Mayo Football Podcast episode: Reaction to Sam Maguire Cup draw

As if a Connacht Final next Sunday wasn’t enough to be getting on with, the draw for the All-Ireland Group Stage was made earlier today.

Mike joins Rob to chat about what’s waiting for Mayo next month – depending on the outcome of the game against Galway on Sunday. 

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69 thoughts on “Mayo Football Podcast episode: Reaction to Sam Maguire Cup draw

  1. Hard to know which scenario we’d prefer. In the Dublin group we’d probably be tipped for place 2nd unless we beat Dublin. In the other scenario facing 2 Ulster Teams with momentum we could come anywhere, would definitely need to beat one of them although that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It could be a 3 way tie if each team Beats 1 of the other 2 and Westmeath lose all their games. Guess then it’s points difference?
    If we need to win the group to avoid the extra game then we’ve a better chance with the Ulster Teams and it could be tight enough to build confidence.
    So marginally prefer to win Connaught which again could build confidence before the Round Robin. The championship is all very condensed. Hard to find time to enjoy the games on show.

  2. I wasn’t very interested in Connacht as the All Ireland only starts with the Round Robin and the draw
    today certainly proves that. However now that we are in the Final we should make sure we win it.
    Either group will be difficult to win which means we will most likely have an extra game before we make the QF. We should have some great games and provided we stop going backwards and sideways regardless of the results it will be enjoyable. Onwards and upwards.

  3. Reflecting on the groups winning on Sunday and group 1 is the only way.

    Derry are a good team but no better than ourselves and with a home game we should be well able to beat them. It’s a 50/50 game. Playing Dublin it would be a 70/30 game in Dublins favour.

    Armagh are probably a similar level to Roscommon or just a level above them. Mayo will beat both.

    Westmeath wouldn’t be as strong as Cavan who knocked out Monaghan and brought Tyrone to extra time. Mayo will beat both but Cavan could drag us into a dog fight similar to Louth in 2023.

  4. The aim has to be to win connacht and to top group 1.

    Armagh/Mayo/Derry all capable of taking points off each other so you could feasibly top a group there with 4 or 5 points.

    Besides if you end up in a last 12 playoff wouldn’t you prefer to be playing a Roscommon or Cavan in a knockout game then a Derry/Armagh

    Win connacht and go from there

  5. Connaught runners up play Dublin in a neutral venue – I guess the Hyde would be reasonable location.

  6. Paul – as Ballina can officially be declared our home venue – why not play it in the “neutral” venue of McHale Park.

  7. @supermac.your statement about who we’d rather face in a last 12 playoff makes the most sense I’ve seen yet and another reason to go and win the connacht final. Jeez if our ancestors knew some are talking about going out to lose a connacht final especially to Galway they’d come back and give us all a kick in the hole..

  8. Exactly, if we were to lose on Sunday to Galway I’d be sickened and disgusted, our closest rival with silverware on the line and a chance to assert our dominance….if I came on here after a defeat to them to see anyone spinning the positives about how it’s a good thing I’d lose the plot.

    That is not the way top teams operate or think and I’d be fairly confident it’s not how the players are thinking either. Its a loser mentality and only delaying the inevitable

  9. I get why people say go out and win Sunday. But I wonder what both mgmt camps are thinking. At the start of the year, Galway would have looked at the draw and thought, nice path to Connacht final. Win that and we are top seed. I think from day one, they were playing the long game and were always going to use the league to rest some and find others. Injuries threw them a bit and that Sligo performance was not part of the plan but I still think they will be happy with some new faces they are adding.
    From day one, our focus was the Rossies. Survive the league, find a few but focus on Rossies. We didn’t find any really but we managed the other targets. Straight away the focus switched to CF.
    Now, if the winners on Sunday were going to get top seed in the group kerry got drawn in to, I think Sunday would have been a lot more competitive, but experienced heads in both camps have to be thinking, is it worth risking that lad who’s 80% when we are in for a hectic few weeks…. it’s hard to know…
    We are all familiar of going from the short lived joy of winning a title to being brought down to earth a week later in our own back yard, so I think camps will still be looking long term and won’t be pinning all their hopes on Sunday, so I’d expect a cagey affair..

