Mayo GAA TV back for club Championships

The action gets going in the Senior, Intermediate and Junior club football Championships this coming weekend. Mayo GAA confirmed today that its Mayo GAA TV streaming service will be back in action too and will be streaming at least twenty games over the coming weeks, in conjunction with its broadcast partner, StreamSport.

This coming weekend, the cameras will be at St Brendan’s Park in Kilmeena on Saturday evening, where the newly-promoted Junior All-Ireland champions will entertain Kilmaine in the first round of the Intermediate Championship. That game throws in at 6pm on Saturday. Then at 2pm on Sunday, the feature match will be reigning county champions Knockmore against Aghamore in Round 1 of the SFC.

The Round 2 ties to be streamed the following weekend are both Senior fixtures. On Saturday 10th September, it’s Westport v Ballintubber at 5pm and the following day at 2pm it’s Ballina Stephenites v Knockmore.

The Round 3 games to be covered will be notified in due course. Once it gets to the knockout stages, selected games from all three Championships will be covered at the quarter-final and semi-final stages. All three county finals will be streamed live as will the hurling decider.

The Mayo GAA TV streaming service will once again this year be available via a season pass, costing €90, with a weekend pass on offer for €15 while individual match passes will cost €10. These will be available to purchase from tomorrow (30th August) from Mayo GAA TV – link here.

62 thoughts on “Mayo GAA TV back for club Championships

  1. Great news Willie Joe thanks. The season pass is a lot more expensive than last year

  2. No value in the season pass. 6 weekends in the club championship so paying 15 euro per weekend adds up to 90 euro anyway?

  3. I would expect that TG4 will show a number of our matches so it might be better to take each weekend at a time

  4. Is there any news on injury progress for Tommy Conroy and Ryan O’Donaghue. Will they play in the club championship at all I wonder. Suspect its early for Tommy at least.

  5. It looks like there will be no Mayo matches on Tg4 or RTE like last year. If there is it would have to be from round 2 or 3. Mayo Gaa Tv are showing more games this year but there showing less games in round 2 and round 3 and there showing the finals so they won’t be on TG4. Its 50% more for the season pass this year

  6. Ffs yet another bloody increase in price in something. What’s it this time Brexit, Ukraine ,gas price or some other bullshit excuse. Got rid of sky sport’s told her 1 more Netflix increase it’s gone so doubt I’ll be able to fight my case for this . Jesus you’d want to be printing bloody money. Papers gone dear too though.

  7. €60 would be a more sensible amount. Can Mayo Gaa review this charge. €90 for a Mayo senior citizen is too much!

  8. Maybe Conroy and O Donoghue would be better taking a rest for the club championship in an effort to be ready for 2023.

  9. @Mayo88 ever hear of club before county no?? Or are you as Andy Moran said recently on a podcast a new type of mayo ”fan” who has no affinity with a club?

  10. @Fedup – I really take issue with that inference that because someone isn’t involved in a club, they may be a lesser Mayo fan. I agree that Mayo88’s comment is a total disregards for club football and shouldn’t be taking too seriously but your comment really needs to be called out.

    I come from a town in Mayo that has clubs for all sports and the GAA club in the town would have a reputation for looking after their own, as would the football and rugby clubs to be fair. This meant that not all those who liked GAA got a fair crack with the club, or were heavily involved in it, and preferred to just follow Mayo.

    Your comment also completely disregards Mayo fans who are no longer living at home or are involved with a club.

  11. Just go to support your own club if ya want …
    Costs me plenty to travel from the Midlands down but I love the club I played with enjoy meeting lads / coaches I soldiered with .
    As the saying goes ” Nothing beats being there “.
    Club always came first for me but suppose it depends if you were reared with it .

