Mayo News football podcast 2018 – the qualifiers draw

The draw for Round 1 of the qualifiers has been made and in it we’ve been paired with Limerick. We’ve only met the Shannonsiders once before in the championship, also in the qualifiers back in 2002 when we prevailed with just a point to spare, but the Gaelic Grounds is a venue Mayo supporters now know well. With the M17 open from Tuam, it’s also a location that’ll be easy for the large travelling fanbase to reach on Saturday week.

In this latest edition of the Mayo News football podcast we look at the qualifier draw and what it means for us. Host Rob Murphy and I get the show going by looking ahead to another summer on the road, following which Oisín Langan gets Stephen Rochford’s reaction to the qualifier draw.

Mayo News columnist Billy Joe Padden provides his thoughts on taking on Limerick and he also casts his mind back to the Galway defeat and what we can learn from that setback. Meanwhile, back at Mayo News HQ in Westport, the roundtable discussion featuring regulars Mike Finnerty, Edwin McGreal and Ger Flanagan involves a detailed dissection of this first backdoor test facing the county in this year’s championship.

This latest episode of the podcast is online now and is available to listen to on iTunes and SoundCloud. Alternatively, you can listen to it directly on the Mayo News website or here on the blog, using the player below or the one on the right.

The Mayo News football podcast is proudly sponsored this summer by the Oxford Arms in Camden Town, London.

137 thoughts on “Mayo News football podcast 2018 – the qualifiers draw

  1. Thank you yew tree for that info tell me should we start a few fringe players or stay with the regulars we need to freshen up our ideas no lateral passing and if we have a runner ,have 1 or 2 players running beside him .
    The Galway game was like been at a basketball game instead of a proper Gaelic game .
    Let the ball do the work i was taught when i was playing attack is the best form of defence

  2. There’s no official confirmation on as yet but the dates and times for all Round 1 fixtures are due to be announced today.

  3. I hope Willie Joe does a poll on here for this game. Limerick might get a few votes from the people who were hoping for Tyrone.

  4. Rochfords analysis was along predictable lines – take every game as it comes with criticism and reflection only an internal process. His “it’s either South Pole or North Pole with Mayo” comment is beautifully cryptic. I just hope we can keep our performances close enough to the equator in the qualifiers so that we can turn up the heat full blasht by the time we get the Super 8s!

  5. 6pm so late for mayo will take all night to get home after that. Not much consideration for biggest fanbase in the country.

  6. I probably will, Jim, though I’m still scratching my head over all those votes cast for Tyrone in the last one. The Rossies and the Galway lads having a laugh at our expense is my best guess for what happened in that one!

  7. 6 o’clock. Why not 4? Or 3? It’s a do or die game so it’s not like teams will be watching results from other games to judge how they should. Ya dale the game they’re about to play. Oh well.
    7.30 final whistle on a summer evening still isn’t too bad I suppose.
    If you are staying overnight in the city, have a pint in Nancy Blake’s. One of the coolest bars in Ireland.

  8. I think I’ll use my opt out on this one 6 pm is a bit late for a young family traveling to and from Blacksod when will the Gaa give us some consideration

  9. Lets hope it’s weather like today. Get to Limerick early, enjoy the city and the journey. I can’t wait!

  10. Does anybody know if there are buses, public or other from Limerick to Claremorris on the Saturday night after the game.

  11. you can probably get to Galway handy enough with citylink.
    Dunno about Galway to Claremorris, try the BE site

  12. I’m probably going from Galway if no other plans clash so any Mayo fans can car pool with me from there.

  13. Pretty sure there’s a Cork City Link too though don’t know the timetable.

  14. Can do Limerick in an hour and 20 mins from south Mayo. Not so bad. Not so good for hose of you in north Mayo but I think 6pm is a good time as many people working or farming may. Ow be able to attend.

  15. Yew tree / Mayo Abbey / Mayo gaels, when I drove to and from Limerick to Dublin for the replay v Kerry in 2014, I got back to Dublin from the carpark in 1 hr 25 mins, it took my Sister 3 hrs and 30 mins to get from Limerick to Claremorris after the match, should be much better now with the Tuam / Galway new motorway.

  16. We’re never going to have a better opportunity to give lads valuable championship experience and get their confidence up than against Limerick, that’s not disrespecting or a dig at Limerick but even with a weakened team we should be beating them by 10 points. Time to use our squad and see who’s cut out for it, no point having a squad otherwise and running the bollocks off the same lads for these games, will be our downfall eventually, especially if we get to super 8s where injuries may well become a problem with the tough physical games over a short space of time.

