Mayo Football Podcast episode: Revisiting the Connacht final

Last Sunday’s defeat to Galway has left a lot of Mayo people looking for answers.

So we asked Billy Joe Padden and Colm Keyes of the Irish Independent to join Rob and Mike to reflect on the match, Mayo’s performance and some of the main talking points.

They look at where the game was won and lost, talk about the downside of Mayo’s ‘safe’ approach, assess the tactical battle and examine what Mayo could and should have done differently with Damien Comer.

They also look ahead to the All-Ireland Group Stage and talk about where Mayo’s season might go from here.

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203 thoughts on “Mayo Football Podcast episode: Revisiting the Connacht final

  1. This match had echoes of the Cork game last year…failure to see it out from a winning position.

    You have to ask has management brought anything new or dynamic to the set-up. I don’t believe they have. Our forward play is slow and lateral and fellas are recycling the ball in front of the posts when they should be shooting e.g. MacLaughlin and Callinan in the first half on Sunday.

    This is also the second time in a year that AOS has been taken off when needed on the pitch- last year against Dublin when he was winning key ball.

    Look at what McGuinness has brought to Donegal!

    A shake up of the team is required particularly in the HF line. Perhaps Tuohy at FF?

  2. Surely some simple and blatantly obvious calls would help going forward and stop being so stubborn when you’re wrong.
    Play Eoghan McLaughlin on the left only, none of the nonsense seen last Sunday.
    Stop wasting Sam Callinan as a man marker. He’s not great at it and his talents in the half back line are being ignored.
    Against elite inside forwards play a bloody sweeper.
    If a player is being destroyed by his marker, change him and don’t allow him to become a hero with 8 points.
    Try and put some logical thinking into your substitutions because it’s not fantasy football.
    Look at your own management team and see who’s at fault for a plethora of bad calls in all aspects of our play and take them to task.

  3. In the name of God why o why can we not teach the players how to put the ball over the bar from 20 yds. This is the same for 50 yrs of watching.

  4. Reply to Brendan Clarke, the man that can put the ball over the bar was on the sideline ie Paul Towey.

  5. We could well end up with huge regrets for those final minutes on Sunday.we have ignited Galway’s season and putting huge pressure on our management and players.The mcstay/rochford method has been a failure so far .i think the shake up has to happen in the management set up .Liam McHales reasons for leaving are becoming more and more obvious.Paul towey is a consistent scorer at club level but has found it difficult in our method of play.If we continue as we are this season will just fade’s extremely difficult to pick out any positives from Sunday

  6. Sombre tone but can’t say I disagree with much of what’s been said. McStay can say it was just a one point loss, but it’s not just about the scoreboard. It’s about the manner of the loss – we were in a winning position and let it slip. Again. There was a lack of leadership on and off the pitch. The build up play was laborious and the finishing abysmal. We are playing absolutely boring football with a very limited group of players and that truly isn’t going to win us anything, that is quite clear now. It’s obvious the aim this year was to win Connacht and they couldn’t even do that.

  7. Good Darragh O’Se column in the Times today. Focuses on our kick out issues in the last few minutes on Sunday, and the need for this management team to get a big win in the coming weeks to get out of the ‘doghouse’ with supporters.

  8. Aw that poor little kid in the pic still wants his autograph though.. Ah jeez!

  9. In fairness reapes restarts were generally ok maybe one or two too close for comfort but if you continually have build an attack from so far back it will catch up on you have to have the option of going long otherwise it’s all too predictable .in reality the management came up with nothing new to break down Galway’s predictable way of setting up against us because if Stephen coen circling in and out of their square was it then it has make you wonder about this great hand that we were allegedly hiding all year

  10. There wasn’t all that much wrong the last day .
    It’s great to look back hindsight now and say about this or that but paddy Durkan is the heart of the team he was missing as late as Friday evening so things changed.
    Paddy is the only player whom we have who would make any team in the country .

    We will learn but step by step.
    The next day v Cavan we can play more ball players who can break the lines .
    Diarmuid, Loftus and Tuohy should all be vying for the 8 and 12 jerseys . Carney will be under pressure to keep his starting position .
    Flynn might need a rest or maybe he blew out the dirty diesel but either way if he’s not ready for cavan play one of the boys.
    Coen did alot of good work, mchugh was superb and Sam needs a little help when on top forwards that him release him to 6 .
    Coyne will be under pressure to retain his Jersey and I think hession would thrive in that role again it will be dependant on hess fitness.
    Matty s a cert and whether you put coen or diarmuid beside him is fitness oriented.
    Halfforwards, Boland let game by him but he should learn and deserves start.
    Flynn and Carney don’t work together as well as midfield for championship games, need more pace and only 1 of them for championship.
    Mchales a score getter but never often enough on ball.
    Inside line deserves to start again and cillians getting fitter so that’s good news.
    The loss of carr is big news and bad news as we have no all rounder like him who can be physical yet score on the run .
    I’m not going into the Towey debate as I don’t belive he is the answer and had plenty chance to prove himself before this but each to their own .

    Team v Cavan
    Sam….. Mcbrien……Coen
    Loftus…….Boland…….Eoin Mac
    AOS………..conroy …..ROD

  11. Has anyone a breakdown of the results by county of Connacht championships won? Mayo have 48 Connacht titles and I was under the impression Galway moved to 49, one ahead of us on Sunday. However graphs and images I’m seeing online have Galway on 50 and Mayo on 47.

    I hope the “experts” aren’t just looking up Wikipedia.

  12. Outside of the boot I think the most people seemed to know Paddy wasn’t going to feature well before Friday.

  13. We were the better team. I looked back at the game and identified a few things. We were ahead on all stats apart from frees conceded but we also had more wides and a few players shirked shooting. A few of the frees were completely unnecessary especially McBriens belting of a player on the ground in a 2 v2 where we were about to get a free or disposes the lad and also Sam having done good work not diving in on Walsh on one of those runs eventually lost patience and fouled. Coen though normally very disciplined also hit a lad a belt in a scoring position for a free that ended in a finnerty point. A few were ref errors too including 2 of their last 3 points and inexplicably pulled back for a free no one could see on a breakout the time PJ lost the plot over free taken from the wrong place. Ref also pulled Rory for over carrying when in trouble but he’d hopped and soloed several times so that one was wrong too.
    I disagree with posters on McBrien marking Comer. He did well for good stretches and Comer did not score 8 or even close, scored a few and won a few frees much like Tommy C for us. He did turn McBrien too easily for the goal chance. No one else could have come as close to minimising his damage. I can see some merit in the sweeper as Galway had 2 of them. I didn’t like Eoghan Mac on the wrong wing but he did well especially on turnovers.
    The other issue is kickout options down the stretch. The ball should have been kicked nowhere near the Galway goalie for one of those, that was his exact reason for coming out. We had Tuohy on, why not bunch and run or isolate him on a shorter player and play it to him. Also not enough runners for Reape to aim at. I’d be less critical of management than most regarding forward system. AOS was playing well inside and out but many here say he can’t last 70 mins so what do ye do? Can’t imagine Tuohy having the same influence over 70. Maybe McHale as a scorer but not a corner forward. Several times forward play was good, just not all the time. Over reliance on one system can be fatal and we don’t do that. A few tweaks like improving the tactic of occupying the sweeper could add a few % which is all we’d need. I’d settle for narrow victories against Cavan and Ros, neither are pushovers. With the Dubs there’s always the chance we ambush them like we did Kerry last year. The one have us with a week’s rest advantage. If we don’t win the group it’s a long shot unless we get lucky because of the week on week schedule.
    Galway hung in and had their spells, got their reward in the end all credit to them but we were better and lost. We need to plan more for tight finishes.

  14. Any official updates on Carr and Durcan ? McStay in the last update I heard all were training so is it that Paddy wasn’t chanced but was close to return. I think someone mentioned last week Carr just didn’t make the 26 but is available.

  15. @yew_tree: Yeah, you nailed the problem. The Wiki is off on the 1910 Championship (a 1-3 to 0-4 win for our lads back in the days of the beautiful game before we started this defensive craic).

    From Connacht GAA have this following the ’18 Championship when we were tied on 46 wins a piece –

    Galway: 1900, 1902, 1911, 1913, 1917, 1919, 1922, 1925, 1926, 1933, 1934, 1938, 1940, 1941, 1942, 1945, 1954, 1956, 1957, 1958, 1959, 1960, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966, 1968, 1970, 1971, 1973, 1974, 1976, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1986, 1987, 1995, 1998, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2008, 2016, 2018.

    Throw in wins in 22, 23 & 24 and it puts them on 49 (vs our wins in ’20 and ’21 leaving us on 48) as you mentioned.

  16. James carr had op on his knee this week, won’t see him for a while , paddy was deemed close hut not close enough.
    If in doubt wouldn’t play him v cavan

  17. @Thedarkyfinn: Maurice Brosnan had some –

    Carr out for a couple of weeks – “James Carr had a knee procedure today following assessments by the Mayo Medical team for a meniscal injury. He will commence rehab shortly and we look forward to his return in the coming weeks.” Comment made yesterday so ‘today’ would have been Tuesday 7th you’d imagine.

    In the same article Durcan was expected to be fit but failed a late fitness test which suggests he’ll be available again for Cavan.

  18. Agree 100% with you JoeG, we need to stop making heroes of lads.

    It was Paddy Andrews who said it on his podcast, Dublin had an attitude that whatever happened they wouldn’t let the other teams big players beat them. If they were going to lose, it was because someone else stood up not because the lad they’d heard about all week scored 6 from play.

    I’ve made this point before and it still sickens me. Before the 2012, 2013, 2020 and 2021 finals, Murphy, Brogan, O’Callaghan and McCurry were the danger men. All four won MOTM.

    Baffling that we never have a proper plan in place.

  19. On the plus side, we did well with retaining possession from our long and short kickouts, one of two scary ones. We also regained possession from Galway kickouts.
    – we failed to convert possession to scores.
    – indisciplined, in managing our 3 point lead we gave away frees from scramble positions. Galway didn’t have to work for their win, we put it on a plate for them.
    – tactically, we are very predictable, slow build up, cross field passing, reliance on wing half backs to overlap wide. It’s just same old same old.
    – we need to get more from some established players. If they are not performing on the day, substitute them

  20. @ unstoppable, yeah I heard that from Andrews too but it was Gilroy who took the poseurs on that Dublin 2010 team to DCU and sat them down to tell them any crest thumping or ego tripping and you’re out. One brilliant forward I don’t want to name was sent packing for not subscribing to the new concept of a “team”.
    Relating that to McStay’s approach might be moot, but I’m sensing he’s afraid to upset the men in the boardroom. He just appears to be holding back when it comes to letting lads have a pop outside this mythical scoring zone the pundits refer to.

