large square.
    We seem to be caught up on hold the ball at all cost.This slow possession football allowed Derry get back into the blanket formation. I thought especially with the breeze we could have tried one or two long balls when they were not set up, and keeper was up the field. We were just to slow getting the ball down the field. Also I could not believe that Ryan did not kick a free that we got
    3 or 4 meters inside the 45 with the wind. Colm came up to kick it and in my opinion was far too casual kicking it.Ryan would have got closer in with
    The ref allowing frees to be kicked 3 or 4 yards
    Closer than where they were awarded when kicked from the hand. 3 times in the second half of the match Derry were awarded frees at least 5 yards along the 14 yard line and the kicker was allowed to run with the ball and kick the free from the angle of the big square and the 14 yard line. Making the free to be far easier. The lack of a left footed free taker came back to haunt us again. Both left footed kickers that we had were both on the side line, when the last free was awarded.
    Best of luck to under 17,s this evening I’m on my way to Longford.Shortly,

  29. Devastating to wake up this morning and out of the championship in June. Our style of play has left us outside the top 8 and big set back for Mayo football. 6 months to take stock but we have a long way back to the top table from here!

  30. Do we really think we should shoot every time we get inside the 50 yard line or is it not better to be patient and try to work the ball around and try to get it to the shooter as do Dublin, Derry, Galway etc , You’d swear we have loads of lads who can kick Hail Mary points without looking up. Even Kerry with the best shooter in the country don’t have a pot shot from distance except on the rare occasion. Football has moved on, we mightn’t like the possession based game but that is the way it has gone. Look out our county final last year how low scoring and attritional it was. We don’t have a Comer to whom we can lump it into and he will win a 50/ 50 ball, yet despite him and Walsh and Finnerty all being such good scorers, Galway play a very possession based conservative game. But the greatest example of all is Dublin. They are so methodical and so patient, probing, keeping possession til the chance arrives. It’s all about not turning over the ball. Mayo turned over Derry in the first 10 minutes of the second half. It gave us momentum and scores. Derry regained momentum by holding on to possession, going lateral, working it up the field. It is the way football is being coached, not just in Mayo but all over the country. That is why the GAA are trialling new rules at the moment. Though it sometimes a hard watch you absolutely could not complain about the amazing effort , athleticism and character shown by the players of Mayo, Dublin and Derry in the last week. Football evolves and changes. The Ulster counties brought a new and effective style over 2 decades ago that Pateen referred to as puke football when Kerry couldn’t beat them. But Kerry learned. are were able to implement their own version. Hurling supporters who think their sport is superior to everything bemoan the fact that successful hurling counties now use a football style possession game working it through the lines. Ground hurling is dead, pulling on the ball is dead. It’s all about getting the ball in hand. Look at the TG4 repeats of football matches in the 70s and 80s. It looks like a completely different sport to what we play today. By the way Mayo couldn’t win a provincial title in the 1970s

  31. Can we take the “Learnings” from the Jim McGuinness template since he took over Donegal at the start of 2024, same players as last year but they look completely different, why is this?

  32. The style of play we now have while effective against Dublin & Kerry , is completely ineffective against a defensive set up , we’re gotten even worse at taking on the blanket with it. We’re not able to counter attack because we have no one forward when we turn it over so we’re stuck in this endless loop of lateral handpassing. It really is a terrible style of football, three points in a first half of championship football at home in Castlebar…

  33. Thanks yew the business end of club championship will be played out in Autumn muck…and not a ball kicked in July or August….something not right….

  34. The game was lost last week when we went all out against Dublin in a game which was not knock out . As we had already qualified we should have put out a B Team against Dublin and had a fresh team ready for Derry. We put all our eggs in one basket when we played Dublin and therefore we had to win against Dublin. Draw or loose and we had to play 3 weeks in a row against top three top teams . Never going to happen. Also Ryan O D cant be missing penalty’s in important games . We need a left sided free taker

  35. Those of us who warned and were somewhat castigated forvit about the risks of going all out physically and emotionally to beat the Dubs in a non jeopardy game may now have a point.. As the group victory over Kerry last year was our All Ireland for 2023 so this year’s draw in Hyde Park against Dublin was this year’s All Ireland. Sadly it was all very predictable….
    Mayo football needs a review and refocusing at grass roots level as has been said on this blog many times.
    The Limerick hurling story might be a good model to look at….

