Mayo Football Podcast episode: Final Whistle – Tyrone beat Mayo

The Mayo senior footballers suffered a four-point defeat to Tyrone in Healy Park this evening, on a scoreline of 1-15 to 1-11. 

Rob, John and Mike were there at Omagh to give their final whistle thoughts and you can also hear some reaction from Austin O’Malley, Mayo manager Kevin McStay and Tyrone joint-manager Brian Dooher.

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47 thoughts on “Mayo Football Podcast episode: Final Whistle – Tyrone beat Mayo

  1. That kinda dampened my hopes once again. We are a long way away from winning anything. But a good team coming together.
    Thanks lads

  2. Key problem is over reliance on ROD up front.

    Also, worries that no really outstanding midfielder developing either e.g. Carney not really taking command of matches.

    Would AOS and COC be on the Dublin squad?

    What about the form of Jordan Flynn so far..hasn’t kicked a score thus far in the league?

    Coyne roasted last two matches!

    Can we clone Ryan O’Donoghue? Dolly O’Donogue anybody?

  3. Everything has been already been said about today’s game. Forget it and get ready to go with our strongest 15 against the Rossies, far more important to put them back in their box. Get to 6 points and start to concentrate on them again for championship.

  4. Hopefully Derry have targeted 8 points and then give a few a rest……Hopefully…
    At the start of the year there was 2 league games I wanted to win. Galway and Roscommon. Not from a neighbour thing or any of that but purely from the point of view they are the games we need to win in connacht. I felt, win those 2 and maybe pick up another one and that will do. We won the league last year and we were applauded in the media and then bang, a week later the knives were out and we believed our own hype…
    I still think next weekend is big. Rossies don’t fear us. Not many do any more let’s be honest. They will come hopping particularly if they win tomorrow.
    We need to show there’s still fight in us and we will be ready come championship.
    Tonight was very disappointing but look at the size of some of the lads we put out tonight and then look at the new Dublin lads…
    We go with a full team next week now. No trying stuff. Full tilt. Fight in the belly. Championship levels. In their faces. I have a funny feeling that is the plan from a long way out.. fast and furious.
    I know around the middle is very worrying but we are at home, the crowd need to lift the lads next week. Win that game. Never mind whats going on elsewhere, get the points on the board but also say, we aren’t going away….

  5. Nephin wont be an easy task to beat Roscommon they have a more settled team a better midfield and forward unit and a very astute manager but I expect a backlash from Mayo and surely we cant be as bad again?

  6. I know that for sure Glory Days, but it just has to be done now. I don’t expect anything from Derry and I certainly wouldn’t want to be depending on getting two points from Monaghan if they depend on a result to avoid relegation. History tells me that.

  7. @Glorydays ..Agree the Rossies have lots of talent but my colleagues from Roscommon far from convinced about Burke ,
    A win against Ros should still see us safe .
    I know it’s raw after a defeat like today but I’ve said it here from the start of the league…
    We need the league to develop a strong 26 for championship, even ( and I know I’ll get lambasted) but even at the expense of relegation.
    Championship should be our only interest and management surely showed that today by the changes and panel they put out .
    Looks like our physical training is aimed towards championship too …
    However , and again, flake away at criticism but there is probably 3 or 4 teams with a better panel of footballers than us so all we can hope for this year is to be competitive and develop the squad .
    Wouldn’t matter a Fcuk if Jim Gavim or anyone else was managing us if we , are the moment don’t have the talent like we used to .

  8. Kevin mcstays comment after the game we are not where we should be is fairly telling.he certainly looked very downbeat .The Roscommon game is now massive for this management team.some form of a game plan has to begin to surface

  9. It’s a few hours after the game and the pulse is calmed down and the reality check hat is on apsolutly love this blog so much but maby Willy it’s time to put a freeze on in match commentary because the emotions are just all over the shop with some posters I think it was Margie that had a great post on the match report and she’s spot on Christ the league isnt linear whatsoever we beat Galway we beat Dublin holy god we’re flying then we lose a game we’re muck there are so many wheels within wheels going on as evident are Kerry 10 points worse than Dublin definitely not heavy training blocks there’s no doubting in reality we we’re very poor tonight defensively very nieve our mid diamond beat out of it and up front nothing worked it seemed the amount of changes had a huge bearing on that and management definitely underestimated Tyrone which is a failing, I think Diarmaid was a huge loss around the middle Tommy is improving which is a plus but we really really need to be nailing down a first 15 of some continuity from now on a solid defensive set up from here on in if we do we will get 2 more points finish mid table and plan for the championship, it’s evident we’re taking a different mindset this year it’s very Rochford style 16/17 approach steady as she goes through the league and then build through the championship which is all that matters

  10. If its any consolation and I know it isint you won’t get much attention in the media this week.

    That will be reserved the mother and father of hidings we took above in Croke Park.