  10. Winning Connacht has to be the aim with a group that gives us a decent chance of topping. If at all possible avoid the dreaded preliminary quarter finals.
    So the groupings are what they are and we just have to get on with it but how in a national competition can you allow Louth and Clare to be seeded the same as either losers of Mayo/Galway and Donegal/Armagh and above Derry and Tyrone is mind boggling.

  11. At the end of the day if we cant get through either group we have no business being in a quarter final. so take Sunday in its own right.

  12. I called it the draw from Hell, but I’m not without hope. Beat Galway and that will give us confidence. We showed a fair bit against Derry in the league, and can come on a high as provincial winners.

    The case for losing, not that McStay is in that mindset, needs examination. Provincial finals are not nothing, Galway are serious opponents with realistic ambitions, and this will be close, tough, and hard fought. The crowd could be around 25,000. Lose that match and it will take players at least a week to get over it – it’s not like the league where you can take defeat on the chin, and move on quickly. The history of the qualifiers is littered with the dead of losing provincial teams who have gone on, in Beckett’s words, to ‘fail better’. Facing Cavan, who are no mugs, a fortnight after losing to Galway, would be psychologically tricky, with tough opponents including Dubs and Rossies wanting in the wings. Oh yes and supporters expecting, demanding, a statement win against Cavan.

    No thanks, I’ll take Derry at home.

  13. How this for a plan. Let Galway win connacht. Win at home v cavan . Beat ros. again. Let Dublin beat us. Home prel. q/final then q/final in croke park which wont be against Dublin. Play a weakened team against Galway and Dublin. This all shows the daftness of doing the draws before provincials are completed.

  14. No management or county teams goes out to lose matches. And no supporter goes to a game other than for his team to give 100%.
    Winning puts you in the best position to keep winning. The fall back position comes with its disadvantages
    Agreed with Paul B, no business in it if we can’t beat what’s in front of us.

  15. People are talking about the draw as if we have a choice to win or lose – We don’t. Kevin set the stage after the Roscommon game and he has told us what Sunday is about – winning back the support. A weakened team picked to deliberately lose and it’s straight back to square one on that front imo.

    There’s a question about rushing lads back from injury but again that’s not really a question for me – Galway’s injury profile means we should be leaning towards our fittest 15 anyway and going on the Roscommon game we have at least 15 players ready to go and see out a 70 minute game at this level, touch wood wrt new injuries.

    People talking about the difficulty of winning three games in three weekends should not forget that winning all three group games over 5 or 6 weekends was equally beyond anyone’s capabilities last year.

    Personally I would prefer the tough draw because only one team is going to win the All Ireland, for everyone else the question is “has 2024 helped to make us a better team in 2025”, plus it’s not boring. Lose on Sunday and it’s a high pressure run in to a Dublin Mayo game. Win and it’s random game on game excitement – fans get their entertainment, and the team gets properly tested.

  16. @Jimbo
    Sounds like a plan to me!!
    Jimbo’s winning matches. Or is he losing them?

  17. You have go out to win Sunday give the guys confidence and get momentum going. You wouldn’t hear the dubs or kerry saying we are better off loosing in any scenario as they have the winning mentality.

    Go out out to win every game you play. If we loose Sunday I will be annoyed and I’d say most on here would even if some think other group is easier. I think the dubs group is harder though to be honest.

  18. People might be saying it on here but the players will be totally focused on winning.I have always hated losing to Galway above any team and I am sure our players do as well.still think it’s 50/50 but we should have just about enough.losing a Connacht final to Galway is not a good way to go into group stages

  19. @jimbo hate to say it, but you may be on to something, squad rotation/ having a full panel to choose from is essential so certain key players can have a one week break if we’re almost certainly looking at 3 games in a row to make a quarter final.

  20. Last call on the stand ticket for Sunday.

    25 euro (stand ticket) 10 euro discount.

    Thank you

  21. It was mentioned on the pod that the draw could have been held next Tuesday. I don’t think that was ever a possibility. It either had to be before any of the provincial finals were played or after they were all played. Personally, I don’t see why they couldn’t be made on Sunday night or the Monday morning after the Leinster and Ulster finals next week.
    Mike also mentioned speaking to people the week before the Roscommon match saying they couldn’t face going to The Hyde. I don’t know what their problem was. I had no problem getting in and out of the town. The stadium itself is in fine condition and is now unquestionably the best in Connacht. The one problem, as was mentioned, is the poor toilet facilities. I would certainly prefer heading there than to Pearse stadium, as I am hoping to do on Sunday.

