Mayo Football Podcast episode: Here come the Cavan men

Defeat to Galway means that Mayo must regroup for an All-Ireland Group Stage match against Cavan next Saturday evening. 

So Mike and Paddy Finnegan join Rob to look ahead to the counties’ first championship meeting since 2007 through the prism of the Connacht final setback. 

The lads talk about the mood in the county, what has to change next weekend if Mayo are to get back on track, and why there is much frustration among Mayo supporters at the moment.

Plus, they reflect on a disappointing end to the season for the Mayo Under-20s.

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111 thoughts on “Mayo Football Podcast episode: Here come the Cavan men

  1. Mayo have become so predictable in their play that Cavan don’t have to overdo their homework to work us out. We win turnovers, short kickouts, and build slowly with a plethora of lateral and back passes. Eventually we rely on wing half backs to overlap wide to try and work an opening at close range. Reluctance to shoot from distance in sharp contrast with Donegal/ Armagh.
    Stephen Coen has put in the hard graft this year, but he has a habit which typifies the team of immediately looking backwards when winning possession.
    We need to see a lot more positivity and variation in our play on Sunday. If that element of surprise is missing, this game will go down to the wire.

  2. @Ontheditch

    That’s not correct. I have been watching Stephen Coen closely this year and he is consistently looking to kick forward on receiving the ball.

    A few years ago you were correct but this year Stephen is consistently kicking first. Even when he’s not seeing anything inside he’s still looking to kick sideways, skipping a man and changing the angle of attack.

  3. That’s the most downbeat I’ve heard Rob on the Podcast in a while, we need a big performance to lift his spirits alone. Looking forward to the game, shame there’s no way to watch it on the other side of the world. But will be tuned into Midwest, the season defining games start now, Mayo Abú

  4. If things are downbeat surely this is where lisa o neill earns her crust and the bucks will be bouncin come sat evening .

  5. But O’Connor Park only holds 18,000, surprising if they don’t go for a bigger capacity

  6. @ontheditch
    That’s completely untrue in regards to Coen,there’s a few you could level that at but definitely not him.
    The last few years especially he’s a heads up footballer and often looking to kick,scoring a few points aswell although not a natural scorer.

  7. Tullamore ,Portlaoise and Roscommon all would not be big enough in my opinion, Has to be Limerick or Thurles or maybe Cavan.
    2 biggest Season ticket holders needs 30k plus ground.

  8. Genuinely don’t know what to expect on Saturday. Dublin drew with Roscommon in round 1 last year, Derry drew with Monaghan. Kerry lost to us. The 4 Semi finalists didn’t win their first round game, but crucially all, bar Monaghan, won their group. So if we are to reach the last 4, logically you’d need to win the group & the chances of us doing that is very very slim. I could actually see us giving Dublin a rattle, maybe even getting a result. But we could just as easily throw a wobble against Cavan or Roscommon, or both!!

    Genuinely haven’t a clue what to expect, as you ideally want to be peaking for the quarters. This yet again makes a mockery of the preliminary match. It’s a pure joke. Top 2 should go through, simple as.

  9. A big performance is what we will not get.

    A one point win will do me. Cavan will have taken great heart from Louth at the weekend. They’ll be saying ‘Louth? Holding the Dubs to a few points? Sure we’re as good as them. And Mayo? Now is a good time to catch them. And of course, they’re beatable on their home turf?

    Despite appearances, every game is a banana skin – and that goes for Kerry and the Dubs as well. Division two teams will not lie down.

    Prediction – it will be boring. I think we will and should go with a strong team, but this is the time, to my mind, to give more game time to the likes of Aaron McDonnell, Kevin Quinn, and Fenton Kelly. We need to ensure our extended panel is kept ticking over. On that note, I’ve been disappointed that Frank Irwin has not made a breakthrough over the league.

  10. Limerick suits both teams , Dublin have motorway and train to Limerick and very easy commute from Tuam motorway for Mayo supporters.Hopefully its a Saturday night game too with less traffic on the road compared to Sunday afternoon.

  11. Limerick 1530 sq meters less in playing area than Croke Park. Can’t see the Dubs agreeing to that. No direct rail line from Mayo, not sure from Dub?.
    Roscommon, way more suitable venue imo.

  12. It’s not fixed yet, James, and, if last year’s arrangements continue this year, it won’t be until after we’ve played Roscommon.