  21. Who is responsable for our defence, they never got near Comer or Finnerty in Salthill never mind tight mark them or hit them a few belts or even shoulders. They stayed behind them all day and let them get every ball sent in uncontested. It wouldnt happen in underage ladies football. Mayo backs need to tackle the forwards like Tyrone did to Kerry a few years ago, begenning to look like final season for current Management unless they change tactics and game plan big time. Galway should have been beaten with ease last day.

  22. Thanks for the injury updates ! not to bad if both are back in full for the Dublin game

  23. Does anyone know how much were tickets for last year’s round robin series? Season ticket holders are getting the option to buy a 3 game package for 50 euro, which is fine as long as terrace tickets aren’t 15 euro each. As a season ticket holder for over 10 years I am getting used to being screwed over more and more each year so I am just predicting this may be another scam. Apologies for calling it the “round robin series”, we all know it should be called the “Annual GAA Summer Fundraiser”, as playing 28 games (when you include preliminary quarters), to knock out 8 teams that were never going to win the all ireland in the first place, is just a way for them to raise money. Hopefully I am wrong and the 50 euro package is good value compared to buying single tickets.

  24. Honestly think we should try starting with cillian and finishing with aido .

  25. Sean – how about start both and move Tommy out. Cillian looks ok fitness wise but losing a small bit of pace for cuteness

  26. @On the Border: “Sam Maguire Cup games: Adults £22 (€25); OAPs and students £18 (€20); Juveniles £5 (€5). All season ticket holders will be given the option of purchasing until the Wednesday before the game.” – Cahair O’Kane last year –

    Not disagreeing with the basic premise, the pQF in particular is certainly there for the revenue generating potential rather than the PR spin of ‘avoiding dead rubbers’, but there’s a big upside to the increased Group Stage games for the players. That would always be my personal priority, so I’m ok with it.

    Hard to ask lads to train their guts out from November to May for the joy of a couple of Championship games. When they know they’ll at least have 4 and depending on where they find themselves even up to 6 or 8 without ever making Sam/Tailteann finals it becomes far more sustainable, gives room for development & improvement and gives them a more valid return for their huge levels of commitment.

    For years, we worried about top teams (Dublin/Kerry/Tyrone and even Mayo in our prime) pulling away from the rest. Having those minimum number of games is essential to the likes of Leitrim, Sligo or Cavan/Down on closing down those gaps.

    Glancing nationally or even just at underage (where the round-robin format has been in minor for a while) we’re already starting to see some fruit from the extra games. Difficult to quantify how much is better management/players and how much is the games aiding development, but I’d well imagine talking to any of those managers nationally or lads playing in Carlow or Longford looking forward to a few competitive Championship games they’ll all sing its praises.

  27. Probably better not to revisit the Connacht final.

    Same old story just a different year,
    Squandered a lead late in the game.
    Not changing defenders on certain players
    Not shooting on sight of the posts
    Wrong substitution calls and at the wrong time.
    A new one, conceding many easy frees.
    Player selection, a left footed wing back must be on the left flank.

    Sure, we will see this again in the next few games.

    I honestly would prefer if the players said to themselves, right lads we are going to change things around for the Cavan game, attack from all angles, shoot from distance, use a target man with high ball in close to the goals.

    Basically all shackles off for the next 3 games.

    Just give us something different, I always think managers overthink things, this is in desperation in trying to stop the opposition from playing, man markers, we hold the ball as it means that you don’t have it.

    It’s scores that win games not the highest percentage of possession.

  28. TsuDhoNim, it is a good point, and some of the lesser teams are making limited progress, though it’s not reflected in the 8 teams in div 1 of the league. It’s an amateur sport and there is a limit to the number of development games you would want given the commitment needed by everyone in a county panel, imo.
    Take Cavan as an example, do they really want all those ‘development’ games. There is also the case for students going to America and having something like a normal college experience.
    I’d scrap the championship or downgrade it to an after Christmas warm up, seed teams on basis of finishing positions in league, and go straight into group stage….

  29. Jees lads that podcast was dour!! I think ye should only bring Billy Joe on after a win anymore!

    I don’t think this team has a chance of winning the all Ireland but we knew that in January. We lost by a 74th minute long range (debatable) free to a team exactly at our level. Man for man, they’re possibly a better team. In Finnerty and Comer they have inside forwards we just don’t have. If Mayo hung on or won by a point in extra time the whole narrative would be completely different, which means it’s classic Mayo over reaction. On the topic of Mayo not being able to see games out, it just doesn’t stand up to scrutiny. Arguably McStay’s two biggest games where it was in the melting pot Mayo saw out the win with cool heads. Galway in the league final and Galway in an actual bloody knockout game in Salthill last year!

  30. @Ontheditch: I’d say Cavan definitely do, probably more than most given the stage they’re at in their current project.

    They’re not far from competing for Ulster, the displays against Tyrone & Monaghan showed they’re in that conversation already, but they’d still lack the experience against the top teams to expect to be beating a Donegal/Armagh/Derry/Tyrone on the big day (they can, but the belief they will is the next big step for them). Give them big Championship days against a Dublin, Roscommon & a Mayo and they’ll be all the closer to hitting into action next year making that step up (especially with the challenge of doing it without their talismanic forward).

    Remember this year even their manager has a coach in to help coach him in managing (Eamon Murray of Meath LGFA success). They’re still young, growing & improving rapidly there, so the more high level games the better.

    Fair point on total number of games required and totally agree with the proposed changes there. Cutting the lower limbs of the tree (the pre-season tournaments being replaced with the Provincials) rather than looking to cut the meat of the Group Stages seems the pragmatic move. Not sure what changes we’ll end up seeing, though, given getting votes to overhaul Provincials so difficult when it’s the Provinces themselves voting on many of the potential changes. An interesting few years ahead to see what the setup turns out like.

  31. We have too many nice footballers particularly in the backs.
    Need a few hard men.
    The Championship starts next week.
    What a difference a point makes.
    Better to have got the wake up call last Sunday
    I presume the Dublin game will be outside Dublin.

  32. @mayoman. We have to concentrate on beating cavan or roscommon first. If we lose both the dublin game becomes a dead rubber. Cavan and ros. will be no pushover. Everyone attitude has to change. I mean management ,players and supporters. As supporters we have to bring lots of vocal support to the games .

  33. That’s just a match report, Ken. It doesn’t prove anything at all. This is one worth digging into during the closed season!

    As others have already pointed out here the province is Connacht, not Connaught.

  34. Mayo didn’t see out last year’s league final and the knockout game in salthill with cool heads .we let Galway in for several goal chances at the end of the league final and as for the salthill game last summer the game ended in chaos with the ball flying around our penalty area and we scraped home by a point after leading by 5

  35. Jimbo know and realise about concentrate on the Cavan and Roscommon .May I say that Roscommon could give Dublin a shock in terms of beating them and maybe Cavan could surprise Dublin

  36. @Mayoman sorry have to disagree there there’s not a hope of rossies beating the dubs!

    @JR I’d definetly agree with you there my dubs mates often go to me mayo have great talent but are to nice and let a lot of other teams bully them around one thing about Ryan O D and probably Jordan flynn to they don’t let anyone bully them around the place!

  37. Dublin v Louth this weekend in Leinster final. As much as we all know the probable result there will be no date, time or venue selected until after this game is played. Where would the neutral venue be if Louth were to pull off the upset of the decade? Anyone for Croke park!!

  38. You could be right Clare when are Roscommon or Cavan playing Dublin ? Clare

  39. Cavan could surprise Mayo, or maybe that wouldn’t be much of a surprise.
    McHale Park will help them more than us. Hopefully we will see so more variation in our play, some fast breaks out of defence, players taking a pot from the forty and long foot passing up to AOS.

  40. Mayo will need to up their game dont be afraid to kick points from 30 or 40 yards out from the opponents goal. No lateral or backward passing anymore

  41. Cavan will put it up to mayo but if we can’t beat cavan we’ll then we may as well not get through sorry but we should be beating cavan every time.

    @Mayoman not to sure when those games are on!

  42. I cant understand why senior intercounty lads dont or cant kick points from out the pitch, I think its more of the dont. Perhaps the Galway U20 are exceptional kickers of the ball but in the match against Sligo they kicked points from all distances and angles but at senior level lads seem to develop the fear of the miss and keep recycling it for an easy chance leading to ponderous lateral play that is painful to watch. In my opinion ye had a number of scoring chances on Sunday but chose to not take on the shot and it cost ye in the end.
    I would like to see less handpassing and more kicking, same in hurling bloody ban the handpass altogether.

  43. So, this is my first post since the match last Sunday. Overall, the feeling is one of disappointment but it’s not a result or outcome that surprised me. I felt Galway might win. Just a hunch..their turn etc. I also thought they got more out of the league than us, blooding more players; improving fellas etc who for the most part fared well, beating Tyrone and Monaghan away. And I knew Comer was ready. I said it weeks ago here that himself, Walsh and Tierney would be back for championship with McDaid on the mend too. That win will give them a real psychological lift because they won without playing particularly well and they could start to hit form just at the right time. I know loads here rate them well down the list. I don’t (when they have a full hand to pick from). They could go very deep in championship.

    The fact that we lost; having dominated possession and where many Galway players underperformed leaves us feeling very deflated. Colm Keys says we’ve reached our ceiling. It’s understandable. Sure, we can point to Paddy out, Diarmuid not match fit and Cillian still to find his groove but when you stand back and weigh everything up have we progressed since last year? At the moment the answer feels like a ‘no’, but there’s still time…

    However our morale appears shaken. When you go through the team, what players do you really trust in championship when fully fit? Paddy, Diarmuid, Cillian and Ryan? Not many more if any?

    What players are better now than they were this time last year? Reape is progressing. McHugh definitely. He’s our most improved player. I don’t see any improvement in any of the other defenders? Hession gets a free pass as he was injured so long. Callinan is being played out of position but regardless has a good bit to go yet. Brick is clearly stuggling in the full back line and it’s hard to tell how good Coyne is. Has he ever really wrapped up a top forward like a Barrett would have or a Harrison? McBrien is decent but he wasn’t great last wknd. Coen is steady and you know what you get with McLaughlin but he can only play on the left!!

    Around the middle third, I think Carney certainly hasn’t improved. He just passes sideways and has zero influence in games. He just doesn’t dominate. Genuine question; has he ever been in the top 2 for MOTM over the past few seasons? I don’t think he has. He rarely features. I wish he would let the shackles off. Take risk. Move forward. Be more aggressive. It’s just boring and non-effective stuff from him. Flynn isn’t having a good 2024, granted injuries havnt helped. Bob was definitely more impressive in 2023. I’m not sure what’s happened him!? For a tall fella, he hasnt bulked out yet and he was bullied off the ball a number of times during the league.

