Mayo Football Podcast episode: Goals give Minors another big win

The Mayo minor team enjoyed a convincing Connacht MFC victory over Leitrim in Hastings Insurance MacHale Park this evening.

Mike was joined after the game by Colm Boyle and Edwin McGreal to reflect on the evening’s action.

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12 thoughts on “Mayo Football Podcast episode: Goals give Minors another big win

  1. Mike’s column is up on Patreon now for club members. That’s five pods and a column so far this week with the Final Whistle pod from Salthill still to come!

  2. One thing I like about this team is that the tacking is modern intelligent tackle as a coordinated group with other players positioned intelligently not involved in the tackling. I’ve not seen us having a minor team so we’ll organized in defence and tackling.

  3. Thanks Achill 75. Very interesting conversations. Especially enjoyed JJ Costello.Great stories and one of my heroes as a young lad.

  4. Yes thought John O’Mahony spoke very well too about the state of the game, how its been taking way too serious nowadays not much crack in it like the 90s and early 2000s.He said Rob Finnerty hasnt had any time off in 3 years , that just sounds wrong.The old format of 4 league games before Christmas and 4 in the Spring time was alot better.League wasnt taking too serious back then.

  5. @Willie Joe . I wasn’t looking for a debate , was a genuine question. Obviously he is not a full time pundit but I did get my answer from a 20sec search.
    Great time for Boyler as a player

  6. Is it before the game or at half time the 96/97/99 players are on the pitch ?

  7. I don’t doubt it was, My Ball, but I just don’t think that here is the place to be posing questions of that nature. In any event, as you’ve confirmed, the information you’re looking for is available elsewhere online.

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