  22. Mind the House, LOL.

    We have to have a sense of humour. I imagine it will all play out in its own way, and we are all on a mini-adventure in the next four games.

    Let’s hope our hearts will stick it. We’ll need a small break after these games to be fighting fit as spectators for the following round (I’m talking about us fans as we have a job too : ) ).

  23. Ita vital we win on Sunday. Win that and we stop the Galway 3 in a row. We get huge confidence and momentum from it. We go into the AI series as Connacht champions unbeaten in this year’s championship. We have a home tie against an already beaten Derry team who, although well rested, will have no momentum and a mountain of doubts following their defeat to Donegal. They’re also under massive pressure as they’ve fallen short in the last 3 years and have gotten in Mickey Harte to finish the job. Jim McGuinness has already shown up his tactical shortcomings. The rest of the group are already beaten and proven to be beatable. Win Connacht, put in big shift against Derry and we’re looking good for a front door QF.

  24. Derry focus will all be on Donegal if they lose to Armagh. They are manic about the Donegal result and will be praying rightly or wrongly for a rematch in the round robin. I have not yet seen what players are available to us for the final i.e. Tierney, Comer, Silke, Kelly and Walsh availability and I think McDaid is out and probably Tierney too. I’m not sure Mayo will have Diarmuid or Paddy available and if Paddy isnt 100% do you even risk him. Mayo are slight favourites and on league form should win by a few points but form can go out the window in the final. I will gauge our chances on the teams named and subs for each team. As for the draw it doesnt matter to me as a Galway supporter which group we are in as if we cant finish in top 3 in a 4 team group we are well off the pace. I dont see the teams in the Dublin group getting ahead of them to be honest so we need to win Connacht and put Derry and Donegal/Armagh to the test. I felt we were well in the league game with Derry before the ref gave I think it was 2 black cards in 5 minutes against us. Armagh and Donegal are good teams but beatable and Westmeath while a decent enough team should be beaten by Mayo or Galway.

  25. @chesneychet: Comer looked great when he came in against Sligo, sheer will & determination winning that ball back for Finnerty’s goal, though could well imagine some concerns down there with them only bringing him on for the last 28 minutes. I’d be shocked if he didn’t have a big part to play Sunday, hard to know if they’d be willing to risk starting him or more a boost to bring in off the bench role.

    Walsh managed +40 minutes starting against Sligo so you’d expect he’s a little closer to starting Sunday. Didn’t hit his usual levels so again some concerns, but with the levels of abuse being directed at him (within and without Galway) you’d expect he’ll have a big point to prove. I’d expect him starting personally and us to hopefully avoid being on the receiving end of that point.

    Kelly & Silke have started all the Championship games so far, definite starters on Sunday you’d imagine, unless they pick up new knocks in the meantime.

    Tierney, McDaid and Culhane the 3 you’d mainly worry about. Nothing we’ve seen to suggest they’re ready for the 26 yet. PJ did say McDaid was back on the field training, so you’d expect he’d be pushing given his qualities. Even with just his leadership, he’d be a solid addition in the dressing room. I’d not be shocked to see him make a 26.

    Maurice Brosnan mentioned recently that Cian Hernan might be back from his Erasmus travels shortly. Not sure if he’d make it for Sunday (sounded a possibility listening to Maurice, but he was on a Mayo podcast so could be a touch of ‘yerra about it) but you’d certainly hope both he and James McLaughlin might be competing for a spot in Round 1 or 2 of the Group Stages.

    Diarmuid, Paddy, Eoghan Mc and Jack (Coyne) the ones we’d be a bit worried about being injured. With Jordan, James (Carr) & Darren (McHale) the ones we’d be wondering on being close enough to 100%. Sadly, I’d fear we’ll be waiting until throw-in Sunday before we know the answers to a few of those.

  26. We’ve another pod up on Patreon (only the third of the week, with another three to go before the week is out as well). In this one, Mike chats with Finian Hanley and Colin Sheridan about Sunday’s Connacht final.

  27. The match ups will be interesting but I expect Galway to go very physical around the middle as they have lost that battle to us last few times .

    Mcbrien is getting alot of praise for his no 6 role but I’d be inclined to put him to 3 .

    I think we’re in bother for a man marker for Comer, of field shout would be Eoin O donoghue .
    For all the love O Hora gets he’s to impetus and will
    foul too much.