  36. Joe. I think that the possession football is ok , up to a point. But to break the blanket we need to do like Donegal, when they regain the ball they break up the field at pace and have men that are running
    Off the shoulder of the player in possession. This is the way to beat the blanket. Last night we dispossessed a Derry player several times in side our own 21 and with all our players behind the ball
    Had no one up field to kick it up to. So we need runners off the shoulder to transfer the ball up the field quicker. Instead we were too long pondering on the ball over and back to hold the ball.

  37. Clare; Its because i rate him highly that i say he cant be missing important penalty’s , He also missed the penalty in the All Ireland Final . Compare that with Cilllian O C . Last nights effort was dreadful

  38. I would like to see Kevin Mc Stay as sole manager of Mayo. Meaning the county board thank SR for his services and show him the door. Time now for McStay to man up and put his stamp on this Mayo team while he still has a year left

  39. @ o Sullivan fair enough.

    All are emotions are running high at is this the worst exit and earliest since 2000??

    The nagging from the rossies and galwegions atm is pathetic both will be gone next week.

    Hope mcstay stays on @glorydays agree with you he should be the sole charge.

  40. It’s amazing to think that people are now complaining about the structure and how the game was lost last week. Nothing to do with either in my opinion.

    The narrative last year was that Mayo went all out for the league and ran out of steam in the championship. And to an extent there is a bit of truth in that.

    Roll on the clock 12 months, mayo do fuck all in the league, pacing themselves as so many optimists say. Then go into Connaught and lose to Galway in a final.

    A few weeks after that, Derry, a team who went balls out for the league come to McHale park and by all accounts looked every bit as fit and energetic as mayo. They were also mentally in a worse place then Mayo.

    Something clearly not adding up.

    On a side note can anyone list the amount of players McStay has brought into the first 15 since Horan left? Other then Sam and Bob who were too young to be in Horans team I can’t think of anyone else.

    It’s worrying to see the lack of players getting a proper look in, and again the story will be are club players good enough. I saw a castlebar forward kick 1-5 in club league last weekend.

  41. Glorydays

    100% agree with you, but I think we all know the biggest USP of McStays ticket at the time was Rochford. Can’t for the life of me understand why.

    I’m not sure Kevin gets the gig if Rochford isn’t there in the first place.

    But we all know our CB aren’t up to scratch. Touhy won’t do anything about this. He handed them a 4 year term for god sake. Was quick to put pressure on our u20 management with a review. Equally as bad a season for the senior management too.

    If Mcstay does get rid of Rochford it will be a new look management team from the one that got the job initially. Comical stuff tbh.

  42. Clare…for someone living in Dublin I can’t understand where you are putting up with nagging from Galway and Roscommon folk…
    And sure ya it will be easier for you when we get knocked out next weekend, but where’s all the nagging coming from?
    I suggest you put away the phone and take a break off socials for a day or two..
    It’s very easy to say sure we’ll be hammered next weekend, honestly I don’t see much left in Galways engine but let’s give the Rossies a bit of credit, that was some win yesterday.

  43. When the dust settles and it will a few simple things are evident
    1.0 We are lucky to have a team of footballers with heart and continually giving us special days
    2.0 Unfortunately we lost, drew winnable games and on the 3 key games took off physical players around the middle third in the closing stages , Why?
    3.0 We cannot win games week on week so whatever is needed we have to set ourselves a goal of the 2 week break and as I said earlier that opportunity was there so the not good enough story isn’t accepted
    3.0 We need a left sided free taker
    4.0 Management need to look at themselves with respect to styles of play
    5.0 We need to the next big strong player to battle through tight games as Aido is nearing his exit
    I was disappointed last night but my good wife said I was way worse last weekend.. 2 results defined our season losing a the Connaught final from a winnable position and drawing last weeks game.. they were the ones that sickened my soul!
    Injuries played a part and because of about a few players carrying knocks again the week on week issue , condensed season problem but it is the same for all…

  44. @tuamstar you don’t have to look very far to see all the slagging from Galway and rossies..

