Mayo News football podcast 2018 – club quarter-finals and manager update

Two topics dominate in Mayo GAA at the moment. Off the field of play it’s the question of who will be appointed as the next Mayo manager while on the pitch it’s all about the club championships. Both issues are covered in this episode of the Mayo News football podcast.

Host Rob Murphy and I throw in the ball for what is another bumper podcast episode. Then we hear from Mike Finnerty and Ger Flanagan of the Mayo News for the latest on the managerial appointment, following which Mike catches up with James Horan, one of the two candidates for the job.

Next the focus switches to the Senior and Intermediate club championship action that took place over the weekend. Our two featured games were Castlebar Mitchels against Claremorris in the Senior championship and the meeting of Kiltimagh and Louisburgh in the IFC. There’s in-game audio from both of these contests and there’s also post-match reaction from Castlebar’s Ger McDonagh, Kiltimagh’s Conor Heneghan and Ballaghaderreen’s Barry Regan.

Widening out the lens, Mike and Ger review all of the SFC and IFC quarter-finals and to talk about who’s now likely to prevail in the race for honours at both Senior and Intermediate levels.

This latest edition of the podcast is now online and is available to listen to on iTunes and SoundCloud. You can also listen to it directly on the Mayo News website as well as here on the blog using the SoundCloud player below or the one on the right. This is the first of two podcast episodes that will be available this week, as we’ll also have a bonus episode previewing this coming weekend’s Junior football final.

The Mayo News football podcast club series is brought to you in Association with the Mayo Roscommon Hospice. Support the Hospice’s ‘Buy a Brick’ campaign to help build a Hospice unit in Mayo – details on how to do this are here.

38 thoughts on “Mayo News football podcast 2018 – club quarter-finals and manager update

  1. Looking forward to hearing that podcast later in the evening.
    Meantime I cannot get why some people are lauding Mickey Moran / John Morrison. They basically took John Maughan’s 2004/05 team and got them back to an All Ireland final, with all the weaknesses they had demonstrated in the previous two years. In 2004 we were destroyed by the high fielding of Johnny Crowley in our goal area and in 2006 Donaghy repeated the dose. Eventually when all was lost Moran sent David Brady in as full back and in the short time he was there he showed that he could compete with Donaghy. Why was Brady left idle on the line until then? Perhaps the critics of James Horan’s handling of Donaghy might be able to answer? I can say with certainty that Horan did not have a Brady in his arsenal.
    The only reason that Moran was brought in was that the Co Board were so anxious to get John O’Mahony into the Mayo seat after his retirement from Galway that they left themselves with no options when O’Mahony wanted to take a year out. When O’Mahony was ready to step up Moran was given no option but to go. Hard done by? Perhaps, but you have to take into consideration thaat he was only a stopgap in the first place and if he had any wit he would have known that first day. Finally what did Moran acheive as a coach with any of the many counties he was involved with? I won’t go into his replacing Eamonn Coleman in Derry except to say that he proved himself a real Co Board man in that action. Coleman was detested by many in the Derry Co Board because he was very selective in who he allowed near the team or in the dressingroom on matchday.

  2. While Horan didn’t have a Brady to pick – he did have Barry Moran (used to good effect by Homes/Connelly against Murphy the following year) and he did have Aidan o Shea (used to good effect by Rochford last year against Donaghy). I’d say Donaghy and the Kerry management couldn’t believe it when they saw Caff full back in the replay in Limerick and no defence system around him to offer protection.

  3. @SouthMayo Exile, I am also a South Mayo exile. It seems a long time ago now since I watched Mayo under James Horan.
    From what I can recall, Horan used the half backline as the main attacking force in 2012, 13 and 14. While this was a great system it left a hole in front of the full back line, if and when the ball was lost and turned over by the opposition.

