Mayo Football Podcast episode: Final Whistle – U20s beat Galway

Mayo’s U20 footballers got the better of Galway in Round 2 of the Conancht U20 Championship this evening at Hastings Insurance MacHale Park. Despite conceding two first half goals, Peadar Gardiner’s team were just a point adrift at the break and they finished the second half strongly, scoring seven points without reply to win by 0-16 to 2-6. 

Rob got match analysis from John Casey and post-match reaction from Peadar Gardiner. He also caught up with Jonathan Higgins of Galway Bay FM to get the neighbours’ perspective on tonight’s game.  

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25 thoughts on “Mayo Football Podcast episode: Final Whistle – U20s beat Galway

  1. Going by coverage lots of mistakes and struggled at times in the middle but management involving 20 hard work ethic players did the trick.

  2. Great to see management bring on plenty of forwards and not trying to shore things up at the back. After watching refreshing football again it got me daydreaming of my mayo team for the 2026 all ireland final.
    Mayo v Donegal 2026
    Finbar McLaughlin
    N Hurley
    . I’m booking the hotel now. Ok now back to work after that

  3. Congrats on a great win well deserved keep up the good work, as there lay our future ? hon Mayo

  4. Shuffly Deck – some genuinely great moving of the ball through kickpassing that was generally pretty accurate, some savagely good (and technical) tackling to strip the ball from Galway players who did look physically bigger. Some very good taking of points from the forwards as well.

    On the flipside – a really open game definitely made it a lot easier to play that positively. I didn’t get to see the Roscommon game, but would be interesting to see how the team plays against a defensive team. There was still quite a lot of kickpasses from both sides that were a ways off, and a fair amount of low probability shots taken on we had no right to.

    But all in all it was a great match well worth watching.

  5. Very enjoyable game, credit to both teams and the pitch and machale park looked great, it’s what you come to see. On the down side, it was was hard to make out the 2 teams in term of color , it’s not rocket science for one team to wear a white gersey, a mayo white jersey, with a green above red hoops, would make it better viewing for all(mayo gaa,and elverys,take note)Rant over.

  6. @No doubt, I’m fascinated by your daydreaming of a 2026 all Ireland final team , I recognise all the names except Gilraine ….who is this player and what club is he currently with?

    As they say one swallow doesn’t make a summer….and last nights display was very encouraging and gives us new momentum heading into the last 2 rounds…..but many of these lads will remember well what happened 2 years ago with Galway at U17…so wont be getting carried away in a round robin system….

  7. @mayo for sam. You have me there. I meant to say Mcgreal. Maybe i was in too deep a daydream.

  8. @No doubt
    I said the same last night. I don’t want to wish my life away but this group gives us plenty of hope going forwards.

    Also you haven’t named the subs. Are you intending on keeping us waiting until an hour before kick off??

  9. Let’s hope and pray. Can we please learn after all those years to be able to kick the ball over the bar.

  10. Ffs lads we beat Galway and drew with ros , not saying they dont look like they have potential but thats too giddy of a craic altogether .

  11. That’s a pretty decent team@No Doubt-how do your dreams normally play out in reality? Without getting too carried away, I think McMonagle could solve our troublesome CHB spot and I think maybe Morahan could gate crash that defence. We have some very talented young forwards like the two Hurleys, Clarke and D Beirne and I was very impressed with Finbarr Mc. last night. Now, if we could only unearth at least one big tall physical ball winning midfielder, that would be some team-hopefully there are a few on the horizon-maybe Bob T could make it there, with age development, s&c etc. Must say, I am excited about the future.

  12. @sean Burke, totally agree let’s settle down a bit we’ve some good players on this team as there were on many underage teams. Have we two connacht u20/21 in the last ten years? Our underachieving in this grade is scary. We’ve jst drawn with the rossies and bet a poor Galway side. Let the lads keep playing and see where it takes us..