    I said fair play to rossies yesterday tbh.

    Its just sad that alot of ye can’t say hard luck to us and only delighted to see us out so if I sound petty so be it.

    Ye got way easier fixtures then us.

    But anyway we were done for when we lost durcan he’s some man a massive leader in every way for us.

  45. BTW the best of luck to Roscommon and as much as it kills me Galway
    Finally best of luck to our minor team today!!!

  46. Ah Clare you are just repeating the same stuff over and over .I couldn’t give a damn about slagging from anyone.let them have their laugh.we weren’t good enough and that’s been obvious all year .

  47. Mayo’s “inner chimp” needs invoking. The buzzword of sports psychology is apt this morning. There’s nothing else wrong except the mental prep. Gilroy knew after Dublin’s exit in 2012, in that glorious semi, that his goose was cooked unless the head shrinkers came in.
    When Gavin was handed his proverbial by McGuinness’ he wasn’t fired, instead outside help was sought. McStay will know what has to be done…. leave the situation as was and it’s curtains again next year. Get behind McStay and let him figure it out.

  48. @1985 I’m saying it how it is not repeating myself over and over so stop jumping on my posts.

    Obvs not good enough but we fought till the end last night and went to penalties our highs after winning games are to high and our lows are ridiculous.

  49. Yes but are just saying the same thing that’s what repeating yourself is .we can’t keep making up excuses.

  50. @1985 I’m not making up excuses if we had gotten those penalties in this blog would be doing a 180 and we would be jumping for joy.

    People are just to harsh on the guys sometimes they go out for free and put a massive effort into their time to give us joy..

    Easy for someone to sit behind a keyboard and give abuse.

    And I’m not repeating myself get off your high horse.

  51. But we didn’t score those penalty’s and that’s nothing to do the rest of the game when we had the opportunity to win it .anyway I give up or this nonsense will continue all day

  52. @1985 I’ll leave it there but you always say oh it’s noncense when you don’t agree with something.

    @km79 same here.

  53. Sorry Clare but I don’t constantly jump on everyone that says something you don’t like .and I don’t post the same thing over and over’s time to forget about yesterday.we were two points up in normal time and yet again couldn’t close it out and there wouldn’t have been any need for penalties.I don’t criticise any players but sadly we just don’t have the general quality anymore

  54. @1985 you jump onto my posts tbh I don’t say the same thing over and over by the way.

    We are all hurting today so it’s no time to be getting into silly arguments either.

  55. Ok Clare fair enough but maybe you should read back through your’s time to turn the phone off and forget about it for this year.I can only imagine how Cillian and aido feel this morning

  56. Some of the stuff online last night was very harsh but in a strange way it shows how much interest there is in Mayo football.

    Unfortunately you just have to either put the phone away or develop a thicker skin.

    Something I’m not great at myself.

    If you look at the current Kerry team,

    – 2019 threw away the drawn game in the last minute to stop the 5 in a row.

    – 2020 lost to Cork with the last kick.

    – 2021 lost to Tyrone after extra time.

    Those 3 years were awful but they shipped that team.

    Those Mayo lads will learn a huge amount from the 3 games they should have won this year.

  57. @1985 right so lets leave it there.

    I may annoy some by being overly positive in my posts but I won’t change my opinion on our guys.

    Yes horrible way to go out yesterday and that but by God our guys always go out and never give up. I’ll be shouting them on as always next year.

  58. WJ and KM79 I couldn’t agree more. Desperately disappointed this morning. Imagine how players and management must feel. Long winter ahead though the longest day in the year has just passed Hate this new system and that’s not just sour grapes. Lost one game in championship by a point and we are watching on as others who lost 3 are still there. Fair play to them. They have taken advantage of the system but the system is crazy. And now no club championship games for the guts of 2 months. Incredible

  59. It’s an ago old problem Mayo teams just cannot hold onto a lead in a game, need to be ahead by 6 going into the last few minutes.
    It is what it always was, many here are around a very long time and ye know this is the one main issue we have.

