Mayo News football podcast 2018 – Kildare preview

When the draw for Round 3 of the qualifiers was made on Monday morning few could have anticipated the controversy that it would generate. For a while it looked as if the our match against Kildare wouldn’t go ahead at all on Saturday but, thankfully, the issue relating to the match venue has now been resolved and so it’s all systems go for 7pm at St Conleth’s Park in Newbridge that evening.

This means we’ve got a game to preview and in this episode of the Mayo News football podcast that’s what we do. Host Rob Murphy and I chew the fat about the events over the last few days relating to the venue for the game and we also look ahead to Saturday evening from the supporters’ point of view to what’s sure to be an atmospheric occasion. Rob also talks tactics on the game with Mayo News columnist Billy Joe Padden, focusing on the threats Kildare pose and the opportunities we’ll be seeking to exploit against them.

This latest edition of the podcast is now online and is available to listen to on iTunes and SoundCloud. You can also listen to it on the Mayo News website, as well as here on the blog using the player below or the one on the panel on the right.

The Mayo News football podcast is proudly sponsored throughout this sizzling summer by the Oxford Arms in Camden Town, London.

31 thoughts on “Mayo News football podcast 2018 – Kildare preview

  1. I note from Kildare gaa’s Latest tweet that there will be 2500 car park spaces provided and parking everywhere else is prohibited. For 8200 patrons. Anyone from that area have any advice. It’s going to be a disaster getting in and out of the place.

  2. I expect O’neill to target route one – big hanging balls into the full forward, remember he was a selector for Kerry in that 2014 semi

  3. I agree with you our time has come that O’Neill will try route one. Kildare do have some big men but it hasn’t really got them too far this last few years. That tactic only works effectively if primary possession is being dominated in other sectors like when Kerry put Donaghy on the edge of the square against Galway last year. Once Mayo step it up and put the squeeze on their kick-outs I expect us to do damage. I think you’ll see our running game come back in a big way like Swahili said in a recent post. I expect Keegan and Diarmuid O’Connor to be paired at 8 and 9 but wouldn’t be shocked if we saw Donie ‘shoes’ come in there at some stage. We definitely need to keep Andy Moran in reserve – he would be better used as an impact sub and we need him fresh for the following week. Again, a lot depends on our sharpness in front of the posts – I feel we aren’t scoring enough goals (limerick game aside) and we might need more than just a fluke to get us through this time.

  4. Great show lads *thumbs up emoji*

    Our lads will get some roar when they take the field on Saturday. I might even have an oul air horn lying around somewhere…

  5. I’m Very interested to see what happens in midfield, i thin kildare will target the Centre.
    We won easy two years ago, but we struggled in midfield that day.

  6. I have a season ticket but unfortunately I’m unable to attend, can meet in Castlebar tomorrow evening if someone needs it!

  7. Trouble is, Liam on the run, that we are not putting pressure on anybody’s kickouts with one forward trying to mark two defenders. That is not putting pressure on, only if the keeper makes a horrendous mistake with a kickout will we benefit – if we’re lucky.

  8. Which terrace would be best for us to congregate on saturday?.Flags are going to this one and we need huge noise.I will be in well before 6 just want to know which side.

  9. Declan – The Mayo Independent Supporters Club (the ones with the big flag) are planning to congregate on the Town End terrace, i.e. behind the goal on the dressing room side of the pitch. Details here.

  10. Thanks WJ thats the spot for us so.BL i am away in the morning but i only live outside town and will pick that up and reinburse you later in the day if you still have it.

  11. Any chance of getting a ticket on the day, have a Croke Park ticket for the match, wonder would it get me in???
    Hope they (Kildare) stick with the home venue senario should they get to the Super 8s!!

