Mayo Football Podcast episode: Here Comes the Weekend – Mayo v Galway previewed

The serious business starts on Sunday when Mayo begin the defence of their National League title away to Galway.

Billy Joe Padden and Barry Cullinane join Mike to set the scene, look at some talking points and pick out the players to watch.

They begin by taking a look at the Mayo team that’s been announced and trying to predict what XV that Padraic Joyce might send out for Galway.

And they finish up by making some predictions.

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18 thoughts on “Mayo Football Podcast episode: Here Comes the Weekend – Mayo v Galway previewed

  1. Let there be the most minimal amount of lateral handpassing possible on Sunday please.
    Don’t mind losing the first round if we see good attitude from the players and decent tactics from the management.
    Up Mayo

  2. Can’t believe how excited I am about the weekend games. Thought I had lost all feelings of expectation after the last few years. But here we are, and I am really looking forward to Sunday….especially that the game is on telly, and I’m not going to be cold and wet and no travelling afterwards.

  3. Our biggest weakness is our lack of quality half forwards and half backs. Only Durcan, Flynn and DOC are doing the business consistently in the middle of the park.

    The likes of Fiona McDonagh haven’t stepped up.

    One of the big questions surrounds M Ruane…hasn’t done it in 2 years and cannot claim a starting spot if his poor form continues.

    We’re decent at goalies, FB line and FF line. The middle 8 used to be out strong spot…now it’s the reason why we’re no longer at the top table.

    Can anyone tell me what quality half forwards we have that can win dirty ball ..and take a score?

  4. That’s a decent Galway team but whoever was talking up the subs earlier as one of the best in the country must be off their rocker. Nothing there to set the world on fire definitely a couple of good players but that’s it. Don’t know what the secret is with mayo subs but without knowing exactly the full squad I’d still expect a mayo win.

  5. Decent team. Possibly better than them 1-15 but not convinced our midfield will be strong enough. Coen is a great reader of the game but an inch or 2 off the height capable of dominating the air in midfield. If AOS were brought out for some of the game it would help as he’s one of the best around at winter football.
    For Tuohy, I’m confident long term and it would be great to see him flourish there Sunday but time will tell, he’s still very young. If he plays well I think we’ll win.
    The other unknown is Boland back from the cold maybe refreshed. Not who we’d expect to flourish in winter but has clocked up some decent scores in the league in the past defying his stature. We could do with a lead hitting final quarter as galway have subs who could change momentum. Kelly has more impact that any other Galway player and leaving him off tips it our way I think.

  6. The half forward line is waiting on the likes of Diarmuid Duffy and James Maheady. Rangey, athletic players that can pass, run, tackle and score.
    What kind of long term SnC are we doing that lads get to the senior panel stage and still have slim underdeveloped legs? It’s not complicated. There’s no such thing as fast or powerful without strong developed legs.
    There’s also a lot of research that putting plenty stanina work into teenagers switches medium twitch muscle fibers towards slow twitch and the window closes on ever being quick over 10 yards. The best two or three talents each year are pretty obvious. Those need special attention from 17 onwards.

  7. Hopefully we will be focusing on April after learning the lessons of last year. Except Galway to win on Sunday and be a top 3 team this year. Relegation battle for us but we should stay up. With no new talent or tactics, hard to see us getting past AL QF at best…

  8. If we don’t win Sunday with this really strong team named and Galway missing a few it’ll be dissapointing.

    @Lahanam it’ll be monaghan and rossies facing relegation and the bookies have them as favourites for the relegation battle.

    Galway are not a top 3 team I’d say they are in top 6 but not top 3. Pj’s last chance this year I’d say.

    Our midfield has been struggling last year so it’s right to shake things up in it mattie ruanne is a top mid fielder on his day but he’s been on/off since 21.

    Great to give Bob touhy a chance he’s a star in the making and he needs to be given game time.

    Mayo by few points!

  9. @ Clare – I don’t agree . are Galway really missing many outside of Sean Kelly and Cillian McDaid ? Tierney, Conroy and Finnerty are named on the bench.

    It’s getting to the stage now that every time Mayo play against Galway people are using an excuse that Galway were missing a player and they should have won if they were playing. Every team suffers with Injuries.

    The teams named for tomorrow are evenly matched.

    Diarmuid, Cillian, Hession, Ruane, James Carr all not starting for Mayo.

    Take into account some lads like Ryan, Tommy and Sam Callinan could be pulled due to sigerson commitments.

  10. In fairness Tony, Cian Hernon that picked up Cillian O’Connor last year is missing. Liam Silke was an All Star in 22 and is injured but due back. Jack Glynn was young footballer ofthe year and is on the way back from injury and of course last years captain and best player Kelly. That no’s 2,3,4 from the final 18 months ago and a guy who established himself last year. I don’t see it as a problem, Silke was missing last year and it allowed Johnny McGrath to break through.

  11. Few predictions ahead of nfl throw ins today then. Mayo win tomorrow based on named teams, Overall…

    Div 1:
    Finalists (Derry, Dublin)
    Relegated (Tyrone, Monaghan)
    * Mayo to come joint 4th. Comfortably mid table

    Div 2:
    Finalists (Donegal, Cork)
    Relegated (Louth, Fermanagh)

    Div 3:
    Finalists (Down, Westmeath)
    Relegated (wicklow, offaly)

    Div 4:
    Finalists (Longford, Wexford)

  12. Big Mike – Neither team will be near their peak or near full strength.

    It sounds more to me like people have the excuses lined up already if Mayo do win and the knives ready for if they lose.

  13. Agree with you their Tony and as I said previously Galway and Mayo were flying in the league when others weren’t last year. Neither team were flying it when it mattered

  14. Anyone know what the situation is with tickets? Can’t seem to get them on Ticketmaster or GAA website.

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