Mayo News football podcast 2018 – James Horan special

The Greenway Café at Lough Lannagh Village in Castlebar, right beside where the planned Mayo GAA Centre of Excellence will be located, was the venue last night for a media event with the recently appointed Mayo manager James Horan. The Mayo News football podcast was there and an in-depth discussion with the new manager forms the centrepiece of this bonus episode of the podcast.

Host Rob Murphy and I sat down with James for a chat about his plans as he settles into a second term as Mayo manager. In a wide-ranging discussion, James spoke of his enthusiasm for getting back out on the training ground with the players, outlined how he intends to go about assessing and bringing through emerging new talent within the county and stressed the importance of establishing a winning mentality every time the team takes the field, starting with the county’s first competitive fixture of 2019 on home turf.

Rob and I also caught up with ex-Mayo News reporter and fellow Mayo man Shane McGrath of the Irish Daily Mail where we pondered on what the future might now hold for the county with James Horan once again back at the helm.

This bonus episode of the Mayo News football podcast is now online and is available to listen to on iTunes and SoundCloud. You can also listen to it via SoundCloud (if prompted, choose the ‘Listen in browser’ option) on both the Mayo News website and here on the blog.

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33 thoughts on “Mayo News football podcast 2018 – James Horan special

  1. Nice one lads – I think we all have swallowed the Enthusiasm pill – and you know what? No harm.

  2. Great podcast – by God they’re coming thick and fast. I thought you said some time ago Willie Joe, you were stepping back! If this is stepping back, what will you be like come next May/June?

    Thought JH very good. Interesting that he enthused over Belmullet, Claremorris and Westport young guns and name checked Seamus Cunniffe, Shiroize, and Cian. The point about getting them to a 20 minute slot in a championship shows the way he is thinking; not to mention tapping the experience and know how of the older brigade.

    The ‘early’ appointment (we were still as fast as Kerry from a later start) allows time and space and the ability to focus on the early stages of the league. Last season we had really to focus on the latter stages to stay up.

  3. Thanks, Catcol – stepping back was a summer activity! I was away, largely unnoticed, for three whole weeks when we were all, I think, still a bit stunned about our early championship exit. The pace is hot enough right now alright but I’d say we’ll soon be entering a quiet-ish period between now and New Year. Aside from the club action of course.

  4. Anyone know where the first Fbd game v Leitrim will be on January 6th ,Ballinamore or Carrick on Shannon?? I expect this game to be highest attended Fbd away game in Mayos history with it been JHs first game back.

    I take if we win that game we will play Galway in Tuam Stadium on January 13th and one great fact about this fixture is a James Horan team has never lost to Galway in Fbd or Championship.They never met in the National League.

  5. A quote from James Horan in the times.
    “I think any new management team that comes in, your always looking for someone or something fresh. If it’s a close call between an existing player and a new player, if they’re performing, the new player is going to get the nod, that’s the way it will work.”
    He also stated that some players thought they didn’t have to attend the trials, but they do, so that’s where it is. Slight paraphrase but pretty much a quote also.

  6. Oh ya I forgot the boys in Maroon were relegated that year of 2011.I still don’t buy into the hype of Galway footballers , we have made them look good in Connacht with really below par championship performances in recent years and they have struggled to put away a very ordinary Roscommon team drawing them in 16 losing to them in 17 and scraping by them in 18, A red card in the last 2 games we met with Diarmuid this year and Keith Higgins in 2017 and the ambush in McHale Park in 16 were Robbie gave a bad kickout away for a Thomas Flynn goal cost us those 3 games.
    They are really weak in defence as Dublin showed in the Semi final in Croke Park and if you you shut down Shane Walsh, Damien Comer and Ian Burke they are a very ordinary team.

  7. Jaysus “TH” Galway will have some sleepless nights trying to figure out how we can get Comer.Walsh and Burke past the Mayo defence. All the pressure will be on Mayo to try to beat Galway and get into the Super8. I think Mayo could reach the Super8 and that would be a great achievement with an aging squad but Galway have a young squad that has yet to reach its potential.

