Mayo Football Podcast episode: Here Comes the Weekend – and the Dubs

The countdown is on to Sunday’s All-Ireland SFC Group Stage Round 3 game between Mayo and Dublin. 

So Rob and Billy Joe Padden sit down to look at the teams and squads that have been announced and to chat through some of the main talking points. 

They also discuss Fergal Boland’s two-match suspension and the impact it might have on Mayo’s upcoming games.

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30 thoughts on “Mayo Football Podcast episode: Here Comes the Weekend – and the Dubs

  1. Great first halfby the Mayo girls. Not sure how Kildare haven’t had a single yellow card ye its been free after free for Mayo and you’d have to say these Kildare girls are tougher than their menfolk.

  2. That hit by Conor Glass right under the nose of the ref had more force in it than Bolands !!!

  3. Hello everybody, I am travelling by train from Ballina to Roscommon to see the match tomorrow.

    The 13.10 train leaving Ballina for Roscommon is the one I’d like to get. However, for days I’ve seen the message ‘no on-line tickets’ beside the 13.10 service when I want to book it.

    I feel frustrated with this. It doesn’t give information about how to get a ticket for this train. Frequently the ticket offices in train stations are closed. Will the ticket office at Ballina train station be open before 13.10 tomorrow in order to purchase a ticket there? Will it be dearer than the 10 euro fee shown online?

    I don’t think that the train is sold out because this message has been appearing for days and we’ve seen demand for the Hyde tickets has not been high.

    It feels frustrating to feel that I need to perfect my mind reading or telepathy skills to figure out how to find these train tickets.

    I’m thinking of getting the early morning train where tickets are still available. I know I can phone Irish Rail Customer Service tomorrow from 8am.

    Does anyone know from previous experience if tickets for these trains can be bought at the train station ticket desk and if they tend to be open?

    One last thing, after the game, the train West leaves Roscommon at 5.30pm which seems like a tight squeeze for a game starting at 3.45pm. There is a later train though.

    End of rant. (I am still grateful that the train serves Roscommon and the Hyde.)

  4. The benefits of winning tomorrow are increasingly clear.

    Win tomorrow and we’ll play one of the below in a fortnight for a semi final place:
    Loser of Galway and Armagh
    Louth (assuming they lose to Kerry tomorrow)
    Monaghan or Meath.
    Whoever we play would be having a massive game for the third weekend in a row.

    Dublin would also have to play one of Kerry, Donegal or the winner of Galway or Armagh in a quarter final, assuming they come through the preliminary. One big rival at least gone as a result.

    Lose tomorrow and we’ll play one of the below for a quarter final place:
    Monaghan or Meath.

    If we won, we’d then be out the next weekend against a rested Donegal, Kerry (assuming they beat Louth) or the winner of Galway or Armagh.

    It’s clear to me why management seem to be putting all the chips on the table for tomorrow’s game.

    Happy to be corrected if any of the above isn’t right.

  5. I googled it there just to make sure swallow lol , all good since 2013 .

    “All Iarnród Éireann stations in Mayo have now been ticket vending machines. Machines were installed and commissioned at Westport, Ballyhaunis, Claremorris, Castlebar, and Ballina in recent weeks to complete the availability of ticket vending machines at stations in the county.

  6. @InTheCity: Only things missing there is the potential of Louth finishing 3rd too (If they take a heavy enough defeat and Monaghan beat Meath by enough to overturn the current 20 points in Score Difference it’s still mathematically possible) and, more importantly I guess, our not being able to draw Galway again (*where possible).

    If they finish 1st, we lose to Dublin & make it through a pQF it’d be a ~50% chance of either Kerry/Donegal in the QF. Else it’d be a ~33% chance between Kerry/Donegal/Armagh (odds shifting there if there’s other Provincial Final pairing or Group Stage pairing repeats to be avoided depending on how the pQFs might pan out).

  7. As amateur as it might sound psychologically. If i were i charge of that department , my selling point would be win tomorrow and we are 140 mins away from an all ireland final , fook the permutations , winners will come at it this way , 140 mins , fook who we can play , let that sink in , thats what id be telling the dressing room , ye can go out there and win and make it happen , yer good enough men to mix with any team in the country , fight for everything , fight like your life depends , kill the fookers, semd them back across that shannon with nothing but aches and pains on body and soul .

    I know they can do this and turn this whole fuckin championship on its head , , with all due reapect to boyler , keggan amd the rest , they are consigned to history now , its time for mchugh, callinan, carney , mcbrien , conroy , ryaneen to make their stand . Just do it .

  8. Thanks Tsu. I wasn’t sure of the situation with repeat provincial final pairings at the quarter final stage so this is helpful. I don’t think it impacts the overall attractiveness of a win tomorrow. I wouldn’t be holding the weekend of the semi finals free if we don’t, let’s put it that way.

  9. Well said Sean Burke,we can win,as for this bullshit that this team concedes two many goals,we have always conceded goals,good and bad,the thing is to score more than the opposition,Mayo by five

  10. Joe Brolly has another swing at the Mayo set up in the Indo. He’s great craic altogether

  11. Yes, didn’t want to quote anything from copyright point of view that he said, but he sees the need to have someone in his crosshairs at all times.

  12. Why give him a reaction then? That’s what he’s looking for. If you want it to stop, just ignore it.

  13. any news on team changes for today, would like to see either Aiden or Cillian saved till second half, put in Hession or diarmuid for first half and let the Dubs run after them. Expecting a blinder from Tommy C, he in his right position for first time.

  14. I wonder does brolly read this blog if so joe you were sacked from rte because of your refusal to accept on national tv that Johnny cooper was deservedly sent off and your pathetic sucking up to the Dublin team and press to preserve your spot to talk utter nonsense every Sunday was utterly sickening.criticising players for their performance on the field is one thing but descending to personal attacks is utterly dispicable .imagine a lad in the modern game running to the crowd blowing kisses as this tool did .go away joe no one is interested in listening to your bile anymore

  15. 1985, unfortunately you wrong on that point, as DavyJ says Joe’s a good man for the Indo as generates lots of talk. This thread being proof.
    In fairness to him on the blowing kisses, he was backing it up on the pitch at the time, a bit like Aidan last year was it with his mouthing gesture after nailing a good point. Players will do what they have to to give themselves an edge on the pitch, psychologically as much as anything, as they should. If it helps them let them off.

  16. As for the reasons given for his sacking by RTE they sound like very similar instances to those of other pundits in recent times. Eoghan McLaughlins jaw break for example.

  17. Galway finally concede a goal. Something I think we need to score today.
    As well as we showed v Cavan we didn’t threaten their goal that often. And they’ve conceded it nearly an average of 3 per game in the championship.

    If we can get goal or two we will definitely have a great craic at them.

  18. Gizmo my point about him blowing kisses was that he would ridicule a player for for doing that.he criticised Andy Moran for acknowledging the mayo crowd in an after match interview.I don’t consider his personal criticism of players as proper journalism

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