    P Durcan
    B Moran
    J Durcan
    A Moran

    Nice mix of youth and experience in that team and plenty of pace bar midfield. Can’t think of many teams who would handle AOS and Moran aerially though so we’d be able to get away with it for this game, and who knows, Barry Moran might just provide us with another option down the line. Limit game time for AOS/A Moran if possible and if shit hits the fan then we’ve the likes of Loftus, COC, SOS, Doherty, Keegan, McLoughlin, Higgins and Boyle to save the day. Give Keegan 20mins max if needed, dislocated shoulders are notoriously dodge injuries with a decent chance of re-occurring so no point risking him too much just yet, he’ll def be a midfield option when we progress further though. Great chance also for Douglas and Regan to rake up a good tally and put their hand up once and for all in a problem position for us, Boland is a superb kick passer and a great reader of the game and would supply them with decent ball, whilst chipping in with a couple of points also from wing forward (another thing we’ve lacked in recent years)

  17. Great draw, just what the doctor ordered I’d say, Everyone should be happy now, except the Tyrone voters, God they must be bitterly disappointed, the miserable shower of we’ll wishers, must be eating them alive now, It would be the icing on the cake now if we got a top class ref, who would emplempemt the rules fairly, no red cards, injuries,or discipline issues for us, and win by a landslide, with the newbies shooting the lights out, that would really make their weekend, and mine

  18. It would be just wrong to go to Limerick and not have a Limerick a thon ! I hope others will join in . It can only relate to Mayo , Football , the blog and its characters . Willie Joe , I hope I’m not overstepping the mark here.

    So my first offering

    There was a young girl from Kilmaine
    Knew nothing but All Ireland pain
    But never the less
    She’d always confess
    Her first team ,The Yews from the plain .

  19. Another

    There was a young man from The ‘shoole
    Jason D was nobody’s fool
    Hard as nails in the fight
    Dirty ball his by right
    Scoring points just for fun as a rule.

  20. Top Scorers from Mayo Senior League last weekend
    Darren Coen Hollymount 0-11 4 frees
    Ciaran Treacy Ballina 0-7 5fs
    David Lydon Kiltimagh 1-2 from play
    Paul Deeley Garrymore 0-7 5fs
    Darren McHale Knockmore 1-4 from play
    Peter Naughton Knockmore 1-3 1 pen 2 fs
    Alan Freeman Aughamore 1-4 2fs
    David Stenson Castlebar 1-5 1 pen 2fs
    James Shaughnessy 0-8 5fs , 45
    Cathal Barrett Belmullet 0-7 4fs
    Ryan O’Donoghue Belmullet 0-3 from play

  21. Ya looking at reports apparently Darren Coen and Ciaran Treacy were both on top form the weekend.Has Rochy ever given Darren Coen a chance?? Probably one of the best scoring forwards in Mayo club football.I know he was in the panel in James Horans time ,I remember him scoring a goal in Connacht Final against London.

  22. th, i think that goal was a point. it was a good shot but over the bar if im not mistaken.

  23. Think your leaving out Jack Reilly there Chris. Scored 1-09 on Saturday (1-08 from dead ball)

  24. The man Sean analysing the match
    Who thought balls were invented to scratch
    Until he met Leroy Keegan
    Who said, “Sean, step aside son”
    Sent Sean home will his balls in a batch.

  25. Clarke







    Going forward i would revert to an all out running game.

  26. Anyone know, if Mayo tv are covering the match,or if its possible to watch it online live?

  27. What are the chances of the likes of Matthew Ruane being drafted into the main panel to develop some invaluable experience at this level in Tom’s place? There is a critical need to develop some younger panel players to be able to hold their own at this key position as reinforcements for the remainder of this year’s campaign and also with an eye on the years ahead.

  28. I know this won’t qualify under the Limerick rule, but feck it.

    There were many great men wore the number ten
    But the greatest of them all.
    Was a man named Mc.
    From the parish of backs
    Who just never lost the ball.

    Think Johnny Cash sang about him.