    Brickedeen too loose, Coen be fine on him if not a little casual, Mcbrien be best option but looks as if they want him at 6 .

    With Conroy, Kelly, Heaney, maher and Darcy all physical around the middle you’d understand the need of Mcbrien there too .

    Obvious matchs up are
    Sam on Walsh , wherever he plays.
    They will put Darcy on Durkan, if not Sean Kelly as man marker .
    Mchugh on Heaney, if he doesn’t go yo fullback on
    So stab at it would be

  28. David McBrien must mark Damien Comer. He’s the only defender physically big and strong enough. Paddy Durcan if fit on Shane Walsh.

  29. Lee keegan in his rte article seems to suggest that paddy durcan isn’t available for this game

  30. Sam Callinan will mark Walsh out of it again
    Comer is the one to worry about

  31. (Win or lose Sunday)Who could we be playing in the second group game? Didn’t catch the 2nd round fixtures.

  32. 1985 : thats the vibe i got from listenin to him amd boyler alsio that paddys injury is medium to long term , they didnt actually say them words but thsts how i read their language/tone .

  33. McBrien has to mark Comer for me. Don’t think anyone else has the power for him.
    Walsh – it will be Callinan again. He’s marked him 3 or 4 times & seems to be able to match him. Kelly’s runs will need to be tracked, wherever he lines out.

    On the other end, McGrath is doing very well for them. And he will be trying to curtail ROD. If he does, we are in bother.

  34. Callinan on Walsh
    McBrien on Comer
    Sean Kelly likely to play further out the field so is it a job for Donnacha McHugh to stick to him ?
    Brickenden most likely to pick up Finnerty.
    Coen on Paul Conroy
    McLaughlin / Hession on Heaney

  35. @Heavy Metal Mayo: If we win we’d be playing Westmeath away in our 2nd game (with Westmeath 6/7 days after playing Donegal/Armagh away and us 13/14 days after playing Derry home) or if we lose we’d be playing Roscommon away (with them 6/7 days after playing Dublin away and us 13/14 after playing Cavan at home).

  36. I agree with all on McBrien needing to be at 3 whether Comer starts or not. It’s not as if Galway don’t have other threats at FF so will need someone with pace, strength and stickability. McBrien has all 3 attributes. Marquee forwards can get a score or 2 off him here and there but not very many and it’s damage limitation rather than full curtailment that’s achievable with most intercounty FF lines. If Bric plays he’s fine in HB line especially if Eoghan Mac is out. McHugh is slighter but with great pace and will be very good for Mayo potentially as a midfielder if he bulks out more. He’s very tall and just needs another 5-7 kg long term for the battleground that’s midfield or else leave him in the backs bar specialist marking jobs. I’d be inclined to put him Corner back if Coyne missing or else Galway’s nemesis O’ Hora.

  37. I take great comfort from the fact that our management team are not in any danger from some of the posters on here,no footballer of management team will go out trying to lie a match,I will set out as usual with expectation of a win,as I have set out for over sixty years, I always, always expect to win,as I expect us to win I Sunday,and continue to progress to the final,please give respect to our players and management,hopefully with the numbers expected in Salthill we will provide a decent bed and breakfast for our team and management,and perhaps a few extra euros for their commitment and dedication,up Mayo

  38. What is really mad Louis, is the fact that Kerry and Dublin to a slightly lesser extent have been put into such a handy group, they will have no tough games until quarter final stage, I don’t buy this thing of a team being not tested, the real test comes in the semi and final.

    In such a congested Season this is such an advantage.

    Imagine if Mayo beat Galway, then it’s an almighty game v Derry and possibly Armagh or Donegal also, how many injuries will be picked up in those very physical battles, all before a quarter final is played.

    What type of an award is that for winning a Connacht title ?

    This upcoming Connacht final will be interesting to see which team will be looking to lose it rather than win it.

    I mentioned it a few days ago, I just get that feeling that Derry will be a different animal from here on.

  39. @bate the blanket fair points.

    But honestly don’t think Galway or mayo will be looking to loose on Sunday weather they think the dubs group is easier or not..

    Galway and mayo we always get fired up when playing each other no matter what and guarantee both Pj&mcstay and both sets of players will go hell for leather to win on Sunday though it’ll be a dogfight as always.