  13. Score beo have it down as croke park i just got sent on whatsapp from someone . There will be fookin war if they try to pull that off .

    A lot of people seem to think tullamore , its 45 mins on train from dublin , i think they are underestimating the pull of a mayo v dublin fixture so near to dublin , id estimate 20k dubs would travel

  14. Its the weekend of June 15th/16th.

    Sligo v Dublin was played in Cavan last year.So Dublin should have no issue with any provincial ground.

  15. Dublin won’t have an issue with playing outside Croke Park. In fairness, they never do. It was the GAA that afforded them permanent home advantage but they’ve happily turned up whenever they’re fixed to play elsewhere.

  16. Ah lads, I think the game will be in Croker and further more I would say some people may already know this.
    Surely all venues, fixtures are all agreed at this stage.

    I know one thing, if it is in Croker, I’m going to give it a miss.

    Every little advantage is needed, as there could be very difficult games in the Preliminary quarter finals.

  17. Bate the Blanket
    If McStay and County Board give in to a Croker fixture.The Mayo public will be calling for his head.

  18. Thanks Willie Joe for the info
    If its fixed for Croke Park Mayo County Board should say No.
    Limerick or Nowhere

  19. I doubt it’ll be Cavan or Roscommon given one of us would be playing there two games in a row.

    The big issue here is that if only 10000 show up in Castlebar on Saturday, we can’t really turn around and say that these other venues are too small.

    WTS they are offering the three games as a package this year and if there’s good uptake on that offer it will force their hand somewhat.

    Is Limerick available again? It wasn’t for the Munster final.

  20. @Willie Joe they would not be too happy if they had to travel to say Donegal one Sunday and Killarney the following Saturday.
    It is the fact that they normally waste no time travelling between games at the business end of the championship that gives them a huge advantage.

  21. They wouldn’t, Jr, but once you get to the business end the games are always going to be in Croker.

    I can’t understand where this love for Limerick is coming from! It’s not as if we’ve a great track record there or anything. As has already been mentioned, Mike said on last night’s pod that Tullamore is being spoken about as the likely venue. Hyde Park would be even better – there’s no reason for us to have to travel to a Leinster venue when Dublin can as easily come west.

  22. I agree semi finals and finals will always or should always be in Croker.
    Dublin should have to travel for quarter finals.
    I don’t agree with allowing them use Croker for league games, what an advantage a new young Dublin player has playing a few league games vin Croke park as against a young Mayo lad introduced to it in the championship.

  23. I know that but we lost to Kerry and Cork there as well. Dimensions-wise the pitch isn’t hectic and that cave-like stand is a bit rubbish too.

  24. Hope to God our game against you’s is not in Croker. We wouldn’t mind it played anywhere. Our provincial games should all be played in provincial grounds outside of Dublin. The majority of The Hill do want that. We do like to travel. Our Footballers and management are all saying it repeatedly too. It’s the top brass that keep putting our fixtures in Croke Park. Most of us don’t mind where the fixture is played, we know it’ll be colourful atmosphere. Cannot wait for it, one of the biggest games in Football.

  25. What about Thurles.Best surface in Ireland and good dimensions.Loved going down there for the Tipp qualifier in 2018.
    Remember that classic Dublin v Kerry quarter final game in 2001, when Maurice Fitz scored the sideline.Back in the day when Dublin didnt always get there way.

  26. Ok let’s head for Thurles Achill 75 what is the best way to go to Thurles say from Kiltimagh

  27. Dublin like a day out but to bring the match to Limerick would be absolutely stupid. The distance for Dublin supporters say in Rush or Swords to Limerick is well over 200 km and a lot more from Belmullet. So taking roughly the furthest points in both Counties the only sensible and equitable place to have it is the Hyde. Roscommon also have a train connection for both supporters. Decision made it’s simple so we’ll see now if the GAA have the supporters at heart as they always claim.

  28. We don’t have to concentrate, we’re just shooting the breeze. Once the players concentrate on Cavan it will be grand.

  29. All about Dubs again lads. Interesting to see where in the wider scheme of things this Cavan outfit is at. Some big units on their team. I’m sure McStay et al are more concerned about points against breffni men and rossies than the location of their final group game.

  30. Hi All,

    Don’t forget All Ireland ,1948.
    Cavan 4 -5. Mayo 4.4

    7 mins on YouTube.