  60. I highlighted when fixture was made that Mayos reward for not losing a group game was a day less preparation and recovery than Derry for this game . And it showed . We looked leggier
    Absolute BS system

  61. Lets be honest , we could get beat 9-33 to 0-1 and it still would not be the players or the managers fault , it’s time we woke up and smelt the coffee instead of pretending we are just the unluckiest team in the world.

  62. They have absolutely fucked up the championship- a week left in June and for all but 8 counties, the race for Sam is over and I couldn’t give a toss who wins it. I’ll be watching the euros and Olympics with more interest to be honest. Used to be the august bank holiday was quarter final weekend- how much better was that? Now you can lose 3 games and still win the thing – even if that was Mayo it wouldn’t be right. Call a spade a spade the club championship is now deemed at least equal if not more important than the all Ireland. That shouldn’t be the case for our flagship competition – it should be the centrepiece of our summers as it once was. At least put the finals to the end of august and kick off the club championships first week of September

  63. Why did they take of AOS, AGAIN, he was putting in so much work in defense, I know he was tired but match was nearly over.
    Reality is were just not good enough at the moment, but still alot of teams will take encouragement from are performance against Dublin last week

  64. We were very easy to work out tactically last night. I saw Jack Carney looking up several times to punt a long ball forward but there was nothing in front of him…. keep possession and zero risk are the mantra. The pity is we have good honest footballers.
    As far as I remember Aiden Orme is a left footed free taker, I hope he still works hard at his game.
    As for the Rossies, all credit to them. Three losses and one win over Cavan. Not ideal facing into an away knockout game against Tyrone. Somehow they musterd up the self belief to win despite the Tyrone fightback.

  65. Certainly the system is very problematic though everyone thinks it’s sour grapes to say so until their own team becomes a casualty of it. There is basically very little reward for coming second in your group or for even being essentially unbeaten – Galway were in the same position as Roscommon and Derry despite those 2 teams losing 3 games and Galway losing none – and these “preliminary quarter finals” are makey-uppy bs. If a team has lost 3 games, they should not be out of the competition, end of story. Of course, the teams who have benefitted from it won’t think so until it directly affects them in a negative way. Currently Derry and Roscommon are delighted with the system because it gives them yet another chance that they probably shouldn’t have had.

  66. Poor Rochford gets awful slack. He’s not the manager. What was it Steve Staunton said again ….

  67. It was a long drive back last night but I’m not too disappointed this morning.
    The lads gave it their all as usual when players put on the Mayo jersey so good luck to them all. Sadly we are a few players short and the loss of Patrick Durcan was huge.
    The big problem in Mayo is the County Board. They didn’t want Mick O’Dwyer, Mickey Harte or Jim McGuinness as they could not dictate to them.
    I said before Kevin McStay got the job that his group were the the worst option as it included Stephen Rochford who ruined Donegal and Donie Buckley who Jack O’Connor wouldn’t have. I’m blaming Rochford for our slow methodical play and Buckley for our lack of tackling. Rochford was calling the shots in the player huddle also which should not be the case. If Kevin stays on he will have to take control and tell the coaches how he wants to play. When he was on RTE he said Aido should be in FF but obviously Rochford has taken over the show. Taking Aido off was a huge mistake. Don’t look at the game trust the GPS seems to be the way with management.
    Another bone of contention for me is that certain players keep getting picked and never get subbed while others are left on. More GPS nonsense.
    Finally we have lost 3 games from winning positions and we employ a psychologist. I was friendly with someone close to the Laois team and the first thing Micko did was get rid of the psychologist and others in the back room. Remember they had good minor teams at the time so look at them since.
    Which brings me to our minors and good luck to them today.