    Derry.. I don’t know what to think on them but I think we could take them. They ran out of steam same way we did last year after winning league and armagh or donegal we could take to.

    Dubs group is harder I think. Dubs on fire rossies would be hell bent on revenge.

    Better off winning Sunday get momentum going and what will come comes if we are good enough we will get there if not well so be it..!

  40. If Derry fail to at least get to the final this year are people going to stop putting them up on this pedestal as if theyve won two out of the last three all Irelands . they havent even beat one of the big two yet. I dont think they are a bad side of course but not proven anything at the top table yet .

  41. Corick, I hope your not implying they are getting paid already, perish the thought LOL 🙂

    Expect a win as well, we in healthier position than Galway injury wise, which should prove the difference. Both teams fully fit I’d have it tight and evenly matched. Mayo by 4.

  42. One thing’s for sure with this Derry side and that’s Mickey Harte putting the brakes on the wandering goalie. Brolly is still moaning about Harte not issuing instructions after first goal conceded. I smell the same rat others smell in that Derry will be very tough to beat indeed.

  43. We will have to agree to diasagree on how good Derry are , like ive mentioned theyve been beaten by Donegal already , if they dont take one or both of Kerry /Dublin this year at what point is it fair to say they are not as brilliant as been made out to be or will we have to hear it all again next year .

    How serious is diamuids injury ? Player markets in the betting suggest he wont be involved sunday , must be nearly 10 weeks since Tyrone game , not looking good at all if hes not togged sunday . Named 26 will be interesting .

  44. I’m still amazed they didn’t pull DoC as soon as he tweaked the hammer, it was so obvious on the TV. I’ve lost track, but I think that’s the 3rd time he’s had a pretty serious pull now?

  45. @Mark Dempsey: He won’t.

    His keeper tactic got hit similarly when he was over Louth. He never dropped it. And while I’m pretty sure he won’t I’d also strongly feel he shouldn’t. It works great for them.

    The keeper tactic wasn’t the issue against Donegal. If you’d put Lynch back in goal they’d still have had 6v2 and 4v2 breaks likely to score the 3 goals all the same.

    There were serious restart issues alright.

    Derry pushed 8v4 inside the Donegal 45 and left it 4v4 inside their own 50/60 so got outnumbered badly for breaks around the middle. Combine it with them looking tired and leggy (even their forwards in attacks looked static with none of their usual movements, something I’ve never seen/said of Derry) and they got completely outworked, outfielder and outrun around the middle.

    Not sure how Ordhan Lynch standing closer to the posts fixes those issues.

    Work to be done on the scramble defence (three defenders all dropping back 15-20m rather than Lynch trying to cover the +70m – what we saw with Coyne/Reape the other day), work to be done on the initial positioning and work to be done on how aggressive to be inside the 45 if a team is tending to go long (on another day Derry use that overload inside the Donegal 45 to hit 4 goals of their own. Their return of 1 point from ~12 turnovers of long kicks was incredibly poor) but trying to suggest Lynch was the lone issue is simply incorrect.

    Even in Derry nobody knows if they underestimated Donegal, if they’d come in a little too tired (physically & emotionally) after a league final against Dublin, if they’d come in on the back of Championship geared training thinking they’d get away with it or (given all of Mickey’s All Ireland’s came after Ulster exits) if they completely deprioritised the game & came in with full All Ireland focused training.

    Whatever the cause, I’d certainly not expect to see them that flat or that poor again this year.

  46. “Theres a weakness to be expoited in the derry keeper role ”

    That was said by mcguinness prior to him taking the donegal job . Just saying

  47. @tsudhonim.who are you in real life. Your gaa knowledge on all things and all counties seems to have gone through the roof lately. I’m picturing the blog version of the incredible hulk and imagine you turn green when you read the blog and come with all the info to keep us up to speed on everything. Keep it up.

  48. No big surprises there, rumours of McDaid being parachuted in miles off the mark.

    I stick with what I’ve been saying all along, theres absolutely no speed in that team. The half foward line especially with Darcy and Maher listed looks especially sluggish.

    Guys like Paddy Durcan (if he is fit) and eoghan mcL will have a field day.
    Maurice Brosnan reminded me that Durcan has been motm in the last 4 galway/mayo game. They cannot live with players like him who are rapid.