    Ciaran 2.

  31. @ Mayo man, term for general chat is what our Yankee friends call shooting the breeze

  32. Cavan and Roscommon could even level when they meet .Will there be extra time?

  33. Possibly Mayo man but each game on its merits. Hopefully Mayo have enough points in the bank to not care if the Dubs game is in Tullamore by then

  34. @Mayoman: No, each of the groups are played on a league format. 2 points for a win and 1 point for a draw.

    In the event of a tie on points it would be:

    (i) Where two Teams only are involved – the outcome of the meeting of the two
    Teams in the previous game in the Competition;
    (ii) Scoring Difference (subtracting the total Scores Against from total Scores For);
    (iii) Highest Total Score For;
    (iv) Highest Total Goals For;
    (v) A Play-Off

    So no need for extra time/penalties and a play-off only required in the most exceptional of circumstances.

  35. Don’t know why we are worrying about the venue for the Dubs match. Our support this year has been pathetic, judging by Hyde Park and Pearse Stadium, which are nearly home venues for us.

  36. Anyone want to hazard a guess as to when we’ll get to know the day and time for the Roscommon game ?

    We know what weekend it’s on, but the Gaa have a thing for keeping people in the dark for as long as they possibly can

  37. Totally agree catcool , its absolutely shocking , some of these so called Mayo supporters are not even first cousins to real supporters . I dread to think of the crowd sat evening and the ineviteble scenario of dubs making it a home game for them wherever its played . The usual tripe will be spouted “football is won on the grass not the stand ” old fashioned , miserable old depressed Ireland mood that has become the norm again with mayo with the sunshine brigade starting to depart. .

    Ill be there waving my flag and believing we can win , win the group and win the all ireland . Realism might not be my strong point but ill back my county till they exit as i personally believe that is the job of the supporter . As much as i enjoy debating in here , its no addition , your addition is felt on the slopes of mchhale park and wherever else out journey takes us .

  38. @sean Burke agree also 100% with you!

    I know some so called supporters who went all the way to new York for the craic and the game but couldn’t be arsed going to mchale park for a league game or Croker or wherever for a round Robin and don’t tune in until we are either in a semi or final!

  39. @Mayoman fair play! I try my best also just sometimes is tricky with working in Dublin but I’d always be there if I could… There are definetly a fair few fair weather supporters and no doubt they will crawl back when are going good again! In a way can’t say I blame the drop in support

    But the guys give it everything. Hopefully we get back to winning ways at the weekend!

  40. Something has to be done to get mayo supporters loud and vocal again. I don’t think Kevin appealing to the supporters was good enough. We need somebody to go on Midwest radio maybe an ex player or the county pro. I think we will beat Cavan on Saturday.

  41. Think a good decent game with a bit of energy and bite will do the trick.

    But then I don’t think it’s as much to do with 2021 or style of football as others make out. I might be only speaking for myself, but I don’t think people are as comfortable in a crowd as they were pre COVID.

  42. Not knockin your idea jimbo , i just dont think it works like that in real time , this blog gets serious traffic , all it takes is a few hundred to create a bit of atmosphere , bit of effort , doesnt need a song book either , a traditional mayo mayo mayo mayo , 3/4 times during the game and its a simple message , we are behind ye lads .

  43. I remember going to a Mayo game where i wore a Mayo hat which was made of crepe paper and it rained during the game and my face was red and green from the dye in the hat. HAPPY MEMORIES

  44. Had a feeling there was an air of trolling to your posts . Ignored . Slan .

  45. @sean Burke yup 100% agreed about that poster… Always around this time of year!

  46. Mayoman – give it a rest, would you? You’re seriously annoying others on here at this stage with these inane questions. In answer to your last one, it’s what you’re doing!

  47. A quick Google search informs me that John Prenty is on the CCCC this year. I wonder would he be willing to come on the podcast to inform supporters why it takes so long to announce times and venues for these games? Maybe there is something from an adminitrative side that we as supporters are missing? There is a big difference between a Saturday and a Sunday for many people when trying to organise themselves for a game!

    Another thing. Presumably the draws for the last 12 and the last 8 will take place on two consecutive Monday mornings in June. (Utterly bizarre that the GAA thinks this is a good time to do the draws!) However, the point is that by 3pm that day, we will know the times and venues. Why the delay now?