  68. I’m gutted as much as everyone but I think the team has improved (ya i know we’re out) but jeez a wrong call on the free cost us v Galway, beat rossies twice,beat cavan,drew with Dublin and derry 2 of the 3 favourites a couple of months ago and yes we should have beaten Dublin and wouldn’t be playing derry. Our defence was hugely improved only opened up on the rare occasion and i think the team would have flourished in crokepark.This is a bit contradictory of above but the killer for me was not having the smarts to finish out games and I’ll never get over how they had the chance to exact revenge on the dubs for 2017 in the exact same scenario and stop the play at all cost hang in there and have a week off and to rub salt in the wounds assuming Dublin were drawn v derry then if I’m right we could only meet the winner of the cork v louth game in the quarter final and a great chance of a semi final spot. I’ll probably get slaughtered for the positive part of this.

  69. Looks lads,
    There was good elements on view in the performance against the Dubs,
    Mainly the football played by O Donoghue, Conroy and the odd ball win or dispossession of a Dub player by O Shea, but this was also on view,
    In the 1st half, a free kick missed from 35 yards, slightly to the stand side, a free kick missed from 15 yards straight in front of the goal, the clear difference in pace from most of the Dublin players against many Mayo players.
    Not keeping C O C up in front of the Cluxton when Mayo were defensive late in the game.
    Not being able to break, win or make a scramble for the kick out that gave the Dubs the equaliser.

    There is little or no intensity in the tackle anymore.
    People here are wondering why May players are playing very lateral with side, backward passing, this is how the opposition set up to beat Mayo.

    Long shooters, clever loop runs, some other County teams make it look simple.

  70. There’s an auld phrase in boxing, “styles make fights”, meaning that just because Boxer A beat Boxer B convincingly doesn’t mean that the same will happen when he fights Boxer C, even if Boxer B bet the bejaysus out of Boxer C previously. I think there’s some truth to that maxim in Gaelic football too.

    Our team usually plays best when the shackles come off and we drive at teams, going direct, attacking at pace, playing quick one-twos. It probably suits us more to play teams like the Dubs and Kerry, who always believe that they’ll out score us playing relatively open football, than the likes of Derry, who have a defensive system designed to stymie us and hit us on the break.

    Our forward system is too slow and lateral, while we struggle to hit points from distance. So how do we counter the blanket?

    1) By going over the blanket, ideally to Aido close to goal;

    2) By stretching the opposition defence and having support runners sprinting off the shoulder of the player in possession.

    Developing a coherent attacking system to deal with these massed defence tactics has to be priority number one for the coaching staff next year, otherwise we’ll see much the same results as in 2022, 23 and 24.

    We have plenty of teams playing such tactics in the Mayo club championship, so hopefully we won’t have to look too far for solutions.

    The other thing is that we need to try to develop a winning mentality down the stretch. It’s not a coincidence that we have been caught several times at the end of close games in recent years. Not an easy thing to do, but an essential thing if we want to win anything at the top level.

    Best of luck to the minors today.

  71. Thanks Willie Joe for this great facility, and to all for the debate over another up and down inter-county year.

    Condolences and thanks also to the players. Certainly we can’t fault their effort and commitment. The bravery they showed to come back into the game yesterday in the second half of extra time with many out on their feet does them nothing but credit.

    Disappointing year overall. Felt we got the rhythm of the championship right but failure to close out three games versus the current Connacht, All-Ireland and League champions cost us. Small margins but for it to happen three times in quick succession doesn’t seem like poor fortune.

    Time for a serious review of the management set up. If we retain the current personnel, I’d set very clear minimum targets for 2025: stay in division 1, win Connacht and get to a semi-final. Nothing less would do for a third year.

    Unlike others, I was broadly happy with the depth of the current panel. Many of our subs have experience in all Ireland finals and other big games. With the current age profile, a few judicious additions rather than wholesale changes are required, in my view.

    Aidan still has a huge amount to offer and I hope he gives it another season. He, Ryan and Donnchadh were my players of the season.

    Being comfortable with possession and not rushing shots is a positive development for us. However, we need to be more purposeful and less risk averse when the opportunity is there; scoring 1 non-penalty goal in the last 5 games is a poor return.

