Mayo Football Podcast episode: Mayo win in New York

Mayo have beaten New York by a scoreline of 2-21 to 2-6 in the Connacht championship quarter-final at Gaelic Park in the Bronx.

Rob, Mike and Rob were joined at Gaelic Park by Colm Boyle, John Casey and Seán Reilly. There’s also post-match reaction from Mayo manager Kevin McStay, New York manager Alan O’Mara and Mayo captain Paddy Durcan.

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59 thoughts on “Mayo Football Podcast episode: Mayo win in New York

  1. Nice scoreline unlike the Galway avalanche. Safe to bed now before the squeaky bum game coming up.

  2. Well that was a shambles! How many goal chances did NY have? A team like Roscommon who are no All Ireland contenders would bury us! Between that and losing to Leitrim in the u20s during the week Mayo GAA is going backwards.

    We have a manager who seems to have no game plan supported by 2 failed selectors who are gonna bring nothing new to the table. Every line is weak…goalkeeeper, defence, midfield and forwards bar Ryan O’Donoghue.

    And before those with yer head in the sand say oh it was a nothing game bla bla bla let’s look at the facts from yesterday
    -The Ny forwards made a show of our defence
    – we cannot defend the long ball in
    – we only outscored a poor team by 4 points in the second half
    -the other 20 players contributed 1-8 to a team that doesnt even play div 4 football
    -AOS once again failed to score from play and was turned over multiple times
    – we failed to finish umpteen chances

    We are rightly set up for an ambush in the Hyde and should it happen we will have a manager who no doubt will still see many positives which he seems to say after every game

  3. @Mayoman: According to Mike’s commentary, it was Aoife Fleming singing Amhrán na bhFiann and Molly O’Loughlin signing The Star-Spangled Banner both from St. Brigid’s club in NY (apologies to either for any misspelling of names).

  4. @Mayoman: With the gruaig rua no shock at all to hear she had solid roots here.

    Ye can be very proud as a family. I’d imagine the audio was only picking it up indirectly on the lads mics through the PA system, so not ideal for acoustics, but you could tell it was sung terrifically well. Thank her & the family for us on the superb performance.

  5. Just wondering could anyone shed some light to the rumour that this is Mayo,s last time playing this fixture over there as the gaa are scrapping it. Hope not it,s my 2nd trip in a row over to it and it,s a great wkend

  6. @JR2: No official word for sure yet, but it’s certainly a topic of conversation at some important decision making tables around now.

    There was a lot of chat last year about it potentially not going ahead in ’24 following costs in the region of €250k for Leitrim’s ’23 trip (Easter Weekend apparently increasing associated costs) which went as far as a review being flagged by Connacht GAA’s Secretary (Mayo’s) John Prenty at which point it was decided, in principle at least, to continue with the fixtures until the current rota ends (so Mayo ’24 agreed, with Galway in ’25 & Roscommon in ’26 currently pencilled in). Each year the Connacht Special Congress (around October-ish) will be taking another look at the arrangements, so nothing guaranteed for the Galway or Roscommon trips just yet and I’d imagine a close look will be taken at the cost/benefits around the Mayo trip this year when it comes to that meeting (or in the weeks/months before it).

    The main concerns are while it’s potentially a profit generating or break even trip for Mayo and Galway, given the larger diaspora they can tap into and the ‘extra’ visibility gained for sponsors, it ends up a significant money sink for Leitrim, Sligo and Roscommon. With all the added pressure to cut weeks/games in possible calendar reworks, I’d certainly be worrying if I was hoping for a 2029 trip.

    If anyone has strong feelings on it being retained I’d certainly be vocal about them and put together blog posts, blog comments or pods (potentially with more & extended snippets being shared FOC for any paywalled pods *nudge nudge*). If I were a betting man, I’d be more surprised to see a ’27 trip than it to get scrapped. Potentially even before ’27.

  7. @PK

    All I know is that if we don’t win Connaught this year it will be 5 failed attempts for Stephen Rochford to win it. Just imagine that.

    I’m still surprised why we offered McStay a 4 year term. Surely 3 with a review for a 4th made more sense.

    If things go south this championship year (which I really hope doesn’t happen) it could well put a downer on the next 2 years.

