Mayo GAA TV brings the action home

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As many of you will know, the new Mayo GAA TV service is now up and running and is streaming loads of club championship action. While nothing will ever beat being there to see a match, having remote access to all this live action is a damn fine option to have too, in particular for those of us based outside the county.

The fact that the service works on a pay-per-view model is both interesting and welcome too. While so much stuff provided on the internet occurs on a free of charge basis – this site included – it shouldn’t mean that everything is. If you go to a match you don’t expect to be let in to see the action for free and so it makes sense that the same principle applies for watching a game on the web. Plus, it has the potential over time to become a decent earner for Mayo GAA into the bargain.

TV rights and all that are a tricky area at the best of times but I’d be really interested to see the service expand in time to inter-county games. The FBD would be the obvious place to start in this regard, as these matches aren’t currently broadcast and you can be sure there would be great interest in them were they to be streamed over the internet. After all, if FBD games can – as they sometimes do – attract attendances of more than 5,000 punters then there’s every reason to think that there’s a ready audience of armchair viewers out there too.

That’s all for another day, though, but back in the here and now there’s plenty of action on Mayo GAA TV to get stuck into. Starting tonight, in fact, with the SFC quarter-final replay between Ballintubber and Hollymount/Carramore, which throws in at 8pm this evening at MacHale Park.

On Saturday, the focus switches to the Intermediate championship. The location moves too, with the IFC semi-final double-header that afternoon featuring Kiltimagh v Louisburgh (throw-in 2.45pm) and Bohola Moy Davitts v Islandeady (4.30pm) coming from James Stephens Park in Ballina.

On Sunday it’s back to MacHale Park for the SFC semi-finals. First up then will be Castlebar Mitchels v Garrymore (throw-in 1.30pm), followed by Claremorris against the winners of the Ballintubber and Hollymount/Carramore replay (3.30pm).

Full details on how to access these matches on Mayo GAA TV are here.

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Separately, many of you will have been shocked and saddened – as I was too – by the news yesterday of the untimely and sudden death of Neill O’Neill, Managing Editor of the Mayo News. Words never sound more empty than at times like this, when someone so young, who should still have so much of his life ahead of him, is taken so suddenly. Sincere condolences to his family, friends and colleagues for the profound loss they’ve suffered. RIP.

36 thoughts on “Mayo GAA TV brings the action home

  1. Lovely words Willie Joe on Neil O’Neill.RIP. so sad. What a loss. And he and Mayo News always supported the Mayo Team(and of course his beloved Westport).

  2. HT: McHale Park. B’tubber 0-7. Holly/mount/Carramore 1-6. B’tubber started brightest but Holly/Carra came back strongly and probably should be more ahead. Tight game with all to play for.

  3. Dig Deep,
    I got a partial coverage of the build up. Sound. Then picture. Then both. Then neither. But the moment the ball was thrown in I got nothing. Wifi is fine.
    It’s now after half time so I’m giving up.

  4. 2 45’s over the black spot by Cillian. All 3 O’Connors on the score board. Diarmuid playing in half back line. My Mayo TV connection is desperate bad. Breaking up every 10 seconds

  5. Jesus the coverage is cat bad , it came through for 2 mins , seen cillian getting the line , picture gone again , it’s so bloody frustrating

  6. 6 straight points for Tubber to go 4 ahead after 15 mins 2nd half. Also missed couple goals. Hollymount no score yet 2nd half. Cillian sent off 2nd yellow

  7. The stream is working fine for me.

    Diarmuid O’Connor and Alan Dillon playing brilliantly for Tubber. Joke of a second yellow for Cillian. It was the Holly/Carra player that threw the ball away!

  8. Dig Deep
    Ditto. Got coverage finally of Cillian being sent off on 18th minute of second half. Coverage lasted five minutes until 23rd. Nothing since.

  9. Tubber finish strong. Sideline from Diarmuid straight over with outside of the boot. Dillon point ftom 30m. 1 point in second half for HC not enough. Jason Gibbons back to his best. Will there be enough in the tank to take on Claremorris at the weekend.

  10. Dillon was MOTM. Diarmuid and Cillian played well. Gibbons and Plunkett did reasonably well. Kevin Feerick was excellent in the first half

  11. Just after watching that video of the guy in the bookies talking about Mayo football. Don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Whatever about your man expressing his opinion The guy who uploaded it are doing Mayo football no favours.

  12. Overall a very good standard of a game for club football. I was at the Castlebar v Knockmore game at the weekend which was also of a really high standard. Great to see. I hope the Mayo GAA streaming service is being supported as it’s a great service.

  13. Mayo TV is a great idea. Hope it stays affordable and that it is successful. I can imagine how valuable it is for those who live outside the county.

  14. Well done Ballintubber. Alan Dillon rolling back years there..pity he wasnt brought on in all ireland…. i admire the county players so much and they out again on Sunday. Such a long season. And some of them travelling up and down to Dublin. Mighty men

  15. Just home from Castlebar. Diarmuid way more effective than weekend. Alan Dillon very good. Cillian should have been sent off 10 minutes earlier but got a yellow. The second yellow was outrageous and in keeping with a below par performance from a good referee in Liam Devenney.

    Stephen Coen once again pretty anonymous. Nathan Moran had a brilliant first half but Tubber made a great switch at Half Time by putting Diarmuid on him.

