Mayo Football Podcast episode: Mayo beaten by Galway

A last gap Connor Gleeson free saw Galway beat Mayo in today’s Connacht final at Pearse Stadium.

On the podcast joining host Rob Murphy are Colm Boyle, John Gunnigan and Mike Finnerty. Barry Cullinane stops by and we also have the post game interview from Kevin McStay.

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45 thoughts on “Mayo Football Podcast episode: Mayo beaten by Galway

  1. PK – going for the man rather than the ball isn’t allowed, as you well know. Criticise away if you want to but keep the personal stuff out of it.

  2. One things for sure PK. For all the fanfare about about our allstar management ‘ticket’ got badly shown up on the line by Joyce and co today.

    Joyce realised sweeney and molloy late double change wasn’t working and ruthlessly had them both whipped off after 25.

    They let Coyne off on his own as they know coyne (who played well) wouldn’t be the most threatening finisher, mayo management didn’t spot this.

    All Galway subs impacted the game, especially maher and walsh and Galway finished the game with their strongest team

    Brickenden and mcbrien left completely exposed with acres of space In front of them

  3. I wouldn’t be giving P.J. too much credit.
    He left Jack Glynn on Conroy all day and if Galway lost he would have been slated for it. On the other hand leaving Brickenden on Finnerty was equally inexcusable

  4. The reality is that we are better off now having lost the Connaught Final by just one point as we are in a better group… Roscommon even though we beat them are just like us the same group. Teams always learn more from defeats. I would much more prefer to play Cavan ( who are a serious Team to be given full respect) than play Derry.

    Think this way if you were to place a 100 euro bet on Mayo to beat Cavan in McHale Park or have the other choice is to back Galway V Derry in Salthill which would you pick

    Also I would not be too bothered about beating Dublin when it doesn’t matter . The time to beat them is when it is knockout

  5. I am not sure O SULLIVAN

    If I was to pick the teams to play…

    Derry or Cavan at home… Cavan
    Roscommon or Westmeath away… Westmeath
    Armagh or Dublin neutral… Armagh

    I think it balances itself out considering 3 teams get out of the groups anyway. The only other advantage of being in the same group as the Dubs is avoiding them until a semi final at least.

  6. Ok willie Joe I’m speaking in fact and I put this in my original post…Rochford has yet to deliver a Connacht title as manager and judging by current standings he has a huge say still. The problem with Mayo gaa is we bring back in people who have failed and I include Buckley and we are baffled when we fail again

  7. Most posters agree our defensive structure is naive man to man mainly and that against the likes of Comer and Clifford. We stand safely behind our man giving them the freedom to collect ball out front Our tackling is weak and often the question needs to be asked what is Buckley doing in practice. One example today Finnerty not a great fielder caught a long free in on the edge of the square with everyone back and pointed. Terrible defending.
    Joyce kept wWalshe Maher and Tierney on the bench to start and Galway finished stronger
    Many on here have been making the same argument about AOS

  8. To anyone who watched us play this year it was obvious this was simply can’t get away without an a functional midfield.I am genuinely horrified by our management today

  9. Ryan Donohoe joins a majorly long list of Mayo players who just shoot & don’t think of the consequences. 100% you lost the game by trying to chip the keeper .
    M Ruane shud be let run in everytime . The amount of times corner backs or 20 ,7 ,12 had the ball in those zones.
    Your mmgt have pre made decisions on subs . A terrible strategy ..

  10. That’s okay, PK, the point is a reasonable one but the way you made it first time wasn’t in any way reasonable. As I keep saying, I’ve no issue with people expressing criticisms if it’s done without having a go at the individual in question.

  11. @Cavan id rather see ROD shoot all day than this lateral passing lark we indulge in. God help us next year when Cillian and Aidan are retired we will be a bang average team they cant keep going forever.

  12. Really disappointed with the way we lost that game rather than actually losing it.

    Credit to Joyce and Galway who found the extra gear when needed. That win should spark them into life now for the championship.

