Mayo Football Podcast episode: Looking at the League overall

Mayo’s National League campaign came to a conclusion up in Clones last weekend.

But what are we to make of their seven games overall, in terms of performances and pointers for the championship?

Colm Boyle joined Mike and Rob to chat about a league campaign that raised plenty of questions and provided a few answers too.

The lads talked about the players who made the most of their opportunities, the players who didn’t get what they needed, and what we really learned from the whole thing.

Plus, they cast an eye on the Mayo Under-20s’ big game against Leitrim next Wednesday evening.

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43 thoughts on “Mayo Football Podcast episode: Looking at the League overall

  1. Good pod guys, thanks very much. I’m more confused now about where we are that I was before I listened ? can we spare a thought for poor David McBrien.. people just can’t get the McBrien pronunciation correct. It’s McBrien guys, not McBreen, for heaven’s sake! Keep up the good work.

  2. Positives:

    Boland back and scoring points, a possible championship starter.
    Carney in a settled position.
    Injuries clearing up and some game time for the likes of O’Hora, Plunkett, Carr, Ruane, Cillian etc with overall injuries appearing – touch wood – to be in an ok position. Callinan, Ryan, Doc and McLaughlin the only ones injured recently, or subbed in games with what appeared to be injures, who we won’t really know about until New York or Roscommon.
    Tommy showing glimpses of his old self.
    Further game time for young players and exposure to this level.
    No hype!


    Kick outs a work in progress.
    Forward structure needs work.
    Are we man to man or are having a sweeper, it seemed to change game to game and in game too.
    No hype!

  3. Where are we , who knows , like seriously who really knows , nobody not even the players or management know imo . Its not just Mayo either , all counties , supporters , so called experts and journos get it wrong more than they get it right . Go back as far as you want and youll find a very common trend amongst all the predictors they get it wrong on a regular basis . 2021 , i heard pods/experts/journos talk with great assertiveness , hell would freeze over if it wasnt a kerry v dublin final and that call was made at semi final stage . it was the most open all ireland of all time last year was the common narrative yet we ended up with the most common final of them all . Start of this year and it was all Dublin wont be at it this year , gone to the well too many times with mcarthy etc. Its all a load of nonsense to take them too serious .

    Lets say they have it right this year and it is indeed Dublin , derry and kerry (i dont think it will be btw ) in semis , there will be another county that has to join them three in semis as its four needed , they all seem to forget these very important aspects to predicting , that other county will be 70mins away from an all ireland final and all of a sudden the whole narrative changes if they win their semi . Its a cup competition at the business end is my point and very difficult to predict . I understand we have to discuss and predict for interest as thats what its all about but honestly them wans that go on with great authority in predicting , take it with a pinch of salt .

    If Derry were to get a thumping today , do not be too shocked if Donegal send them on their backsides in the ulster championship . Stranger things have happened .

  4. Sean Burke – completely agree with that. People were tipping Galway as All Ireland winners all throughout last year. Then in the space of 7 days Armagh and ourselves beat them and they didn’t even make a quarter final.

    Something similar could easily happen Derry this year.

  5. Will be interesting to see how Derry get on today.talked to a couple of former inter county players last night who think Dublin could be on course for another 3 or 4 in a row .a very depressing scenario really.

  6. Donegal are impressive. Serious fitness and power in their team. They may not win Sam out right but the championship is much better for having them in it.

  7. @1985 given the numbers, massive funding and home advantages. probably, they had a two year hangover from the 6 in a row that Tyrone and Kerry took advantage of. now the “once in a generation team nothing to do with funding” are looking like they’ve put together a pretty much new team that’ll do another 3 or 4 in a row.

  8. GBXI – Thought the same about Donegal until i seen Dublin and Derry play straight after. Not sure any outside of Kerry will compete with these two in 2024.

  9. @Tony freeman sure we nearly beat Derry not playing our best either also beat dubs maybe luckily beat them but still did it when we were not hitting top gear at all.