    I’ve rarely seen an more inept performance from Kerry against a Dublin team missing key players.

    Certainly dampens expectations already and early season optimism may have been misplaced.

  11. @ My Ball, I agree fully with you. I’d rather get relegated IF we saw two or three fringe/new/up-and-coming players really step, with MOTM displays and clearly showing they are at the level (like Jason Doc did when he made his breakthrough) combined with giving mature players and others with recent injuries, sufficient game time to get back to some level of fitness and form, ie; Hession, Plunkett OVER staying up by relying on already established players but seeing no improvement from fringe/new/‘up-and-coming’ players.

    I was very disappointed after the match last night. Not so much that we lost, but because none of the fringe/new players, aside from Boland who shouldn’t have really had to prove himself again, haven’t shown anything to get me excited. Our midfield hasn’t convinced. Our defence, in my opinion, are too open and standoffish. I think we can be got at. I’m actually least concerned about our attack. This time if the year is usually less favourable for attacking football. I think Tommy will get back to defent form come summer. I think Cillian will get better(he worked hard last night). I think Carr, if he gets fit and games before the league is out, will add strength and Rod and Boland are showing well. It’s not an amazing attack by any stretch but it’s fairly decent.

    I agree with others that we should have played Towey in Kerry and last night. It makes absolutely no sense having him on the bench in the league. I would have told him, ‘I’m giving you three/four games in a row’, ‘you’ll play a guaranteed minimum 60 mins in each, show us what you can do’? Then by the end of the league, I’d know whether he is a viable championship option.

  12. Aren’t Dublin like the lad who’s class at pool in his own local but only middling in other pubs.
    Regarding ourselves,8 changes not really fair for anyone trying to get into the starting 15. Take the few vital links out of any team and they’d struggle. In soccer assists now nearly count for as much as a score. A few of the lad’s who are not preforming as far as some of us are concerned would be high on assists.

  13. Dublin used to make a point of beating us in the league, to keep us in our place, now it’s Kerry they focus on, they’re not bothered about us now, we’re so far back.
    Don’t often agree with Brolly but he’s bang on in the indo today, we’re doomed. We’re not developing forwards capable of making and taking scores, apart from Ryan, and midfield is a disaster zone, cannot win a clean catch. Looking at Fenton & Con last night shows where we stand.

  14. We showed poor forward movement ever since the Galway game. The only thing in that game that was promising was the short delivery into the forwards with both left and right running off the shoulder . Last night it didn’t happen at all. Was it the Tyrone defensive system causing that .Not at all. We changed strategy and went from side to side and backwards passing. It didn’t come off . It never did for us and never will.
    Diarmud was a massive loss ( I hope he is ok) and by the time Ryan came on it was too late. It’s worrying how poor we can look . I hoping I’m wrong .

  15. 1985 – If you want to know I’d honestly suggest listening to Terrace talk this evening or on the podcast and listen to the texts that come in.

    It’ll be a atrocious.

    I’ve rarely seem such a bad performance.

    The smallest back on the Dublin team marked DC who could be forward for Munster and got the better of him.

  16. @puckout sure brolly always says we are shite wouldn’t pay any head what’s so ever to that one he needs to get back in his box can’t stand him.

    As I said it’s league it’s Feb we made 8 changes 8 guys who made their first start though I agree you don’t do that v Tyrone in omagh. Lesson well learnt last night.

    And Dublin hardly went out to loose to us in castlebar that defeat to us probably spurred them on last night to also kerry were pretty poor in general last night.

    All is not lost it’s not all doom & gloom def a bad night for sure no denying that but it’s only the league only Feb we are still one of the top teams when we have our first 15 starting though in saying that we don’t have great depth outside of our first 15 championship team.

