Mayo News football podcast – 2018 League preview

The return of competitive inter-county action also means that the Mayo News football podcast is back once again to focus closely on events on the field. Like we did last year, the aim in 2018 will be to cover all the action involving the Mayo footballers as it unfolds throughout the year, game by game.

In this episode of the podcast, host Rob Murphy along with Mike Finnerty and myself look back at the just concluded FBD League campaign and we also preview the forthcoming National League. There’s also a review of the recent Mayo News Club Stars event, featuring guest of honour Anthony Daly, while Billy Joe Padden interviews fellow Belmullet man, All-Star Chris Barrett.

The podcast has a new sponsor this year, by the way, and so a big thanks to for their support.

This edition of the podcast is available to listen to now on SoundCloud and iTunes. You can also listen to it here on the site, either by clicking the player below or the one on the sidebar to the right. Enjoy!

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21 thoughts on “Mayo News football podcast – 2018 League preview

  1. Lads and ladies, Something bugging me since I read this mornings papers, there is an article in this mornings Indo about Cillian and how he returned to work soon after last years All Ireland defeat teaching in Drimnagh castle in Dublin. Now did I not read/ hear that last year he returned to teach locally in Mayo or did he return to the capital working in September.. Small things I know but can anyone put my mind at ease..

  2. I thought he was working in Mayo too, I’d say it must be a right pain in the hole to have to listen to the dubs whining even after they won.

  3. Couple of things I’d like to see for league campaign. 1. Closing out games when we are on top . Yes there will be games where we will not be in a position to win but when were are on top of teams we must close them games out effectively. 2. Lads coming off the bench and making an impact on the scoreboard. It goes without saying that remaining in Division 1 status but if we can do the above it will show that we are improving .

  4. Cillian was working in Mayo last year but going by these reports he is now in Dublin. Maybe it’s a personal choice but I know in Kerry most players are found work locally and indeed excepted to live locally.

  5. CIllian was subbing mostly around mayo last year. Days here and there. I found it strange that he has to cross the country for work and that nothing full time was available for him here in Mayo. Maybe there’s reasons for moving to work in Dublin but the journeys won’t help.

  6. Yep pretty sure hes going out with [Deleted]. But if it was a case of him wanting work in Mayo , surely that could be arranged. Im of the opinion anyway at this stage the top players should only have jobs in name, appearance money if ya know what I mean.

  7. Mayo88/Sean Burke – Cillian’s personal life is his own business, as is the case with anyone who may or may not be with him. Personal stuff about players isn’t a valid topic of conversation here.

  8. Good points MayoinGalway. If we are to win an all ireland, then we need ‘game changers’ sitting on bench. Subs need to be chomping at the bit to get on the pitch and contribute to the cause.
    The only way we can have such subs is give them game time. The fbd did throw up some pacy forwards, so I would be hopeful. The challenge for Rochford and co is to develop a squad of players. Hopefully he will step up to the plate, remembering we faced Dublin in an all ireland final last year with a bench that had damn all championship exposure under their belts. Let’s see what pattern emerges from forth coming league games

  9. Yeah you would think that would be the best route to take, start with the young player and you can always replace him with an experienced player if things are not working out for him.

  10. Problem with the FBD – even though I enjoyed the Leitrim game – was that the weather was awful, and definitely hard for a newbie to make an impression. Maybe those challenges told Rochy more.

  11. Here lads i know its akward getting to Sundays venue.Ive a car pulling out of Castlebar sunday morning if anyone needs a lift.

  12. It was interesting to hear the panel on The Throw In podcast for the Independant talk about Mayo Last nite.Not one of the panel expects Mayo to contest the League final but to time there run as usual for August and September in the championship.
    Tomas O’Se said how he admired this Mayo team so much, for there resilence to keep coming back for more.But he pointed it out that Mayo have 17 really good footballers and after that they fall short and he sees that as the difference between Mayo and Dublin finishing games, and he said you look around all the other top counties and they have big name talents coming through but where not hearing of any new talent coming from Mayo.
    Joe Brolly spoke later in the podcast, have to say he spoke very harsh on Aidan O’Shea, totally way over the top.

  13. I would accept TOS point, panel or bench players are key. We are probably best fifteen never to win an all ireland. No consolation.
    However I do think fbd has shown us we have emerging talent. Will they get there on time to bolster the team this year? That’s where management comes in giving them game time building their confidence and making sure they get the required s and c.

  14. Brolly is harping on about AOS and COC for last while. Seems to be listeming to a lot of bar talk and his knocking of them has very little to do with Football.

  15. Chris Kelly – if there’s one thing I dislike more than people abusing the hospitality here by posting rumours it’s people doing so to make reference to that idiot. If it’s bullshit like that you want to share with the world, then go somewhere else to do it.

  16. Cillian , a primary school teacher, will be treated the same as every other teacher in mayo as regards panel rights etc. System of appointing teachers has changed. He obviously followed to the work to Dublin. That’s his choice.

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