    Sticking with my Mayo by 5 prediction

  49. I see any number of stand tickets are now available on ticketmaster for anyone who needs them!!

  50. @FrostTHammer: Interesting to see Tierney make the bench. Wouldn’t be shocked with any of Tierney, Sweeney or Molloy coming in before throw in to give them a little more legs in that middle third. Though they might try to stick with power so toss of a coin stuff.

    @No doubt: Haha, the ‘pseudonym’ isn’t hiding a known name or any experience, so nobody you’d know or recognise. The height of my sporting accomplishments were making a Féile semi-final in MacHale Park (where we got beaten off the park by +20 points) or an u14 Division 4 league win. I’ve just come in to more free time to watch games and talk nonsense, so you’re unfortunately having to bear the brunt of it. 😉

  51. @tsudho
    I just noticed cathal sweeney on bench, yeah I’d say he will be bought into start as he offers more mobility than a few of that middle eight.

    Tierney is obviously a good player but have never yet seen him perform well against mayo, i don’t see him starting and having to chase Eoghan mcl up and down the field on his first game back.

    I’d say sweeney in for Darcy.
    Must be tempted to bring in molloy though, he was badly out of form in the league but has speed

  52. @Supermac: Yeah. Tierney would help them go after our restarts with another fielder, but I’d be more worried about Sweeney which suggests you’re probably right and he’d be the most likely choice. Especially with the lack of sharpness too.

    Wouldn’t be shocked with O’Flaherty either. He’d help park the bus if that was the plan (him dropping back to let Kelly & Daly sweep) and give good pace for driving out on the break. Probably be the most worrying of the lot, but as much for the threats on the spectacle as for the threat on the result.

  53. @supermac Lee Keegan pretty much confirming in his article from yesterday we’ll be without Paddy

  54. Expect a couple of changes to that Galway team – it does lack pace as a few have said. That is why we need 2 of EMC, PD, EH on the field in my opinion. Paddy by all the sound bytes appears out with everyone else available but all that will be confirmed soon enough. I will be sticking with my earlier prediction to of a 4 – 5 point win and no goal conceded. Weather looks good for Sunday calm and sunny so shouldn’t influence the game to much.

  55. I take that back. He’s named in the starting 15. Diarmuid and Eoghan on the bench

  56. @TsuDhoNim

    Sweeney is the one that jumps out at me – he had a decent league, and got a few goals IIRC. Question marks over his fitness, given he missed the Sligo game. I could see him starting instead of Comer tbh.

    My gut tells me that PJ will start with the shawl – Galway’s injury profile suggests that they will struggle if forced to chase the game. They can’t afford to let us build up an early lead. The stats though tell a different story – the Galway defence have quietly racked up 5 clean sheets in a row – so there’s an argument that the defensive improvement with a shawl would actually be pretty negligible and wouldn’t match the loss of scores further forward. And here is where the draw might start playing tricks on poor PJ – group 2 is setup for building towards a climatic showdown with the Dubs – which kind of suits Galway more than us – they’ll most likely get players back over that period, we’re more likely to lose guys through injury imo

  57. Wowzers, a full strength panel, strongest mayo bench ive seen in a long long time.

    No excuses now

  58. @Leantimes thanks!

    Geat to see Diarmuid back on the bench he makes such a difference to any team! Also great to have cillian&paddy back to.

    I also think teams need to be a bit battle hardened going into championship to… Thats why a lot fear the ulster teams as it’s the hardest province to come out of in saying that as I said we are well able for them!

    As others have said we have no exsuces now other then a good win on Sunday.

  59. Wow full deck appears to be available – great stuff. Who starts may change though, but just noticed Carr is missing

  60. No,neither our players or management get a single Euro in payment,but hopefully looking at the forecast crowd in Salthill we will be able to afford a few euros to give our players and management a decent B and B and possibly a little towards their training and mach day expenses,after all without the players there would be no money,I would suggest that perhaps Ashford castle,or Ballinhinch would be comfortable,I expect a really tough game,with Mayo coming out on top by a point of two,whichever team wins will be expected to progress to the final

  61. @,tsudo, I suppose what Brolly might’ve been suggesting is Harte never took stock of what was occuring on the pitch, and perhaps that was most alarming considering everyone else could see Derry were beaten at every breaking ball scenario.
    I’m of the opinion Derry will beat most in their path and will be seriously close to winning Sam especially if they avoid Dubs until final, assuming they both don’t fall foul beforehand.

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