    Here is a list of the games that Mayo’s fullback line got a roasting.
    1, Semi final 2012 v Dublin in the last 20 minutes.
    2, Final v Donegal in 2012 ( I watched this match on Youtube in July, note the craftness of the Donegal management, where they pulled our 2 corner backs out the pitch to leave Kevin Keane on a one-on-one with Murphy ). A basic requirement in any final be in under 12, South Mayo or Senior All Ireland, is that no early goal is to be conceded.
    3, Semi final v Tyrone in 2013, our fullback was destroyed in the 1st half, took too long to get up to the pace of the game.
    4, All Ireland final in 2013, two shit goals to give to Dublin, both scored by Brogan, his goal in the 2nd half was nearly worse than his 1st goal, as a move came right down the middle, Brogan slipped inside to score a soft goal, Mayo were caught napping, I think it was early in the 2nd half.
    4, Can’t really blame Mayos fullback line v Kerry in the semi final in 2014, Donaghy has knocked the ball down against so many opponents so often, only one man that he could never beat to the high ball in the big Croker games, that guy was Rory O Carroll, the former powerful Dublin fullback also David Brady in 2006, but the damage was done long before Brady was sent in to put manners on Donaghy.
    5, All Mayo’s fullback line were exposed down in Limerick in the 2014 replay, they were roasted, but this was probably the best game I saw live under Horans watch, some great movement and scores from Mayo’s forwards.

    Now to Rochfords tenure.
    1, Our sweeper that was their to assist our defence scored a crazy own goal in the 2016 final, the irony of it all, if no sweeper was there it may never have gone in, we will never really know.
    2, Not enough bodies from midfield to the area in front of the full forward line ie, the two man inside forward line.
    3, Rochford probably over-thought the Dubs game plans.
    4, For some reason Mayo always seem to take at least 15 / 20 minutes to get up to the pace of the Dubs in both finals of 2016 and 2017.
    5, Was Boyle the correct man to mark a young, very lively O Callaghan early on in the 2017 final ?, should Keegan have been moved onto Connolly when he came on as a 2nd half sub ?,
    7, Our full back line got a roasting in the first 20 minutes of the replay in 2016, I still get angry when I have visions of Rock pushing Keith Higgins after each of his scores in that 1st half, how I would to be young again and get 2 minutes against him, I am sure I would get the RED.

    One thing that did’nt change from Horans and Rochfords managements was that Mayo never had a good 3rd quarter, it was always this time just after halftime that the Dubs would rack up 4 or 5 points without reply ( future manager take note ). I believe this was actually down to fitness or the wrong type of match preparation, ie, taking too long to get going.

    Which ever guy is chosen for the big job, I only hope that they don’t employ an outdated / easily read / useless in the modern game of a Northern defensive system.
    I attended the Galway v Dublin semi final, this defensive system was useless, with Galway guys standing and not even tracking Dublins runners, total confusion.

  4. @mayo88. I disagree with most of what you saod there. But let my use some facts to rubbish one of you claims. You say that “One thing that didn’t change from Horans and Rochfords managements was that Mayo never had a good 3rd quarter”
    Here are three examples that prove this is nonsense
    All Ireland Final 2016 Half time score Dublin 2.4 Mayo 0.5. By 45 minute mark mayo scored 5 on the bounce to have it at Dublin 2.4 Mayo 0.10. that a pretty strong 3rd Quarter.
    All Ireland Semi Final 2014 Kerry 0.9 Mayo 0.5
    48th Minutes Kerry 0.12 Mayo 0.12. mayo outscored Kerry 7 points to 3. Again a strong 3rd quarter.
    All Ireland Semi Final 2013 Mayo vs Tyrone Half time Tyrone 0.7 Mayo 0.6. 48th Minutes Mayo 1.10 Tyrone 0.7. that’s 1.4 to no point in the third quarter.
    So that 3 examples of strong 3rd quarters.
    It’s clear you didn’t like Horan or Rochford and that fine we are all entitled to our opinion but at least back your thoughts up with actually facts.

