Mayo Football Podcast episode: recently on the podcast

In our first highlights show of 2024, Rob and John take a sample of voices our Patreon club members will already have heard on the Mayo Football Podcast over the last few weeks.

On this pod, Rob Hennelly talks about his hopes for the year, Colm Boyle lists the players who impressed him in Mayo’s recent FBD match against London, the London manager Michael Maher reacts to his team’s surprise win in that game, Billy Joe Padden reminisces about his pre-season days when John Maughan was manager, while Colm Boyle explains why this period of the year is so crucial for fringe players trying to break into the panel. We wrap up this pod with extracts from interviews with Mayo LGFA manager Liam McHale and Mayo manager Kevin McStay.

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26 thoughts on “Mayo Football Podcast episode: recently on the podcast

  1. Just to correct some misinformation being peddled on different threads,no Mayo season tickets went on general sale.Ourselves and Limerick the only counties still fully subscribed at the cut off date of Jan 14th.Dublin ones did go on general sale but are gone now.
    Although it seems like a few didn’t renew (I considered it myself) it seems those numbers are greatly exaggerated.

    Opinions are subjective but facts are facts and I think it’s important to call out nonsense when it posted.I hope that’s OK WJ.

  2. FW they went on general sale through clubs yesterday. And based on Ticketmaster link received are still available.

  3. @Gizmo,
    I can’t speak for the clubs but as I mentioned in OP there are not on general sale on TM.I have checked every morning including this morning as I have friends who want them.
    Even though the value is completely gone out of them the demand exceeds supply in Mayo and Limerick.

  4. FW tell them to contact their Club for link if they are members. The CB respectively asked link not be posted on social media.
    You can buy up to 4 tickets per person.

  5. From conversations had FW there’s a few hundred available. I am guessing when other counties put them on general sale as you rightly described it, and Mayo didn’t, Mayo CB probably opted out of that option and went through the clubs first option to reward volunteers, which is fair enough.

    When the 2pm deadline passes Wednesday, what’s not been taken up should be made general you’d imagine.

  6. @Gizmo – Any indication on how long after the deadline they will become available on TM?

  7. FrostT I’m only guessing they will do that when other counties posted theirs on general sale.
    If club members hoover them up it won’t happen, but as it stands it looks like I can go in now and get 4, so they must not be moving to fast so general sale could be a possibility.

  8. @Gizmo Cool. Thanks for clarifying.

    It’s something I actually feel strongly on – I’m not a Club Member and there are certain things Club Members should be entitled to that I am not.

    If they do reach general sale, I would consider snapping one up. Long term I want to be going to more games in person – and an AI final ticket is powerful motivation.

  9. Looking forward to next weekend.
    Things fairly quiet relating to our squad as we haven’t seen any of them yet..
    Cillian o Currain kicked 10 points last night so I’d imagine he’ll get a chance during the league.
    I think with Flaherty and Oran Burke we’ll have good competition for goalkeeper.
    And with Silke , Molloy, and Sean Mulkerrin back we should be stronger at the back.
    In relation to the Dome last night it gave the entire development panel a chance to see what level they need to get to in relation to fitness and conditioning, something for the majority of them they may never get to.

  10. Tuamstar, was he playing for NUIG alongside Ryan and Tommy during the week? He looks like he has a bit about him.

  11. @Tuamstar

    Do you think Joyce will play the Sigerson guys in Salthill?

    It’s McLoughlin I think with NUIG as well, who looks a serious prospect – I’d nearly go just get a decent look at him TBH. He will beat us by himself some day.

  12. Gizmo – I’d imagine that whatever about the 15, we’ll at least have one or two playing Sigerson to spring from the bench – Ryan, Tommy and maybe Frank Irwin? I think Sam Callinan and Bob Touhy would be freshers and I’m not entirely sure what I’d do with them.

    I was doing similar maths in my head wrt to Tralee and Omagh. I think we’ll probably put a stronger 15 out in Tralee – we put the foot on Kerry’s throat last year. Would be nice to keep it there. We saw how much confidence they can gain just by scraping past us in ’22.

    Omagh – I’m not really sure what to expect, but then sterling and British prices might make it more affordable. And it’s also a nicer time for a day trip.

  13. Frost… hard to say but I think he will name a strong team..
    I’d expect , Mc Grath, mulkerrins, Silke, Daly, Molloy, Maher, Conroy, Heaney, Tierney, Walsh, Comer, Finnerty all to play some part next Sunday..
    Sean Kelly still carrying a knock

  14. Mayonaze 20 / 21 I think..
    He has massive potential however he has had a few injuries which has curtailed his career.
    Went to Australia before Christmas for trials and I’m unaware what the situation is now.

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