Mayo Football Podcast free episode: There’s plenty to talk about

John, Mike and Rob meet up for a quick chat about a big week for the Mayo senior team. 
The lads look back at last Sunday’s draw with Dublin and look ahead to next Saturday’s All-Ireland prelim quarter-final against Derry in Castlebar. 

Plus, they shoot the breeze about some of the talking points that have cropped up in recent days and tell you why so many people are subscribing to the podcast every week. 

The lads also have two tickets for the game to give away, courtesy of EBS The Mortgage Masters. All you need to do to enter the draw is follow and like the podcast page on Facebook and share it with three people – details here.

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The Mayo Football Podcast has partnered with EBS — The Mortgage Masters — this season.

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49 thoughts on “Mayo Football Podcast free episode: There’s plenty to talk about

  1. Unfortunately this is a dangerous fixture mainly because of the physical and mental energy used against Dublin. Derry are perfectly positioned for an ambush…if they find form.

    This isn’t being negative: look how we struggled against Fermanagh and Derry in 2026 and 2027 when we were heavy favourites.

    The best example is 2018 against Kildare..never saw that one coming. Kildare were beaten in Leinster that year by ….Carlow and have done since in the championship.

    That serves us a sufficient warning.

    Btw really good article on AOS’s performance in the Irish Times..details all of his possessions throughout the game.

  2. Agree it was good to let Tommy speak and do that interview, I haven’t heard him speak that often before. Also they say a week is along time in politics but so is Mayo football – nearly 80% think we will beat Derry that would be close to half that before the Dublin game I’d be guessing

  3. What a fantastic feast of football we are getting from Mayo this Summer. Still in June and heading my 5th championship match with the family on Sunday with the family. 6th for anyone lucky enough to get to New York. We ate so privileged as Mayo supporters to still be able to watch some of our best footballers in action!

  4. The hurling quarter finals are on Saturday afternoon and they tried to switch with the Tailteann Cup semis.

    The GAA’s scheduling of matches is a complete mess.

  5. Conal Keaney complaining about Dublin hurling game in Thurles starting at 1.15 saying the Dubs supporters will have to leave home at 9 or 10 in the morning and their day is gone. That’s the real world for all supporters along the western seaboard when we have to go to Croke Park. Most Dubs haven’t a clue about the difficulties and costs of playing all the big games in Croke Park.

  6. A few months ago Derry were best team in Country and nearly everyones fabourates to win Sam. They have had a bad run recently but the same team is still there so they are a wounded animal, as ye all know a wonded animal is a dangerous thing. Should win but dont underestimate Derry.

  7. did we get on in 2026 and 2027?are we still waiting for sam? Regards the game on Saturday i don’t think 1 person in the mayo camp will be underestimating derry.

  8. Yeah i was very confident of going further than most people thought Mayo would this year but that was on condition we won our group which i thought we would . The week on week action is a disaster imo and although i know its talked about too much but i still dont for the life of me know why the fook the championship has to end the last week in july , its completely bonkers to leave the whole month of august void . Why like , seriously why ? Mcstay alluded to earlier in the championship that the two week interval between games was important , its a shame we didnt hang on last sundsy .

  9. Great pod with some wise heads bringing the euphoria down a notch. Keeping the momentum going is going to be incredibly hard, no doubt. It can be done. Delighted to hear McStay giving so much time to express himself which is a rarity nowadays.

  10. Anyone know if it’s reserved seating or general admission for this one? Just thinking about how early we need to get there on Saturday

  11. @Thedarkyfinn: No, not unless our comms team decide to put it out early themselves (unlikely).

    Teams get submitted by 9am on the Thursday & the 26 released on the Friday (should be 11am according to the original guidance but seems to have slipped to late lunch time this year) regardless of throw-in times/days. No changes to the general setup there as a lot of teams playing on a Saturday would still be meeting up Thursday evening prior to the game.