  5. The 2014 All-Ireland semi final v Kerry in croke park, mayo had a dreadful first half and were reduced to 14 men by half time. Mayo’s second half performance that day, led by boyler, was the best 30 minutes I saw this present mayo team play. It was phenomenal.

  6. It’s the fact we had no game changing players on the bench that cost us in finals. In our finals v Dublin, the Dublin bench contributed 0-8 in games won by the minimum.

    When the game has been on a knife edge in the dying moments we either haven’t had the talent or balls or luck to win it….it’s very frustrating and you can sense that frustration coming out in every Mayo person with all the latest upheaval.

  7. Willie Joe these club podcasts are a credit to you and everyone involved. It has everyone hungry for the club game here in Mayo this is a thing which I can’t believe I’m saying. I love the Mayo senior county team. I believe us fans have a special bond with the team. I would go anywhere to see them play, never miss a senior match with the family. After us getting knocked out so early this year in the qualifiers to Kildare. My mind switched off football until I taught the FBD league 2019. But that has all changed with these podcasts. I went to Mchale park last Saturday night for the Mayo quarter final games. Great atmosphere underlights for the matches. The big game been the battle of Aido vs Lee Keegan. Both lads performed very well. Rob Hennelly got the winning score. County players played well on the night. Great to see Seamus O Shea back playing. Conor O shea looked impressive and shows the quality he has. Ruane midfield is a good lad as well for Breaffy but he did get send off unfortunately. I couldn’t believe the young footballers on show for all 4 clubs, Westport, Breaffy, Ballintubber and Moy Davitts. Westport really impressed me, nearly all young lads. Colin Moran corner forward kicked some unbelievable scores. And young Mcloughlin lad at 10 reminded me of a younger Kevin Mcloughlin. These lads seem to have all the talent, but it will be hard for them to make the step up to senior county football from the minor grade.
    Jason Gibbons in the other game played well kicking impressive scores and looks like he means business. The 2 o connors played well for the tubber. And a certain Alan Dillion scored a great goal. Brian Reape looked really dangerous for Moy Davitts in the 1st 20 minutes and hopefully will get a call up to the senior team. He deserves it.
    I left Mchale park Saturday night delighted I that I went to these games and will definitely go to the semi finals to get a closer look at more players.

  8. If the supporters had shouted louder in the 13 final during the final quarter we would have won that final. If we get that opportunity again, let the team, management and supporters take it.

  9. That’s nonsense maumtrasna. If Horan had left Freeman on the pitch we would have won. I was down that side of the ground and Freeman was doing well.

  10. That’s right Maumtrasna view, the players were just waiting for us to start shouting. When we didn’t they just said to themselves, sure whats the point. we’ll leave it off today and maybe try again next year.

  11. Maumtrasna View – we’ve had that opportunity twice since then and not taken. I’ve never heard a Mayo roar as loud as when we went 2 points up on 64 minutes in the 2017 final. Still didn’t win…

    I don’t really think you can have a go at the Mayo full back line in a number of those scenarios. In 2012 against Dublin, the entire team sat back and invited pressure with 20 minutes to go – it wasn’t a full back line issue. And in 2013 v Tyrone, we simply didn’t play in the first half and to only concede 7 points by half time having played none of the football is not a bad return for any full back line!

  12. Thanks Turf Man. The real credit for driving the club podcasts has to go to Rob Murphy and the Mayo News lads on the ground as they’re doing all the heavy lifting on it. We’re delighted with the listening numbers so far for the club series and happy too to give the clubs – and particularly club players, most of whom will never feature at county level – the limelight for a change.

  13. I’d have to agree with turfman I was beaming with joy leaving McHale park after the weekend. Rob Murphy’s knowledge of the club game is next to none. And yourself will Joe credit where credit is due. If only other so called bloggers put as much into the club game as he did Maybe the club game would improve.