    Joyces record against Mayo was poor but he has now won 3 in a row Connaught championships. If we are looking at our own Managment ticket, Rochford has only ever beaten Galway once in the championship and in 5 seasons with Mayo never won a Connaught title.

    Wehave a lot of soul searching to do and need to pick ourselves up again for Cavan in 2 weeks time.

    Anyone looking ahead to Dublin needs to reel it in, there is two tough games against Cavan and Roscommon who both will feel they can take a scalp against this Mayo team.

    Without naming anyone there is 3-4 players who regularly feature for us who in reality are not up-to the level required to have us competing with the top teams and there doesn’t seem to be any better options in the squad.

  13. @MacHale98

    Yes little difference between the two group and I feel with the momentum of winning Connacht it could have been a good time to take on and beat Derry and top the group. Topping the group is important let’s not forget as it means two week to prepare for the Quarter final. 2nd or 3rd place team in group will have to play three games in three weeks against Kerry or Donegal

  14. So Dublins neutral game in the All Ireland series was against Sligo in Kingspan Breffni park last year so unless Mayo County board and management agree to Croker I can only see a Mayo v Dublin game been played in either Semple Stadium Thurles 45,690, Gaelic Grounds Limerick 44,203, Kingspan Breffni Cavan 32,000 or St Tiernacks park Clones 36,000 based on capacity and location.

    Tullamore and Portlaoise only hold 20k and 22k respectively which would not be enough for the 2 biggest season ticket holders in the country.

  15. Hard luck yesterday,

    Both Mayo and Kerry seem to have to same main issue.


    Infairness to Galway I thought they were being written off ( not in Mayo ) but but outside pundits unfairly given the amount of players they missed all year.

    For me Galways best 15 are a match for anyone.

    Gough had a very bad 2nd half for both sides but the losers will always feel more aggrieved.

    After last year it’s imperative to avoid the preliminary QFs.

  16. Our persistent poor decision making is the most cause for concern. I keep thinking it’s going to get better but it just appears to be a characteristic of the team. Small little things on the face of it, but huge when you boil it down. Sloppy passes when a player could be put through on goal, failure to hammer the nail into teams when we’re clearly on top for long spells. I honestly don’t see it improving. It’s the same as last year.

    We haven’t a prayer of competing with the top 4. On a day we might take a scalp, but it’s highly unlikely we’ll follow it up. Ross and Cavan will certainly fancy their chances.

  17. No point talking up big capacity neutral venues. The Mayo support has fallen off a cliff edge and with the dull mistake error stuff we are playing not many will buy in without a big win. The bandwagoners have jumped ship.

    Picking ourselves up for Cavan is going to be a mammoth task. They are no mugs and I think most of us here know little about them bar a serious injury. Any win will do in that game.

    Roscommon away is a sickener for the group. 2 wins already against them this year and still at square one with them. Again any win will be hard earned.

    So by the time we get to Dublin we could be through with two wins and going for top spot but not inconceivable of a nightmare two defeats and Mayo football in a very dark place searching for new management.

    Maybe Liam McHale was right? McStay has sold his soul to the unsuccessful football Rochford brought to Donegal.

  18. I think people are over expecting from this team and management.
    Some great tackling and dispossession of Galway players yesterday but well short in other areas.
    Do any of us really expect to be topping a group, I don’t anyway, this will mean another pre quarter final, no rest and straight into the quarter final.

    The only very very slim hope is to top the group, get the Dubs outside Croker and beat them.

  19. Time for Management to buck up or get out , McStay has to take charge and stop this back/side passing football its not Mayos way. We have proberly the best fullforward line in the game at present with Ryan Tommy and either Aiden or Cillian and never a ball played into them, where are they back in their own full backline defending, just what opposition teams and managers want . Good wins against Cavan and Roscommon needed and also a point or two win against Dublin in The Hyde and the County Board has to insist on The Hyde , otherwise time to get new team in charge of team and County Board.