    Thought actually fergal Bowland did quite well last night he was the man of the match if anything and Tommy c was actually a bit better last night yes didn’t score but he did a lot of work off the ball.

    We are not doomed as that clown Joe brolly says (says that every year about us haha)

  17. Yea fascinating that murchen did a job on Clifford.does anyone really know what our first 15 is and unfortunately you need alot more than that to win an all Ireland theese days .it’s only February but the league runs right into the championship now so we would need to be showing something at this stage

  18. I said here recently the defence has great individuals but is lacking a system and that still rings true. Look at the way Dublin handled Clifford (his off night notwithstanding) with Murchan defending largely from behind and Murphy sweeping in front. We need to get smarter.

    Up front is still reliant on individuals managing to conjour up a bit of skill to make space for a shot. Again look at Dublin, or the top attacking teams, they always work their best shooters to come around on the loop. They do this by the runner carrying the ball and taking two backs with him allowing space for the man on the loop. You’ll know the block by the player who has just offloaded the ball putting his arms up as he engages the back and pretending he isn’t doing anything wrong all under the guise of ensuring no black card is dished out. The pace and variability of our attack just isn’t there.

    TG4 behind the goal camera for kick outs is a superb view of what is happening out the field and what the keeper sees. The Dublin press at times was very impressive where they forced Kerry to go long. Interestingly their midfield was then just marking space, which I guess you can do if you have Fenton at midfield and his ability to field ball.

    If we make some tweaks to our play I think we can compete but it needs to start happening quickly.

  19. In my view looking at our players most of them are not physically strong enough and we need a new direction in SnC.
    Dublin won the 2011 All Ireland. Go have a look by comparison at Cian O’Sullivan and James Mccarthy two years later. They had several kgs of lean muscle on especially in their legs.
    Other examples.
    For Tyrone look at Michael McKernan, Kieran McGeary, Con Fitzpatrick etc.
    Our SnC just seems to be a refinement of what we did in 2012. Players doing pretty average pace stamina runs at the end of games famously in 2021. Players were tested on time for 10 * 100m with a time being good under 3mins. But the kind of time that would be brilliant at 10*100m (turn at each end) would be slow as Christmas over 5 yards. The huge part of the game is if you accelerate rapidly over 5 yards. Look at Dara Canavan and Con O’Callaghan. The underage forwards that we genuinely are producing won’t be effective if we develop them with more of a stamina build.
    It’s concerning btw that there are underage players without the wiry looking strength that already should be apparent. If yer slow at 17, it might already be too late.

  20. Good to see the debate on here quickly got back on an even keel after that post-match howling session – thanks all for that.

    I really hate the first hour after we lose a game – as well, indeed, as the half-hour before the final whistle – and most (though far from all) of those posting comments in that window are what gives this place a bad name at times. Thankfully, the sensible heads quickly reassert control, as they did again last night, and things calmed down.

    Just for info, there are 35 comments in the bin from last night, a mixture of ones taken down (Paul – all yours are gone, I think on reflection you are a troll so you can sling your hook altogether) and ones that never went up, as they’re posted by geniuses who are in permanent moderation but don’t appear to have the wit to realise this. Oh the joys of sitting in this seat at times!

  21. MayoMayo1, you are correct re the Dubs in defence, funny how D Clifford always seems to be off, whenever he comes up against the Dubs,
    They can handle him and and the management know how to keep him quiet, even Murchan only about 5.6 was able to snuff him out.

  22. Thought we were going to avenge ‘21 again but we are so far off the mark. Watched it this morning and very disappointed with the performance in both half’s. Not sure what’s going on with McStay and his gang, I was expecting something new this year on how we play the game because we haven’t the players so it needs to be driven from the sidelines but that’s just not happening. Tyrone were as bad as us in the 1st half, Dooher must have given them an awful bollocken at half time, brought on McCurry for the 2nd half and they outscored us 1-7 to 0-1 early on – game over. McStay and his all star backroom stars just looked on from the sideline with their arms folded and didn’t have a fecken clue on how to change our setup, no plan B …. I give up !!
    I watched the Dub/Kerry game after ours and it was like they were playing something completely different (I think its called Gaelic Football) to the stuff we were doing up in Omagh, now not looking forward to the c’ship

  23. Bate the blanket, amazing what a bit of management nuance and tactical awareness and systems can do for a team..

    Watching the variation of Dublin forward movement was so impressive last night, and so simple. They change set up depending on whether opponents go man to man or zonal. Each tactic designed to create space either on wing or I’m front of FF line.