  14. Maumtrasna View, I can’t agree with you there about the Mayo supporters in 2013. James Horan came out with that comment. I am firmly in the Horan camp 2018, however I felt he was wrong to say that in 2013. I remember watching is disbelief Cluxton kicking the ball out to the sidelines around midfield, the two O’sheas out on their feet after giving their all for the last 15 mins. And Higgins standing beside a crippled O’Gara at corner back.
    Horan missed a trick that day and he took it out on the supporters.
    On the plus side, the criticism of the supporters really drove us on to now be the undisputed best supporters in GAA.
    Hopefully James can also take the criticism and learn from it as the supporters did.

  15. Agree Turf man the Podcast for Club football is excellent with very knowledgeable people involved including Rob and WJ.

  16. Watch it there now Ceideboy, you can’t be making that claim on Mayo supporers being the best supporters or the self appointed Twitter police of Mayo GAA will be on to you in a flash, and responding “Spicy!, Spicy!” to all comments.

  17. Fantastic service Willie Joe,you need to charge for the service perhaps the young lad might get a few Euros from it,on the manager issue of they don’t sort it soon,we will end up with John Maugham,and Pay and Noel again

  18. I read that Tom p has had the last of his knee reconstruction surgeries and is firmly aiming to play for Mayo again. Now if that’s not persistence I don’t know what is.and with that type mindset in the players, is it any wonder Horan wants to get back in?
    Best of luck to Tom

  19. Rob Murphy is no stranger to very informative blogs. Any of you with interest in the local rugby scene may recall An absolutely fantastic service and way ahead of its time

  20. If Mayo’s failure to capture Sam is down to lack of noise??..Compare and Contrast, the noise from Mayo supporter’s to the feeble effort’s from the Tyrone support during Tyrone’s Mini Revival in the last quarter of the All Ireland Final….Had Mayo supporter’s been there in the same seneario , You would be able to hear ‘Mayo, Mayo Mayo’, the far side of ‘Maumtrasna’ compared with Tyrone who managed to create an atmosphere something akin to a Visit to the County Library in Castlebar!..And If I said it once, I said it a million times, that ‘Im not one for exaggeration’! ….. Unfair to pick on Tyrone tough, you could definitely include Galway, Kerry, Cork, support level’s, as of the more sombre variety!

  21. Mayo fans are the best fans in the world. More flags and noise required next year. You are spot on FBDinashui don’t heed that fella he hasn’t a clue about football. Would you ever consider going solo will Joe and bring out your own podcast?

  22. Quietman, I can’t agree as that fella doesn’t know a bit about football, he certainly does, but his knowledge doesn’t excuse him from behaving like an asshole most of the time and his rather bizarre dislike for people who want to add colour or atmosphere to games. Perhaps he’s got some sensory issues and would prefer to watch games in a sterile environment. He certainly displays antipathy and a lot of jealousy towards certain supporters for some reason, perhaps one of them must have declined his advances or something at some point.

  23. Tipperary under 20’s hurlers won the All Ireland this year with Liam Cahill as Manager, Cahill was strongly tipped for the vacant senior position (he was interested in the post) but Tipperary County board selected Liam Sheedy who was out of management for eight years.I attended the All Ireland under 20 Football Final, we probably would have won if Mayo had a sweeper in front of the fullback line (Kildare’s corner forward Hyland scored eight points from play, he had scored heavily also in previous rounds). I firmly believe that James Horan should be our next Senior Manager, the Mayo County Board should be delighted that he has put his name forward.

  24. Gerard, seriously… What happened in Tipperary has absolutely no bearing on what should happen in Mayo…. But for the record… Tipperary won the U21 Hurling Championship , not U20 which begins next year.. Also the vast bulk of that particular Liam Cahill’s U21 team came from an excellent and successful All Ireland Minor winner’s of 2016…. Michael Solan did not have the same luxery of picking player’s from a successful minor team… Mayo Minor football teams have been hammered out the gate since 2014… I’m sure that had Young John Maughan not been injured in the early minutes of the All Ireland Final, Young Hyland might have found the going allot tougher!