  12. Tommy conroy picked up the most serius knee injury possible in early february which takes 9+ months to recover from so unlesss he is recovering at a God speed he wont be back for club championship
    Not sure what about ROD

  13. @unstoppable How can you go out and cheer on lads when wearing the county top but not even bother to look out the back garden when they’re in the club colours? Club is where it begins and ends. Yes you can be a Mayo fan absolutely and not bother being a club man/woman but if there was a spare ticket going for a game by god id give it to the club person every day of the week.

    Also my comment does not completely disregard mayo fans living abroad. I live abroad. Im playing with a club over here but I’m also very much still a clubman back home. I still do lottery’s, get updates, fundraise what ever i can so your rebuttal that because your an ex-pat means that that disregard’s every supporter away from home is incorrect I’m afraid to say.

    All in all though if the lads are fit they should play for the club. Always

  14. Eoin O’Donoghue was one of the players I was looking forward to seeing in the club championship with a view to him getting back into the county team. However while listening to the podcast I hear he is in Australia. Is he playing aussie football as I never heard anything about him transferring. Big loss for Mayo I reckon but an absolutely massive miss for Belmullet if it’s the case.

  15. @Joe. G – Eoin was/is a fantastic prospect but he never really pushed on at inter county level after a great season in 2018. I recall the last time seeing him play for mayo in a league game he struggled and he was out of favour after it. He would be a great player to have within the squad but im not sure if he would start ahead of any of the current crop (Mullin, Hession, McLaughlin, O’Hora, Keegan etc..)

  16. I agree with you Fedup and also recognise exactly the type of new Mayo fan Andy Moran is referring to, there is a large cohort of Mayo fans who you would meet in croker on the big days who bray and shout louder than anyone on the big occasion but have probably never ventured to see a game at their club grounds, if you were to ask them for their thoughts on the upcoming 1st round of the club championship they would look at ya as if you have 2 heads.

    I invariably always end up sitting beside this type of Mayo fan at every croker game lol

  17. Eoin definitely seemed to be a hard one, great season in club but it did seem like some of the pace was a bit lacking. In that 18 season he did chip in with a few scores if I remember and was a good kicker, but there’s a lot of very good candidates in the backs now – feels having a full back goes a long way to us being able to field an all-star half back line.

  18. Any chance the home clubs in the Senior championship could provide an online stream of there games, Charlestown and Belmullet always one of the best clubs to provide streaming service for there supporters.

  19. Achill75 they aren’t allowed to provide a home stream. Some clubs provide audio commentary on Facebook.

  20. Exile I have heard a lot about great white Hope’s from different clubs but the selectors normally get it right.
    By all fairness give them a chance, a few years ago a certain Ballina forward was clamoured for but while a great Trier with a big heart he failed to deliver.

  21. @yew_tree: What do you mean that they’re not allowed? Due to copyright issues? I know other sports clubs stream their games, for instance Westport United often stream coverage of their soccer fixtures on Facebook.

  22. @Fedup, for me it has always been County first going back to 1981, I have no allegiance to any club in particular.

  23. And you know, Mayo88, that’s okay too. Nothing’s obligatory where it comes to participating in or following sport. It’s all a matter of choice.

    Speaking of the club scene, our latest pod is now up on all platforms.

  24. Agreed completely Supermac. It’s a large reason I no longer go to the stand anymore when weathers decent. You invariably end up sitting beside someone screaming away but who you know well doesn’t watch a game of football outside of the dozen mayo games all year. The type that shouts ‘ah referee” every time there’s a single bit of contact. A lot of these tend to give out when they can’t get final tickets (because they’ve never been involved in a club), but think they’re superfans and deserving because they make the 12 mayo games a year. I respect their fandom but I don’t agree. Plenty in there from both sexes

  25. I hope ye County supporter’s, that don’t go to Club match’s first and foremost remember to tell the Priest in Confessions.. Hope that’s the biggest sin ye have, …Things are more lenient nowadays..once upon a time you could be banned from the GAA , for attendance at Soccer match or even a Rugby Dance, if the GAA was a real religion I suppose that would be sporting excomunation.. Even happened to Eamon De Valera.. What if you got an All Ireland final ticket, right in the middle of the Hogan Stand, and had never attended a either a Club or County Game,…now that might be a Mortal Sin, and you could expect a few Hail Mary’s at least from even the most forgiving Priest…..I’d Expect!