    I know I’ve harped on about it, but even FitzMaurice called out when Tyrone were doing bunch and break kickouts last night, they seem to have defined kick out strategies on top of having ball winners in air.

  24. League is league and doesn’t require hysteria win or lose,but there are some hugely disappointing things to observe

    – we haven’t unearthed anyone new from last year who is putting their hand up (I’m not counting Boland as a ‘find’ at this stage). The team that got hockeyed in the ai qf is going to be identical to our championship team this year, with 1 or 2 exceptions)
    – forwards are just not clicking at all, which is worrying considering mcstay has been putting out what he perceives to be the best attack
    – mileage really showing on cillian and aos, neither of them look they have more then a half in them

  25. @clare. It’s Boland, not Bowland. Moot point, but lets get it right. As for Brolly, why should we care? It’s like we take umbrage to any form of criticism. Winners use all that as motivation.

  26. Mayonaze – I agree. I wouldn’t mind losing or even getting relegated if there was a sense of something coming together or if a couple of new players were showing something. But that isn’t the case. The same problems that were there last year are still there. There is a serious lack of quality in the squad, I’m afraid, and I was saying that all last year.

    Our midfield is a complete disaster and you can’t seriously expect to challenge in championship when you don’t have anyone capable of fielding a ball cleanly in the middle of the park. How many times did a Mayo player pat the ball down into a Tyrone player’s hands on the kickout? The midfield roles are a major problem and unless a miracle happens and our personnel there dramatically improve, we won’t be winning anything.

  27. I see alot of people here, prob 80% and I’m one who believe we don’t have the players to compete at the minute.. Looking at Dublin last night.. Ok just throw Con, who’s back to his best.. Awesome footballer.. Kilkenny Fenton Costello Mccarthy when he returns with Fitzsimmons and Cluxton.. That’s 6 unbelievable players.. Mayo just don’t have that at the moment.. In time please god we will.. Now throw in the small bros, gannon scully murchan and not forgetting jack mcCaffrey.. They will take beating again.. Maybe only a northern team cud and only cud beat them. As I said before.. Systems and game plans are OK if you’ve the players.. But Rod, like people have said here is our best forward, so if he’s off.. It’s not good. A 2007 to 2011 period until we rebuild and unfortunately that takes time. Time is not a luxury management get so what can ya do.

  28. I know I go hard on McStay on this blog, but he really doesn’t inspire me with confidence the way Horan did. I always got the feeling that 99% of our players would have gone through a brick wall for Horan. He seemed so assured in his game plan (rightly or wrongly) and vision of the game that players really bought into it. I don’t get this impression under McStay.

    Im really not too bothered with last nights actual result. But the losing of the game was similar to the Dublin 3rd quarter and Cork melt down last year. We heard all about “learnings” in his many pre season interviews, but from what I can see, in game management isn’t one of them. Again their was no attempt to take the sting out of the game early in that 2nd half, it just seemed panic stations stuff again. You don’t need to have a first choice 15 to signal to a player to feign an injury, go down with the head for a few minutes, give time to re group. Top teams do that, this purist football non sense died in the late 1990’s.

    But, as I’ve said all year championship is where its at for me, and if the negatives I see are rectified, happy days. I do like McStays approach of trying players in the league and giving valuable game time to new lads and lads getting back into it. Far more experimentation than last year. Our fitness levels aren’t the same as last year league either. Thats a big plus for me.

  29. The 20012 to 2017 team was athletic, powerful and could stay with anyone but we are in a new era and it takes time to develop 19 and 20 Yr old lads into seasoned intercounty footballers.. Also there was a couple of lovely drilled passes last night from 11 position into con and Clifford.. Peter harte put a lovely ball into canavan for goal too… Its just lovely to see and a break from the possession back and over stuff… Would love to see more, hopefully Jarlath Burns now and Jim Gavin come up with few new changes to encourage more open attractive game

  30. We are a top 6 team who can beat anyone on our day but can also easily lose to a div 2 team on their day.

    Not overly concerned about last night, we will have learned more about the team from last nights game than we did through the whole league in 2023.

