Mayo Football Podcast episode: Leeroy and Boyler on Mayo v Dublin

As part of the build-up to next Sunday’s All-Ireland senior championship group game against Dublin, we’ve brought two Mayo legends together to talk football. 

Colm Boyle and Lee Keegan sat down with Mike to talk about the rivalry with the Dubs in their day, what they make of Mayo’s style of play and current form, and how they feel Kevin McStay and the players should approach Sunday’s game. 

The lads also chat about everything from Aidan O’Shea’s role to who should pick up Brian Fenton to how the Mayo players will be feeling about the prospects of going deep into the championship. 

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40 thoughts on “Mayo Football Podcast episode: Leeroy and Boyler on Mayo v Dublin

  1. Two hardy bucks. Time for the new generation to match their dedication, commitment and bravery. Can we outperform Dublin athletically and physically? Can we limit the stupid mistakes which derailed our quarter final chances last year in the 2nd half. Can we shift our tactical approach and surprise the Dubs with a curve ball or two. Can we show up in big numbers in a venue west of the shannon and support our fellow mayo men, regardless of our fuckin tactical and management misgivings. Life is short, enjoy it while you can.

  2. Interesting comment from Lee that the current squad might actually have more ‘footballers’ but his vintage just had that bit of dog in them.

    Having said all that, they then acknowledge that the likes of Keith Higgins were ridiculous talents.

  3. The lads talk a lot of sense and I think we all agree with the apathy due to a lack of jeopardy. Take Roscommon for example, they have one 1? game all season and have been beaten in 3 out of 3 games in the championship but if they beat Cavan at the weekend they will be in the provisional quarters along with ourselves or Dublin. No one will convince me that this is right or just.
    We still go to every game but in our town atm our house is the only one with the Mayo flag on show. In the recent past the place would be a sea of green and red.

  4. Maybe is heresy to say, but Lee is awful hard to listen to. I think Boyler has great football knowledge but I’m not sure about his partner in crime.

  5. Rolls royce of a footballer but not a football man if that even makes sense .

  6. On Keegan, I’ve always felt his being a latecomer to the game really stood to his advantage, his generally disengaged attitude goes some way to explaining why he was always Mayos best performer on the biggest day.

    I’m fascinated by watching the body language of players, especially if I’m there to watch the pre-match or warmup, in years when Mayo were I semis or finals it was always notable how relaxed and at-ease with himself Leeroy would be in the pre-match, smiling away and genuinely enjoying the experience with no inhibitions. He would always go on to be the star performer.

    Almost all the rest had that steely but nervous ‘game face’ on them.

  7. I dont @supermac, player are different. I always played better, at club level, when playing against local rivals. those days I would be focus on winning that first ball, like my life depended on it. Other games, outside that, focus would not be there, and it showed on pitch. Keegan, just was an outstanding Athletic, had the arrogance and skill as well. But Lee also had a dog in him.

  8. Agree about Keegan lads…he was what the French and Russians call “dusk”.. between the dog and the wolf. An outstanding footballer.

  9. Lee and Colm recognise Zippy Higgins on the podcast too as a key and unequalled presence in that defence. I always liked Keith Higgins. For me, he could do it all.

  10. Excellent listen this one, admire the candour of both Boyler and Leeroy speak with. So rare these days to hear an honest opinion in a GAA Pod, and not just the usual cliches thrown out like confetti. Mayo need to get a bit of Dog back into their play

  11. Always thought corner back was not Keith’s best position. With his pace and attacking flair he needed to be further out field.

  12. What players Lee and Boyler were for Mayo! It’s a really good interview with the two guys and they give their honest opinions on a lot of topics associated with Mayo football, the current team, style of play, etc. Their reflections on those epic finals against Dublin also makes great listening.
    They go into a lot of detail on this Sunday’s game and theirs views on how we might line out, possible matchups including who might take Fenton, etc , is all very interesting.

  13. @Sean burke: Nothing announced yet on that. We’re still at ‘weekend of the 22nd/23rd’ for now.

  14. The minor fixture will not be announced until after this weekend and the senior teams will take shape for prel. quarter final or quarter final.

  15. Great pod, some interesting points on who picks up Fenton and McStays strange approach to Cillian in the league. We are definitely a better side with him in it.

    Maybe I’m being harsh but find Leeroy harsh to listen to in analysis.
    Bowing down to Dublin and even Galway. I don’t think you would see an ex Kerry player giving them the same kudos.
    A great warrior no doubt and will be remembered as an all time great. Unfortunately he’s stuck everywhere these days and maybe I’m bitter because I think he still had more diesel in the engine to give Mayo.