    Positives to take forward:
    -Matty Ruane and Tommy Conroy returning to form in a big way. These are All-Star level players.
    -Donnchadh McHugh was our find of the season.
    -Much fewer goals and major goal chances conceded in the championship.
    -David McBrien continues to develop really well and looks like a great anchor for our defence.
    -A year of extra experience for a young panel.

  72. Hard luck to ye, Its an awful way to go out. Derry found their battling spirit from somewhere. As I said before the game if you were a Derry supporter it was a hope rather than a conviction that the form would be found but fair play to them they managed to scrape over the line into the QF. I didnt see the game but expect that the 3 point return from the first half is where Mayo lost the game but ye battled back but just came up short. As for Galway we look up against it in the QF and our slim chances probably rest on who we draw on Monday. Roscommon had a great win and I would fancy them to turn over Armagh if they draw them in the QF.

  73. @dreamysleepy,
    The Euros or World Cup competition do not really start until the knockout stages, ie the last 16 teams.

    A very simple solution if the Gaa are looking for a very condensed Season ( I presume this is for the club players, many of whom are away probably playing football for the Summer in the US anyway ), then back to the traditional knockout system, lose a game and you are out.

    This A Sam Maguire competition would only be made up of Div 1 and Div 2 players, keet the Provisional competition but the Div 3 and Div 4 teams would be in the Tailteann Cup championship.

    We would surely have this, “Jeopardy” in the games.

    The current system favours the Provincial championship, serves only for more games and gate receipts for the Gaa.

  74. Regarding slow play and lateral passing i hate it with a passion but until change is made that is the way it’s going to stay. It’s not only mayo who play that way when faced with a blanket. All the talk about kicking long is nonsense as 8 or 9 times out of 10 the ball will be mopped up by the opposition and that’s why they set up that way in the 1st place. Change has to come or there will be league size crowds at championship games.

  75. Bate the Blanket, will be interesting to see the end of year gate receipts v previous year’s. Average crowds at games appear to be way down on few years ago. Even our game yesterday v what used to go to our games when we were entertaining if nothing else. The return of 100s of season tickets for first time ever another indicator.
    The revenue benefit must be GAA go, perceptually hard see it being the gate receipts.

  76. @Gizmobobs: Not sure the numbers will be as bad as the chatter around attendances suggests.

    Last years Group Stages averaged ~8,200. After Round 2 this year it was ~8,100. Given Dublin-Mayo got 16,870 and Armagh-Galway got 8870 I can’t imagine the average over the 8 Round 3 games wasn’t relatively high and raising the 8100 average towards/above last years number.

    Finals will sell out regardless. Semi’s will bring 40-60k you’d imagine so really just the upcoming Quarter-Finals that will have questions over them. With only the 7 games left for the year it’d be hard to imagine a huge drop-off in revenue, from what was a (significantly) record-breaking year last year.

  77. Thanks for the response @mayo_joe, and ya, I agree that stats can be used to support virtually any standpoint, but our problem is that, no matter how we cut it, they don’t show us up in a very positive light, certainly not to the extent of expecting to be at the business end every year. 1951 is not an arbitrary year to start at, I don’t think, it’s the Year Zero by which we’re judged every year. That said, I could have started, as you suggested, in 2001, when the back door kicked in. That would read:
    All-Irelands won: Dublin, 9, Kerry, 6, Mayo, 0. On the other hand, I could go back over all the 127 years of the Championship, which would read:
    Kerry, 38, Dublin, 25, Mayo, 3.
    The bottom line for me is that we don’t have the pedigree to justify the expectation, and the subsequent disappointment. We got lucky and unlucky in equal measure 10 years ago, when arguably the best Mayo team ever ran into probably the best team of all time. But that aside, what’s our pedigree to justify the sense of entitlement we seem to be exhibiting all the time these days? It’s not there, as far as I can see. I’m saying all this with a heavy heart and no malice (you’ll notice I haven’t offered a word of criticism about the team or management). I think I’m trying to ‘curb our enthusiasm’, so to speak, and maybe take whatever pressure is left off ourselves and our team. A few years ago, I used to feel sorry for the ‘Old People’ who were running out of time to see Sam. Now I’m one of them myself. Maybe I should get used to the possibility it might never happen. I might sleep better, and not be posting at 4 am, like I did this morning!

