Mayo Football Podcast episode: How are things looking now?

Mayo might be back in a Connacht final but there’s nobody getting carried away with themselves just yet.

That was just one of the things that Mike chatted with Ed McGreal and Ger Flanagan about when they sat down to take stock this week.

The lads looked back at Mayo’s win over Roscommon, picked out some of the main talking points, and started to sketch out the build-up to the upcoming Connacht final against Galway.

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23 thoughts on “Mayo Football Podcast episode: How are things looking now?

  1. A possible group for the loser of this Connacht final. Dublin,Derry,Cork. (a even the worst out of that lot beat Mayo last year) Win Connacht and could get Clare,Roscommon,Westmeath.

  2. Look how Galway dismantled Sligo in the u20. Big powerful midfielder in Shay McGlinchey, a future midfield star influencing proceedings and I believe he’s underage next year too(when’s the last time we had a strong athletic midfielder who was excellent in the air? – I genuinely can’t remember). It really underpins the point of view and reality that the Mayo u20 championship performance was a bit of a shambles and unfortunately just continues that trend of recent years. It’s genuinely sad to see.

    We keep getting spoonfed a diet of spoof about our underage system. It’s a results business and compared to our rivals it’s very very clear that we are slipping. U20 is far more accurate benchmark than u17 for future success at senior. Our team of 2012-17 was built on a foundation of provincial dominance at u21 level. We have a mediocre senior team now and it doesn’t appear to be getting any stronger. We hear about a list of names of players coming through but there appears to be an awful lot of talking up fellas who have done nothing to warrant such acclaim. Mayo have fallen back into the pack at senior level and at underage we’ve had a very poor run of things compared to our provincial rivals, never mind at a national level.

  3. You reap what you sow!!! It’s like Mayo need someone to come in and shake up the whole system. Should have been done years ago. I could be wrong but it just seems like Mayo GAA is one big clique of pals, each one patting the other on the back. Those are the noises emanating from Mayo GAA. We are great, everything’s being done, no stone’s left unturned, we’ve got the best people on board blah de blah blah… Of course there are some doing sterling work and let’s see how minor pans out but it’s the 18-21 age category where we are really slipping. The results and performances prove this.

  4. @Mayonaze: “It’s a results business…”

    Is it? (Genuine question here, not being facetious)

    Kildare has been dominating Dublin in recent years in Leinster (at least before this year when both got beaten to the final) and Naas CBS continually there or there abouts with the very best in PPS. Yet Kildare has brought through negligible talent at senior, even at the depths of D2 dropping to D3 they haven’t been making an impact, while Dublin have thrown current u20 Greg McEneaney and last years 20 Theo Clancey (along with the likes of Forker or Breathnach making brief cameos) into white-hot action in D1 and had great success.

    Very debatable which underage structure is producing the better ‘results’ there.

  5. Mayonaze. Great posts. I like your description of spoof instead of spin. Unfortunately nowadays the world is built on spoof. I agree Mayo need someone to come in and shake up the system. This however will be very difficult as the County Board is full of political animals who love going to meetings, talk the talk with other delegates and do little constructive. It’s a social occasion for them. Then the County Board keep strong control of affairs and all are happy. Why do you think Mick O’Dwyer who would have cost the County Board nothing and Jim McGuinness never got the Mayo job.
    Anyway regardless of all we should be able to take Galway and one never knows where we will end up as I think all the talk about the big 3 may in fact be spoof. I don’t know are the that much ahead of us and others.

  6. Kerry haven’t won or appeared in a final at the at 20/21 age group since 2008. In the interim Cork have won 2 and lost 2. 2017 since Dublin won at this level, yet the players keep coming through. Kildare have had two wins since.
    The important thing at underage is not titles, its players developing. Now, a county of Mayo’s pick is never going to have a top two team every year, but with a very large turnover of players in the past 3 years we have still managed to bring players of sufficient quality to maintain our place in the top 5. So its not all doom and gloom. Yes it could be better. Yes, we are currently struggling with certain types of players. But what do we expect?

  7. Enjoyable listen as usual when you have good lads talking football. Love the way Ger calls it as it is and none of this pc nonsense. Understandable that Ed along with a fair percentage of Mayo fans is still sitting on the fence until such time as the team really earn that trust. I’ve no problem one way or the other with Kevin’s call for support to get behind the team and I get that maybe McGuinness, Farrell and O’Connor might not do the same but I honestly couldn’t give a toss what other managers do. Time to park all the fecking negativity and get behind the group because sitting on the sidelines sniping at all and sundry is an easy cop-out.