  26. Its funny reading some of the comments, suggesting that someone who might go to 12 Mayo games in a season isn’t a true fan or not as worthy as someone who goes to club games. In my opinion, anyone who goes to 12 inter-county games in a season is a staunch supporter. Like, take a look at most other counties…look at Galway, where I’ve lived almost all my life, if someone there went to that many county games theyd be considered a diehard supporter. A large swathe of Galway fans hardly ever go near a club game. I know plenty and by others they’d still be considered big fans.

    I’ve never had any affiliation with a club in Mayo. I was born in C’bar but since playing age as a kid been in Galway but always stayed loyal to the green and red. I love the game and love Mayo. Do I love my club, one that I’ve played for at all levels? Not really. I certainly don’t have that deep passion. Maybe I would if I had grown up in Mayo. In fact, im fairly sure I would. So for me, there is only one team. Mayo. No one else counts.

    In my opinion, a Mayo supporter is someone who goes to the Mayo games and supports the team. Whether they go to 1 club game or 20 club games, in my opinion, is irrelevant when it comes to how much of a Mayo supporter they are. How much of a club supporter or activist is an entirely different question. There are far too many people who go to Mayo games in MacHale Park, sit there in the stand and do little or no shouting or supporting. I’d have much more issue with those individuals. They are spectators, not supporters. With the crowds that Mayo get at home games there ought to be a far more boisterous and partisan atmosphere.

  27. So, fair play to ya if you’re a real club activist. Without the clubs there is nothing but it doesn’t make you any more of a genuine Mayo supporter than someone who goes to as many, or possibly more, Mayo intercounty matches but who doesn’t attend club games. In my opinion, a key objective of each club in Mayo should be to try to continually strive to improve with the aim of producing as many players to represent our County at the highest level. So while clubs are crucial, I see them as cogs in the wheel. I dont necessarily agree with Club first or County first. To me, that doesn’t make sense because if you love the county team you need the clubs to be going well. They are intertwined. However, as a Mayo supporter the endgoal is to see Mayo win Sam. That takes priority over everything.

  28. I’d be club first but when the club scene is at rest I am an out and out County man. There’s room for all of us I reckon. Seanie and Exile I agree with what you say re Eoin but still think if he was around he would be another option because he’s a good footballer but is teak tough too. Belmullet will find his loss too great this season I’m afraid even if ROD was back at his very best. Hoping to see more of a show from East teams this time around but unless Ballaghadereen get everything together or Paul Towey does something superhuman for Charlestown I can’t see it happening at senior. Don’t see any hope at intermediate unless Kiltimagh are better than I think they are and in junior Swinford are in with a shout. Let the action begin!

  29. Ridiculous to say that if your not a club supporter your not a real fan there’s loads of people I know who have moved away from Mayo including myself but go to all the mayo games and your saying they are not ‘real’ supporters . They would be very put out by some of those comments. Of course I hope all the clubs do well but that does not mean people who don’t go to club matches are any less of a Mayo supporter!!

  30. There is no chance of Tommy Conroy playing any football in the championship. It would be reckless in the extreme, it’s pretty much a 10 month injury nowadays and really he won’t be properly up and going till the new year really.
    ROD I’m not sure about but expect to see him play as it was a groin injury that should have healed by now.

  31. Stupid comment to say people who dont follow club with the same passion as county aren’t real supporters. Anybody who thinks that is narrow minded and not the kind of person ya want to have a conversation about football with.

    I must tell my family members who fly home from england for most league and championship games to stay home next year, their support isnt wanted because they weren’t seen at a club game.