    I’m going to reserve judgement on who can compete with the dubs till championship no one can decide on form during league as all teams are on totally different journeys during the league. Galway probably will get better when they have players back.

    I still don’t think Derry will be able to keep up the pace come summer.

  10. Yeah it’s brilliant game of football. They are definitely the top 3 teams but you never know on the day.

  11. Ah Clare, Derry cruised past Mayo. When Mayo got back to one Derry went up another gear and won by 5.

  12. Derry have blown this .taking the wrong options very similar to what they did against Kerry last year but they do look to be a very good side and Dublin look fairly open at the back

  13. Fantastic game and entertainment. Derry will take great confidence from it but Dublin will not be to perturbed. They showed great mentality to get match saving goals twice…

  14. Derry were great. Deserved winners. Better in regulation time and better in extra time. And they didn’t need luck to beat the Dubs- they got none. And they will have learned a lot.

  15. Jarlath burns like getting the keys of a ferrari after driving a lada the last 4 years

  16. Again, we saw how fit Derry and Donegal both are at this early stage, all because they meet in early stages of Ulster. Fenton looked as disinterested as he did in Dublin’s opening defeat to Monaghan. I’m sure Farrell is secretly relieved that Derry will now be vaunted as Sam certs, and mcgeaney likewise, will be chuffed Donegal will be declared nailed on second favs to win Ulster should Derry fall flat.
    The vagaries of league football were on full display today but I very much doubt Derry will beat Dublin later on if fortune favours them both beforehand in their respective campaigns. Fair play to the media yet again as they shuffle their tarot cards this evening before pronouncing Derry as their new blue eyed boys.

  17. Derry deserved the win but they got it by going full championship pace.

    Dublin will be quietly happy. They could have won it and still have players to come back.

  18. What a game of football, absolutely brilliant stuff. Great bit of dirt too. Derry play great football

  19. Dublin put Derry in their pocket in last year’s league 2 final. It shows the incredible progress a team can make under the right management.
    What impressed me most and in Harte’s interview afterwards, the self belief that’s in the team, they refused to die or be upset by setbacks.
    What a performance from McEvoy at 6, two goals and a point, and he’s not even their no one choice, that’s all star Gareth McGinless.
    They have taken over from Mayo as the people’s champions, but more importantly, they are winners.
    A good result for the Dubs in many ways, they can win Leinster in cruise control, but they have got find the extra gear to win Sam.

  20. @ dreamy, I meant to add Derry deserved it too, so, yes they definitely did. Someone else mentioned Dublin’s defence being open and it is when they don’t control midfield. Harte probably secretly would admit that Dublin were off it today, and they looked worn out in my opinion. When Fitzsimons is playing it leaves Howard to roam and plug the gaps. My Dublin obsessed cousin keeps telling me that lack of height will be Dublin’s defensive undoing. Been hearing that for yrs so not sure it’s a factor. Jim McGuinness and Dessie Farrell learned quite a lot today- not sure Derry did but fair play to them.

  21. Dublin still have a few names to come back, whilst that was a Derry championship side. Having said that, I’m not sure Dublin’s next generation of players are going to carry on the same standard that we have become used to from the Blue machine. They were opened up countless of times by Derry today. Sean Burke is spot on when it comes to the media’s predictions. Regardless of structural changes we have never got a full reading of how the championship will go from the league. More to this story I suspect as the next few weeks follow.

  22. I wonder how many goals per game ratio Derry are at for the last three years ,its the standout for me how many goals they score .

  23. Brian Fenton was completely out of this game, his worst ever game in the Dubs jersey, but so we’re about 6 other Dubs, J Small, Scilly, Con etc, yet they nearly beat Derry who played at 100 % of championship intensity.

  24. Why were they out of the game? Credit Derry. And it’s not Derry’s full championship side either. They are on a roll and winning is what gives momentum.
    Yes Con O Callaghan was out of the game but why? Same for Fenton.