  8. The actual issue with football now, in my layman’s opinion, is that defeat doesn’t mean exit anymore and this factor has contributed to managers playing cute hoor with soundbites and platitudes ad infinitum in a misguided attempt to assuage the loyal fans, and, more cynically, to get them to part with their hard-earned throughout the money-spinning qualifiers.
    Why else does the county board publically ask for everyone to get behind the team?

  9. @MayoMagic you could also have a situation where if we won Connaught, we could have

    Armagh for example

    Winning the province would still be the best way. But for me, league placing should hold higher sway.
    We’ll find out on Tuesday anyways

  10. Yeah @Mayo Focus.
    Think the groups are gonna be good craic this year with lots of potential traps, think they are shaking up to be stronger than last year too, I think tbh everyone will be looking to be in the group where Clare are the 2nd seeds (no disrespect Clare fans).

    Have been very impressed with Cavan under Galligan, they will be a top seed 4 for anyone and will take a scalp. Similarly Westmeath have lots of football in them and comfortably held their own last week.

    4 or 5 of the ulster teams looking very impressive at the minute but the Joker in the pack in the groups in Derry in pot 3, that group will b box office whoever gets them.

    Regardless the most direct route is the best route for Mayo, connacht winners is imperative imo to how our season shakes out from here.

    If we were to win our group you could be looking at a handy group of Mayo, Clare, Cork, Westmeath or conversely you could be looking at a group of Mayo, Armagh, Derry, Cavan which would b very tricky.

    Fun and games. Bring it on

  11. 35 euro for stand tickets for the Connacht final and 10 euro cheaper to stand up. Surely 25 and 20 euro was enough to charge?

  12. @Supermac: I don’t believe Cork would be able to make it up as high as 3rd seeds at this stage. They’ve already got Derry, 1 of Tyrone/Donegal, Roscommon & Monaghan ahead of them on rankings for the 4 spots as 3rd seeds.

    Still a tiny chance of huge shocks pushing both Dublin & Armagh down to 3rd seeds too, both Monaghan & Roscommon down to 4th seeds & knocking Cork out entirely (with Meath – Tailteann, Roscommon, Monaghan & Cavan as the unlikeliest of potential 4th seeds). 1 in a million type stuff though, with Dublin ~1/500 on against Offaly & Armagh well fancied against Down too.

  13. Was surprised stand tickets were on general sale before season tickets were fulfilled. Only sections A and L were available, which I know are at either end, however its that or stand with an 8 year old on the terrace which is no fun in Salthill

  14. Just a few ponters for the Connaught Final
    Colm Reape no wandering up the field
    Speed up the kick outs and have an understanding with your out field colleagues.
    Have a look at some of Stephen Cluxtlns tapes
    Sam Callinan to CHB
    McBrien to FB
    Conor Loftus LHF
    Aiden play across FF line no wandering
    Swanee CB to soften the Fancy Dans
    Best of luck to Kevin and the boy#

  15. A few observations on the Rassie match which were improvements (imo).
    1 – We didn’t use our running game against the blanket and were only caught out a few times running into cul-de-sacs
    2 – We were more patient in attack (akin to Dublin) and played the possession game, last year we were walking into the Rassie traps
    3 – The above may have just been a result of getting a 1-3 to no score lead but I doubt it and it appears that the sideline has finally learned how to play against a blanket defence
    4 – We sent decent long passes into the forwards at the right time, these paid dividends, Coen and Brickenden spring to mind
    5 – Impact from the bench was good and changes made at the right time
    6 – McHugh kept Smith quiet for the second match against the Rassies, a great man marker, we will need him in the final against Kerry
    7- No real clear goal chances given away
    8- Conroy is coming into form
    1 – Midfield and winning dirty ball, we need a Kevin McLaughlin type of player to get in and pick up breaks, maybe when Jordon Flynn gets back to his best we will improve
    2 – Fielding high ball in midfield – this is an area for improvement, how do we fix it? This could be our downfall against Galway

  16. I am happy for Mayo senior team make the Connacht championship mayo and galway are the reign of the Connacht championship but I like mayo to win there 49 titles of the Connacht championship. UP MAYO ???

  17. @ high or low. I’d add in as a negative, no goal chances created against a very average Roscommon team.
    I agree we have to do better when forced to go long with kickouts. They are automatically 50/50 balls (or close) and we were a little unlucky with some of them. But yes we need a mopper up type player(God be with the days of Tom Fitzgerald). Jordan Flynn definitely needs to up his game and I expect he will., just has the bad habit of complacency or resting on his laurels, where. He is potentially an all-star if he could be more progressive from game to game.

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