    Today is May 14th. We know we are playing Roscommon in Hyde Park on the June Bank Holiday weekend but the day and time is still a secret. We know we are playing Dublin somewhere on June 15th/16th. Again we are left guessing and can’t make plans!

    It would be really interesting to hear from John Prenty or anyone from the CCCC on why these details can’t be confirmed this week.

  48. My first semi final was 1967.
    Have been living in Meath since the eighties.
    Still a Mayo supporter.
    Give the team a break.
    The Meath GAA people say we are not
    BOLD enough to win

  49. How about Galway as the Dubs v Mayo neutral venue – good connectivity for Dubs and capacity should be OK.

  50. I’d be hugely grateful if someone can confirm something for me.

    I’m i right in saying that, at the start of the year, Season Ticket holders were told by the Gaa that they would be ‘offered ‘ a discount for the 3 Group games ?
    Even tough ,the general public can avail of this offer for the same price.

    Another example of where they really want to get of the season ticket altogether

  51. The atmosphere at games rises a few notches when the play speeds up , there’s a turnover or some bit of exciting play but it does go flat when it’s being played at walking pace.
    The Ulster final was a decent game with plenty of good points kicked but for the most part the 30+ thousand seemed to be fairly muted ,so it’s not just a Mayo thing

  52. I’d worry about this kind of game. Cavan are decent enough and Mayo’s approach or style of play isn’t conducive to getting an easy win here. Plus it’s in McHale Park. I went for a draw.

  53. In relation to Croker for the Mayo and Dublin game, is it really that important lads?

    We just watched Louth give the dubs a right go and it had nothing to do with the venue. It’s about mindset and attitude, not about the venue. If we play outside Croker and still get a hammering where do we turn to then.

    Play the game in Croke Park and be prepared for a battle. If Mayo players and management have an ambition about winning All Irelands they better get used of playing and winning big games in Croke park.

    I guarantee you this, if the tables were turned Dublin wouldn’t give a shite about having to come to McHale park to win a game.

  54. @ Great ball, I think you are out of order with your reference to JR’S post there. He is just sharing his experience. Tolerance and respect are important.

  55. Back to the Cavan game….so we have an opponent that has lost their best player and free taker (who has accounted for the majority of their points) who are playing on the road for the first time in over a month with a rookie keeper and rookie head coach. My goodness, it’s Mayo by 6. Those Aer Lingus tix for QF weekend aren’t gonna be in jeopardy of being wasted yet. ?

  56. We don’t need to be thinking or worrying about Roscommon or Dublin at the moment, and I would hope that the management and players are not. It’s all about Saturday and Cavan and it will be no gimme, especially if we don’t turn up. It is a must win, as otherwise the pressure will ratchet up, with Roscommon waiting in the long grass and we could crash out altogether. I am hoping and expecting that we will come out with all guns blazing, after the disappointment of the Galway defeat. If we can’t beat Cavan, especially with their loss of Lynch, with home advantage, then we are going nowhere fast. And, we will have regressed since last year.

  57. Lots of people repeating the same mistakes as last year. Giving out about third placed team qualifying out of group . We needed that last year. Talking about Dublin and semi dismissive of Cavan and Roscommon. Yet we scraped past Louth and lost to Cork. Venues for the Dublin match .? ?? With the support both teams have had this year capacity should hardly be an issue. The Leinster final was lost in Coke Park with little more than 20 k and it was as small a Mayo crowd as I saw at a Connacht final since 2011 the year our bandwagon started to roll. Personally the only concern I have is beating a relatively defensive minded refreshed Cavan team this weekend. After that the Rossies come on the radar and finally the mighty dubs. While it would be great to top the group the most important thing is to be still in the competition after the group games. We are not a top 3 or 4 team, so keep hanging in and hope for a big performance or two in the knockout stages.

  58. The team I think we should pivot to.
    Colm Reape
    Jack Coyne David McBrien Enda Hession
    Paddy Durcan Sam Callinane Eoin McLoughlin
    Matthew Ruane Jordan Flynn
    Conor Loftus Jack Carney Diarmuid O’Connor
    Tommy Conroy Aidan O’Shea Ryan O’Donoghue
    Aidan stays up front and never comes outside their 45.
    Thaf team above has height, power, pace, man marking and scoring.