  8. Mayo have some good under age players that will develop under horan. We won the all Ireland u see 21 in 2016 I think galway forget that. The pressure will be on galway to beat an aging mayo team I don’t think horan will adapt what continued over the last 3 years .

  9. All this talk of pressure makes me laugh. Get players made of the right stuff in, is what’s needed. I feel sure Mayo are going to be a different animal in 2019.. Crowe and O’Donoghue to be nailed on starters. Willie Joe, you look ? like the cat that got the cream – broad grin and all that..

  10. Very uplifting, and enlightening podcast Wille joe, thanks to all involved, just wondering if the trials are open to the public,or if Mayo tv, will cover them, looks like Horan wants to add winners, or winning,to our cv, that would be fantastic if it were to happen, Consistently competitive winners, wow, wouldn’t that be something.

  11. Jesus WJ don’t jinx it. Quietish period between now and the new year, that’s exactly what we need now, fingers crossed.
    Thought we were in for a quiet end of summer and we ended up the talk of the country the week of the AI and beyond.
    As I said before, would love to see the trials open to the public, would be massive crowds with clubs from all over the county and all grades represented.

  12. Thanks once again WJ really enjoyed listening to JH on the Podcast. Well done to all that were involved in the production.

  13. Excellent podcast WJ. The Horan way will keep everyone on their toes and we are likely to see young players get meaningful game time and vital experience in league.
    Back to today’s game, it’s RAIN all the way, up to 18mm, will make it the wettest day we’ve had in a long time. Just wondering any pitch inspection planned?

  14. Great podcast, seems like all players will have an equal chance to make an impression and take a place in a squad whether its the main or development one. I suppose the reason why James mentioned the Belmullet, Claremorris and Ballaghaderreen young players is that he seen them first hand when Westport played these teams in the league this year. i think thats whats great about getting a manager who is familiar with grassroots in Mayo. Good luck to James, his backroom team and to all players trying out.
    I found the quote that JP references above very interesting, that some of the existing players didn’t think that they had to try out. Everyone is auditioning is good because you can gauge if a player is up to the level required when playing against and with better players. Andy Moran made this point after a game in Mayogaatv that it was a good summer at club level with young club players getting the chance to play with county players and it is bearing fruit with so many young players improving and making an impression.

  15. Pulled up the James Horans quote from the times, looks to me some of the older senior players are excited to be involved after talking with James Horan even though they may have thought previously they didn’t have to. James Horan had previously stated that he called all older players. I think this shows the character of our senior players

    “Anyone I have talked to is mad to get involved in the trials. Some of the didn’t think they had to play in them, but they do, so that’s where it is.”

  16. TH,
    Re the FBD game I don’t think that Ballinamore will have the capacity to hold the crowd which will come from Mayo. Leitrim, also with a new manager, will probably draw a good crowd too both to see their own team and to see Mayo under Horan. So unless Connacht Council make it an all ticket game it will be Carrick. Now wouldn’t that be something – an all ticket FBD game.

  17. No doubt it will be Carrick, good money earner, do the home team get the takings?
    I don’t see any reason why established should be exempt from trials. Everyone needs to be kept in these plus important to see how established players combine with newbies.
    I presume trials will be after county championships and open to public. Good money spinner matches too.

  18. Sorry lads but in my opinion, trials should never be open to the public.. And I’d be sure thats how JH would want it. With these trials on over the bank holiday i think its safe to say Mayo will be back training straight away. They should be flying by January.

