Mayo GAA TV is back this weekend

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With the club football Championships getting underway this weekend, Mayo GAA TV makes a welcome reappearance online as well. It’s the fourth year the service has been in operation and it’s never been more needed than now.

Three SFC Round 1 matches are set to be streamed live this coming weekend. First up is the Group 4 clash from Fr O’Hara Park between Charlestown Sarsfields and Castlebar Mitchels on Saturday evening. That match throws in at 5pm and it’s followed at 7pm by the Group 2 meeting at Clogher of defending champions Ballintubber and my own home club Aghamore.

On Sunday the featured game is the tasty Group 4 encounter between Breaffy and Westport. That match is set to get underway in Breaffy at 4pm.

Mike Finnerty and Tom Carney will be on commentary duties for Mayo GAA TV over the weekend and I’d say you can expect to hear a few other voices chipping in on co-commentary from the weekend’s three featured games.

As you probably know by now, Mayo GAA TV operates a pay-per-view model but you get great value for a modest outlay. It’s just €7 for a double-header pass and €5 to watch a single game and you can stream the action to your PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone or smart TV.

You’ll find more details on the weekend’s action here and once the link to the games becomes available I’ll post details here on the blog.

9 thoughts on “Mayo GAA TV is back this weekend

  1. Thanks Willie Joe. Looking forward to it the podcast will whet the appetite nicely. It will also inspire me to get out for a run while listening.

  2. I’m sorry to disappoint you, Erris Head (and others), but I’m afraid we’ve had to shelve plans for a podcast episode ahead of the weekend. We’re now aiming to get an episode out after this weekend’s round of Championship matches have been played.

  3. All training and matches should have been cancelled for 2020 so that people can stay safe from Covid-19. Plenty other ways to keep active and 2 mts apart. Health and life are the most important things.

  4. I’ll call Charlestown to beat Castlebar the weekend.
    Ger McDonagh has not been replaced by any new player. In my view he was one of their top 5 players.
    Tom Parsons should be the strongest midfielder.
    Their early form versus Belmullet and Ballintubber I think they will manage to sustain it.
    I like the form of Jack Reilly, Paul Towey and Niall Murphy. Physically they look muscular and fit Charlestown.

  5. This weekend is going to be a difficult one for many club people who will be unable to see their club play championship. During the lock down it was something to look forward to. Hard to believe in 5 weeks time we will have up to 800 pupils in a secondary school indoors and can only have 200 outside in a 10 acre club ground. One rule to fit all is clearly not working, even the uk are locking down their new covid hot spots. Surely in mayo , with virtually no new cases for weeks, we could have gone to 500. People that attend these games, like going to a shop, will have to take personal responsibility for minding their own health.

  6. @Rober, with today’s figures, How unfortunately wrong you are?…I would urge everyone to follow the protocols to the maximum, I was in Castlebar yesterday in a few different shop’s, complacence with the wearing of face coverings/masks was about 50/60%. There are places in the world where the challenges in combating Covid 19 are far greater than this sparcly populated Island of Ireland.. and like Taiwan are over one thousand times more successful than Ireland per Capita, but the people are regimental in their habit’s of Mask Wearing, Hand Hygiene and Social Distancing.. The disease will spread anywhere it get’s a chance if someone unknowingly is infected..But it definitely will be supressed if people comply with the Health advise…Of course it dosent help that flights are still allowed into Ireland from Texas, California and Florida some of the worst hotspots currently in the World… The rest of the EU has banned all flights from the US.

  7. If cases keep rising to 85 a day like yesterday you can kiss goodbye to the league and championship being played. I agree with Leantimes it’s lunacy to be letting flights in from the US during this pandemic. Hopefully the number of cases will stabilise to something like 20 a day and yesterday’s figures were just a once off

  8. Leantimes and Backdoorsam are absolutely spot on. Its criminal that people with flu like symptoms are not self isolating hence the increase in affected numbers.

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