    Up front, Boland always looks better in the league because you get more space. We actually have very few options up front. Carr looks at risk of missing championship completely. We rely heavily on ROD. Tommy is showing signs of form. Aido? Well it’s all been said before. Fringe players like McHale, Towey, Loftus will only get starts if others are injured or if shooting the lights out at training, which mustn’t be happening.

    So, we just aren’t improving. We’ve added very little. Defensively we are wide open, despite the fact we’ve not conceded too many goals this year. I put that down to a combination of poor shooting and good goalkeeping. Like, we gave Finnerty and Comer far too much space last Sunday. You’d really have to wonder what management were thinking (and I was a big advocate of McStay & Roch getting the gig). I just don’t see any innovation or plan that can win us a championship and winning is what the objective is regardless of what kind of sound bites are offered to media. The goal every year for the Mayo senior team is to win the All Ireland. Jordan Flynn in a podcast last winter said that’s what their ambition is. So how do management and players expect to do that playing the way they are. Setting up the way they are etc?

    When you have a squad of players ranked around 4/5/6th depending on who you’re speaking with then you need a plan. You need to be creative in order to succeed. Just like Jimmy McGuinness was in 2011/12 when he brought a team from mediocrity to outright success. (If only we had had him at the helm…!!) At the moment we are playing slow, lateral, predictable football. Very few of our squad can truthfully claim to being better in 2024 than in ‘23 with the exception of Reape and McHugh, and I’d give a pass to some others with long term injuries.

    Let’s see how things go. There’s still hope but nothing I’m seeing on the pitch offers too much. Just that feeling that so many of our lads are playing within themselves. There appears a lack of group tenacity when defending and an absence of any real ‘let’s have proper crack at these boys’ attitude. It’s just all a bit…..flat.

    Cavan are an improving side but if this Mayo team can’t beat them at home then they may as well start booking their summer holidays early.

  44. @The Maroon Rover, won’t happen but would be some craic to see Kerry v Dublin in Limerick. It’s neutral, or at least it was in 14.

  45. I’m sure it would be the third game as provincial winners play a runner up in that round.

  46. Not suggesting colm keys is wrong , im unsure and blinded by stone mad passion for Mayo football . What i will say though is the record these journos (not colm sprcifically )and experts have on predicting championships is nearly always wrong the last three to four years . Dublin were a write off this time last year . Galway would bate Mayo in salthil . 2021 journos swore down theyd near throw in the towel at making predictions if wasnt a kerry v dublin final prior to the semi finals . Last year was supposed to be the most open championship of all time any of the top 6 could win it ,ends up a kerry v dubs final . All im saying dont get too downbeat as if what they say comes with any more weight than tom down the pub .

    We certainly have issues all over the pitch that need improving , personally i think one of our biggest faults is for a team that is supposedly going safety first we arent going safe in the right places , ie putting a man in front of danger men like comer . You dont have to be football smart to see its a massive weakness in our defensive s et up , its just so obvious when playin a top team with deadly marksmen/man , sweep in front of him ffs it will limit the damage at least . Mcbrien should of taken the odd calculated risk imho and made a dash in front of comer , fook it ye have to go for it now and again .

    As for the pat on the head from finnerty , lest not forget . I hope we are not reverting to nice , we spent far too many years at that shite .

  47. Paul – what planet are you on? If you think you’re going to be allowed to post a comment here ever again after all those disgusting, unhinged and abusive comments you posted during and after the game on Sunday, you have another thing coming. Your input isn’t wanted here any more.

  48. @Mayoman: Roscommon face Dublin in Croker in their first game (weekend of 25th/26th), a week after we play Cavan (18th).

    Then Roscommon play us the following week in the Hyde (1st/2nd) on the shorter break, so it should give us a little boost there. That same weekend, Cavan will face Dublin (also on the shorter break) at home.

    Two weeks after those Roscommon meet Cavan & we meet Dublin, all played in neutral venues.

  49. Seán…what’s your take on players form though? Have you seen any improvement? We also look thin on options up front if anything happens to rod it’s curtains

  50. I dunno @Shuffly Deck, I’d like to think we were the better team but they had two goal chances to our zero. One was an excellent save by Colm and the other I’m not sure how it stayed out. Tbh on the videos it looks as though it might well have been on, or been a penalty to boot. If they had taken either of those clear chances they’re the ones ahead going into injury time

    We had 8 more possessions I believe and one point less. That tells me two things:

    1) Colms restarts were excellent and far exceeded his counterpart notwithstanding his heroics from frees.

    2) We’re not scoring half enough. For Galway to outscore us despite missing two clear goal chances off 8 less possessions is not on. Our score taking from chances needs to increase and if we’re not even creating goal chances we’re going nowhere in the biggest games

  51. Mayo player letting a Galway player patt him on the head. Unbelievable to accept that form of sledging without putting him in his box.

  52. @Mayoman, the Dubs will probably demolish Cavan, beat the Rossies handily and then it’s Mayo’s turn to try and halt the Dubs, if we are honest it doesn’t seem Mayo will be able to beat them, unless there are a few drastic changes over the next few weeks.

  53. I actually missed the patting on the head from finnerty… Well if anything gives our guys inspiration to come back from this..

    Still don’t think Galway will get passed the quarters. I think Derry will take them is well.

    We were the much better team just didn’t take our chances and fucked it up like usual in big games but finnerty very immature but what do you expect from Galway sure..

  54. @Stephenite: Seems to be a lot of talk about the lack of goal chances we created. I personally never felt it watching the game and thought we’d opened up Galway multiple times. The execution was slightly off so we never forced Gleeson into a dangerous save, but a few serious opportunities were there had the execution been a little sharper.

    – If Ryan plays the pass with Gleeson scrambling back it’s a great goal chance for Mattie.

    – Aido a clean pickup away from creating one on one of the restart turnovers.

    – Tommy a finger tip (amazing defending, but a fair touch of luck about it) from being clean through.

    – EMcL had a low % one that hit the defenders head/shoulder.

    Against a defence with the quality of Glynn, McHugh, McGrath (all at full fitness) along with Silke & Kelly a little below their best, playing a double sweeper, I’m not sure if I’d find that especially worrying stuff in terms of potential goal chances created.

    I’d have (and have spoken a fair bit about) issues with our points return and choices in possession, but thought we looked like a goal threat on multiple occasions. A number more where lads had decent mismatches if they’d stood up their markers and took them on, with relatively open road beyond them, but we looked intent on staying out of contact and avoiding the risk of turnovers in those situations so they tended not to get tested. Disappointingly.

  55. Still a fair bit of negativity on here. We lost a tight game, could have managed it better but did quite a few good things in it and Galway weren’t without a fair slice of luck.
    Focus on Cavan and see can we improve a few things and end game management. We shouldn’t be thinking much beyond incremental steps forward.. What would happen if we picked up a big win in one of the 3 games, would the same people so negative now flip the opposite way like England soccer fans? .We’re about top 8 but with plenty of those teams in a tight bunch. Focus on improvement and see where it takes us. Skill wise maybe even outside top 8 but with some serious athletes so anything can happen in any game. Would like to see new stars emerge or older indeed lads on the fringe like McHale or Loftus get a surge of form as they will see game time. So far the most likely relative newbie bolter is McHugh. Paddy should feature in some of these games. I’d like to see O Hora in for Coyne or Bric at least in one of the first 2 games. Got. no chance the last day.

  56. TsuDhoNim, thanks for the fixtures update.
    Cavan will realise one win will probably keep them in the competition and will definitely be targeting the Mayo game. It makes for a decent test, but we are crying out for a change in tactics, faster more direct breaks out of defence, giving us a chance to create goal chances. Slow build up and over-recycling will be the death of us

  57. @TsuDhoNimh

    All of those are at best half chances though, and mostly through opposition mistakes. The Tommy one wasn’t a goal chance really, if he’d have broken the tackle he’d have tapped it over surely.

    The restart turnover where Aido hesitated and Ryan non-pass to Mattie are their keepers glaring mistakes. Good pressing and pressure perhaps but 90% down to them making a big error. Compare that with their two goal chances, one a dinked ball in and the other a give and go sycthe through the middle. And much better quality chances at that. Our half openings came from errors, not good build up play

    Eoghan’s rash shot was a dash down the field from a turnover and shoulve been popped over the bar similar to Ruane about 5 mins earlier. Goal wasnt on at all. I know McLaughlin has scored some nice goals in the past but I’ve never got the impression they’ve gone in through any consistent execution or anything, they’ve just happened to end up in the net. To be honest I’d be directing him to always take a handy point option if I was in control

  58. I think this should be the team assuming everyone is fit.
    1. Colm Reape
    2. Donnacha McHugh
    3. David McBrien
    4. Enda Hession
    5. Paddy Durcan
    6. Sam Callinan
    7. Padraig O’Hora
    8. Stephen Coen
    9. Matthew Ruane
    10. Diarmuid O’Connor
    11. Ryan O’Donoghue
    12. Jordan Flynn
    13. Aidan O’Shea
    14. Tommy Conroy
    15. Cillian O’Connor

    I think that’s a strong team. Cillian has to start for me so we’re not over reliant on O’Donoghue up front. O’Hora has something to prove after last year and when he’s on form he adds so much toughness to the backs, which mayo needs. I’m not convinced of McLaughlin, i think he would be a great impact sub though.

  59. One thing for sure O’Hora won’t be taking a poodle patt to the head…. there’d be consequences!

  60. It’s amazing the narrative after such a tigh game which beforehand many were calling 50/50. Galway win by a point and the media and their fans are now getting excited. “Galway are back” They are possible contenders. Meanwhile Mayo are finished.

  61. Still fuming over some of the management calls on Sunday but as usual I can look forward with a certain amount of optimism. Not if we are to make the same mistakes again but hopefully Kevin and co will review the game and be honest with themselves.
    O’Hora is a favourite of mine but similarly to other lads he shouldn’t be judged on being hung out to dry at corner back against a top corner forward with zero protection. O’Hora is a half back and should be judged as such. Same with Callinan. Play them in their best positions because not everyone can adapt like Lee Keegan tones roles.
    Can we turn fortunes around? We’ll yes we can if we’re honest and logical. Some of you might remember leaving Tuam after the 1995 Connacht final in utter despair at the way we lost to Galway. I think it was John Melvin in his post match summary that said Kevin O’Neill who was just breaking through would be at the end of his career by the time Mayo were able to compete again. Enter John Maughan with new ideas and a year later we were Connacht champions and on our way to the All Ireland final. We were in a worse place after Tuam 95 than we are today so it can be done but management need to be brave and inventive.