  20. I’ve backed McStay and co all along but to hear him bemoaning losing control when the loss of control was 100% his doing with a raft of unnecessary substitutions. Why oh why take off Aidan when he was getting on every ball sent in to him just to bring on Cillian who offered very little other than a well taken point. They seem to have tunnel vision with subs like if Cillian comes on Aido has to come off.
    None of our substitutions were a success and we handed the initiative to Galway.
    Two other things stuck out to me. Without Paddy it was a no brained to bring in Eoghan McLaughlin but playing him on the right was clueless as all his good stuff comes when he’s on the left. The other things were
    leaving Brickenden on Finnerty when he wasn’t laying a hand on him and inviting Galway to kick ball into the full forward line by not utilising a sweeper. All very naive stuff I’m afraid and though that game shouldn’t define our season it just showed that our sideline are capable of making the same mistakes time after time.

  21. There is a section of mayo support who will roar at the telly and not travel , shout all sorts on social media then and still want an all ireland ticket .

    There are the ones that have been going since 2012 are starting to ger bored and no longer bring the colur and noise

    There are the wans that are going since genefit jerseys ,just there for the craic and dont really give a damn, not football people at all.always laughing and joking after a big loss like its a bit of a skit .

    Then you have the depressed since 2021 wans .

    Overall our support is pathetic and to rob a soccer chant “you only sing when youre winnin ”
    For those who think it doesnt matter to have positive backing from your support you are unfortunately a massive part of the problem .

  22. Very disappointed with result yesterday. I had good time for McStay. But I have to say I am very disappointed with him now. It looks obvious that
    Stephen Rochford has the biggest say. Mayo are playing the same type of football as they did when Stephen was manager.The same type of football as Donegal played when he was involved with them. Lateral over and back., kick a free back towards your own goal if you want to. Can’t believe that Kevin brought Stephen and Buckley back in on his ticket. Tackling yesterday was terrible, standing off lethal forwards. We played a sweeper in front of our back line in some matches before yesterday, but for some reason yesterday we didn’t play one in front of Commer. I always thought Kevin would
    Be his own man, but now I’m disappointed that he doesn’t appear to be. He needs a complete clear out of the back room advisors. I know now why Liam McHale left, and fair play to him for having the balls to do so.

  23. Donohoe good but not a Comer. Conroy good but not a Finnerty. We just don’t have a dangerous forward. Everytime Comer gets the ball he immediately causes confusion amongst the defenders and Finnerty makes it look simple. AOS, well, bring him on for throw ins ,something like the American kickers.

  24. I’ve been posting for years about being brave with bringing Aidan off the bench after 25 mins.
    There was barely any scores 3 each after 20 mins.
    The data shows that q2, q3 and q4 get progressively higher scoring. Aidan has 3/4s in him but frankly I’m not even sure our mgmt have even had that conversation to do what Galway did yesterday with Shane Walsh.
    Another thing on mgmt.
    To be two years in and out full backline and goals exposed time and time again.
    To be two years in and pretty average transition play, how was Rory Brickendon unsupported on the ball?
    They needed a modern defence coach from the beginning, not running an out of date tackle high up the field tactics from 2012. Teams are too wise to that now compared to 2012.
    It looked like David McBrien was told to defend Comer from behind?

  25. @Chick79, that is incorrect, Mayo played a much different style of football in 2016 and 2018, back then it was fast and hard, you see the game has evolved since then.
    It’s now a bit like, we let you have the ball we sit back in defence and when we have the ball you sit back in defence, we both try and manufacture a point when in possession.

    This alone is Mayo’s greatest weakness, just cannot score from distance, cannot work the ball, creative hand passes and a flick of the ball into the net.

  26. Using Brickenden in the full back line reminds me a lot of what managment did with Loftus at 6 CHB last year. It hasn’t really been working out for them and everyone can see it but they keep rolling with it week in week out until something goes wrong.

    Rory is a fine footballer and more suited to competing for a position in the half back line rather than stuck inside man marking a scoring forward one on one.

    I thought some of the changes we made were strange. Hession replacing a player who competes around the middle (Jordan) and Loftus replacing a corner back (Coyne).