  25. I have read so many views about that under 20 final and no disrespect to other people’s opinions but I think the fact that we came to within a score of winning it speaks volumes for those players, M Solan and his management team. It was an intriguing game and one of the most satisfying given the mood we were in post Newbridge and particularly our need to see some youth in a Mayo jersey with resilience and never say die attitude. But I think to take the view that a sweeper, which rarely works at underage, would have won that game is naive. I had a close up view of the action in Croker that day and from what I recall, Kildare were immense in so many sectors especially in the first half. Their full forward scored 1-2 from play and set up two more scores, the corner forward on the opposite side to Hyland scored 0-3 from play in the first half, Hyland got 0-3 and I’m pretty sure their midfielder scored 0-2 from play in that half. We did switch a different back onto Hyland towards the end of the first half and certainly he was a handful no doubt about it but the real question to address is how did a Mayo team who were such underdogs and so patently a weaker physical team come so close to winning it. I think the answers lies in our style of play, most particularly our conviction to stick to our abiding strength which in that team was unquestionably our running game. The manner is which our half forward line and our backs on varying occasions drove at a much more fancied and powerful side was really impressive. The conservative approach would have been to adopt a double sweeper system which may have stopped any one Kildare forward featuring strongly on the score board. But to my mind such a tactic would have resulted in us completing negating our own strength and would have resulted in a defeat of 10+ points and done nothing for the future development of those lads. I believe there are 6 lads from that side who will feature prominently for Mayo seniors in the next 3/4 years, I think Solan will be a dream ticket with them in that time and whilst I prefer James H to get the job now, we have a very strong candidate in Solan with Mayo football ethos in his veins to take over in a few years.

  26. richardmgd. I was in Croke park for the u20 final and a blind man could see a extra man was needed in the full back line….Also in my opinion when it came to match day Horan was out of his depth. Big game couldn’t cope with the pressure, kept looking at the grass grow, not at the play. The two boys in the running now arnt as tactically aware as Rochford.So i fear for the future.

  27. Norris, putting on subs after 70 minutes is hardly tactically aware in the dead heat of newbridge when the game was over. Also having 3 galway backs on yellow within 20 minutes and didnt stick aido in full forward to draw a foul and get a back sent to the line is hardly tactically aware.

    I agree whoever gets the job, will have to have some tactically aware backroom team.

  28. Getting really pissed off wit some people on here and Twitter going #ithastobehoran.
    Why does it have to be Horan??
    What if Horan needed a budget that was unmanageable??
    What if he wanted no county players playing for clubs after May??
    Would these be wats best for Mayo football??
    Not a chance. It’s a race to the bottom.
    We need to look after club football cause that’s where Mayo players come from and the higher the standard they play at the better for the Mayo Team.
    From wat I know of the 2 candidates I would pick Horan and especially listening to wat he had to say over the weekend. To be honest was excited reading it. But another reason is I’m really happy wit Solan at U20 level and Morley at U17. We finally have good football men to bring lads on.
    But if Solan gets the nod I’ll be ready come Jan to fully support him and da lads. Because THAT IS OUR JOB. AND OUR ONLY JOB. It is to support the teams of this county. Getting back to # that annoy me #inthistogether really pushes my buttons. We have 30/40 lads that give everything they have to make it. No nights out wit friends no stags no weddings no family time. Working training pool gym meetings playing and by us going to a match we class ourselves as nearly been equals. They do the hard bit wat we do is easy. People looking for supporters having a say in manager selection isn’t da way to go. Our job is to support the teams that is all.

  29. Don’t know either candidate for the job but obviously have the highest respect for James Horan from his previous stint with the team,but am getting the feeling from the way the wind is blowing ,he may need Jim Mc Guinness,Peter Canavan,J O C,perhaps even Jim Gavin on his management team to get the gig,hopefully the right man gets it

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