  62. @JoeG I was in Tuam that day. Dreadful. But yes, I agree exactly with your last line. Mayo need to brave and inventive because otherwise I can’t see us going anywhere. Take risk. Take a chance. Try something different.

  63. O’Hora for me can only play if we do a sweeper system (when defending without the ball). This I feel is where we would get the best out of him plus it could be a final piece in the jigsaw to give us that water tight look in defence. We cannot have him in a 1 on 1 defence set up history tells us that.

  64. So true, Yew Tree. Brings to mind the quote from Charles Dickens in Great Expectations, where Mr Micawber muses about income and expenditure, noting if you fall narrowly one side of the line the result is happiness whereas if it’s the other it’s misery. A one-point win sure masks a lot of shortcomings while a one-point loss exposes them to an extremely harsh light.

  65. @JoeG agree 100% on O Hora being a half back, same with Callinan. But the problem is that pretty much all of our defenders are half backs. Galway had that issue in 2022, but to be fair they have added McGrath & Fitzgerald who are fairly comfortable back there. We continue to shoe horn lads in because they are deemed good going forward. Eventually you get found out.

    Our midfield is full of players who are pretty much all the same player, big men but not huge men, mobile but not particularly pacey (except Ruane). And not exactly Fenton in the air. We’re not very well balanced.

    We have continually struggled to close out games under this management. Armagh, Roscommon league 2023. Louth, Cork, Galway championship 2023. Galway championship 2024. Usually a team decides to push up on us & throw caution to the wind & we are all at sea. Reape got his kickouts away on Sunday late on but we put ourselves under so much pressure by going short & inviting pressure on. We simply have to address this because we were well able to win kickouts long almost all game. Maybe hold a Flynn or a Carney for last 20 mins, or both.

    This cautious possession football is strange. We pack our team with half backs & middle 3rd utility players, but we still leave our full back line exposed. The “extra” players we commit to our attack are offering basically nothing except clogging space & bringing more players into an already congested area.

    Get the balance right in the team. And throw off the shackles.

  66. its crazy the difference in analysis of both teams after Sunday. It would have been great to win it, Mayo went out to win, but it doesn’t do much harm in losing it as they wont be getting carried away like the Galway ppl seem to be. Supposedly Joyce got all his decisions and subs correct, that’s bull, cause they had to make 2 subs in first half, Comer played the full game and Walsh came on early and yet they were still 2 down in extra time, the decision they got right was to take Walsh off the frees and put Gleeson on them.
    Mayo were to generous to them in the defence, Mayo played a bit conservative while also not playing very defensively which is strange, D O Connor being back will help the defence as he is very good at reading when to drop and is a very good tackler. Hopefully the defeat will give Mayo a kick up the hole, esp the management, and stop the safe football approach as its leading to players passing up scoring opportunities trying to get certain players to kick them. If you are on a county panel you should be well able to score from 30/35 yards out, and majority of the players there already do this for there clubs so they are well able to.

  67. A couple of observations from Sunday and one of them in particular has been mentioned a few times already and that’s the lack of aggression / passion.

    Two things jump out at me. One was the Brickenden pat of on the head. I couldn’t believe it and could only imagine what would have happened Finnerty if he had done that to someone like Boyle or O’Hora. I remembered what O’Hora done to Walsh a few years ago and he fairly quietened him.

    The other was from the sideline. Just watching McStay standing there so passive and observing. I used always complain about Horan walking up and down the sideline with head down but at least he would let the odd roar or fire a water bottle. Absolutely no emotion from McStay to fire up the players.

    No point getting to worked up about the tactics at this stage. Its clear that wont be changing. Its all about trying not to make a mistake / lose possession and safety first is the protocol.

  68. @Stephenite: “All of those are at best half chances though, and mostly through opposition mistakes.”


    Wouldn’t even suggest they were as high as half chances, all lowish odds at best given the difficulty of the steps we failed on and then having the finish itself beyond that (even clean through 1v1 with a keeper is surprisingly only a 60-70% chance of a goal unless there’s a second player available to lay off to).

    Most came from turnovers or mistakes alright, but that’s the nature of the beast the way the two sides setup. Galway set up with 12 behind the ball + keeper with double sweepers not to give away anything soft (shown time & time again as a great way to beat us) and we set up 2v2 at the back in order to try and force those mistakes with more pressing higher up the field.

    Personally, I’d love to have seen us drop back the sweeper so they weren’t getting the time & space for their clearer cut chances. We’d have been ceding some possession and control of the field, but dramatically reducing the risks at our end and potentially helping unlock the door at their end with more opportunity for hitting them on turnovers or fast breaks where they weren’t back in set defence. With that not happening, the pressure and forced errors exactly how we’d have hoped to get goals – though against a blanket like that you really want to be winning from the longer kicks.

    Eoghan always (correctly IMHO for his skill set) goes for pace & power on his shots, and has put plenty of those ‘non-consistent’ ones away for both Westport and Mayo in recent years, so will never be high % but well within his abilities. I’d be totally fine with him going for that one. It’s probably a 20-30% hit for him (this one did look to be going wide before the deflection on TV) with the point being ~70-80% for him (not a natural snap kicker in tighter spaces, so lower than it would be for others). Given what a goal does to mood & momentum, it’s worth a little more than just the 3 points. A risk worth taking if the expected returns are anywhere about even for me.

    The Tommy one is entirely subjective, so a totally fair stance thinking he’d have popped that over. I’ve still vivid memories of him burying a beautiful goal for the 20s with the same stutter hop inside, so that could be tainting my expectations on this one. If he was planning on the point I’d have expected him to open the yard with his pace out wide to the right and dink it over. Once he looked to go inside, I could only imagine him going straight for goal. That could certainly be my inner corner forward talking there rather than my head.

    If you were to give each an expected 0.25 xGoals it’d still come to an expected goal in that game. When you consider Galway’s setup was mostly to deny goals, I’d view that a fairly decent return. At the other end, despite the two great chances (and a third good one) that would still probably only come to an 1.8-2 xGoals or so. Amazing for Colm to keep a clean sheet against that, but not a world of difference from our own given how differently the team’s setup and the risks we choose to take (not defending those risks, think it was clear in the first 10 minutes we needed some tweaks back there).

  69. I remember the kind of fly on the wall documentary that was on tv where they did programne on the Roscommon senior team when McStay was manager. It showed one of his talks in the dressing room before or mabye at ht in one of the Mayo v Roscommon games in Croke Park.
    I said watching that at the time that it didn’t come across very convincing and you wouldn’t exactly be breaking down the dressing room door after listening to McStays pep talk. In fairness to him he is not that type of person – but someone needs to bring more passion/drive/intensity/pace into our play. Someone on the sideline or on the field has to change the mentality. We are way too passive, too nice. We need to up the aggression, intensity, pace.

  70. I was pleasantly surprised with Eoghan McLaughlin last weekend.
    Generally when he returns from injury it takes him a few games to get back to full speed with his basic skills.
    He wasn’t perfect in this regard but it bodes well for the rest of the season.

    I wouldn’t be as damning as others about playing him on the right hand side – I’d imagine either management thought there was a vulnerability there that needed his pace. Spare a thought for the Cavan management who won’t know which side he’ll feature on.

  71. @southmayo exile

    I agree in relation to the passion. I’ve always said Kevin comes across as a lovely guy but would I rather his personality or Brian Cody’s on a sideline? Cody all day, McGuinness and O’Connor the same.

    People point to Jim Gavin as showing no emotion or passion. Difference with him was that he didn’t care. If someone didn’t do what he asked he just dropped them. Did it to Connolly multiple times. A different style of ruthlessness but with the same end result.

    My fear now is that passion and drive is badly needed on the field, and let’s face it, in the stands too. But our style of play is killing the fans just as much as the team.

    I really don’t know if Mayo fans can tolerate 2 more years of sidewards backward passing. I certainly won’t be able to.

  72. Im glad people have touched on the narritive since sundsys one point defeat . People amaze me how they go all in on certain counties . Galway players have a higher ceiling for improvement etc , ok lets say i accept that narrative but if these bucks mcdaid , comer , walsh ,kelly blah blag are so good where are their big scalps , have they even ever beaten kerry or dublin . From a supporters perspective /braggin rights etc , we always get it in the neck about aido , cillian etc having no winners medal . Im ranting i know but it seems certain counties like Galway get s free pass from critisism , theyre hardly starting out in their careerrs either .

    Id give my heart and soul to have another cut at them this year . It would be the best thing next to winning sam to knock them out in 2024 .

  73. We need to get Sean into the Mayo dressing room before games and at half time!

  74. Passion on the sideline is baloney. You folks are clutching at things to complain about. Lots of the best managers are calm and thoughtful – that’s when you make the best decisions. You want passion on the pitch.

    O’Hora would bring much needed aggression to the full back line but against the best players he gets just as roasted as Brickenden, so it makes no difference. I’d rather O’Hora as a sweeper than Coen though as he brings energy to the game, rather than taking it away. Also, O’Hora is an out and out wing-back anyway. This is for me Mayo’s best 15 players, with a balance in each line.


    Callinan McBrien Hession

    McLaughlin Durcan McHugh

    Ruane Carney

    Flynn Boland D. O’Connor

    Tommy Aidan Ryan

  75. Mad, all the talk about personality and passion, but if you look @ Davey Fitz, him beating crest before every sideline ball won. Does it make your team win, i dont know. Alot of passion great, but can you make correct discision when in the heat of battle, that the key. Only thinking about Tyrone Mayo All Ireland final, Tyrone had pushed up on us for alot of that game, we left 3 forward in side in forward line, in that game ROD, TC and AOS, with a acre of room to kick into, how many times did we kick it in, not many if any, we had a plan A, and had no way we were changing it, no matter how Tyrone set up. Tyrone looked at us all year, and change there style to beat us, we done the same as we did, all year. Now James Horan possible a bit more passionate than Kevin, but if I could see this from Row Y, in Hoganstand, guys on field and management need to be able to make discisions, and play whats infront of you. You could see, that that match was there to be won, couple of discision went against up in closing mins, that you cant blame managment for that. I would say bring AOS off as early might have been an mistake, however COC did score a good point when coming on. Missing Paddy Durcan was also a loss, cant imagine Shane Walsh, making such a impact after half time, if Paddy on Field.