  25. Wonder what Kerry think looking at that. They have regressed in my view, though obviously they could still come good for championship. I haven’t been convinced at all that there is much improvement in them though. We are clearly well off the standard.

  26. James Horan called it right Examiner pod on Derry beating Dublin while all the other media pundits and bookies got it wrong.Mayo can take major positives on there last 20 mins against Derry now.

  27. That was a phenomenal game of football. Derry were brilliant, a pleasure to watch. They have some class footballers & Mickey & Co look to have brought them up a level or 2 (I’m sorry i doubted him).

    Both teams are at a level that I don’t think we are capable of reaching to be honest.

  28. @Kickhams man..I believe Kerry beat Dublin in an NFL Div One Final, ..Dean Rock missed a last minute free to equalize. Derry should have won in normal time. Dublin gifted a free to equalize.

  29. Great game, really enjoyed it. Derry a tonic to watch. Ability to get scores from all over the pitch, physical, strong fielding and some exciting young lads broadening the panel. Agree with the poster nominating them as the new people’s favourites. They may not win the all-Ireland but no harm to see the pool of potential winners widen. Scored an average of roughly 20 points a game in normal time in the league, no negativity there.

  30. @Kickhams man/@Leantimes: Another in 2011 when Cork (0-21) pipped Dublin by a point (2-14) too. The rebels (reigning All Ireland and League Champions at the time) had looked dead and buried in the 3rd quarter before a final half hour or so of them outscoring Dublin 11 points to 2 scraped the win.

  31. Derry played well but pathetic when it came to closing out the game – now who would that remind you of!.
    Dublin were OK but seemed to lack mobility & pace around the middle and centre-half-back – never thought I would say that about Dublin. Interesting times ahead

  32. Fenton looked either injured, body language suggested this to me, or he is going through a bad time at the moment, he just seemed to have no energy at all.

  33. Clare, Sam Og.

    You simply cannot reference mayos final 20 mins against derry as an indicator of our potential to be all ireland contenders. Derry took their foot off the pedal in those final 20, clearing the bench and allowing mayo tag on a few points to give a false sense of a comeback but then decided to stop toying around and killed us off at their ease.

    I don’t think derry will win sam though…kerry and dublin have huge scope for improvement and a far easiee route ahead.

    My top 8 rankings for cship; Dublin Kerry Derry Donegal Mayo Armagh Tyrone Cork (darkhorse). Making us quarter finalist, but is Mcstay getting more leeway than previous managers

  34. @Bandwagon: “…but then decided to stop toying around and killed us off at their ease.”

    Could just as easily claim they were held pretty well aside from the 3 uncharacteristic errors gifting 3 goals right up until those closing minutes when Mayo had to push up and press as they were those 2 points behind. You really don’t want to be chasing a game against a Derry counter-attacking style.

    Reality is Mayo weren’t close to Championship personnel (David, Paddy & Diarmuid will all start around that defensive unit if fit, and you’d expect Jack to probably be starting too) & neither side were anywhere close to Championship drive, motivation or intensity. Trying to infer too much from March will always be flawed, whether you’re looking for positives or negatives.

  35. Overall middling league. If injuries clear we have a decent team without any superstars who could go quite far. Today the 2 superstars we kept fairly quiet Con and Brian McGuigan.
    Derry unlocked how to beat Dublin.. just go out and play your A game. Some of the scores in both games were terrific.
    Some people writing off Galway. I’d agree unless some
    Injuries clear for them but despite a poor league for them, they could still get in the mix with some main men back.

  36. TsuDhoNim. Mayo held dublin pretty well in all ireland finals aside from gifting 2 own goals, giving up a penalty from a goalkeeper mistake, conceding goals by not having a sweeper or poor positioning. BUT the long and short of it is we lost on each occasion.

  37. Interesting podcast. Boyler clearly feels Cillian wasn’t given enough and also clearly believes a half decent Cillian is much better than most others in our squad. I’d agree with him.

    Also interesting that he wouldn’t have brick in the full back line and he reiterated something I’d said too, that Touhy had a better league last year than this year.

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