Mayo GAA site gets a facelift

If you’ve been surfing in the direction of the official Mayo GAA site of late you’ll no doubt have noticed that it has been given a refreshed look and feel. It’s not that long since the builders were in last on the site but it obviously needed a bit of work done to it here and there and this is precisely what has now happened.

I like the uncluttered and sensible layout that they’ve gone for, with rotating pictures on the top left of the page and a recent news panel at top-of-the-right. Overhead, there are various drop-down tabs leading you to other content and underneath there’s a fixtures and results panel as well as one for social networking, with links to their excellent Twitter service (which, if you don’t already follow, you should do so) and to their Facebook thing.

All told, it’s a worthwhile and timely update, one which comfortably brings the site up to the kind of standard set by a number of other counties.

One thought on “Mayo GAA site gets a facelift

  1. Agree that it is a big improvement WJ so credit to them for that. For sure it’s as least as good as some other counties but that’s damning with faint praise. I think other sports club sites (with smaller budgets) have, in general much more interesting sites than the GAA ones.

    Apart from the spelling and grammar mistakes in the new content, the information is hardly inspirational stuff. Just as with the strategic review the attitude seems to be, ‘Good enough will do’ let’s not have original thinking. Could they not have provided some interesting info on the senior players (apart from pics /height/weight etc) or profiled some rising stars from Minor, Development squads or the hurling squad?. The GAA in general (not just Mayo) do a really poor job of marketing their stars or future stars. Some distinctly average rugby players have become ‘household names’ in the last 3 years while some many real GAA stars could walk down most main streets unrecognized.

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