  12. Everhopeful…Your very hopeful, I wish you luck, but I think you’ll need it…and a bit more! True Story… 20 year’s ago or more I was coming home from Berlin to Ireland for the Christmas, of course me being me left it untill the 21st of December to go to the Travel Agency (Reise Buro, incidentally that I lived right beside and always done business with,).. That’s the way you got flights way back then..couldn’t get a flight to Dublin, direct or via Frankfurt or Heathrow.. Could get a flight to Heathrow for the 23rd OK.. But no chance of a flight from Heathrow to Dublin all sold out.. But could get a flight from Heathrow to Dublin for the 22nd.. So time the travel agents amazement, I booked the two flights .. I insisted to the total bewilderment of the guy at the desk that was exactly what I wanted and paid for the flights.. Early on the 23rd, I flew from Berlin to Heathrow was there at 7am, British Airways, and then preceded to look for my flight to Dublin with British Midlands at 8am,..but that flight was for the previous day… I told them with the most sincere face I could muster.. Do ye think that I would book a flight to London for the 23rd and then expect to fly from London to Dublin on the 22nd the previous day? … They agreed with me, that no way would anyone ever do that, and said that it must be the German’s Travel Agency’s fault.. And that there was no point in ringing the travel agency in Berlin or anything because German’s would never admit to being wrong…. Anyways they could accommodate me, but I would have to fly business class and pay £10 extra for the privilege.. No bother easy pisse.. Glass of Champagne and the newspapers in business class… The joy of being young… But still that could never happen today, and I suspect that you will not get into St Conthleth Park with a ticket for Croke Park on Saturday, not a hope in Hell!

  13. Apparently the pitch is rock hard with little or no grass on it so we can expect more injuries on Saturday

  14. Surely we are due a break on the injury front, the management will have to get this one correct on match ups, and use our subs wisely, especially in this heat, its one game im feeling nervous about, wasn’t last week, even when we looked in trouble before the goal, i thought we were just starting to click, and upped the pace and intensity, a tough one for sure, but no better men for the job.

  15. I will be in the stand with shelter from the sun. If I’m correct sun will be coming from behind the stand. I was there in March and views are poor as you have to contend with pillars holding the stand up and prison like fence surrounding the pitch.

    Anyway, I expect a tough game, but mayo’s bench (in this heat) will prove the difference in the last 15 minutes. mayo by 7.

  16. I might join the MISC lads this week behind the goal, flag is making the journey tomorrow!

  17. I don’t think Kildare should be the only ones using the long ball tactic. Forecast not too bad 23 degrees but if it turns out any warmer will need to conserve energy. Mayo’s running game needs to be mixed up. Might also be the day for Barry, Donie or Nally as sweeper depending on who makes the 26. Nally I think has no fitness issues. Also Conor OS has the height for sweeper and good mobility.
    As for Kildare long ball, if we have mobile midfielders we can pressure the kickers. Sweeper means Andy or J Durcan dropped.
    If not overly focussing on sweeper, then our plan should be simply to out score them.. so what if Flynn does some damage just play really good football.

  18. Mid West radio say they will have an update on tickets shortly.

    Perhaps the capacity has been increased slightly? Be ready to go on and grab them for Mayo fans

  19. Bring the water bottles, sunscreen and sunglasses lads and lassies. Hoping we can use all on the bench and give the newer ones part of a game and come out without any injuries. Mayo by 5pts

  20. I wonder would it be county board sales though Ger. They might have a small surplus. I’d doubt it’ll be if Midwest have the inside track =)

  21. Limited number of tickets for sale McHale Park at 11am. At work and can’t get there. Balls. Good luck to those who can. Spare wanted if you get any extra that you don’t need.

  22. @Ah now, if you can get to Carrick on Shannon Toe to Hand is offering use of his ST on the It’s Newbridge blog

  23. I think it’s important to get an immediate foothold in midfield, therefore, I would start Aos there, and play Doc centre forward. I know Diarmuid would provide more mobility at midfield – but it takes several games getting used to pacing yourself for the hour, and it’s quite possible, without the required experience Doc could end up trying to cover too much and run himself into ground after 35 mins. By all means, allow him interchange with Aos as the game unfolds. I think Rocky should go with: Clarke Barrett Durkin Harrison Boyle Coen Higgins Aido Keegan McLoughlin Diarmuid Hanley Durkin Cillian Jason Doc. I’d also favour holding Andy for the final 15 mins. Best of luck, and by the way, Willie Joe, your lads will thoroughly enjoy the Gaeltacht. I remember my lad coming home with a lassie from Waterford. So you never know – so long as they support the green and red..

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