  78. Tsu I’m on about totals v few years ago and super 8s. I can’t remember annual sales and so despondent after yesterday couldn’t be arsed looking it up. But total over this year and last say v super 8 phase years and l total games played I may look up when form improves. 🙂

  79. @ no doubt, Dublin,will play the occasional long ball, so will Kerry. If you have a ball winner, use him. We are totally predictable. The Derry keeper could be up in our ff line and we’d still give home time to get back. Sadly, we are the one trick pony. Our players are better than that….

  80. @Gizmobobs: Yeah. The extra games in the ‘new’ Championship mean despite the lower averages for much of the year they’ll still be pulling in higher revenue on gates overall.

    Hard to get just the figures on football, but looking at football+hurling+club games (outside of Provincial Championships) tells a big part of the story.

    ’23 – €38,4m
    ’22 – €33.4m
    ’21 – €11.7m (Covid)
    ’20 – €3.6m (Covid)
    ’19 – €36.1m
    ’18 – €29.6m

    I’d expect this year will be somewhere in the €37-€39m window again from the numbers we’ve seen so far. Though could be slightly lower to ’19 levels if Dublin don’t start getting their usual turnouts back for their assumed QF & SF.

    I could well imagine the gates on Provincial Championships (especially Munster & Leinster) could be hurting alright. Though, haven’t ever looked into those to have the numbers handy or know for sure.

  81. Sean, the wife insists Dublin have won at least 31 All Irelands… Kerry on 38. She’s pedantic but seldom wrong….

  82. @Tsu. But how do you figure net takings considering more games means more grounds open. They say it takes 35000 in Croke Park to break even. Did the GAA make money on last night’s game?

  83. Thanks @Mark Dempsey! I thought I was a bit light on that figure! Unfortunately it doesn’t help in massaging the stats I’m putting out today!

  84. Sean, I’ve 8 of them around me on Sundays but she’s a true blue. The others are more rugby oriented.. no harm done ?

  85. @Ontheditch: Not sure who originally claimed that one, but it was refuted by Croke Park themselves.

    “Many had been led to believe that the GAA required a crowd of 30,000 in Croke Park to financially break even on the day but this school of thought was rubbished by the association’s stadium and commercial director Peter McKenna in Michael Moynihan’s GAAconomics.

    “That’s an urban myth. It costs between €40,000 and €120,000 to open the stadium and we often open it at a loss. The break-even figure? For the smallest crowd, it would be €30,000 so 10,000 people paying €3 each, or €5,000 paying €6 each would do it.””

    The two big costs for putting on a game for Central Council (the profits we’re talking about here) are ground rental and team expenses. Have never seen clear figures on exactly what overheads a game would have in McHale Park to know how much of that cost is profit versus actual out-of-pocket expenses, but if we’re managing to survive or profit on the 3k-5k club & underage games I’d have to imagine a crowd of +10k is turning a significant profit for us.

    Never gotten into the weeds on that level of detail, though (only ever looked at the headline figures as a curiosity), so very open to correction if anyone has gone to those depths.

  86. @Ontheditch..Why would it take 35K attendance for Croke Park to break even?. Croke Park same as any venue costs money for pitch and stadium maintenance whether full or empty. It’s one the recently invented Urban Myths so as everyone should be absolutely delighted for everything possible to be played in Croke Park.. bringing every possible economic benefit to Dublin (and further more concert’s in August, rip off Hotel prices and pint prices) and every unfair sporting advantage to Dublin in the Championship as well. Those with power constantly repeat rubbish to push an agenda.. For those wearing the suits in Croke Park, money seems to be God.

  87. Just have watched the Saturday game highlights show on the RTE player. What a wonderful display of score taking by Roscommon, their first ever Championship victory v Tyrone. Galway probably less impressive in their victory v Monaghan but a victory none the less. With Comer, Walsh , Tierney, Kelly and Conroy all fit could very well be a match for anyone now in Croke Park..Best wishes now in the quarter finals to our nearest neighbours. Up the West.. Monaghan’s Conner McManus finally called it a of the finest forwards of his generation.. Best of Luck to Mayo Minors later this evening.