    Conor Finnerty kicked three from play before going off with a potentially season ending shoulder injury.

    Ballintubber took complete contro between the two 45 yard lines in second half. Jason Gibbons good but not the force he was the first day

  16. Jesus lads Alan was absolutely class tonight.

    Looked as fit and quick and sharp as I have seen him in ages. It’s the first time in a while he has had a good spell injury free.

    I hope he goes again for another year

  17. This is the fourth time I’ve used this service so I think I support it and hopes it works out. However the camera work is poor, no panning it, which wouldn’t be too bad but the commentary is poor too so players hard to identify. I have about 8-10 Mbps so the stream should be OK but it skips constantly and when they try a replay….I will continue to support when I can’t get to matches but it needs to improve, and I expect it will.

  18. Ya with the Mayo GAA tv we need to persevere and support. Like for 4 euro there’s very little you can buy to equate to a rewatchable Mayo club match in your own home.
    It’s likely the popularity hitting them in terms of traffic. I notice that rewatches are problem free.
    It is hopefully significant cash going back into Mayo GAA. They can upgrade and invest in the service over time.

  19. FBD in 2018 will now have a final and to be play in Feb. One group of 5 no colleges.

    Galway at home Sun. 7th Jan
    Leitrim at home Wed 10th Jan
    Roscommon away Sun 14th Jan
    Sligo away Sun 21st Jan

  20. Thought Cillian was harshly sent off. Dillon lucky not to get a card for a second game in a row but was brilliant throughout. Hope finnerty isn’t too badly injured but looked bad.

    Holly/Carra probably missed their chance last week. Have to say though a few ballintubber fans let themselves down taunting the opposition about the so called infighting with the amalgamation in Holly/cara…No place for it and they aren’t real gaa fans. For that alone this neural will be shouting for Claremorris in the semi final.

  21. Was at the game as a neutral.
    Tubber had some awful wides in the first half and HC went for goals instead of the fisted points.
    Diarmuid put in a good shift.
    Was very disappointed in s coen in the second half gave no options for the kick out.
    Ballintubbers experience showed in the end.
    Ref mistook cillian for another player bad call.
    Cillian really needs to work on his discipline its affecting his game a bit he took some great scores.

  22. Great to see FBD and U17 fixtures out. Getting ready to go again. I know its not quite the journey that the players undergo but following Mayo is a big part of my life. We have our own stories, highs and lows to be honest mostly highs. Already contacted my brother to start planning and have had facebook contact with some of the supporters we meet at all these games. The better half who also goes to all the games has organised winter clothing for our trips away in the frost and the rain – flasks of soup and creamy pints when we stay away. Highs last year was Tralee, the Kerry semi final and the really sound Roscommon supporters we met in Croke Park. Cant wait. Love the battle.

  23. ditto Sinabhuil,
    planning a foot here too, cant wait for the journey to start again ,club scene is brilliant though to keep us all interested,and not to allow Dts to set in..
    i see this morning football all ireland confirmed for september 2nd 2018
    wonder when Stephen Rochford will announce if hes staying or going ? i know he said he would take the month of october ,but im dying to know !

  24. 14allnall41 – I would agree. Cillian gets involved in too much off the ball stuff and would be better focusing on his own game despite being harshly sent off I have never in any sport seen a referee change his mind once a red card is dished out. The referee was poor to both sides last night. Great crowd though and this Mayo TV is really promoting our local games. I heard of bars in the US showing the game and friends in the UK and Oz were able to tune in, its great to see.

  25. Agree with most most points above.
    Dillo played really well last nite but still think he lacks the pace for Dublin in Croker.Diarmuid played well made numerous runs up the field leaving players in his wake.Cillian did alrite but he really is struggling with his discipline at present .Sooner he gets back to playing with a cooler head the better for Ballintubber.
    Michael Plunkett showed up well again has very good ability on the ball.Conor Finnerty is a fine finisher he had 3 points from play.unlucky to pick up shoulder injury at the end.
    Stephen coen failed to stand out again.Its hard to kno what his best position is struggled on Gibbons and Geraghty at Midfield.If u were a neutral u would fail to pick him out.
    Nathan Moran looks to have potential only 18 tall and fast will probably see him on the under 20 squad next year.Robbie Molloy at centre back was impressive to for Holly.

  26. Based in Dublin I am also delighted to have a chance to watch the club games from the comfort of my couch. However, I also had a few problems with it but in fairness to the lads at MayoGAATV, they are investigating issues arising with a view to achieving a continually improving service.
    It would be great if the service was bundled into the Cairde Mhaigheo ticket next year as we are entitled to entry to club matches anyway. It would be much better than another jacket or bag.

  27. The Mayo GAA TV is a great service and hopefully they iron out all the problems. Would be interesting to see the viewing figures. A season ticket option could be an idea for next year

    Was able to get to mchale Park last night. Wasn’t overly impressed with ballintubber but they should still have enough to beat claremorris. However I don’t see them troubling castlebar in the final. Reason I say castlebar is unfortunately I don’t see garrymore getting close to them on Sunday. Would be great if I’m proven wrong as would love to see another team come to the fore in mayo.

  28. Yes Tree ….. What’s the story about in fighting in H.C …ya know rumours won’t be tolerated here !!

  29. Sinabhuil. Only joking. Hope carramore and Holly stay together forever but do enjoy the banter ..Dont ever remember Holly crowd too quiet on the line …

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