  12. @Southmayo Exile I suppose it’s pros and cons to where we all live. In Dublin no we don’t have to travel as much as you guys, it’s amazing of yous the way you travel. But on the flip side you everything from a Pint to a Home is so much dearer here. I mean what I paid for a 2 bed apartment in Dublin City, I could have a massive house down your part of the world for half the price. Pros and cons my friend lol

  13. @Hill16 spot on so exsoensivd in Dublin loving and working here so I really notice the difference when I go home to mayo tbh!

  14. I hope McStay’s team have a plan for the shenanigans Derry will fire AOS’s way. The ref will need eyes in the back of his head. The Dublin blueprint won’t work.

  15. Culmore
    100% correct in my view.
    Derry have’nt gone away and could click into place on Saturday and if they do by 8pm no one will remember that they lost 3 matches.
    They could come out like us in the replay against Roscommon in 2017.
    Of course if they do remember our guys are no fools and can still find a way.
    I do think though that this will revert to over and back across the 45.
    Its not going to be like the Dublin game at all

  16. FreetheEastBank, maybe it’s for scenarios like this that Kevin and co played the boring football so much during the League and last year (among other styles). They needed to learn to live with, manage and get the better of massed defensive tactics. I think knowing how to deal with that style is a tool in the toolbox. Please God we can take it out and use it skilfully on Saturday if and when we need it.

  17. Not sure if I misheard on the podcast but I thought they said that Aidan o Shea was in his 15th season but is it not his 16th season.As for brolly and McMahon writing rubbish well what would anyone expect from those two.The bould Philly trying to make us out to be a gang of halfwits that go around screeching mayo for Sam .Anyway I think we will get the job done on Saturday but I agree with Sean Burke that with the games then coming weekly it’s going to get very difficult from a recovery point of view.what difference is a couple of weeks extension going to make to the club scene

  18. If Mayo win on Saturday, which I expect them to then they really need to draw Armagh in the quarters to have any chance. A fresh Donegal or Kerry will surely have too much for a Mayo team playing their third game in three weeks.

  19. Very hard game to predict. Derry have to put their best foot forward to have a chance. They should win plenty of possession around the middle of the field and their full forward line will give us plenty to think about.
    Mayo hopefully will not be leg weary after their effort last weekend. They deserve our support on the evening, it could be the difference in progressing further.

  20. Why worry what comes after Derry?.. Might be the FBD.. Might be The Rose of Tralee,… Could be Armagh or Kerry. .. Could be extra time and penalties, …Could be Brolly dismissing our Abilities.. Could be Rochford gets some Credibility. .Could be that McStay’s linguistic agility bamboozle’s JoAnn, she can’t well demonstrate the same dexterity … Could be that Cora and Lee will be praising a performance so amazing and the Sunday Game entertaining. …I hope to feck we win.

  21. Jordan flynn for man of the match and another one of those chip the goalie goals just like against Kildare .

  22. @ Leantimes ,I love that post. Very wity.
    I think it is Mayo for Sam this year.

  23. Thanks @2 hops.
    Hope we get a good crowd to support the lads. I’ll never forget the roar when Loftus scored that goal against Derry in 2017.

  24. Nobody should give a damn what Philly McMahon writes about Mayo or indeed anything or anyone. Someone who spent his entire career eye-gouging and headbutting lads, a ‘man’ who literally BIT someone on a football pitch. Any paper that prints his waffle is fit only for wiping backsides.

  25. Good man @mayoforliam, the indo is gone to the dogs since the move to paywall.
    @garland Sunday, that Loftus goal was special! I had resigned to the end of an era, instead it was the start of the greatest year of craic and memories I have had following Mayo.
    I lept around the stand when that rocket hit the net, the roar was unbelievable:)

  26. I think the players will tire on the second half on Saturday after their exertions against Dublin. That is when the supporters will have to really cheer and shout on the team. I think MAYO wilk will the gsme after a hard struggle. Roll on Saturday.