  88. No harm done indeed, @Mark Dempsey! I’m off to start gathering for the St. John’s Night bonfire, we still have that sort of Paganism here in Erris. What the County could do with as a whole is a Bonfire of the Vanities that we’ve built up over the past 10 or 12 years, reset and start again with a bit more humility……

  89. Agree with No Doubt. Well said. So many things are bothering me today that I was nearly forgetting Mayo losing part of the problem – adding to my down depressed stressed feeling. It’s like the day after an all Ireland loss.

  90. Jesus Christ are we turning into soccer fans now where we call for the managers head at every loss and turn into entitled supporters who only want wins?
    The amount of fair weather supporters on here since last night’s win is startling. Shiteing on about the 2021 loss and that’s 3 years ago under a different manager (who lost 4 or 5 All Ireland finals!) and a very different team. If you can’t support this team in the bad times then just fuck off and watch rugby or soccer, because we don’t want to see ye in the good times.
    Calling for the managers head when in 2 years he has won a Div. 1 title in year 1, was secs away from a Connaught title and secs away from beating Dublin and going straight into the 1/4 finals in year 2, is just ludicrous. Add into the mix that he had neither Keegan nor Mullin available to him, Paddy Durcan missing for most of this season and a crazy championship this year as regards fixtures.
    I’m not saying he got everything right but putting the blame for last sec draws and defeats down to him is totally wrong. By that measure we should blame Reape for missing a 45 last night with the wind at his back and straight in front of goal? In a game of tight margins that could have won it for us. Or blame Brickenden for giving the ball back to Dublin and they scored from play, again, in a game of tight margins that probably cost us?
    This is obviously a rebuild and with 11 players of last night’s 20 being under the age of 25, and only 2 in their 30’s I for one am prepared to allow this manager time to further refresh things.
    Hon Mayo

  91. Pebblesmeller why was Reape one taking that in first place with wind on back inside 45? Given his conversion rate. Why not Ryan or Diarmuid who I think was on at that stage.
    How did we end up with no left footed kicker for free Ryan missed?
    How was Jordan left on again? He was completely out of it until the tail end of game. I was given out to for raising player welfare concerns after last year. But it’s raised its head again, looking back at least the pundits called it out at HT yesterday.

  92. Just to echo Pebblemeller, it’s striking alright how many new or rarely heard voices tend to appear on here in the wake of our Championship exit every year. It’s like some (of our own) just can’t wait for us to fail and have the knives sharpened for when we do.

  93. If “fair weather supporters ” can see what’s happening why do the die hard fans refuse to see what unfolds before they’re very eyes year in and year out. the blanket defence is here to stay and if we refuse to address it nothing will change , we have the forwards who can score from 30/40 metres out especially when we play Dublin , yet year after year we throw away matching where were too scared to shoot or even attempt to shoot from distance.

  94. @ Leantimes. Thanks for clarification. Are you saying staffing at Croke Park is the same regardless of expected size. My experience is staff tripping over each other on days of small attendance. I would have no idea how GAA and staffing are related but as far back as 2008 the following remarks were made. Does it mean cosy relationship and jobs for the boys?
    “The ordinary GAA club member would be shocked and annoyed by the numbers of staff at Croke Park and by what they are costing the Association. And those costs are not restricted to the normal salary and pensions; junkets have now become a way of life in the GAA.”

  95. I think we really missed Fergie B’s ability to kick over the wall yesterday, he surely would have been good for a couple of scores. GAA’s two match ban was harsh and refusing our appeal may have cost us dearly.

  96. @Ontheditch most ‘staff’ are not staff at all but GAA volunteers at Croke Park …Croke Park can and does close off sections of the Stadium, watching Sligo v Down in the Tailtean Cup right now and Hill 16, The Cusack and Canal Stand all seem closed so probably only 25% of the Stadium open and doubt 10K there in total .

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