  59. I presume pretty much all of us on this blog are solid match goers. We also know many who are wavering and as has been pointed out there are many reasons for individuals opting out of some games and that can’t be helped but although I still attend every game possible I will admit that at present it’s more a sense of duty than anything else. When we’re going we’ll and enjoying it I can’t wait for the next game and the subject of every conversation is the team, their fitness and where to meet up with friends at the various venues.
    Unfortunately there is no sense of excitement coming from the camp and even on here lately it’s all gloom and tedium in regards to the team. Management don’t get supporters fired up and eager and the boring, ponderous style of play is not going to get fans crying out for more. It’s all fine and well Kevin McStay pleading with fans to turn up and make lots of noise but ffs give us something to shout about. It’s a two way street and if they give the fans a decent product they’ll turn up.
    In an earlier pod the lads spoke of Mayo playing “safe” which is absolutely correct but it’s also Management that plays safe like everything has to be politically correct and afraid to step on any toes and as far as getting fans buying into the project well it ain’t working.

  60. JP – Not a bad team, I think McHugh has been one of our most consistent players this season and probably deserves to retain his spot, especially over some of the backs you named who have been starting all season and are playing average at best.

    Would also like to see McHale start in half forward line ahead of Loftus and no point rushing Durcan back if there is even a slight risk. Any aggravation of his injury and could spell his season over based on the volume of games coming up over the next 6 weeks.

  61. @to win just once, 3rd place should not progress, it’s as simple as that. We benefited last year & we got our arses handed to us by the Dubs after having to come through a battle against Galway. If a team isn’t good enough to finish 1st or 2nd in a group of 4, they have no business going any further, whether that’s us or someone else.

    Like you, I couldn’t give a monkeys about the Dublin venue. Let’s get over Cavan first & go from there

  62. Imo, we are playing to a very coached system. Players following instructions. Variation in our movement is the spice we are missing. We need quick breaks from defence, long foot passing, players scoring points from the 40, creating goal chances by quick movement. We have the players but we seem to be dogged into the one way of playing.
    McHugh has made the jump to senior county and deserves to hold his place. I wouldn’t dream of changing his position either, we’re good at fixing stuff that’s not broken.

  63. Agreed, Mayo Focus – two qualifying is the only thing that makes sense. I know the aim was to avoid dead-rubber matches in the final round but the cost of this is the complete destruction of the All-Ireland quarter-finals. These are now stacked utterly in favour of the group winners as they face a team battered and broken from playing a preliminary QF the week before. Back when it used to happen, All-Ireland quarter-final weekend, with double-headers on the Saturday and Sunday, was the best football weekend of the year but that’s now been torched under the current structure.

  64. @Tony Freeman. You’re right, I overlooked Donnacha McHugh and my preference would be he goes 4 and Enda Hession goes 7.
    Use Eoghan McLoughlin as a second half pace weapon.

  65. For anyone buying the three game package for the qualifiers – it looks like the ticket package needs to be purchased at least 24 hours before the first game – so watch that.
    I bought the three game package now and it tells me to log back in in 24 hours and the tickets for the first game will be available then.

  66. Firstly, they do the draw before provincial finals, then tickets go on sale without you knowing where your going. It beggars belief. How long does it take to select 8 neutral grounds.
    Personally, I’d start Hession. Once he gets ball, he doesn’t hang about. Ideal game for McHale Park, quick breaks and long foot passing the only way you can buy space

  67. Only saw the 3 match announcement yesterday. Is it just hard luck on anyone that had bought a ticket already for Sunday. Also how do they expect people to buy tickets for games when date and venue not confirmed?

  68. We know the cavan game is in castlebar, we know the roscommon game is in the hyde and tho we don’t know where the dubs game is it makes sense to buy the 3 for 50 euro as the 1st 2 individual tickets would cost €50 anyway. Regarding the lateral passing and slow build up in play i don’t see what choice they have if on a kick out the opposition drop everyone back and the player in possession sees maybe 25 players in the opposition half well all that can be done is move the ball around the free space and hope for an opening inside. I hate to see this but the alternative is to kick it in and it comes out as quick 9 times out of’s a different story on a turnover where there’s more room inside now that’s the time to hit hard and fast.

  69. @no doubt – no dates for 2 games and no venue for one. A bit ridiculous to be asking people buy tickets if they don’t know when or where the matches take place!