  8. Talking of the eclipse, we caught it here at Newark, though it wasn’t a total eclipse, as it was elsewhere in the States and Mexico. Between that and the earthquake, we’ve had our quota of natural phenomena on this trip, not to mention the odd shandy or two.

  9. Willy Joe – will there be as many adds on the podcast going forward ? If so I’m unsubscribing – paying customers should not have to listen to that

  10. There’s no point equating the game in NY with the one in The Hyde. NY is an occasion to be fulfilled on a plastic pitch v a mediocre team with nothing to lose and a few players who will brag how they hit Aido or Tommy etc. The match in The Hyde is the real deal v a Div 1 team with a place in the Connacht final the reward. They beat us fairly and squarely last year. If we lose again it will not be Rochfords fault as an earlier poster suggested. It will be because we were not good enough to beat them two years in a row. On a separate point the madness of playing the first round of the championship a week after the league finals was in evidence again, We suffered last year. Leitrim fell foul of it on Sunday but the biggest shock was the defeat of Div 3 champions Westmeath to relegated Wicklow. Time the GAA and indeed the GPA copped themselves on as regards this issue

  11. Some people very hard on Rochford here. Got Mayo their finest all Ireland performance in 2017 since their run of 11 finals with no win. He’s the real manager I would venture to suggest. McStay strong on the PR side. Ultimately nobody beating the Dubs this year. Championships now a major problem for the GAA.

  12. There won’t be, Tommy Joe – the ads were necessary to acknowledge the support of all the organisations who kindly came on board with us on the New York trip and without whose support the endeavour would not have been possible.

  13. Some woeful finishing – e.g. Sam Callinan’s shot at keeper. PK spot on sadly

  14. Some need to relax I honestly think some are just waiting for mayo to fail so they can give out.

    It was a strange venue we beat new york by 15 points the game was finished by the time new york got the goals in.

    Rossies didn’t ‘bury us’ in league yes only the league and they will come back stronger but mayo still have the much better panel and we will still beat them in the Hyde.

    Loads to work on but that’s good better then peaking to soon like we did last year.

    Keep David mc brien at full back, we will have Jordan flynn, diarmuid o Connor back and James Carr hopefully , James Carr is a starter for me when he’s fully fit.

    we are not in a bad place.

  15. Regardless of whether this was an exhibition match or a championship game there should be some sign of a structure appearing with less than two weeks to championship.we didn’t concede goals for the first few league games and then we take our centre back and stick him in to corner back and continue to push our full back further and further up the field.All successfull teams are built from the back .Don’t concede goals then you have a chance but continue to concede 2 in almost every game then you have a mountain to climb.I genuinely hope I am wrong but I don’t see any progression under this management.we don’t have the quality of players that were there in the previous decade but the constant switching of players in key positions isn’t allowing any sort of understanding to develop

  16. My god the defence for the second New York goal was non existent.
    A defensive shambles.

  17. I wonder should we hold back a bit on the criticism for a while and wait to see what happens later. Maybe management are trying out things when the opportunity arises. If they were trying out different positions in behind closed doors games we’d know nothing about it and they wouldn’t be getting criticism for it except then the complaints would be that we’re not trying out new things and hearing nothing from the camp. For me David Mcbrien is fullback all day long but no harm to know what he can do in other areas if needed later in the year and hopefully he will be switching back for the games that really matter.

  18. I would consider it more an observation than criticism.last year we ran with a defensive system that clearly wasn’t seemed fairly obvious to anyone watching it but the management bullishly refused to give up on it until it was too late .A player was dropped and very rarely seen since .very odd how a player that was considered a key part of our defensive and offensive strategy is now apparently out of the picture completely.Maybe there is some master plan being hatched behind the scenes but I seriously doubt it .we should beat Roscommon but again we will see has been any progression on how to get through theese massed defences because that’s what we will be facing or will we see the same aimless running over and back across the 45

  19. @1985 I totally agree that constant switching players is not allowing the lads to settle into a position and develop cohesion and an understanding among themselves. As well as that we don’t seem to be too sure who will be playing in key positions on the field…fb, chb, mf, chf. I know we have lads coming back from injuries but in my humble opinion its past time to have this all sorted out. It seems like common sense. But then what do I know!
    Hopefully we’ll see something special against Roscommon.

  20. to win just once – if we lose to Roscommon again then management (including Rochford) have to take a large portion of the blame. Our players are more than good enough and we’re in better form than the rossies too.