  32. so @seanie CH you think the person who is as invested at club level as they are at county are the narrow minded people and not the people you want to talk football with but the people who only watch a relatively small amount of player al-be it the elite are? if only there was a laughing emoji

    As for ‘real’ supporters don’t think anybody was saying if you support one or the other or both makes you any less of a fan but in my eyes to be just a county follower is a bit strange but im not the only one. Listen to the Football pod with paddy andrews and james O’D where they talk to Andy they too also find it mind boggling.

  33. This is a ridiculous argument that raises its head now and again on who is a real supporter, its just stupid. If your from Mayo, are interested in GAA you are a Mayo supporter plan and simple, no matter if you go to 1 game a year or every intercounty and club game. It seems around club championship time only real supporters go to club games, around AI Final time only “genuine” supporters have season tickets etc etc. Do some people try to put themselves above others because they go to more games than others? Everyone’s circumstances are different, work, location, cost, other commitments dictate how much time people can commit to a past time and that’s all it is. People really need to relax on the whole real supporter thing its embarrassing.

  34. I totally agree it’s pretty embarrassing some people are saying that they are more of a ‘real’supporter than others and it is pretty stupid! The main thing should be all together in the support for the main goal and that’s to see Mayo win sam .

  35. Some people need to get off their high horses ! Mainly @Fedup! A lot of people have other commitments and do follow the updates on the clubs results , do their lottery etc and know Mayo gaa inside out so I’d say they find it pretty insulting when people say they are not a ‘real’ supporter. They have a life other then gaa also .

  36. Willie Joe, once again thanks for your brilliant club coverage. The podcast was very enjoyable. Really looking forward to the weekend. Think their will be a few shocks across the county. Hopefully Kevin McStay can pick a few new players for next year in the next few weeks.
    I was talking to some of my younger work colleagues during a cup of tea at breakfast. Of course the Mayo club football talk was in full force. One of the lads told me that it was on some social media page last night that they were some high profile players away in England at a soccer match. Now maybe I’m showing my old age, But is this not good preparation for club championship?

  37. Embarrassing stuff.

    Maybe people would like to preview the games occurring at the weekend? Some spicy encounters

  38. @Clare read the comments fully ands stop jumping to conclusions you are the one that mentioned real supporters not me..

  39. Fedup – No i think anyone who judges somebody for having a preference of county over club is narrow minded and not the type of person i would want to have a conversation with football about.

    People have preferences in every walk of life and nobody should tell anyone what the can or cant enjoy in their own time.

  40. @Clare clearly you didn’t you’ve been mis-quoting me from the beginning of your argument and i no longer want to engage with you.

    @seaniech again that’s your opinion and you are entitled to it but to say somebody is narrow minded because they have a passion for the game of football not just the county well okay then. Dont think any posts here were telling people what they can or cannot enjoy? If you support mayo fine if you support mayo and dont give a toss about the clubs fine if you support mayo and are as mad about your club as you are county brilliant. There is no right or wrong answer this whole thing started after questioning whether or not ROD and Tommy Conroy would be better off sitting out the championship in favour of the county team but if they never played club ya cant play county unfortunately. Begins and ends with the club some supporters clearly dont realise that..

  41. @Fed up haha he wasn’t saying you were narrow minded for having a passion of the games think he was saying you were narrow minded for saying people who don’t go to club games is strange or are not as big a supporter as the ones that do go to the club games that’s narrow minded. And don’t worry I don’t want to engage with you either ridiculous argument!

  42. This club and county argument is complex.

    I know some people in Dublin who are/were so involved in juvenile activity with their club that they never attended county games; that didn’t mean they were indifferent to the county. Similarly I know people who actually do the basic stuff with a club, secretaries, treasurers, committee member; that really is dedication and it’s not for everybody. The county scene broadens the whole thing out. Even this leads to criticism (derision sometimes) by rugby types who view the GAA as insular and lacking the international dimension that rugby brings.