  27. In the first half Aidan made several runs into space in front of his man – but the ball wasn’t kicked in. Most of the players in possession out the field didn’t even look in to see was there any option inside. They are programmed to just hold possession and recycle ball.
    Most of us know we aren’t good enough to win SAM. But we expect to see a defensive structure that would make us hard to breakdown and some bit of urgency on the ball to get fast ball into the full forward line. See the way Donegal attack at pace now compared to the Rochford era. With our poor defensive structure and lack of urgency in attack no team – including Cavan and Ros – will fear playing us.

  28. @Southmayo Exile, that word sums it up for me, programmed, it seems players are afraid to lose the ball to the opposition, the last passage played summed it up, Mayo a point down with 20 seconds remaining are hand passing and going nowhere, eventually get a shot off that goes wide, the urgency wasn’t there.

    For the next three games, can the players themselves decide to attack way more and at speed, not slowing the game down with lateral and backwards hand passing that is sore on the eye.

    Better to go out with good attacking play than watch a bore fest.

  29. Another wrong headed belief if mgmt. “Sam is one of our primary man markers”.
    A good, honest, athletic and talented lad who is clearly a half backline player. He’s not a man marker. This was shown clearly in Sigerson and County. He’s no more a man marker than Eoghan McLoughlin, they too often leave the hand in high for cheap scoreable frees.
    Eoin O’Donoghue is a man marker and if young Finnerty ruffled his hair after a score Eoin would have rightly initiated an on field pushing brawl or gone through him on the next ball.
    Rory Brickendon, hold athletic lad, but by the bloody obvious eye test he is 100% a wing back. Too slow on his first two steps to be a full back line player.
    This is the naive, happy Mayo stuff that irks me.

  30. Gough had his poorest ever performance yesterday but he’s been the best ref for years and also made 2 bad decisions against Galway. I was worried near the end despite our lead because when we were running up the field I couldn’t see any runners inside. Ryan and Tommy played well but we needed some clever runs at that point in the Game and I didn’t see Cillian make them either.
    One other criticism I’d have is discipline, a few times we’d most of the work done stopping a dangerous runner and made a foul just as the runner was starting to panic. Callinan and McBrien both guilt of conceding more than 1 unnecessary free. Comer not as dangerous in 2nd half but then Walsh switched on the magic. He’s a joy to watch for the Neutral in that form.
    Re management the AOS decision proved wrong so maybe give lefties McHale or Tuohy a start and bring him on in the Round Robin. Also couldn’t figure out why Eoghan Mac was on the right unless being told to raid and shoot which didn’t happen. As always the negativity towards management has hit the roof after a loss. Both teams had returning injured players but theirs made more impact. Some of ours especially Diarmaid will come good. There’s a case for O Hora in half back line especially in place of Eoghan because of his fighting spirit and superior decision making. Bric also reds to be removed from FB Line. Hession might be the stop gap solution.

  31. You see this is what I cannot understand, why are such an experienced management team still getting things wrong, how much “Learnings” are needed to get things right?

  32. Management let Mayo down today.
    And trying to lift the players after this defeat will be a difficult task. The confidence gained from their win over Roscommon is now blown to smiderings. Where we go from here is anybodys guess but McStay and co have a lot of head scratching to do in the next two weeks!

  33. Lol, Oisin McConville said on the GAA Social that he thinks Mayo will finish bottom on the group, methinks he’s still sore on missing out on the job last time. I really don’t understand all the doom and gloom, we lost by 1 without Durkan(Maurice Brosnan pointed out last week he was MOTM in our last 3 meetings with them), would love to see us back to playing like we did against Keery and Tyrone in the league last year. Still think it’s in us, just need to find it. The championship starts in 2 weeks

  34. You Three unfortunately unlike when played them in league last year at this time of year they are both fit and set up in their designated patterns of play so we won’t be afforded such luxurious space.

  35. True, different ball game now, still with McLaughlin on one wing and Hession on the other, it’s serious pace that can do damage

  36. I didn’t see that threat from the wing backs yesterday. I don’t think we’ll have Paddy back for much of these 3 games. Would like to see Swannie perhaps in Half Back line. Gets stuck into everything and raids up the field too. Not as quick but great heart. We need leaders in all lines. Coen is the one doing that and Swannie could add to that.