    As people have already pointed out some big issues in the team at the moment with players being picked off form in 2021 and a managment team in place who are living off credentials from the 2017 championship.

    In the current squad we appear to have nobody coming through in the midfield or forward line and putting their hand up and no standout forward outside out ROD.

    In saying all that i still think we will be safe in division 1 and will find ourselves in at least a 1/4 final of the championship. Outside of Dublin, Kerry and Derry most the other teams have as many issues as us at present.

  31. I didn’t intend to listen to the Kevin McStay interview but did and it’s like it’s on a loop. Seemed to be putting the blame squarely on the players whereas it should be mostly on management. Alarming that he has Sam Callinan lined up as our chief man marker despite his motm performance in Tralee from centre back. Sam along with Paddy is our best half back line breaker, something that Steven Coen for all his endeavour just doesn’t have in his locker. It’s as if management refuse to believe the evidence in front of them. The same for our forward set up where we play lads who are good players but not able to score at this level and refuse to try men more likely to kick points such as Irwin and Towey. Those 2 might not be on a level with the game’s elite but they know where the posts are. Tiresome journey home last night and very little sleep since so no apologies for feeling bloody grumpy today.

  32. Blanket,

    Without getting all defensive about my fellow Kerry man.

    Clifford has played Dublin god knows how many times and has had 2 off days.

    For context last year he scored 4 and set up the goal and the MOTM Mannion scored 5.

    He won an amount of ball and just missed his shots.

    I wouldn’t overplay what happened last night.

    If you can’t win midfield there’s little the full forward will do for you.

    All be it he missed some bad ones last night.

  33. @West Kerry, ye let me down last night!!!! The only leg of my accumulator to fall. Good game though, I suspect the new Kerry additions will have learnt a lot. Surprised to see Dublin go so hard in a league game, their forward pressing looked at championship pace.

  34. @JoeG: No issues with the general point you’re trying to make but the specific example given is a bit off. Sam was man-marking Seanie O’Shea down in Tralee. Seanie might have ended up out around or past the 40 a bit (as Darragh might have last night) but it wasn’t by our design. He’d have (correctly, given his job) followed him up into the stand if Seanie had decided to take a seat for a while.

  35. Bate the blanket Clifford scored 3 and missed about another 1-3, his scoring record against dublin is unreal over the past 5 years stop trying to hate on a unreal talent.

  36. Clifford, o callaghan , shane walsh , seanie o shea , damien comer etc , the most unspoken facet to their game is their abilty to win their own ball and id argue its the most important aspect .

    on last nights game id share mayonaze concerns about our defence albeit we have paddy and david mcbrien to come in hopefully .jack coyne is getting roasted , sam cllinanan and rory brickeden are also not producing man marking jobs , surely we have to look at our weaknesses and play to our strengths . i cant give specifics till i watch it on tv , i struggle to notice specifics when in attendance but again our defensive structure looked at 6&7s last night , why is it when we have lots of bodies back teams still get to run at us but at the other end we are bottled up constantly .

  37. Ontheroad13, I get your point, let’s see how he can recover from his poor game last night and when they will meet the Dubs in the All Ireland final or semi final and see if he wins the game with a man of the match performance.

    He has been built up as the poster boy of Gaelic football, yet I was at last year’s final and saw him being well contained.

    Also he should have been sent off right at the end of last nights game for his elbow to the head of Lee Gannon, most others would have been sent off, but the poster boy knows he can get away with it.

  38. TsuDhoNim. That’s true to an extent but Seanie was also following Sam and because of that he was less of a threat. All in all I just really want to see best best players in their best positions and not endless changes for the sake of it.

  39. Bate the blanket Well contained?? He had like 10 shots at goals and just didn’t have his shooting boots, it’s obvious that u just dislike him for whatever reason, his mother passed away less then a year ago too so maybe think a bit. His stats speak for themselves.

  40. Next weekend, that’s what it’s all about! Mayo to bring their best players & win a game with confidence, quit the shite hawking & win with pure skill. determination & guts, let the full strength Mayo team loose, simple really. MAYO to win by 2.

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