  76. Carlo Ancelotti an calm manager, but also a successful one. Sorry for bring soccer into conversation

  77. I predict a big response against Cavan and maybe its the kick in the backside we needed from Galway. I also predict Derry will put Galway back in their box.
    The safe lateral approach is just that and is not going to win us Sam. Management were again slow to react to what’s going on on the pitch similar to O Hora v Dubs and the same preordained substitutions with Cillian for Aido. I cannot believe this is the same Rochford coaching we witnessed in 2017.
    No innovation or risk taken whatsoever.
    The latest Pod was maybe accurate but was downright depressing listening to Colm Keys and Billy Joe saying that we should just accept the mediocre position in which we lie and have nothing to build on. Surely if Galway lost they would be similarly written off over the kick of a ball
    We have the same opportunity as the 15 remaining teams and we need some ” Jim Mc Guinness” style confidence in ourselves if we are ever getting over the line. If not now… when. We have the Marquee forwards in ROD & Conroy and a decent bunch of footballers. I would much rather see the team go balls out for it and lose every game, than to suffer anymore safety and possession.
    Maybe we just need some Belief and a dash of Swashbuckle.

  78. @mayotillidie.even without soccer we have examples in the gaa as i said on another thread. Harte, Gavin, farrell and plenty more all calm on the line.

  79. GBXI

    Fair point about managers need to be calm to make the right decisions, and players need to be passionate on the pitch.

    But the big issue is that we are calm on the sideline and still making the wrong calls. Players are lacking a bite which is both on themselves and management.

    Joyce was jumping up and down putting pressure on officials throughout the game and no doubt put pressure on Gough at the end. Those are the dark arts that our experienced management team didn’t make.

    Joyce also made big early calls with two subs on in the first 25 minutes. It’s a balancing act but it’s becoming clear that we aren’t getting the balance right.

  80. Im not buying the managerial passion stuff either , Joyce and his sidekicks were ott on sunday . I actually thought padraig let himself down with the connacht medals dig at Mayo players . You could come to the conclusion that Galway are not that sure of themselves at all , all seemed a bit ott . Was it 2016 they were out on the mchale park pitch singing the fields . Perhaps thats their ceiling after all the talk , lol.

  81. Think us as supporters need to up our game, we badly need a ” Come on you boys in Blue” style anthem especially for the big championships days out. The ” Mayo Mayo ” can only go so far or so long.
    Often wondered would the Green and Red do the trick as most supporters know it backways. Maybe just first verse repeated or something catchy. Would unite the support and lift the lads on the pitch.
    I know the effect the Dubs singing in Croker has on me and we have nothing to hit back with.

  82. Media love in for Galway is in full swing, they’re back, we’re gone.
    Despite them winning by a point after several controversial refereeing decisions.
    I’m fully aware several decisions went our way as well, but the ones that went galways way at the end left us very little time to respond.
    Galways celebrations, players and management, suggests it meant to an awful lot to them – which is great… but what does it say about their further ambitions?
    I don’t think we’ll be going too far with out ultra conservative approach to attacking play, but I don’t see how Galway are ahead of us by any significant margin based on last Sunday.

  83. Time we realised our present full back line is just not good enough, not their fault none of them are recognised corner backs and our best full back only player there once in over a dozen games. Playing halfbacks on the wrong wing again not the players fault. One midfielder now back in form thank god, the other just making it there after plenty of chances. Half forward line not really not shooting the lights out either,, good inside line but ball not going into them early or often enough with result they have to move out field to get possession. Good Management should see this ,there is plenty of them on the line, maybe too many to make right decisions on time. Having said all that we are not far off and with bit of luck and right attitute from players and right decisions from management we wont be far away.

  84. I know your comment is tongue in cheek Sean but I actually thought Mayo people on this blog let themselves down by sneering at Galway celebrating their win. In general, the celebrations are great to see – it shows teams rate us and see it as an achievement to beat us. Imagine it was like Munster. Sean O’Shea nearly looked embarrassed to collect the Munster trophy.

    Mayo players need to bottle that hurt and bring it with them into the Cavan match.

  85. Agreed Culmore we are not far off. But a bit of tweaking needed, but is the line able to see this? God knows there’s enough of them there.
    I’ve said it quite a bit but I think moving Ryan to 11 would make a huge difference to our forward play. Ok, Fergie can sometimes shoot a couple of long rangers but you need someone to bring players into the game from the chf position.
    He will pick up his share of breaking ball and (not withstanding missing Mattie on Sunday)he can usually make the right decision on the ball.
    If we had him and Diamuid on h.f.line we become a totally different proposition….imo.

  86. I think people here myself included were slagging Galway for their celebrations is because of the countless times we were told ‘all Irelands are not won in April /may etc’

    But it’s alright to go mad celebrating once Galway win a connacht.

    Hilarious how the media love is back for Galway and we’re finished apparently as others pointed out to.. Typical!

    @culmore agree also we really aren’t that far off you’d swear Galway beat us out the gate is well the way are going on.

  87. The reaction to Sundays result is because the manner of it .Those of us who were at the 96 final final and replay have very bad memories of how we failed to close out both games and there has been quite a few more instances of that over the years.Galway aren’t any better than us but psychologically there is a huge difference between winning and losing by a point

  88. I work alot in the Galway area and believe me 70 to 80 percent of the Galway people would be delighted to see the back of joyce and had no time for him and it’s amazing how all of a sudden he’s up there with jim Gavin.

  89. @Brian: “… and they’ll only get better once they get more minutes into those returning players”.

    Commonly said but nothing about that a certainty. I’d suggest “they’ll only” is very much a “they might”.

    McDaid, Kelly, Tierney and Walsh (hard to know how Silke is with his fitness, potential for him too) have lots of room for improvement on individual performances as their fitness returns. Plenty of room for a drop on that performance they achieved as a team in spite of those lads upping their games though.

    Comer played his best game in years, possibly his best ever. Maher his best I can ever think of. Glynn, McHugh, McGrath and Finnerty all getting close to their best. That’s 6 key lads, all hitting close to peak. You’re normally happy to get 2 or 3 and usually only get 1. There’s potential there for improvement but the likelihood of them getting that many playing that well again (and hitting opposition having an off day to allow them) and especially for it to be the key men like Tierney, Walsh and McDaid along with a Comer or Finnerty is quite slim.

    Potential for improvement as the lads get more fitness back. Lots of potential for a drop in performance as lads just don’t manage to hit those 8/10 or 9/10 performances.

    I’d love to have another pop at them this year (not only as it’d mean we’re in a Semi or a Final). Can’t for a second see the lads lacking the same bite, determination or fight (in the playing sense not a disciplinary one) given a second bite, or making quite the same tactical slips again. The lads will be hurting more from that result and the manner of it as any of us are. I’ll fully expect a strong reaction.

  90. I’ve asked it on here before and I’ll ask it again. What is our obsession as a county with being patted on the back? We absolutely crave being praised.

    People need to realise a lot of the general love for us is gone after 2021, we blew it that day.

    Fair play to Galway being talked up, they’ve just done a Connacht 3 in a row and won a game we were desperate to win. For all the talk about us being this and that, we’ve only won two Connacht titles in 9 years.

    We’re also as far from winning an All Ireland as we’ve been at any point in the last 15 years. Galway, on the other hand, are a lot closer now than they have been at some points in those 15 years. So let them have the lime light.

  91. Unstoppable , who knocked Galway out of the championship last year ?

    Look idgaf about Galway really , just annoys me slightly the way theyre talked up a lot after doing little , i used to join in as a piss take but got bored . Like Derry they have it all to prove . Lets see how they go i suppose .

    As for Mayo , they might surprise a few yet . We are still in it like the other 15 teams . Hope the supporters can come out and get behind the team . Lets show a bit of pride and get as many as we can to mchale park . When your back is to the wall after a disappointing result like last sunday , the next show , the next punch is what its all bout , where your true colours show . Bring the colour , bring a roar ,show them we are behind them , ffs what are ye made of at all . When we played donegal in super 8 , when loftus scored that screamer v derry , thats the roar we need back in Castlebar .

    I know im ranting but its really bugging me the lack of passion in the crowd lately , even if you dont feel like doing it , just scarifice five mins of awkwardness if this how it feels for what might help reignite our season .

  92. That’s fair Sean, and we did it in 2020 and 2021 too!

    But Galway went into an All Ireland in 2022 and played with their chests out and could have won a game very few gave them a chance to win. In 2021, we folded. I live outside the county, am involved in a club with people from all over so I know what the outside view is like.

    We were the big talking point for 10 years but people get sick of you and move on to a new toy! Derry, Galway and Donegal are the new fad.

  93. @unstopable did Galway let us have lime light when we were in finals/semis…

    It’s not that I want a pat on the back for mayo but the constant praise that galway get and go to being serious contenders again after winning connacht is ridiculous tbh. Galway have done nothing to prove so far they are serious contenders it is annoying how they get so much praise after not doing a lot.

    Still think we will go far in the championship we always come back and beat one of the big guns nearly always will it be the dubs as I said wouldn’t surprise me.. But all focus on cavan and I hope there’s alot of support there for the guys!

  94. Galway were written off by every pundit in the media prior to the game and were 2 points down in injury time so naturally the win sparked some great scenes and the likelihood its the only trophy Galway will win this summer.

    Galway got to an All Ireland final 2 years ago and turned up on the day and just didn’t have the bench to get the win so naturally there’s a bit of chatter about the team if their best players can keep fit as the panel is certainly a bit deeper then it was in 2022. Who are these pundits tipping Galway to win the All Ireland? I haven’t heard any, have heard some say its a more talented Galway team then Mayo which to some Mayo posters stings badly.

    Who knows Mayo may go on to win this years All Ireland and nobody could deny you deserve one!!

    Don’t worry if as expected Derry beat Galway then the same pundits will be putting the boot back into Galway.

  95. I get what you’re saying Sean, but, if managements messaging to the players and the media is all “nice” and “non-confrontational” then 100,000 roars is not going to be able to lift them.
    I can guarantee one thing, if Galway had lost that match Joyce would have ripped Gough a new one, and he wouldn’t have given two shites about who he offended. McStay on the other hand said that we could just have easily won by a point as lost by a point, and that Gough was the best ref in the country!
    I’m sure the players are hurting more than we are, and if we beat Cavan and Galway lose to Derry then the entire narrative will shift again. But I cannot for the life of me understand those who are fairly lax about losing to Galway and comforting themselves with the fact that it wasn’t really a knock out game. The fact is that when it came to getting down and dirty and fighting for the win, we got outfought. The facts are that Galway have now won 3 in a row while we have only 2 in 9 years! I also cannot understand the “we go again” B.S. because we are not learning from our mistakes. If we were then we would not have collapsed for the 3rd time in a row in a championship game once the heat came on, e.g. Louth, Cork and now Galway.
    A big, big response is needed otherwise this season will go the very same way as last season.