  19. South Mayo division best 15 from 9 clubs
    1.Paul Mannion Mayo Gaels
    2.James Stretton Claremorris
    3.Caolan Crowe Garrymore
    4.Kevin Lynch Mayo Gaels
    5.Colm Boyle Davitts
    6.James McCormack Claremorris
    7.Stephen Coen Hollymount/Carramore
    8.Garry Golden Garrymore
    9.Brian Gallagher Claremorris
    10.Adam Gallagher Mayo Gaels
    11.Shane Nally Garrymore
    12.Conor Diskin Claremorris
    13.Enda Varley St Vincents/ former Garrymore
    14.Darren Coen Hollymount/Carramore
    15.Tommy Conroy The Neale
    Nathan Moran Hollymount/Carramore
    Evan Ronane Davitts
    Evan O’Brien Ballinrobe
    Kevin Quinn Ballinrobe
    James Shaughnessy Claremorris
    Trevor Nally Garrymore
    Mark Tierney Garrymore
    Cathal Slattery Garrymore
    John Gallagher Mayo Gaels

  20. Such an exciting game and extra time again. What effort. WOW. Total neutral but delighted for Cillian and Diarmuid. Jason Gibbons excellent. What a point to win it. Heart stopping stuff.

  21. DOC was immense tonight and cillian was great from dead balls and contributed a lot from playing deep.What a great game and massive commitment from both teams.

  22. Great excitement the last fw hours with Mitchell’s and Ballintubber. Nigel Reape and Michael D are made for County Finals. But that young lad on gee-tar was the highlight. Well done young man.
    I love this place.

  23. Great game. I was a neutral watching it but have to say I was delighted to see Tubber win it in the end. One team dominating the county championship is never good.

  24. Savage game , huge win for Ballintubber, Cillian, Diarmuid and J Gibbons immense,
    Breaffy will need to be at their best around the middle and watch discipline…

  25. Didn’t think Castlebar would get knocked out and that Tubber had missed their chance last week. Unfair on Tubber now to play 3 games in 3 weeks while the Breaffy boys will be well rested.

  26. Horan4Sam2019 – on the basis of what I’ve seen at first hand in this year’s club championships, I’d add Padraic Walsh of The Neale, an intelligent performer with a cultured left foot, to that list.

  27. East Mayo division best 15 from 9 clubs haven’t seen either Swinford or Eastern Gaels play
    1.Christopher McGlynn Moy Davitts
    2.David Drake Ballaghadareen
    3.Seamus Cunniffe Ballaghadareen
    4.Keith Higgins Ballyhaunis
    5.Cian Hanley Ballaghadareen
    6.Sharoize Akram Ballaghadareen
    7.Cathal Horan Kilmovee Shamrocks
    8.Sean Walsh Kiltimagh
    9.Tom Parsons Charlestown
    10.Fergal Boland Aghamore
    11.Jack Reilly Charlestown
    12.Eoghan Lavin Kiltimagh
    13.Ross Egan Aghamore
    14.Brian Reape Moy Davitts
    15.Andy Moran Ballaghadreen
    Morgan Lyons Ballyhaunis
    Jason Forkan Kiltimagh
    David Kenny Aghamore
    Cormac Doohan Ballaghadareen
    Anthony Jordan Moy Davitts
    Sean Kelly Moy Davitts
    Gareth O’Donnell Charlestown
    Colm Maye Charlestown
    Alan Freeman Aghamore
    Oisin Horan Kilmovee Shamrocks
    Donovan Cosgrove Kiltimagh
    Cillian Finn Kiltimagh

  28. Swinfords Liam Moran would make the bench and in a few years Michael McGarry Eastern Gaels. He gave Seamus Cunniffe problems last year while still u17.
    Jamie McNicholas is the best keeper coming through in the East. Very assured for Kiltimagh. Booming, accurate kickout for an u18.

  29. Jp do you think Mcgarry will make the u20 panel next year. He seemed to be a good Minor in 2017 so he should be 19 or 20 next year

  30. I think Michael McGarry will make the u20 next year as he is athletic and skillful on the ball. It all depends on steady progression of course.
    But ya, I think he will be in there.
    U19 next year.

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