  13. Galway is always a good yardstick for us at underage, so we are in a good place. Conal Dawson an outstanding half forward, and is probably being asked to fill a spot in midfield.
    As well as Bob Touhy, I would not be ruling out Frank Irwin as a possibility. Finbar is a natural two footer and may very well be the marquee forward we have been looking for.
    Intercounty u 20 is certainly ablaze after the Galway game. Credit to management team who have them bonded well and playing their hearts out

  14. I hope nobody from Donegal saw my earlier post or they’ll be telling me not to be linking them with an all ireland final. Come on lads it’s only meant as a bit of craic. No one is getting giddy or anything like it just as i said earlier daydreaming.

  15. Ahrefcomeon no such thing as a poor Galway underage team and the rossies went to Sligo who contained 11 of their U20 AI final team from last night and claimed a draw last night. Can understand ones wanting to talk down any hype on a young team but at the same time it’s 3 points earned and are in a good position to progress to the knock stage now in a competitive provincial championship

  16. Ahh no bother , was only bantering back tbh . We all have the same dreams / notions , i believe every genuine supporter has that inner child like thing , its the dream , the ultimate prize . In the lead up to an all ireland it happens , we go back to boyhood , visioning the whole scenario of a Mayo man going up the steps of the hogan , the speech , questioning yourself , i wonder how id react etc . Lol , well it happens to me anyway

  17. Way too much hyping up as usual on the blog and on the podcast. If they go and win an All Ireland then tell them they’re brilliant and outstanding but also ask them can they do it at the level that really matters? Senior.

    There are a boys being talked up as future stars and they’ve won nothing at underage. I’m not saying there aren’t green shoots but surely in Mayo we’ve been through way too much shit to start talking up teenagers without a medal, some of whom aren’t even fit to tog in months. Cmon now.

  18. Ah lads. That comment was posted as a bit of fun No Doubt.. That’s how I saw it and maybe as it stated, dreaming. Surely we’re all allowed that.

  19. Usually get to most Mayo U20s games but couldn’t on Wednesday so it was great to have the option of watching on Connacht GAA and enjoyed it immensely. Just wondering as there seemed to be a pretty poor crowd at the game what the viewing figures were for the streaming service. It’s strange that this service and MayoGAATV coverage are far more enjoyable with better commentary and punditry than RTE with their massive resources.

  20. @Mayonaze

    There is hope not hype and if there is no hope left in us then there is no point at all.

  21. 3 days later and still feels as good. Silly to say, but I am enjoying the u20 campaign far far more than the senior campaign so far.
    Scoring forwards, tenacious defenders, and pure freedom of expression at underage level.
    This is only a trial run for next year. Silly to say, but if they don’t win an All Ireland Title next year they will all be very disappointed with the crop they have.
    Leitrim on Wednesday and it’ll give a chance for the likes of Brendan Collins, jack Melvin, oisin Cronin and Tom Lydon to give the management team headaches.
    Bring it on

  22. If we can’t enjoy winning a game and beating Galway in the process it’s time to give up . Of course it probably doesn’t feed into the negativity of some who seem determined to criticise our county teams come what may. Don’t think anyone is getting carried away. We beat Galway a number of times in U17 a few years ago only to lose to them in AI final. Just enjoy the games and especially enjoy the wins. Sport is for enjoyment and we all have our hopes and dreams of ultimate success. Can’t see anything wrong with that. Up Mayo

  23. Fully agree @Retrocut , these lads are playing a refreshing brand of football , and deserve the recognition for it as they are putting just as much time , effort and energy as the senior squad with players travelling from Dublin , Limerick , Galway and Letterkenny mid week for training since the start of the year. This is in addition to almost half the squad in leaving cert year combined with college exams on the way for others . Let’s get behind them for the next few weeks and see where this journey takes us and it’s all to play for now in Connacht. This is a super competitive championship and whoever wins it will have a serious crack at an All Ireland Title this year in my view as they will have the first 20 players fine tuned after the Connacht campaign. Leitrim next up and they will present a different challenge and we will have to be on our game as they will love nothing more than the underdog tag and Andy will have all our key players well tagged for this one .

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