  21. @1985: “Regardless of whether this was an exhibition match or a championship game there should be some sign of a structure appearing with less than two weeks to championship.we didn’t concede goals for the first few league games and then we take our centre back and stick him in to corner back and continue to push our full back further and further up the field.”

    1. The structure seemed visible & relatively consistent with exactly what we’ve been doing all year, no?

    The opening few minutes they dropped a man deep and we used Coen as our free man to sweep until we got a grip on what NY were doing (where they were using Michael Argue would probably have been a slight surprise to most who watched him in his Cavan senior or underage days). Once things settled down, we pushed up and went to our more consistent this year man v man setup. (Caveat in that I only watched on GAAGO so only getting 10% of the setup at any moment, so open to correction)

    All sorts of issues on concentration levels and lads failing to do the basics of their jobs (with Stephen, Sam, Mattie, David, Paddy and Darren all having poor moments in the build-ups to the goals – the type of mistakes you get slated for in a training session so context of the game at 14 points up won’t save them too much from the ‘feedback’) but trying to lay it at ‘no structure appearing’ seems odd. You’re very welcome to dislike the MvM setup, that’s 100% valid and subjective (just like the sweeper keeper setup is hated by some) given the risk/reward involved where a single poor decision can leave a goal wide open, but suggesting it simply doesn’t exist or can’t be seen seems well off.

    A common and running trend, whether intentional or unintentional, of comments placing player errors in the execution by players as management not having a setup – which is very odd to me when we can all see exactly what they should be doing and it simply not being done on the odd occasion. Potential questions to be asked on coaching & if the lads are being educated in their new roles properly, but not sure many that have ever worked with or spent time around Donie Buckley would take that type of question seriously.

    If the comment on structure was unrelated to the latter defence comments and talking about in attack….. then sure. I’m still scratching my head there too.

    2. We haven’t used Sam as a centre back so far this year, from what I remember?

    Every game so far he has been a designated man-marker rather than having any type of zonal role. Sean O’Shea wasn’t having much joy inside so ended up falling deeper which had Sam around the half-back line for a lot of the Kerry game (it appeared to be as much to get Sam out of there as to get Sean deeper given how much Paudie continued pulling the strings) but that was by Kerry’s design rather than our own. Sam was given the task of marking someone who’d played close to goal in every previous game & with every intention of him doing so again that game. The only other one I’d suggest they’d a fair idea on him ending up out around the 40-60 was Shane Walsh, who’d usually end up that much deeper to try and hurt folks with his pace.

    I’d love to see Sam given a designated role picking up a player in that 10 to 12 zone, I think it’d suit him down to the ground, but we haven’t made a switch with him away from that this year. Different lads he’s man-marking have just brought him different areas of the pitch at times. If the lads he was marking had walked down to the shops for an ice-cream, he’d have been over their shoulder trying to knock the change out of their hands.

    We’ve used David out at half back and now midfield alright, on folks that were always going to be a long way from goal, so valid concerns there I’d agree with. I can see plenty of upsides in trying it out, especially in a relatively low risk game like New York, but I’m not sure anyone is in any doubt we’d be a far more solid unit with him anchoring at 3, at least in set phases. Debatable where you might try and deploy him for restarts, they’re their own beast in this day and age, but for everything else I’d imagine we’d all agree we’d like him close to the square whenever we aren’t in possession.

  22. Tsudho you don’t need to repost my comment to write an essay about it .I am commenting on what I have seen over the last two seasons.very difficult to have any structure when key positions are constantly being changed so I don’t agree with your unnecessarily long attempt at explanations

  23. @1985: Always happy to make my own calls on what’s necessary or not for me to write, thanks.

    Always more than happy to explain in detail why I feel a statement or a post is incorrect or factually untrue when I see it, too. Much better to have a discussion on a discussion forum rather than leaving comments you don’t agree with unchallenged, others (including posters having the discussion) can then make up their own minds from multiple points of view… assuming they’re ok reading a long explanation, I guess.

  24. Man to man is a system I suppose, but not sure why we would need so many coaches if that’s the plan.
    That money would be better diverted to providing O’Neill balls to every kid in the county, or towards a training pitch for the county team so we don’t have to rent the COE.