  70. 100% Willie Joe. I actually like elements of the new format (it’s not perfect), but the preliminary matches really undermine the quarters. And no matter what happens, good teams will be in preliminarys. It’s probable that 2 of Armagh, Derry & Galway will be in preliminary game & that would drastically reduce their chance in a quarter. Most likely, we’ll be in a prelim. It’s an unnecessary game in already crowded calendar

  71. Is this deal extended to Season Ticket holders? Looks like another 2 fingers up to the loyal fans from the GAA. Another justification for me and many others for not renewing this year..

  72. As regards the 3 game package,
    As I understand its open to season ticket holders.Just make sure you sign into the ticketmaster account with your same login details.
    I’ve just bought mine there although I’ll only make one match,I might be mental but if Mayo make the final you’ll need to have paid for 6 matches to qualify for ticket.NY is not included so thats Roscommon,Galway,Cavan,Roscommon again,Dublin and the next game be it a QF or prelim QF.

  73. Completely agree on the preliminaries and the round robin structure. The championship is a bore at this point. 24 games to eliminate four teams says it all. And yes, the fact that there’s only a week off ruins the quarter-final chances of whoever survives the preliminaries. We didn’t need our capitulation last year to confirm this – we had the same thing in 2019 against the Dubs in the SF after a bruising encounter against Donegal the week before.

    But will the GAA change it? Maybe in 20 years.

  74. Mayoman89 if you had a season ticket you would know it is, if you haven’t I don’t know why it bothers you.

  75. Ideally mayo win with a bit of style on saturday. But wont not expect that at all. Mayo have a habit of playing at their opposition level. Rearly win a match easily, alway look like when they a lead, sit back instead of going for it. Even against Rossie, let them back within a goal in second half, if my memory correct before pulling away. But a statement win, is what doctor ordered, but are we capable of that, I dont know.

  76. How about this for a drastic plan.

    Only the top team of each of the four groups goes forward to the semi finals, no preliminary quarters or no quarter finals, that would be 8 less games in total.

  77. Lads can the three game 50 euro package tickets be bought in Centra/SuperValu outlets or is it online deal only?

  78. Mayo Focus I actually agree with you that only top 2 teams should qualify and there would be no need for preliminary quarter finals. My point was that we somewhat surprisingly finished in third place last year after being in pole position to top group and could actually have ended up being dumped out of competition that day. Sure we got whacked by Dublin having had to play the week before but we at least had the pleasure of beating Galway in the preliminary quarter final. Whole system would be better with just 2 qualifiers

  79. Developing counties like South, Cavan westmeath etc are probably glad of extra competitive games. If we were likely to finish 3rd in our group, I’m sure we’d be glad if the extra chance to stay in competition.

  80. To win just once, beating Galway was sweet indeed!! Maybe we’ll meet again & ss Kevin Keegan once famously said, “I’d love it if we beat them, love it”. But hopefully we’d end up being the Fergie to their Keegan if ya get me.

    Onetheditch ya I suppose we’ll be glad of the 2nd chance if we came 3rd. But we’d only be delaying the inevitable in all honesty. A team could even draw 1 game & lose 2 games & make a preliminary match on goal difference. Which is absolutely ridiculous. But that’s the GAA looking for every last penny they can grab (Croke Park I mean)

  81. Cavan match looming and we’ve all had the chance to let off steam over the issues surrounding the Connacht final game. So it’s time to see what’s on offer now from the Mayo setup and get behind the lads again in the hope that management reviewed the game and arrived at the same conclusions that most fans did. If they did and make efforts to change to a better model then we can expect no more and we start to move forward. I for one will be approaching this one with a clean slate and just want to be able to cheer them on as we always did.
    ………We’ll see!

  82. Will cavan approach be a mirror of Galway approach? Pack defence, and keep two up front. Will Mayo, play possession game, and wait till we get shooters on ball? Will Paddy Durcan be back in fold? Will Mayo throw shackles off and do more hard running from everywhere? Can our forwards be more accurate than galway game? Is management going to shake thing up after loss to Galway? Is AOS being subbed for Cillian a pre-set move? What is our best team, with players in best positions? Can Mayo close out a game? Lot of questions, but alot of these questions need to be figured out by management. Unfortuately wont be at match on saturday, as be at my daughter communion, but hope for a positive response from Mayo team and managment

  83. If he’s fully fit I would be very tempted to start Cillian on Saturday evening. He needs minutes at this stage if he’s going to be ready for bigger tests ahead – if we get that far!

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