Mayo golfing bash in London

Roger has asked me to give a plug to an upcoming Mayo-related event in London, which I’m happy to do. This is a fundraiser which is being hosted jointly by  Cáirde Mhaigheo London and the Mayo Golf Society London and it’s due to be held at the Mill Hill Golf Club in North London on Friday 29th June.

The price for a team of four at this event will be £400 (that’s the Queen’s money, by the way, not our poor flailing Euro) which includes green fees and covers the evening meal afterwards. If you’re not a golfing person – and I’d be in the good walk ruined camp myself – you have the option of sponsoring a hole (sounds dodgy, I know, but it is a worthy fundraiser) for £100. If you’re just after the evening spuds, you can get that on its own too, at a cost of £25.

Shotgun start (no, I haven’t a clue what that means either) on the day is set for 1.30pm. If you want to take part, then you should contact either Tom Moloney on +447800 941586 (07800 941586 in the UK ) or Mick Feehan on +447850 260680 (07850 260680 in the UK). Cairde Mhaigheo London are also on Twitter at @cairdemoldn and they’ll be providing further info on the event from that source as well.

3 thoughts on “Mayo golfing bash in London

  1. Hunter S Thompson used to play a game called shotgun golf where the clubs were replaced with shotguns. The idea was you drove the ball as far as you could by firing as close to the ball as you dared. If you under-did it, the ball didn’t move at all. If you overdid it, the ball was blown away to hell.

    That sounds like good craic, but it’s hardly what the boys have planned for this. You can imagine Scotland Yard taking a dim view of a gang of Irish boys rolling up to a golf club with artillery and a few cans.

    Best of luck to them, I hope they have some fun a turn a few shillings.

  2. Do I read that Mayo County Board is organising a golf classic in Castlebar sometime next month.
    Now lads and ladies you may not know about golf but guns and golf do not mix. There will be one gun at the golf course in London. Eighteen teams maybe 20 will line up ( two teams may start on the par threes). Then when each team is ready to play on the allocated tee box (not tea canister) the trigger will be pulled. No need for the Yard. Eighteen or twenty teams putting in 400 quid and 18 tee boxes sponsored and eighteen greens also then all that will come to a sizeable sum.

    This event deserves support .


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