  37. After all the postings about should we win or lose v Galway or we will beat them by 4/5 points, it begs the question what Mayo team have you been watching dines 2021. We are a bang ordinary team that finds it hard to beat any team, Louth comes to mind. I did not expect anything from them since 2021 and nothing for years to come. Judging from yesterday’s performance we do not have the management with balls or structures in place to win Connacht never mind Sam. Backs played out positions and exposed, midfield not settled at this late stage, half forwards never functions with semi midfielders shoved on there with no line breaker threats. A full forward line our best department but no natural footballers further outfield to supply them with quick and accurate supplies . We do not develop our natural talent in their best positions eg Sam, Oisín, Loftus comes to mind – wasted. Without ROD and Tommy no natural forwards and none developed for the future. Just a thought if we had 4 – 6 scoring forwards yesterday with all that possession the game would be over by halftime. Without these functioning forwards teams knows how to set up and force us into this laborious side to side passing with poor returns.
    All of this can be overcome with a complete change of mindset by county board and their appointments. Just ask Donegal and Jimmy McGuinness how to achieve this in a relatively short time.
    Our present huge malfunctioning management team needs to be dismantled and replaced with a leaner meaner structure and a dedicated forward coach.
    Good luck to our boys on the qualifiers, let off the handbrake and just go got it. Mayo abu

  38. Possession…possession…over and back…no surprise element…solo until you meet an opponent, then turn and hand pass to a player next to you…depressing…no adventure and half-forwards that can’t score.

  39. A huge disappointment for me as a supporter,this was a game we needed to win for the following reasons, 1,it was the first CF under McStay and Co. 2,To give our young players the experience and confidence going forward,
    We were plenty good enough to win the game I want to be clear about that,why didn’t we win begs the question, first of all our style of play was the main cause, we had enough of possession especially in the first half to be well clear at half time, but this bloody passing back and forth instead of going direct for scores it’s soul destroying to watch,
    Secondly, decisions on the sideline,taking off Aidan OShea was a big mistake ,as soon as he left the play Galway started the long kickout, and Commer came out centre field and got vital possession, and also when Jordan Flynn was taken off it had a negative effect around the middle and gave Galway the advantage at the closing stages of the game,
    To conclude it was a missed opportunity for our young team and Management to step up .and finally I honestly think Galway are in a great position now and will do very well going forward in the championship, with a strong squad, as I said earlier on they will be the real darkhorse of the year, and the best of luck to them,

  40. You Three – I genuinely wouldn’t be surprised if we finished bottom, I don’t think that’s sour grapes from McConville. We’re not in a good place now. That was a terrible match to lose from the position we were in. Not good for the psyche or morale. Nobody in our group is a pushover.

  41. Of all the many things that annoy me about the present setup, the one that really gets my goat is the treatment of Cillian O’Connor. Probably the best player to ever wear a Mayo shirt, a man who can obviously still score from anywhere, smart and utterly ruthless in his will to win, and we give him 10 minutes. It’s utter madness when the team is crying out for leadership and balls. ..and no I am not related to him, never met the man!

  42. That’s not Gaelic football I watched yesterday. Mayo in the 1st half passing, passing, nobody trying to score. Pure rubbish. Can Mayo start up a Cricket team , it couldn’t be anymore boring than this. Can’t see people paying to go to these type of matches. The GAA needs to have a serious look at it overall. Is it now a possession game ? A type of Rugby league ? Bring in a law the 6 defenders stay their side of the field, also the goalie does not come out past the 14 yd line.

  43. Don’t mind McConville, the group will be very tight with all teams possibly dropping a point or more. Cavan did a job on a Monaghan team on the wane, fair enough, but they’ve a mountain to climb getting more than 2 points from the 3 games. Similarly, Roscommon will take a scalp perhaps but I can’t see them securing more than 1 victory at all, and that’s a long shot the way they’ve played all yr.

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