Mayo Football Podcast episode: Here Comes the Weekend – Boyler on Mayo v Derry

The first knock-out weekend of the championship sees Mayo welcome Derry to Castlebar. 
Colm Boyle joins Rob on our Here Comes The Weekend show to look at the starting teams that have been announced and to assess the likely match-ups and scenarios that could play out on Saturday evening. 

The lads also chat about what people will be looking for from Mayo in terms of the performance and, most importantly, the result. 

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6 thoughts on “Mayo Football Podcast episode: Here Comes the Weekend – Boyler on Mayo v Derry

  1. How is it that Tyrone have their red card rescinded for a second time offender and we hear nothing about our one?

  2. We could face a similar problem to Wexford next week where the football feile in Mayo could potentially clash with the quarters. Something for the county board to chew on later today

  3. After listening to the pod. Surely this week with the short turn around the large management team comes into its own. Instead of 1 man getting the message for the weekend across to everyone they can take 4 or 5 lad’s each and lay down what’s to do to them. If ever they’re was a time for a 20 man game it’s now. Maybe just maybe the management (not us mere mortals)foreseen us getting to the latter stages and have manged( their job) they’ve correctly kept Aidos load right so we’ll have him fresh at the business end of thing’s. We’ve seen over the years pulling up trees early in the year means f all when it really matters. Could be wrong just a thought.

  4. We need a easy win to tonight so we are ready for next weekend. If we are going anywhere this year, we have to be able to roll over an out of form Derry!

  5. Just saw that about Kilpatrick Mo direach. Strange one indeed. I’d have fancied Rossies but that’s a game changer. Davy might be taking the Kildare gig sooner than he thought.

  6. All the top teams are cynical in clutch moments of games and have won big games including finals by been so. Eamon Fitzmaurice alluded to it last Sunday night, by talking out of both sides of his mouth, saying he wouldn’t promote it but also saying to win you have to be. Mayo certainly aren’t in key moments of big games to our cost.

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