  16. It’s clear listening carefully to Lee Keegan that he is open to thinking along the same lines as the point I made a point on previous thread, in line with some others and with Enda McGrearty on Ah Ref about Mayo taking a slightly different strategic approach to this due to injuries and other factors.. Of course you’re trying to win but…but…we are missing three hugely influential players. Dublin are 1/5…let’s face it, it’d be a mammoth task to win this weekend where an awful lot would need to go right, given Diarmuid, Paddy and McB are out. Up front Cillian is just getting back to form but certainly not top gear, yet. Tommy isn’t thriving, yet. The reality is we are only going ok, but no more. If we lose by a few points or even draw with Dublin, that’ll mean we put in a massive effort and players played well and they’ll get plaudits BUT it’ll mean we expended huge energy. It’ll mean we’re playing 6/7 days later but more importantly that we’ll be out again another 6/7 days after that (assuming we win) to play a form team in a QF on a big open pitch with them fresh off a two week break. The evidence is clearly there in both football and hurling that teams struggle hugely to perform to a high level in circumstances where they’ve played two competitive fixtures the previous two weekends.

    So why not take an opportunity this weekend to rest players that need resting. That doesn’t mean you don’t play them at all, but use the squad. Start lads like McDonnell Plunkett brick hession towey Loftus Bob…. Or mix up the squad more. Does doing this reduce our chances of winning Sunday? Yes it probably does but the benefits are that you’re getting more championship game time into lads, you’re retaining energy levels of very key players. You’re much more fresh for the following weekend and most importantly there’s fuel in the tank for a QF to go and actually win that and try to get to the last four and anything can happen then…when hopefully Diarmuid and McB will have been back for the QF and we are motoring.

  17. Nobody really makes an effort to hype these games up either , the lack of media hype is telling . The casual interest crowd dont even know about games this weekend , both the Armagh v Galway and Mayo v Dublin could of been hyped up better instead theyre all singing from the same hymn sheet of how unattractive the present structure is . It might well be the truth but the truth wont get bums on seats , need more showbiz traits in the pundits , spoofing , creating a false sense of occasion might actually create real figures to bump up . This constant drool is so boring .

    Personally i think covid had really damaged the psyche of the Irish public . People have forgotten how to enjoy an occasion .

  18. It’s so true, Seán – there’s nothing being said in the national media about the weekend’s games and the GAA itself is sitting on its hands too. No wonder the match isn’t sold out, nor will it be the way things are going.

  19. @Mayonaze . Some great points you make there.

    Its a real tough one. We could all out to win, get beat by a couple of points and end up with injuries on top of injuries and our goose is cooked.
    Or we could be more tactical, use the panel and give ourselves a bit more of a chance. We could still pick up injuries of course.

    Is the Kerry game last year in Killarney the way to go? I remember there being a few eyebrows raised at the starting 15 but we were able to empty the bench with Eoghan Mc, Conroy, Durcan and Hession when the game was in the melting pot. That was some mob to bring on when legs were tiring.

  20. I still think we should go all out to win it.

    See lots of Rossies supporting the dubs on Sunday typical isn’t it bet they would only be delighted if we got hammered.

  21. @Sean burke: Interesting to see a lot of the same points being raised for a lack of interest and hype across Europe for the (non-Athletics) European Championships starting at the weekend.

    English fans writing it off a bit as a lack of belief in their own team (sounds sadly familiar) but French, Italian, German fans and the likes all feeling similar too and like they’re sleepwalking into them.

    Could be a severe case of mass-PTSD around we’re blissfully unaware of. Hopefully Tommy might bang in a few goals at the weekend and provide a nice cure to at least a few damp Mayo folk in the crowd.

  22. I am wondering who the MAYO gaa pro is. He should be on mid west radio rallying the supporters. I was sure this game would have got the Mayo supporters jumping up and down with excitement and anticipation of playing the dubs in the Hyde and be a sell out. I think the Hyde is an ideal venue for Mayo to play this game. I will be there anyway tp cheer on the MAYO team.

  23. No need to worry about the Rossies Claire. We have beaten them 3 times this season so wouldn’t be surprised that they want to see us get a bit of a beating. In general their supporters are fine and needless to say some get annoyed by our arrogance when it comes to playing them. Even Leeroy couldn’t resist a few digs at them and indeed The Hyde in his Rte column. As regards our tactics if we go hard at dubs and get beaten some will say how naive was that bearing in mind we are out the following week. If we don’t go hard and give panel members game time some will say we blew a chance to have a right go at. Dublin after getting them out of Croker. The end result dictates everything. PJ was a genius and outsmarted McStay because Galway scored 3 injury time points (some questionable) to win Connacht final. Jimmy can do no wrong and Armagh are bottlers based on a penalty shootout. There are some really tasty football games this weekend but so little hype. Last weekend there was so much hype about the hurling finals but they were no great shakes. It’s amazing that The Hyde is not sold out. Earlier posters are right. Covid does seem to have had a negative effect and the joy of the occasion seems to be lost. It’s all doom and gloom and negative commentary and criticism now. I remember in the not too distant past the joyful expectation for the next Mayo game, the sense of occasion, the solidarity of the supporters and the team.Its not just in Mayo. Crowds are down everywhere. Even the Dubs aren’t bringing the big support. Galway v Derry could only attract 8000. The amount of whinging that went on about GAA Go was shocking . Time for enjoyment again Hopefully Hyde Park is a good place to start.

  24. In both the All-Ireland SFC and the Euros, the tournament structure must be a factor in the general apathy from the public too.