  25. @clare nobody wants us to fail but we are in a situation now where after a league of discovering nobody we have one scoring forward and 6 attacking backs. If by some miracle we do get to CP we are very like to be embarrassed….again…
    That’s the short and long of it.

  26. Ok tsudho no problem I just find these long winded explanations very tedious.Football is not that complicated but coaches would like us all to believe it is .Don’t want to sound like another poster but I have been going to games since the 70s and I certainly don’t consider myself an expert in any way but I have seen enough county football over the years to have a fairly good understanding of it and I have spoke recently to a few ex county and current inter county players who find it very difficult to identify any structure or system in the way we play.apologies for the long post

  27. Margie – that comment was completely uncalled for (not your last one, the one before it) and I’ve deleted it in full.

    I’ve had my fill of certain contributors coming on here with a drip-drip of constant whining about management. I’ve no problem with valid criticisms about events in games but the other stuff is really getting on my goat at this stage.

  28. @1985: If that’s purely the defensive setup (attack a whole other kettle of fish, I’m on the same page there) it’s a little worrying hearing that about current inter-county players if I’m honest. I’d be expecting decent club players, even at underage, to be spotting the structure there pretty quickly and starting to identify the targets to try and isolate for breaches within minutes of a game throwing in.

  29. Tsudho you obviously study the game in great detail and are very knowledgeable.i would also be surprised if former and current inter county players didn’t understand what they are looking at but in any case the end result is we continue concede very avoidable goals

  30. Last year McBrien played fullback and I believe that Con O’Callaghan took him for a tour of Croke Park in the quarter final.

    It’s next to impossible for anyone to both hold their and mark their man, so early doors in the League we appeared to be trying free David up from man marking duties. Which I felt we did reasonably well by making almost a diamond in our back four – Reape pushed up to form the base, Coyne and Brickenden playing as corner backs, McBrien pushing up from fullback into the +1 area and Callinan man marking the danger man.
    The result was 3 clean sheets on the trot.

    Why we stopped doing this I’m not entirely sure. Although I would lean towards points in the bag and giving as many lads as possible minutes.

    But @TsuDhoNim does make an interesting observation on Callinan, in that Kerry deliberately pulled him out of the fullback line only for him to kick two scores. Teams will spot that and I’d be surprised if too many try that again.

    And a similar argument applies to all our fullback line – Teams will try to pull those players out the field as long as they believe that they won’t be punished at the other end.

    And you could see this on Sunday – first half Sam got on very little ball. His man stayed pushed up. Whereas, our perceived weakest attacker from the fullback line, Coyne’s man consistently pulled him into the middle third.

    It’ll be interesting to see how we line up in the Hyde. As Boyler keeps telling us about the League – you don’t tailor your approach to the opposition as much as in championship.

  31. And I wish people would shut up about Conor Loftus – the “experiment” at 6 won us a League Title and only failed when Teams, all of whom are now in Division 2, sat behind a blanket.
    Coming into last season we hadn’t a clue who would play in defence, since then Coyne, McBrien, Brickenden and McHugh have established themselves as real options ahead of Conor. Even going into last year’s championship it looked like Conor would miss out if everyone was fit. I believe I summed it up as “I’m not sure what Conor gives us at 6 that Paddy Durcan doesn’t”.

  32. True FrostT but I think the world and it’s mother knew that blankets were coming for the business end of things, and we had, and possibly still have no system worked to try unlock them.

  33. In an earlier post I didn’t mention any players name .what I said was a defensive system was put in place and when it failed A player was dropped has rarely been seen why did that happen and Roscommon are division one and parked the bus in McHale park.Obviously teams will up the intensity in championship football

  34. @FrostTHammer: Ended up down a rabbit hole after reading that.

    Frank O’Reilly’s New York goal was the first of the year scored against us while David was on the field. He picked up the injury during the Kerry game so missed the 1 against Tyrone and 3 Derry goals and went off at half-time in Monaghan so wasn’t on when we conceded the 1 there. A fair ol’ run of 370 odd minutes for him.

    Interestingly, David went off a minute after that goal in New York too, so plenty of tin-foil you could apply to that if you were so inclined.

  35. We should beat Roscommon this year, but a full Galway team fully fit I think will be hard beat . After a year and a falf with current management we still dont seem to know what our best team is. Only line that is the same most game is full forward line and Ryan is the only one who is a success there at present. Cant understand why we dont have a settled team at this stage.

