Mayo Football Podcast episode: Some second thoughts from The Hyde

All roads will lead to Dr Hyde Park on Sunday week for Mayo against Dublin. 

But we wanted to take another look back at last weekend’s win over the Rossies first in the company of Colm Boyle.

Mike and Rob join Boyler to talk through some of the pros and cons of Mayo’s performance, and to tease out some of the main talking points. 

We also chat about the prospect of trying to match up to the All-Ireland champions later this month.  

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14 thoughts on “Mayo Football Podcast episode: Some second thoughts from The Hyde

  1. If the teams meet in the 2025 championship after Roscommon vs London there will be in Castlebar.

  2. I enjoyed this podcast. The main thing I take away from it is the discussion by Boyler, Mick and Rob about our injuries – we’re down Paddy and Diarmuid, it is likely, and we might need to treat David McBrien with care due to his niggle. We’re also likely to be down Fergal Boland. Boyler was saying our bench looked light before the Roscommon game and without David and Fergal it is lighter.
    The lads were concerned about all the players potentially missing going in to this game.
    I wonder do we have any hope at all. I refuse to be down about this game and choose to believe we have wit at least enough to beat our opposition.

    This time around we have two weeks’ rest, we have more reliable scorers in the forwards, the game is outside Croke Park, it’s in our province, we have Eoghan McLaughlin and Sam Callinan. We have a fit Cillian back from a leadership, mettle and cuteness perspective. We have Rochford in the backroom team who has never been cowed by the Dubs. Those are a few of the positives.

  3. We have a lot of fellas who beat Dublin in all Ireland SemiFinal under Horan as well Swallow and Dublin are down a few starters themselves. So nothing to fear from them that we have not seen before. All can do is set ourselves up accordingly to counteract their perceived weaknesses, protect our own frailties as best can and move ball in faster than we have previously (we show signs of this in last 2 rounds with McHales more direct style and Cillians Movement). Do that and we have every chance of a win.
    A win would be a lovely boost, and a close loss would be far from a killer blow. Under current structures we know both scenarios to be the case, our win over Kerry last year was not long being cowed at QF stage, while Kerry marched on.

  4. Thanks for that, Gizmo – that gives a nice overview and something to be hopeful about. It gives perspective too.
    I like that you mentioned that we have fellas on the team who have defeated Dublin in an All-Ireland Semi Final under Horan. That’s bound to help the confidence or at least remove a fear factor. Not being afraid of the opposition is bound to help.

  5. The Examiner reported this week that there was camera footage of it and that it was a stonewall red card.

    Don’t think we’ll be appealing it.

  6. Thats me finished listening to them other podcasts . One of them actually suggested throwing the game against Dublin cause we havent the ability to beat them no matter how hard we go at it we are going to lose . Mother of sweet divine like

    SEMI-FINAL: Mayo 0-17 Dublin 0-14 (after extra-time) (Croke Park, 14/8/2021) MAYO: Robbie Hennelly (0-3, two frees and a ’45); Padraig O’Hora, Lee Keegan (0-1), Michael Plunkett; Paddy Durcan, Stephen Coen, Eoghan McLaughlin; Matthew Ruane (0-1), Conor Loftus (0-1); Diarmuid O’Connor, Kevin McLoughlin (0-1), Darren McHale; Tommy Conroy (0-3), Aidan O’Shea, Ryan O’Donoghue (0-5, two frees and a mark).

    We are probably down 4 players from that night two seasons ago , leeroy big loss but not our best defender on that night either . Paddy , diarmuid and kev mc , big loses , diarmuid probably most influence on the night in question of the three , he still has an outside chance of making it .

    We won the league game against them in castlebar earlier in the year also . They are certainly not as good as they were during 6iar, last year was more about other teams not performing rather than Dublin been superb .

    Absolutely the most likely winners are Dublin on present form , personally i think we will win though , we are slowly building to a big performance , theres a few of them Mayo players not even household names in Mayo yet , tippin along gettin stronger and cuter . I see something different unfolding here than the common narrative , if im wrong so what , surely its better to back your county men than shy away in fear of sounding silly in the aftermath

    sunday week when Donnacha Mchugh , Jack Carney , Sam callinan are the talk of the GAA world when they put the jacks on their hole let that be the end of all the negativity .

  7. There is footage alright, Mind the House, and I think you’re right about any appeal. It looks harmless enough but there was contact with the head and that’s a complete no-no in the current environment.

  8. That’s the spirit Sean. All logic points to a Dublin win, but you just never know. I think we’ll win & Dublin will draw Derry in the preliminary & they’ll be sent home! I must have read in Old Moore’s or something. I’m not the betting type, but it would surely be worth a few quid.

    To be fair to said Podcast, it was only 1 of the 3 & the other 2 were not in agreement. I doubt our management will go that route, but Rochy was always an outside the box thinker, so they might have considered it. I think we have to try & win this. But if its clear that the game is slipping away late on, we may need to conserve energy. But if it’s on, go for it all the way!

  9. Game management will be massive , do your upmost to not allow dublin have these magic spells they have . Its becoming a thing of acceptance “oh here they come now , move out of the way , this is what dublin do ” roscommon just let them rip in the last 12 mins or so , there were gaps everywhere . Jesus i understand the powerfullness they have , nobody is denying that but no need to just lie down and roll over either , foul them out the pitch , weather the storm as much as ya can , be ready for it , block the channels , mark up , teams are couging up 2-4 in these spells , cut that down to 0-5 , game on .

  10. New podcast episode up, this one’s a freebie available on all platforms. Plus we’ve two tickets for the game to give away, courtesy of EBS!

  11. @mind the house ah Ok well if there was contact with the head that’s definete no and red even if it was unintentional.

    @sean Burke fully agree I’ve the same feeling I has before we beat kerry in killarney last year I may get laughed at for saying this but I think this will be the shock of the year and alot I know from Dublin are really weary despite what you see on social media and that they said we are capable of beating them and we are at our most dangerous when totally written off and said that’s when mayo come flying and bouncing out with rage ha.

  12. Nail-biter, no doubt, and very tight. Low scoring game into the last 15 mins will favour Mayo I think. Can’t see Dublin letting loose too much in this one to be honest. The conspiracy theorists are having a field day about the outcome??

  13. @Clare you may be correct, the Dubs I know are very weary of a few of the Mayo players, unfortunately one of those is out injured for a while.

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