  96. McGrogan gone for the year for Derry with a cruciate so he’ll be a big loss to them..

    Also I to would love to meet Galway again this year, and maybe it could be used as motivation to the team. While both are still in it the chance is there to meet again. In sport its amazing what a small focus point can do ‘we want another crack at them to put the record straight’…

  97. Looking forward to the Galway Derry game.
    My gut tells me Galway emptied the tank to win on Sunday.
    But it will also be interesting if Derry can penetrate the shawl.

  98. We’re a very insecure people imo
    And I feel that was what cost us on Sunday.

    For my money when playing against very defensive setups:
    1.) we need to play a dedicated shooter, either Cillian or Towey at present.
    2.) a dedicated defensive 6 – McBrien has been the guy so far this year.
    3.) do we really need two dedicated man markers in Callinan and McHugh against these kind of teams.

    It’s hard not to feel like a combination of being completely blindsided by Comer starting and Walsh not, and a little insecurity around our system cost us. Going man to man was brave but it ended up leaving too much space in front of our fullback line and the wrong men, Coyne and Callinan getting on the ball too often. This team plays best when we dictate which of our defenders stay back and which go forward.

    I expect we’ll be fine against Cavan simply because we will know exactly how they will setup, and hopefully we will trust the process we have been working on all year. 3 championship games and David McBrien has played in 3 different lines – he’ll be in goals for Dublin if we keep it up.

  99. I cannot understand why people are bothered about the media hyping Galway up or talking us down. Couldn’t give 2 shits.

    It’s up to us to PROVE we are a contender again because we haven’t been anywhere near it since 2021 & that’s a fact. We’ll get talked up when we deserve it

  100. Nice Guys Finish Last was the headline Colm O’Rourke used after we lost the 89 Final to Cork. McStay played for Mayo in that final and it seems that you could also use that headline for Sunday’s defeat to Galway and for a fair number of games going back over the years.

    I like McStay as an individual but all this niceness and unwillingness to offend anybody needs to change if he’s going to get anywhere as a manager of Mayo. Joyce would have been apoplectic if Galway lost and would have given Gough both barrels, absolutely no doubt about it.

    Mayo need to toughen up and bring a bit of doggedness to the table.

    Two images from the match sum up the approach of both teams. Finnerty’s pat on the head for Brickenden and Conroy coming out and flattening Ryan off the ball. Go figure !

  101. Tribes – welcome aboard, it’s always good to have contributors from outside the county. You’ll see, though, that I’ve edited out bits of your comment. Just a word of advice – it’s not a good look to include in your first comment a charge about bitterness or to attack unnamed contributors as delusional! Aside from that, though, what you had to say was grand.

  102. @TsuDoNimh

    I think .25 xg or expected per those chances is very high considering Comers one on one is probably only .55 expected or something like that but overall i love that type of analysis, thank you for the informative post

    @Clare, Galway were lambasted for much of the last year, hence why Joyce had such a reaction. You can hardly complain about a media love-in with them for the past 2 days when they’ve had 12 months straight of negative press?

    They’re the last county not named Dublin or Kerry to be in an All ireland, of course they’re (outside) contenders. If they’re not, who apart from Derry are?

    @Unstoppable, Spot on. The insatiable appetitie for outside praise in this county is nothing short of cringeworthy. We can’t complain about others getting national praise when we lap it up so constantly after every victory. Didnt Parkinson say one time when he was on the pod that he laughs when Mayo win because the next days pod always gets the highest number of listens. Says it all

  103. A cynic from Roscommon I work with hit the nail on the head when he sniped at Mr McStay’s diplomacy in regard to the ref last Sunday…he knows he’ll never be welcomed back to RTE as a pundit if he does a Brolly and speaks his mind. There’s a lot in that, and his long term plans must include a plush gig on the RTE sofa.

  104. Tribes – Every pundit…really? From the chatter I heard and scene the vast majority were saying it was a 50/50 game with most going for a tight Mayo win. I reckon that was based on the semi final performances and possibly the league result between the two. And so it proved to be a one point win…this time for Galway.

    Galway do indeed have a more talented team more specifically better forwards than us but then again Galway fans were saying that 6-7 years ago. Ultimately Galway like Mayo will be judged on the All Ireland series.

    I don’t think we are in the conversation, most Mayo fans know that. We may get to a quarter/semi final of things fall right but that’s our ceiling for now. Galway’s may be higher but has to be proven yet.

  105. It has been reported in the Examiner that the Mayo vs Cavan game will not be broadcast live. Is that really true?

  106. People always say that Galway and Roscommon have “better forwards” than Mayo yet they always get knocked out of the championship before us and it will be the same in 2024.

  107. @S Cawley: Yeah.

    Kerry v Monaghan (15:00) and Galway v Derry (17:30) the two games being shown Saturday evening on GAAGO. Nothing for Mayo v Cavan or Cork v Clare. – GAA Fixtures page does an excellent job of staying up to date with coverage in the week or two before games. Just glance to the right hand side of the teams to see which/where games are covered.

    First time we’ve missed a Championship game on TV/stream since Down in ’19. Hard to complain too much given how much we’ve been spoilt.

  108. Anyone know what’s the craic with the Minor football. I assume we (Galway) are out and Mayo and Roscommon will play in the final or is it more complicated than that. Does the round robin complete with top two teams playing the final or is there a semi final.

  109. You’re not out yet, Chesneychet! By my reckoning if we beat Sligo and you beat Leitrim then it’s a Galway v Ros semi-final. We’re already in the final.

  110. Well,it has given agreat opportunity to all the critics to vent after losing by a point to a very good team,the narrative will change again when we beat Cavan and Roscommon which we will,I always thought that Galway would be a very tough test,but we could just as easily have won,up Mayo

  111. Ches, my understanding is that 1st gets a home final versus the winners of a semi final between 2nd/3rd in the group. There is one more round of fixtures to go. We play Sligo, away tomorrow I think

  112. Thanks lads, its a funny competition but Mayo look like they have a good team and must be favourites this year. Ye have young McDonald who hopefully has a great future ahead of him. I’m always watching for a young Donnellan to appear for us.

  113. @unstoppable, yep I agree with what you say. Any remaining goodwill toward Mayo evaporated after our no-show in ‘21. If and when we eventually win the country as a whole will be happy for us (bar the usuals) but there’ll be plenty who’ll sneer even then.

    But the goodwill has dried up not just outside the county but in it too. I know plenty in Mayo who felt so extremely let down by that performance in 21 that they just couldn’t go back or needed a break and many haven’t been back to many matches since. These are people who were fervent supporters for decades. I think it’s very unfair and wholly inaccurate to brand all as bandwagoners (like in Neil Ewing’s piece in the Indo last weekend). Sure, every county has plenty of them (Galway in particular – ask any real Galway fan, their numbers generally aren’t big!). I know numerous Mayo people who supported the county religiously for decades ahead of that 21 final. There’s still a lingering anger and resentment toward the players for what happened v Tyrone that day and this feeds into the lack of enthusiasm and the relatively muted support since then. Some can’t agree with that and I’ve seen plenty on here say people need to move on and get over it, but I get it. I’m not over ‘21 and I don’t mind admitting it. I’m not over ‘14 or ‘96 either to be honest.

    Not everyone recovers from stress/deep disappointment etc equally and it’s very difficult for people outside Mayo to understand because what we’ve had to endure is unique. No other county has had 13 All Ireland Final matches since ‘89 and not won any of them. That leaves ridiculously deep mental scars and I genuinely know people who have stepped away from attending Mayo games for the sake of their health. People might scoff at this but I’m serious. I’m not even certain that even winning one (a fourth I like to remind people from elsewhere!) would make up for all the damage done. Of course it’d feel like heaven and would be celebrated like none other; like some intense communal release of emotional baggage, but I think we need more…

    All of this has fed into the psyche of craving affirmation; of having a sensitivity toward how others rate you. We are way too conscious of remarks by others. Like Joe Brolly gets an awful lot of stick here. I actually think a lot (not everything) he says has some merit. But I don’t want to open up that debate here. The point I’m making is that we care way to much about what others think. We’re the Jan Brady of the GAA world when we want to be Marcia and that won’t change until we win our 4th title.

    When I was in The Hyde three weeks ago, I can’t ever remember a smaller Mayo crowd and I’m going to games since the mid80’s. Sometimes a county needs a few years in the doldrums in order to reignite the passion amongst support. Look at Donegal in 12. It was brilliant support.

    But yeah, the Mayo support does need something to latch on to. Some fire in the pitch or even in the line. We just aren’t getting anything on the pitch to get the pulse racing. Its all very boring. It’s crab-football

  114. With all due respect have predicted we would struggle against New York which we didn’t and that we would hammer Roscommon which we didn’t and that we would beat Galway which we didn’t so hopefully you might be right this time although most people would agree that we will beat Cavan and Roscommon.have you any prediction for the Dublin game

  115. @Chesneychet: Along with the results needed (defeat for Sligo and a win for Galway) there’s also a +8 score difference to be made up for Galway to overtake Sligo (drew on the H2H). Sligo currently on -5 and Galway on -13 so might come down to the last kick of the ball in both games type of thing to see who joins Roscommon in the semi. Hopefully we’ll be doing you a favour there and put in a decent result in our game.

    Just to make it even more complicated this year… there’s Tier I, Tier II & Tier III to minor All Ireland Competitions this year following Connacht.

    Tier 1 is the two provincial finalists into the QFs for the All Ireland.

    3rd (losing semi-finalist you’d imagine) will go in at QF stage and 4th (you’d imagine the shield winner, 4th vs 5th from the round-robin) in at the pQF stage of a Tier II All Ireland Competition.

    5th place (again, you’d assume the loser of the Shield game) will play-off with London for a place in the QFs of the Tier III competition.

    So wherever any of the sides finish, there will be at least one more game for them to be involved in. No harm, at that age every additional game is helpful for some development.

  116. @Mayonaze you are spot on there agree 100% 21 was just to much for a lot of us. I totally get it I still remember the tears rolling down my face…

    21 broke us and hence why we’ve not had a sniff of even a semi since yes we’ve had greats go like mullin & keegan.

    I still think we will get there again maybe not this year a semi would be massive but I totally get why some of the support has dropped I know some mad supporters but since 21 they can’t bring themselves to go near Supporting like they did before even though they always check
    scores etc.

    I to think fire on the sideline is a big thing to let’s see what happens as I said still think we will go far and I’m sure the guys will dust themselves down and come back again like we always do expecting a big reaction! (hopefully!)