    South Dublin rugby types tend to have no interest in Dublin football, and see something like Derry versus Tyrone as completely irrelevant, in the same way as a Mayo supporter might view the Cavan or Louth club scene. Soccer types can develop a passion for Juventus or Barcelona, which are local clubs that have become multi-national businesses.

    I tweeted a photo recently of an empty Croke Park and bemoaned the lack of activity there. Quite a few responses tended to see this as a good thing, even suggesting that the inter-county championship is detrimental to the GAA. Of course if that argument becomes dominant, the GAA may sell off most of the major grounds and let apartments be built on the stadium sites. Personally, I would contemplate this as a disaster.

  43. Saw an interview with ROD last year I think it was and the highlight of his career was club related (great to see BTW, Paddy Durcan was the same)

    No chance these lads would be sitting out a club campaign to focus on a subsequent county season

  44. Many fantastic ‘Club people and members’ out there, absolutely no doubt they form the Bedrock of the Association. but for me some self righteous utterances almost with the implication that some are more worthy than other’s is unhelpful… The ‘GAA’ is NOT actually a Religion, some of its previous held stance’s on thing’s matters might have you wondering?..I heard tell of a case of a fine young man at the time, a very fine Gaelic Footballer and ‘Only Gaelic Football’ anyhow he fancied this particularly attractive young lady, that he regularly seen at Mass, both were in the Church Choir… But she had absolutely no interest in the GAA, and hung around with the Rugby set… This particular young man at the time, with great reservation at the time decided to go to the upcoming Rugby Dance, with the intention of trying to get a date or at least a dance with this young lady…Fair Play to him, he did both and brought his young lady friend to the cinema, dance’s and so, but a greater Sin was on his mind…Yes ye guessed it, he intended and did attend a Rugby Match with his attractive young lady friend..At it was the talk of the place, it was reported to the power’s that be in the GAA, by a very jealous other young man who had the same ladies affection very much on his own mind, and the ‘Ban’ on foreign game’s was in place… Anyhow it led to an embarrassing attempt at banning the young man from the GAA, for having gone to a Rugby dance and a Rugby Match… The GAA in the past definitely damaged itself by being too insular and too self-righteous…It’s time to move on, there is nothing compulsory about attending ‘Club Game’s’ or any games, whoever should ordain otherwise!

  45. I’ll skip this argument as it absolutely makes my blood boil and furthermore a lot of these “club men “ are completely in it for the ego and control . Such shite talk they go on with .

  46. It’s great to have Mayo GAATV going again but call me old fashion but I prefer to see games in the flesh.

    I attend every Mayo match and I don’t have a Cairde Maigh Eo season ticket and I love attending club championship games Junior to Senior but I am disappointed that there isn’t a weekend ticket pass or a club championship season pass 90euro we say.
    I aim to attend 4 games this weekend so 40euros.

  47. Whats wrong with football in East Mayo, Charlestown and Ballagh senior but not near the top, Kiltamach intermediate but wont win it and a big town like Swinford playing Junior football whats wrong there.

  48. What happens when you come from a fairly large village that has no club but for years now all it’s players have abely assisted all the teams around it.

  49. @Culmore East Mayo. Some clubs a small pick.
    Much worse issue is players just not togging year on year like in Knockmore and Balllintubber.
    Difficult. Some towns just don’t have that gaa tradition.

  50. When ever I visit a pub outside my town I buy a club gaa lottery ticket as do all my friends .one however refuses to purchase if club trainer is being paid

  51. Agree JP.
    Some clubs don’t help themselves either when they play senior lads on junior team when they may already have played for senior same weekend leaving other lads on bench with no game.
    I know one club in junior final togged about 30 players and following week had to bring men out retirement for relegation play off and had about 17 men!!

  52. There is meant to be Sean, not sure if any formal announcement yet, or pricing.
    Looking around I’d guesstimate around €85-95. But would depend how many games they have ability to stream.

  53. There is a season pass, it costs €100. There was a report about it in the Mayo News the other week but it could do with a push by Mayo GAA.

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