Mayo Football Podcast episode: Memories of Mayo’s 1983 All-Ireland U21 Title Success

Just over forty years have passed since Mayo won All-Ireland honours at Under 21 level for the third time, when they beat Derry in a replayed final played at Irvinestown, Co. Fermanagh.

It was the first ever All-Ireland final to be played north of the border, with the Mayo team featuring within its ranks a number of players who would go on to become household names for the county at Senior level in the years that followed.

In this podcast episode, Rob and John sit down with two members of that All-Ireland winning Mayo team, captain Eddie Gibbons from The Neale and John Finn of Mayo Gaels, to reminisce on the 1983 campaign.

They chat about memorable incidents in the matches the lads played in on the way to that historic replayed decider in Irvinestown and they discuss how the very competitive schools football scene at that time was instrumental in ensuring that Mayo were in a position to push for All-Ireland honours at U21 level.

They also consider the legacy of the 1983 U21 All-Ireland success and how it laid the foundations for Mayo’s return to prominence at Senior level later that decade and in the years since then.

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9 thoughts on “Mayo Football Podcast episode: Memories of Mayo’s 1983 All-Ireland U21 Title Success

  1. God that podcast brings back so many memories of my youth growing up in Ireland . I followed that team in 83 and being the same age and knowing a lot of them we had some great nights . I rem the Sun we beat Roscommon and also the night we won it in the North . I agree that Gerry Geraghty was the difference between Cork beating us in 89 . He was a huge loss especially as I witnessed him in his prime in Chicago and cleaning out the best midfielders from Ireland . That team had 8 brilliant forwards and they needed them all as McStay got injured and Brogan got suspended as vital times . Plus Galway got a manager , Roscommon got a manager plus Mayo got two managers from that team so they proved a talented lot . While I m here I am as well to give my opinion on the present team . While I read a lot of negativity on our eventual dismissal last year in my opinion we were not far away . Midfield cost us in the 3rd quarter against the Dubs plus we need another half forward . But there is definitely that mental barrier that need to be conquered and with each year the pressure increases . That’s what I always liked about the lads of 83 . They showed no fear or respect for any team and that’s what’s needed for us to eventually reach the holy grail . That’s why I have changed my diet & fitness regime because I know it’s going to happen in the next few years and I want to be around to make sure I see it

  2. “That’s why I have changed my diet & fitness regime because I know it’s going to happen in the next few years and I want to be around to make sure I see it”

    Great post and fantastic ending to it . I may pack in the ciggerattes soon to follow this line of thought.

  3. I know we all get frustrated by our records in All Ireland finals but back in the 70s & early 80s Mayo just one Connacht title in 15 years . I know one ex Galway player from that era told me once they always regarded us as a soft touch .
    The lads in the podcast mentioned continuity and this is so true and the fortunes of Mayo football changed due to the dominance of St Colmans & St Jarlaths on the college scene over a 7 year period .
    And as an ex Colmans lad just first of all let me say we absolutely hated each other .
    Colmans won the Hogan cup in 77 after beating Jarlaths in a replay in Connacht . Jarlaths won it in 78
    Colmans were beat with a last min penalty in 81 . Jarlaths won it in 82 & 84 and lost two finals in that period ( one in a replay ) . My point being Jarlaths always had 5 or 6 Mayo lads whereas we were all Mayo . But the craic started when they hit Minor and had to play together . I know from some of my friends that it took a few training sessions for the penny to drop and these arch enemies were suddenly your team mates and would be forever more . Mayo won minor in 78 with 9 players from those two colleges . In that 83 team you had Gilmore McNabb Finn & Maher from Colmans and Gibbons Grogan McStay & Brogan from Jarlaths . This all transformed the fortunes of Mayo football and although the college dominance has gone the continuity remained . Galway people won’t like to hear this but St Jarlaths stopped winning All Ireland’s when the Mayo lads left . But anyway well done on the podcast it s good to honour the teams that brought us glory . I would have liked to heard one on the 78 minor team and that great comeback against the Dubs . Maybe next time

  4. Mayo won All Ireland minor title in 1966 and Under 21 title in1967, the 70!s should have been good years but they were the worst decade for Mayo. Where did all the good Minors go .

  5. Thanks John for that.
    Just to add a little bit of colour to that rivalry- St Colmans in ’77 was captained by Eugene Macken from Hollymount. Another Hollymount native, and cousin of Eugene, Marty Joyce, captained Jarlaths to Hogan Success in 1978. Both lads were, I believe, schoolmates at Lehinch national school. Marty went on to feature in that 78 Mayo minor team.

  6. Thanks for this, Kick Her In , football as it should be played. Maybe not very polished but very entertaining.

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