  117. I would luv it if posters stop going on about 2021. 2021 is over and cannot be changed. I get depressed when I think about it and really want to concentrate on this year and help to support the team as best I can. I think we could have s great year yet starting with the cavan game. I think the minors will go a long way as well.

  118. It’s a good job the players – who put in all the hard work and suffer a lot more in defeat than we do – haven’t given up like some supporters or we would have no team at all or be operating in division 4.

  119. I don’t think it’s all to do with 21. Probably a lot more to do with the kind of football we’ve been playing. I remember travelling to Castlebar for a league match from Maynooth against Tyrone. It was 6 or 7 years ago and saying on the way home, I’m not going to cross the country again to watch this shit. It wasn’t Mayo’s fault at the time, but we’re just as bad ourselves now. That type of football was never the Mayo way and I hope it doesn’t continue. McStay asking for the Mayo roar was a waste of time when we play like that. The team and supporters feed off each other. When the players give us something to get excited about, the roar will come naturally.

  120. I think it’s a bit of both those elements Nephin/Mayonaze.

    The hundreds of Mayo fans who gave up their season tickets this year allowing them to go back on general sale reflect that (and the diminished value of same).

  121. Yes Gismo. I gave up mine last year, due mainly to the health not being what it was and the reduced value of it. We had 3 here almost from the start and went to most league games and all Championship unless family circumstances didn’t allow. Then there was the issue of recorded attendance, especially in Castlebar. All walking in together and two scan and the other doesn’t. Then try ringing CP season tickets, you’d have better chance of getting an answer from a politician.

  122. It’s been well known here in Galway that this is our weakest minor group in some time…
    On the Galway Derry game of course Derry will be overwhelming favourites, but I’d be hopeful of another improved showing…
    Mayo should bouce back v Cavan, anything less than a win would be disastrous.

  123. It’s a few things but it’s not just a 2021 hangover , we’ve had many an upset noone is turning their back on their Mayo team.
    It’s current economy hoe can you shell out so much money when it’s scarce .
    It’s a big wad of cash for day out and as per the Blackout in English soccer on a Saturday, it’s alot cheaper to watch the game on TV.

    Saturday evening in Mchale Park, real summer football, sun high in sky, family day out the supporters will be back but as Maxsimus said are you not entertained and truth is no were not .
    This team hasn’t the same connection to fans as the teams of old .
    The game has changed its not swashbuckling keegan Boyle, mcloughlin , Doherty driving at teams , aerial fielding of Parsons and Seamie, chest crunching tackles of Barrett , the game is now passive , a basketball like game without the series of high scores, lateral slow mondain game and its not as appealing.
    Mayo fans aren’t bandwagon people how dare some flute who played for Sligo say so only to make a name for himself .

    The fans will come to cavan game and show up but they need that connection need to see this team are willing to die on their feet and then Mayo supporters will vote with their feet and be there but its dour, next game Roscommon who will slow into a slog fest , whereas watch rugby, soccer , hurling there’s entertainment, gaelic football needs to take a look at itself and it’s not just Mayo who’s suffering, kerry had no one at a munster final, dubs not supported like one time

  124. I think Derry will be made favourites against Galway but I definitely don’t see them as overwhelming favourites. Maybe slight favourites. They know very well themselves that Galway are a bit of a bogey side for them.

  125. In many ways it’s a bigger game for Derry. Lose and their season is as good as over. So for me, there’s far more pressure on Harte than on Joyce. Galway can afford a narrow defeat and still continue with the ‘we are waiting for our top players’ to find form/fitness etc. The only situation that Galway would find difficult to bounce back from would be if they get tanked by 6/7points or more but I can’t see that happening at all. For me it’s a 50/50 game that’ll go right down to the wire.

    Derry will be hoping Donegal lose on Sunday. Whereas I’m fairly sure Galway would prefer to playing Armagh given what happened last year.

  126. Regarding the earlier conversation about mayo loving being liked by everyone where is this notion coming from. I haven’t seen any mayo banner or fan requesting to be liked in all the time I’ve been following the team. With all that’s played out over the last 12 years in getting to finals and big mayo support attending games and gathering in NY partying it seems to me like the media built up this mayo like to be liked nonsense and any dislike we show to Galway has been there for years and years and has nothing to do with the last few years and also when we have a blog like this it’s almost all mayo opinions and i suppose it can get inside the head a bit and seem like us against the rest at times. To follow up on @seanBurke regarding the free pass for Galway in most things another example would have to be Shane Walsh. Let’s imagine him in a red and green jersey and tho he had a stormer in the 22 final could you imagine the shit that would be thrown at him and how he couldn’t get the team over the line and not rated as a player unless he wins sam and all this crap yet that’s what been spewed out about our crew for years.

  127. Great post Mayonaze, agree with everything you said.

    @No Doubt, you only have to see this blog or twitter if anyone says anything negative about the Mayo team or a Mayo player. Even if the criticism is fair, we are up in arms about it.

    Look, I just want us to concentrate on winning. I don’t care if its rotten football. I’m sick of leaving Croke Park after another loss.

    I’ve said it before, I’d refer to be in Meath’s position in the 80s and 90s – hated by everyone but with four All Irelands to show for it.

  128. Lots of doom and gloom here about Sunday’s performance – no bottle, Galway a better team (an accolade that was roundly rejected here when we beat the Dubs with the last kick of the game in the league), our style is crap. Oh and our manager should be imitating Joyce on the sideline.

    Overall, we were the better team, and I’d be confident of winning if we had to play Galway again next Sunday. We didn’t put them away – we didn’t drive on when three ahead, so they always had a chance. But I really like the way we recovered when Galway reeled us in and went a point up in the third quarter. That looked worrying and I felt Galway might cut loose. We showed great composure at that stage, took control and we’re back in a winning position. Gough’s decisions were terrible and cost us.

    On our style, we’ve no other option… we attack and we have to be patient, and unfortunately that can be boring, but if we try to rush it we get turned over, and are at the mercy of lethal counterattacks.

    Cavan game is winnable, but don’t expect a statement performance- they’ll park the bus.

  129. I think we were over cautious in the first half.
    Sure the Ref made mistakes for both teams, but McStay was correct not to call him out, it will stand to us in the long run.
    Most worrying for me was the lack of a cutting edge in our back lines.
    I think Derry will beat Galway easily.

  130. Don’t buy this Mayo are looking to be loved, the atmosphere and numbers at games will improve when / if the big performance comes. What erks me over the yrs is the snideness of some reporters commentators, Joanne C being the new kid on the block. Anyways we should have developed a thick skin to all that sort of stuff over the years.

    A lot of talk of 2021 being a turning point for supporters it definitely had an effect on a lot I would say but its probably more to do with exhaustion I’d say – we had over 10 great yrs but didn’t get over the line. The journey was enjoyed most of them years without us getting to the destination. The journey eventually killed us out…

    For me 1997 was the biggest loss, worst Kerry team ever (bar one genius player which we had no plan for). We missed points from less that 20yards that day. A friend of mine beside me that day summed it up perfectly ‘2 bad teams and the worst one won’.

    I’ll just try and enjoy the games as they come along. Cavan will park the bus but are missing a key player so should win but I always think these type of games are defined in the first 15-20mins. Go a few points up on them and they have to come out and play more but if its close to evens can be more of a slug fest. That’s the way I see Derry and Galway to, Derry missing a key player and Galway will roll out the shawl but believe Galway will be slight favourites for me

  131. I know PJ isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but he practically won is Sam Maguire by scoring 10 points on Darren Fay in an All Ireland final. Galway people live him, same way Mayo people love McDonald or Kerry people love Maurice Fitz. He might be cocky but that was him as a player too, he never hid as a player, he wanted the big day, the pressure free and he delivered for his club and county and indeed country.
    We did celebrate, it was a sweet victory over a rival. It was like Peadar Gardiner did to us in 09, sick way to lose but great way to win. People have to get that.
    On the positivity thing, even Comer is not fully fit yet, Walsh and Tierney couldn’t kick frees due to injury and McDaid could only do the warm up so the chances are they will benefit from the momentum in getting back to top form. It’s unrealistic to expect Galway people to be anything but upbeat this week.

  132. What were the thoughts of those at game on Sunday re split on the attendance – from my perch on terrace behind goals it looked like a 2:1 split in favour of Galway supporters….just curious.

    Anyway looking (positively!!) forward to prelim quarter finals, all going well we will finish second in our group. Galway’s neutral game will decide whether they finish second or third. I think the prelim q/f last year was especially draining as we were playing neighbours in their back yard and required a lot of mental and physical investment and indeed we had to start some strong older players who just hadn’t it in the legs and didn’t feature one week later. Should Galway finish third in their group then we will avoid that group and opponents then are most likely Clare, Cork, Louth or Meath. For sure all tough opponents but we would have to look upon these as really testing games but ones from which we should recover better from in the 1 week turnaround. And then a choice of Derry, Kerry and Tyrone as semi opponents.

    Of course there is a whole other road we could find ourselves on…..

  133. yewtree-But they were still tipping a Mayo win!! Unfortunately for Galway a few of their best players are injury prone, Comer & McDaid just can’t stay fit. All Mayo’s best players always commit every year too, only have lost players to the AFL whilst the likes of Cooke has opted out for the 2nd time in 3 years and Hernon & McLaughlin both went on an erasmus this year. Hernon started Galways last 3 year championship games this year. Hernon and Cooke would have played last Sunday. Mayo don’t have these issues, everyone commits to the cause!

    Mayo had a serious team for the best part of the decade, got to 6 finals in 10 years which is an incredible achievement for anyone bar Dublin/Kerry. Keeping that up was always going to be difficult and you just don’t have the quality of player to sustain that, not easy trying to replace multiple All Stars like Higgins, Boyle, Barrett & Keegan.

  134. Davy J.
    Galway scored 6 in that first half. Joyce set up 3 and scored 1 free.
    Galway scored 11 in the second half. Joyce scored 9, 3 frees and 5 from play, 3 left and 2 right.
    I’ve watched it a few times!!!!
    Let’s just say he had one of his better games

  135. @big Mike. He had one of his better games alright and kinda fitted it into 1 half. I remember him saying at some point afterwards in jest i presume he was afraid of being substituted at half time. I was there in 98 and 01 to witness our rivals win on both occasions and numerous times watching our own fail to get over the line so I reckon looking back on all these finals i haven’t left croker happy on any occasion.

  136. Ye are going back a good while for the last time a Connacht team won the football All Ireland.

    I was there too in 2001, at Joyce’s scoring end for the 2nd half.
    Pádraig Joyce best performance ever,
    This final ended Darren Fays career
    Very clever management by Galway in changing tactics for the 2nd half.