    UEFA have bloated the Euros out to 24 teams, meaning that not only do the top two qualify from each group, but the best four third-place teams do too. It will take 36 matches to eliminate only 8 teams. Most people can guess already who those 8 teams will be.

    Sound familiar?

    I can’t speak for anyone else, but I’m ambivalent about Sunday’s game. Both teams are through. At worst, we are at home for the preliminary QF. It’s not worth risking barely-fit or injured players for this weekend. It’s nice to think that beating Dublin in Hyde Park would ignite Mayo for the rest of the year. But we beat Kerry in Killarney last year – which was at least as tough a proposition at the time – and it made no difference in the end.

    Sunday week (or, ideally, Sunday fortnight) is when the real stuff starts. Use this weekend to sharpen our shooting and stop conceding goals, and it might just pay off when the knockout stuff begins.

  25. Don’t think the game will sell out. Weather promised bad too so that will keep a few more at home. Very hard get excited about this new format. Does not feel like championship. Maybe the fact we have fallen down the pecking order in the last 2-3 years but something is missing. Our style of play may be another factor.

  26. Jimbo, I like your thinking above. Surely Mayo (may not be the PRO) could be on radio or in a newspaper interview talking about the game, whipping up a bit of razzmatazz before Sunday’s game. This is a proper game. I’ve been craving coverage and discussion, even in the comments section of the blog and people seem in hibernation. (They might have other important things taking their attention.)
    This is blockbuster. And it’s in the Hyde, mad rabid Connacht country!
    I don’t get the ‘we’re already through’ argument. Winning this game and the group guarantees us longevity because rest periods are built in. Over three weeks that’s crucial. Not winning this game equals for me a countdown to being knocked out and wrapping up the Mayo football summer. How would we win a quarter final against a rested group winner after being out three weekends in a row? If that’s not another reason to come out and roar on your team, I don’t know what is.
    Lastly, style of play – I have a feeling we’ll see a different Mayo team on Sunday. Mayo can play differently. We know that. We saw the strike running and intricate passing against Kerry last year, we saw multiple Mayo players shooting and scoring from distance in the same game in one of the League games this year, and we’ve seen the damage Eoghan Mc can do when he ignites. I feel that Mayo play that slow game when they think the opposition dictates it. I also have the impression that like a jigsaw Mayo have been trying and building different styles of play all year to be gelled and deployed when the ‘big boys’ stuff happens at the end of the year. Traditionally for Mayo teams the business end is where we want to be. It starts here.
    I also think there’s a way to play to win this weekend without using loads of energy. Our forwards, when we think about it, could do a lot of damage if fed and prioritised.

  27. Jimbo. Kevin tried to rally supporters a few weeks ago, and it fell on deaf ears unfortunately.

    I don’t think they well pay much heed to the PRO trying the same

  28. Is there any PRO in headquarters?
    Coverage of Gaelic games has slipped off the cliff edge.
    Sponsors not getting good value for their money.
    I saw some of the Derry players wearing training bibs of their individual sponsor, surely when we give interviews after games we should wear gear that clearly shows our sponsors.

  29. No , i agree , the rally call didnt work so its best not to go that route again . I like the idea of those who like to be vocal , carry a flag or whatever to gather in the same spot , not the stand though , just go with a terrace end

  30. @Sean Burke, there’ll be a few big green and red flags on the Graveyard End Terrace, I’d encourage the more vocal elements of our support to gather there. Up Mayo.

  31. Wishing ye all a good day out in Dr. Hyde on Sunday. Can I address the comment that it will be unfair if Roscommon are in the same place as Mayo after Sunday. If that happens, Mayo will have been beaten by both Galway and Dublin and we will more than likely have beaten Cavan and lost to Dublin and Mayo twice. Mayo will
    Still have home advantage and meet a team that finished 3rd in group – so there is an advantage for finishing 2nd. We’ve only played Dublin and Mayo in the championship. Dublin I reckon would beat every team in Ireland and I think Mayo are #4, and so would beat most counties too, as much as we tried our best against both counties. So I don’t think it’s unfair if Ros make the final 12. We began the championship as #9 in ranking based on league. We’ve yet to get a handy game like some counties! Anyway safe travels and best of luck against the Dubs.

  32. People wondering about the lack of hype. Let me ask you ; who’s going to win the all Ireland this year. Answers can be narrowed down to one team. I’ve actually gone cold on Gaelic football. I partly blame us, Mayo for the AIF defeat to Tyrone. We blew it.
    I’m waiting for someone or something to rekindle the fire bit it’s pretty dull. Sorry for the negative post but I am just being honest with myself.
    However, where there’s life there’s hope. I’m always quietly hopeful. Just a lot quieter of late.

  33. Can we go anywhere we like this time in The Hyde? There is G2 on my ticket and G3 on my dad’s. I never noticed this before.

  34. My Kerry colleague is bored silly too – hates the format. We normally would be engrossed in the whole thing. Everyone has lost the joy of Gaelic football. We used have such fun with it all in school where I teach when all Ireland in September even with no Mayo in it. Whole thing is dead. Then throw in our team playing like Martians.

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