  36. What is hyde park capacity ? They seemed to be doing work on it during the league

  37. McBrien actually did a very good job on Con from what I remember .It was O’Hora and Callinan that were roasted by Murchan and Mannion .Coen and Ruane were terrible during the high press from Dublin after half time.

  38. I wouldn’t be too worried about the goals we gave away in NY while well ahead.
    Best not to rush in with a tackle on an Astro Turf pitch and possibly get an injury, job done.
    Pure madness playing championship a week after the league as we found out last year.
    Attendance well down so GAA will reconsider the season eventually.
    Too expensive following teams in a shortened season

  39. @sean burke: Didn’t see any mentions around of the current/new capacity but recent pics of it look a solid upgrade ( – top a before shot, bottom near completion from around the end of March). Some very wet days spent huddling on those old concrete benches in front of the stand, delighted to see the back of them.

  40. I remember having an argument with a friend of mine on the way home from the 2015 massacre of Sligo in the Hyde that the two goals we gave away late on didn’t really matter.His argument was that it was an ongoing habit we had of giving away soft goals.I have to say it’s difficult to get any way enthusiastic about the championship at the minute.It just doesn’t feel right at this time of year.interesting analysis Tsudho on goals conceded with mcbrien on the field.I really think it’s critical that he is returned to full back

  41. Our Final Whistle pod from Gaelic Park is now available to listen to for free on all podcast platforms as well as on our YouTube channel.

  42. @TsuDhoNim

    Hahaha the problem with isolated statistics….

    I wasn’t just the first goal conceded with David on the pitch, but also with Paddy Durcan and Eoghan MacLaughlin.
    Eoghan came on against Tyrone after Canavan netted.
    Paddy went off before Monaghan got theirs.

    Is the “370 minutes” a typo? I was checking against your numbers on Discord and there you have David at 234 and Eoghan at 236 respectively for the league.
    Roughly half a league each, hadn’t realised that they both missed quite so many minutes.

  43. @FrostTHammer: Haha, hadn’t spotted those. Utterly meaningless and completely unactionable, but great fun seeing weird stats like that.

    Woops, yeah. Was adding the 41 mins from the New York game before O’Reilly’s goal and somehow jumped from the 234 to ~370 instead of the ~270 it should have been. There’s probably another 7 or 8 minutes of added time not included there, but likely well shy of the extra 100 I tried to give.

    Clearly just a bit of fun talking specific numbers on David like that, but from the eye test alone you can see he has a calming and improving impact on lads around him (specifically in and around 3). Not a man I’ve ever noticed barking instructions or talking others through games, so likely just having that pace/power/aerial ability a reassuring type of thing. Think he has that calming effect on the crowd too, so no shock it could be having an impact on others on the field.

  44. Id say youre right wj in saying it wont sell out , id be slightly concerned about been greatly outnumbered though .There are some very odd GAA supporters , i know of at least one person who went to New york but wont be going to the hyde , i just find it all a bit bizzare at times . Its just a personal thing i suppose , i dislike event junkies , they are a very soulless type of so called supporter.

  45. Thanks Tsu

    Just a bit fun of course, although I’d be fairly confident of finding someone convinced a Team full of Ballagh boys is the way to go.

    Personally I can’t decide whether to play David at fullback and Drakey at 6 or vice versa.

  46. Some U20 competition all right, if Mayo beat Sligo then will qualify for semi final, Galway seemed assured of final if going on points difference

  47. Pretty much , other , biteen unlikely but if ros v leitrim draw and we beat sligo , wed be in final on head to head .

  48. @Sean burke: Can I ask where you got that detail, Sean?

    Can’t find anything in Connacht GAA’s documents to detail how tied points are handled in the Connacht u20 competition (and the GAA Master Fixture List only provides details of when the competition u20 gets to national knock-out Provincial Pairings).

    What you’ve mentioned is what happens in the Senior NFL (which could be the case here) but they use all sorts of different systems (Score Difference only, H2H > Score Difference, Score Difference among tied teams only [so Galway’s victory over Leitrim would be stripped away in a 3 way tie with us and Roscommon) across various provinces and competitions. I’d love to get a look at the official rules to be sure of what’s happening as it happens next week.

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