  137. I just listened to the Irish Independent GAA podcast.
    They rightly pointed out our lack of focus in attack,lack of a sweeper, lack of new talent on the team and our reluctance to kick quick ball into O’Shea,they also pointed out that he caught 2 balls kicked into him just before the was subbed.

  138. I think a big issue for is the pace of our attacks, its so slow and laborious. Its hard to see us scoring many goals the way we play. In GAA, goals are generally scored from quick, incisive play that creates space and moves the defensive shape.

    We have none of this.

  139. JR well I won’t be listening to that sounds pretty depressing I’d imagine if we had won the game wonder would media still be writing us off probably..

    In fairness to coen he did try kick a few kicks down to the forwards.

  140. @JR I’m sure they are good podcasts to be fair! I’m still a little deflated after the loss so I just couldn’t take listening to a depressing one ha!

  141. No disputing that it was one of his better days, Big Mike – I just wanted to point out that it wasn’t 10 from play, as I’ve often heard over the years.

    PJ really was outstanding that day – I watched it from the Davin End. Tremendous display and, unlike many’s the Mayo forward over the years, he manned up to the occasion and seized the day.

  142. @Mayoman thanks! Ah I still have the faith just was a hard loss!
    But I’ve no doubt the guys will come back with a big reaction.. Cavan is a must win now in terms of mental confidence..

    @Bate the blanket not a hope Joyce will win the all Ireland definetly won’t do it this year anyways.

  143. Of course Joyce can win the All-Ireland as we are still in the competition. Mayo can also win the All-Ireland as can Derry or Kerry etc but the smart money would be on Dublin to win it again. I see them topping yer group with max points.
    I think the Cavan game is a season defining one for Mayo as the Rossies are capable of one big display a year and the money again would be on it being against ye. Lose to Cavan and ye are in serious trouble that’s why the Galway group is easier in the stupid 3 teams go through set up which is a joke really.

  144. @chesneychet so your pretty much saying that we could loose every game as rossies, cavan etc could beat us and we’ve no hope against dubs apparently ha..

    There’s no way we are going to loose to cavan wouldn’t underestimate them but if we loose we may as well book hols earlier I hear rossies getting excited all over the place saying they will cause the big upset against us and beat us in round Robin again can’t see it happening but maybe. V Dubs well we have beaten them before so there’s always a chance.

    It was crap to loose connacht espcially v galway but I wouldn’t like to be facing a fired up derry who have been waiting in the long grass since their defeat to donegal they are in the same position we were last year in waiting for kerry…

    Then it’s either armagh or donegal for ye I know what group I’m glad to be in now.

  145. @chesneychet

    I don’t really get your point, will Galway not be in serious bother if they lose to Westmeath?
    It was 8 points last year and 7 of your scores that day won’t be involved. Armagh beat you last year and Derry are league champions coming off a month’s rest.

    The Roscommon game is arguably more important than the Cavan, given they’re exactly the kind of team the Rossies have been struggling to beat in Championship, but in reality our season is now a 5 week build up to the Dubs.

    Absolutely no pressure on us now considering how “shite” our management team and style of football are. Cavan have a better defence and management than us and Roscommon have better forwards.

    You guys enjoy the limelight while you have it. Hurlers would appreciate the distraction.

  146. I believe that I was fairly correct in my prediction,I think that New York was close enough to a couple of goals,We beat Ros very easily,against Galway I actually said that I always travel to matches expecting to win,why attend otherwise?,I said that we would win by a point,so I knew that it would tough,I predict that we will beat both Cavan and Roscommon,I will await until we know who else we will meet,I have unlike some posters not got second sight

  147. Wicklow were hammered today – maybe Oisín McConville should have spent more time preparing his team than he spent on podcasts having a cut at Mayo…

  148. Our focus on what external sources say and think about us, kind of highlights points others were making about want of external validation earlier in the week.

    Some big wins for Sligo, London and Leitrim. Wonder is the Leinster council still of thinking that football in the province is rude health…..?

  149. To be fair, Dublin are only predicted winners today ~97% of the time and only by an expected margin of ~13 points. By Leinster Football Championship standards, that’s relatively competitive.

    That said, after Antrim’s draw against Kilkenny and London hammering Offaly (Offaly predicted to win that one by more than Dublin are predicted to win today) yesterday… these things do often come in 3s. Stranger things have happened, just not many.

  150. Second sight I see,please give the respect to Louth that they deserve,we will cross that bridge when we know our opponents,not before,I just think that we can give respect to our on players and management,also to our opponents,after all they provide us with entertainment for no pay

  151. Correct Corrick our players do not get paid.

    At division 2 game here, watching last year’s junior champions. Struggling v a B team with no subs on their bench.

  152. B team with subs that is. Bofeenaun a fabulous setting but pitch right up to the gravel and corner flag in gravel is dangerous.

    Looking forward to Ulster final and Mayo ladies

  153. B team with no subs, last nights drinks showing. Hopefully Louth can put up some sort of show. Could be long day of Dublin are interested.

  154. Back to Croke Park for neutral game 3 anyone?
    Wishful thinking I know but….

  155. Maybe the dubs are scared of us – if this comment hasn’t aged badly in an hour I’ll be very happy!

  156. Fair play to louth putting it up to dubs yes dubs look uninterested and very off form maybe they will come back 2nd half but fair play to louth I thought they would be well out the gate by now the dubs shows they are not unbeatable and do have off days!

  157. 3rd quarter is often Dubs purple patch though. Let’s see if it proves so again.
    Nothing from them to frighten anyone so far.

  158. Can the Mayo fans please take note of both the keep ball nature of Louth’s play, and the similarity between Dublin’s style of play and our own.

  159. If McStay took the handbrake off and made a few changes, we might actually have a chance of winning AI looking at Dublin today.Out on there feet.Looking more like a winner outside Dublin/Kerry this year.

  160. Lots of people think Dublin are overrated and perhaps peaked too soon this year. They aren’t as good as the team of old and definitely aren’t unbeatable. The championship is open for a team to hit form and show some steel. I’m not sure Mayo have that edge required or the ability. The evidence suggests we don’t. (I’d love to be wring!!!) Galway still best placed from Connacht, in my opinion. Bookies and most ‘pundits’ would agree. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if they beat Derry next wknd. That defeat to Donegal might have damaged them more than many think.

  161. Apologies to the posters with second sight,but I have great admiration for Louth,also to Clare last week,even Galway exceeded expectations,but for sure I haven’t seen anything to worry about from a Mayo point of view,but please learn to respect the opposition

  162. @Achill75

    Louth played without a handbrake last year and lost by 21.
    This year they kept it on and got it to 4.

    Everything I saw today suggests management have the correct approach. Keep the ball, don’t kick ball inside (which we should have learnt from the opening quarter of our league game anyway), and take your chances.

    The only thing we don’t appear to have learnt yet is to trust our process and not pay heed to the “man on the blog”.

  163. Respect the opposition Corrick? They’d need to learn to respect their own side first.

  164. @Mayonaze I think Galway are in for a drubbing next week, not sure Derry were too interested Ulster this year.
    It would explain why they kept letting the goalie going forward.
    Harte is a very shrewd manager.

  165. Fantastic display of how it should be done in Ulster final by both teams. Fast direct ball, scoring from distance rather than over and back..

  166. Corick, agree not sure much external of county that should overly worry us. Horan got this squad (less Keegan) with less experience to AIF in 2021. The biggest thing to worry Mayo is themselves if we continue to crab over and back, play players on their wrong side and make preordained substitutions regardless of what’s happening in front of the eyes.

  167. Well we don’t know if our lads can kick scores from distance as they are not allowed try.

  168. Incredible display of long range shooting from Donegal and armagh here, Turbitt and Gallen especially.

    I have serious reservations about Mayo having the shooters required when they come up against deep lying defences, its a huge worry

  169. I certainly need anything to worry us this year,I believe that we can win Sam this j

  170. I am seriously impressed by the over and back football today from all the counties,I believe that it will pay dividends for Mayo

  171. Just wondering, does each County in the 4 groups need or must submit their choice of game venues for the 3 games, ie, similar to the names of the match day 26 need to be submitted.
    Can any club Official shed ligh on this?
    Surely the home and Neutral venues cannot be the same.
    I probably / definitely won’t attend if the game v Dubs is in the their home ground of Croke Park.

  172. Corrick you have to be at some weird form of trolling .no one could possibly take that last statement seriously.the lateral nonsense being played alot of teams is a total blight on Gaelic football.crowd’s just sit in silence now watching with an odd cheer for a’s one of the main reasons people have stopped going to games

  173. 1985, could be sun stroke from one of the many, many cruises he/she partakes in this time of year as they detailed previously 🙂
    Some great scores today, this game could be penalties yet.

  174. Dubs were on to a hiding to nothing in the Leinster final. Damned if they hammered Louth and doubted if they didn’t. Enough media slating of the provincials already so they played in sleep mode. They’re far from unbeatable but they’re a lot better than today too. They’ll drop a point or more in the group stages just like most will.
    The real business resumes after these ridiculous group stages which are nothing more than money spinners.

  175. Derry are a good team alright but we will see how the game goes. We will be underdogs which suits us with Derry third favourites for Sam sure we will try to stay in the game with them as long as we can. Hopefully their goalie persists with playing in midfield.

  176. Thankfully we never made the move for Mcguiness
    He is a dinosaur
    Out of touch with the modern game
    A one trick pony
    Can’t win anything without Murphy
    A soccer man

    Have I missed anything ?

  177. @Bate the blanket: Each team nominates a home venue for their home games (subject to approval by the CCCC & must meet the requirements of the National Facilities/Health and Safety Committee), but has no (official – what conversations happen behind closed doors another matter entirely) input on where others choose to play their home games or where the CCCC nominate for neutral venues.

    Nothing in the rules to explicitly prohibit the neutral game being in Croker, but the public backlash they’ve faced in the Super 8s and last year when it was discussed as a possibility (along with all the other public backlashes they’ve faced recently/yesterday) more than enough for them to have a strong vested interest in keeping it away from there.

    Dublin fans getting all giddy thinking of trips to Limerick, Offaly or Tipperary (they don’t seem to be so keen on Roscommon with our record there, so fingers crossed for The Hyde).

  178. One team will take great heart from today’s matches, especially Leinster – Cavan.

    They’ll look at Louth and say we can do that to Mayo and better. Anyone looking for a ‘statement’ win had better think again. Any kind of win will do me.

    Today’s Leinster puts our group game with Louth into perspective. Louth were caught and punished by the Dubs last year and this year, to a lesser extent. We scored but they matched most of our scores.

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