Mayo Football Podcast episode: Start spreading the news

The Mayo Football Podcast is going to New York next month so it’s time to start the build-up!

Colm Boyle joins Rob, Mike and John to chat about the trip to the Big Apple and a live event that will be taking place in NYC on Friday, 5th April at The Joyce pub in midtown Manhattan.

The lads also chat about the weird and wonderful differences of Mayo playing a championship match in Gaelic Park, and Boyler tells a few stories from his own Mayo days.

Plus, they take a look ahead to Sunday’s National League match against Derry and ask whether Mayo will be going all out (or not) to win the game.

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16 thoughts on “Mayo Football Podcast episode: Start spreading the news

  1. EBS and Mayo News coming strong with the sponsorship now WJ !!!
    Fantastic trip ahead for ye
    Enjoy every minute, well deserved

  2. The GAA has really messed up the fixtures last year and this. The idea that no Ulster or Connaught team particularly wants to win it is ridiculous. I do think though the risk to our championship this time is far lower seeing as we’re not meeting a Ros Team waiting in the long grass in round 1.
    As for this game, I think McStay will definitely rotate but may retain enough likely Championship starters because there are useful match ups e.g. McBrien getting game time on McGuigan in case we meet them again come championship. One man I think has to play is McHugh as he put his hand up vs Ros and could be tasked with marking Glass if he plays. If the lineup is only half risked then he should run the bench. I’d like to see Cillian, Carr if ready and Darren McHale get game good time. Tuohy could move back to midfield. No need for Carney for this one, even consider dropping Boland, he’s put his hand up firmly and we need more than one playmaker who can score.

  3. I was there in 04, 09, and 19. It’s a brilliant trip. Not going this time as I hear it’s very expensive to bring me home in a box.

  4. Can’t afford it ,but even if I could, do ya really need the hassle of scrambling around looking for a match ticket the night before/morning of the game ! Madness. People say ,ah you’ll always get one in the end, but do you really want that hassle, especially after putting that much effort in getting there.

  5. Was anyone who was out there last time able to get tickets on the gate? We ended up buying in one of the bars but it was pretty heavily marked up. Always a bit of a chance, but if you can get in that way you could also save yourself a few hours in the rain if the weather’s bad!

    Was a great weekend though and anyone heading over should enjoy it!

  6. One of the most enjoyable things about it for me was meeting all the players afterwards in the pubs. First time it was Rooneys and the last time was a place in Yonkers. The lads were all very relaxed and very approachable. I think Alan Dillon made his debut in 04 and remember talking to his very proud parents in the hotel. Great times.

  7. Seems like it’ll be a great evening. Hope you enjoy it Willie Joe..richly deserved by you for all you undertake here keeping us in the loop with everything ?

  8. I was there in 2019 when there was a huge crowd over there..the biggest ever I believe. The big talk before the match was could you get tickets. Well, we walked up to the gate and got a ticket no problem.

    So you’ll have no problem getting a ticket as the crowd going this year is much smaller.

    Hard to believe it’s 5 years ago though…how life flies by!

  9. @Exile: Yeah, I had the same experience, rocked up a few hours before the 2019 game and had no problem paying at the gate (I tell a lie, it was steep enough at thirty dollars for just myself!). There always seems to be some sort of buzz before Mayo play abroad that it will be a sellout and that people will struggle to get in, but it was the same in London in 2016, nobody who wanted a ticket went short on the day.

    I even remember hearing of some Mayo supporters over-indulging on the pre-match hospitality in NYC and not making it out to Gaelic Park at all, but we’ll say no more…

    What I would suggest to anyone making the trip is to pack some waterproofs, have been to NYC twice in the past five years or so in April/May, and it has p***ed out of the lalas on each occasion. There is only rain cover on one side of the ground and tbh that isn’t up to very much.

    It’s a hell of a trip, enjoy it folks!

  10. @Exile: I was over in NYC in 2019 and there was no problem paying in at the gate (other than the price, thirty dollars in for just myself!), although I was there a few hours before the throw-in. There was the same buzz around the London game in 2016, but equally, there was no problem paying in at the gate on the day.

    What I would suggest to anyone travelling is to pack some waterproofs/ponchos/whatever you’re having yourself, as I’ve been to NYC twice in the last five years, both times in April/May, and it has p***ed it down for both weeks I was there. There isn’t much cover at the ground, only a bit behind the goal and on part of the stand side, but tbh it’s not up to much in protecting you from the elements.

    Would recommend visiting the Irish Famine memorial for any history buffs here, it’s only a few minutes’ walk from Ground Zero and very well done. Also enjoyed Connolly’s just off Times Square, was a shock to pass it by randomly and hear Mid West blaring out on to the street 😉

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