  27. I know it’s time to move on from Dublin and concentrate on derry but if ye’ll allow me to ramble a bit and this is one I’d be thinking you can confirm or dismiss @tsudhonim. I can’t get away from the end of the dubs game and thinking if mayo held out they would have this weekend off and in the quarter final could only meet cork, Tyrone, Monaghan or louth to reach a semifinal (I’d be expecting Dublin in mayo’s place would beat derry) whereas now to reach a semifinal they have to beat derry and one of armagh, Donegal or kerry. Just shows how huge not holding out at the end of the last game could be.

  28. Absolutely No Doubt topping the group gives a serious advantage. Our attitude from now on has to be one game at a time and if ur good enough ur good enough !!

  29. @leantimes love your words. Might be, could be BUT as many as possible should be present to cheer the lads on. #onegameatatime

  30. Absolutely No Doubt, I think we’ll live to regret that last play.

    Any word on Boland’s appeal?

  31. No surprises there with the derry team pretty much as expected.

    Nerves are all over the place for tommorow but so excited is well honestly think there’s another big game in our guys short turn around but as @The darky finn says our attitude has to be now one game at a time and if your good enough your good enough!

  32. We are much better meeting a Derry that looks to have peaked for the League Final than the one we face tomorrow.
    Mayo are almost complete squad wise and are physically staying toe to toe with the Dubs. Give Derry the respect they deserve but also appreciate where we are. Derry’s game plan has been well documented over the past few weeks and I am sure the management team has studied it with a fine tooth comb. Worst case Derry has adjusted their plan but Donegal put them out of Ulster and Armagh copied the blueprint and repeated the dose emphatically.
    Imagine we had the Belief of the current Donegal outfit. Saturday is the acid test.

  33. Derry team named,nowhere near as strong as the team we faced in the league. McGrogan out for the year a big loss and Loughlin who is a good foil for mcguigan, conor Doherty and mckinless both named on the bench but you would expect both to start.

    If you stop/limit Shane McGuigan you go a long way to stopping that derry attack

  34. I can see mgmt keeping cards close to their chest with team. Probably name the same team again. No update on E Mc and it looked like JC was struggling going off too.
    There hs been a bit of a pattern to our games this year. In the Ross, Galway, and Dublin games we had plenty of possession in the first half and didn’t take advantage of it on the scoreboard. Galway made changes and finished with their stronger team. I think Dublin planned to do the same but in fairness we managed that game a lot better.
    It’s like as if teams are saying, if we hold Mayo in the first have, we have a stronger bench and they will tire and open up.
    We need more of an impact from Cillian on the board if he’s coming on. That’s what it boils down to now for tomorrow..scores on the board. We have enough play makers.
    All the chat about Derry being finished is music to an Ulster teams ears. We don’t do the favourites tag well but I saw a real determination in the second half against Dublin that gives me encouragement.

  35. @Moose 79 8 heard Eoghan mc is fit and available to play for us tommorow as far as I know anyways..

  36. Just thinking that we need to be clinical on goal chances when turnovers happen in their half – Odhran Lynch may not come out much but we still have to really push for goal chances – we butchered chances or just took easy points against Galway.. really should go for jugular… man this week is dragging now… it would be a great boast if Boland gets ban halved … we need forwards that can score over the blanket…

  37. In the league game vs Derry we must have created 7 or 8 real goal chances but only took 2. Lots of people referring to Derry’s blanket defence but there hasn’t been much evidence of that all year tbh.

  38. Is there anything more mayo than having a full squad to pick from and then to lose the 1st knockout game to a struggling team who have been beaten 3 times already in the championship. I believe we are in good shape and much better form than derry but the above scenario wouldn’t surprise me a bit.

  39. Great podcast – thx. Tommy Conroy spoke very well indeed to the media after the match against Dublin. In secondary school in Mayo we were advised to say “we did” instead of “we done” – a Mayo colloquialism – just saying. Onwards.

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