  29. Revellino – hilarious . Keep them coming
    Nephin – love it. I love Johnny Cash.

  30. On the blog what you get you don’t know
    But the honesty that is in Mayo
    Is there all to see
    All of you and from me
    And we even get Reve- lin-O

  31. It’s an ideal opportunity for Matthew Ruane to claim a midfield spot now but who knows what kind of form he’s showing in training? Hanley and Durcan came out of nowhere in the Galway game so maybe it’s possible.

  32. Not long now till the calls for Darren coen to return…………..Enda Varley is soooooooooo last week 😉

  33. At 6.PM,on the 9th of June,……..
    Less time needed, with the motorway from Tuam………………………… . Banana Skin, or an Outrageous Upset? .…………..………..
    The Green and Red army, The Treaty they met !………….
    Driving back home to the ‘Plain of the Yew’………………………
    Thinking of journeys we’ve yet to ensew ………………………………..
    As for a ‘Limerick’.. I’ve a few line to many……………….
    Same as more games with Mayo . And I hardly ever miss Any,!

  34. My husband to his mayo in laws on our family what’s app yesterday after the draw!!

    There was an old team from the West
    And they really were not the very best
    But their fans were the greatest
    Although mostly delusional
    But they’ll still have a very long wait

    Then after he was warned no dinner for him.

    You think I’ve stooped very low
    In my comments about lovely Mayo
    But the truth will come out
    And I’ll have food in my mouth
    When Dublin win four in a row!

    He is in the doghouse now.

  35. Roch said, “Lads kick the ball over the bar”
    ” For every point scored I’ll buy yea a jar ”
    Seamie scored twenty seven
    Even Clarke got eleven
    Roch paid with a loan off a man from Qatar.

  36. @Km79 haha spot on. Coen, this months winner of the RFA (Richie Feeney award).

    Seiriously though, I used to think Darren Coen had a lot of potential, there was an aggression and directness to his play, had strength and speed. Perhaps he is maturing now?. Could be worth a look?.

  37. With a free the old Rossies drew late
    For the replay they thought they were great
    But when Mayo got goin
    From the Rossies a groan
    They were handed their arse on a plate.

  38. We got over our rivals Wicklow
    Said the smirk and his face all aglow
    With our funding and finance
    And our bitcoin and binance
    Sure we’ll probably win 4 in a row.

  39. The campaign did not start until now
    To our neighbours galway we did bow
    They were great in the league
    Now their fuc*ked with fatigue
    Their not fit now to milk an auld cow.

  40. Galway and their iron curtain
    It’s the way forward of that they are certain
    But when the championship rocks
    Their in for some shocks
    When we’re rocking galway will be hurtin.

  41. “Dere not grate” blathered Tomas O Se
    “Dere in truble” is all he could say
    “Dere not in de top eight”
    “I tell oo dere not grate”
    Keep babblin you round bale of hay.

  42. Willie Joe pays Swahili alright
    It’s moderation for those who talk shite
    With a flick of his finger
    Their comments won’t linger
    Their wasting there time on this site.

  43. Ah Ref twitter went to the effort of compiling the top scorers in each Division one club after 7 league games. Aghamore, Knockmore and Breaffy not up yet.
    Names that stand out:
    Charlestown – Jack Reilly 2-34 losing 6 games
    Claremorris – James Mccormack 2-9 from midfield only u21
    Hollymount – Darren Coen 40pts
    Garrymore – Mark Tierney 3-13
    Crossmolina – Fionan Duffy 37pts losing all 7 games
    Ballina – Kevin Newell 2-14 losing 6 games
    Ballintubber – Stephen OMalley 18pts only u20

  44. There was a once a commentator called Willie the Shoe
    Lord rest him he was a bigger Mayo fan than even me or you.
    His favorite player was Ciaran Mc Donald
    Who would leave the ball on your chest
    Oh how we could do with him now at his best

  45. There was a man called Tom
    Who’s injury hit us like a bomb
    He showed the fist
    Our Spirits did lift
    Off to Limerick we go to carry on the show
    With Tom in our hearts and on the mend
    We’ll roar and shout till the very end
    Up Mayo ! 🙂

  46. The team that wore the green and the red. Well , some people thought they were dead. Till back came El Leroy There’s no messin with that boy. Sam goes to mayo. Enough said

  47. There was a young lad from the Mullet
    Said “ Sean and Darragh would ya pull it “
    No matter ‘it goes
    Sure everyone knows
    For Mayo we’d all take a bullet

  48. Very disingenuous to R Feeney, Darren Coen both of whom have been very unlucky with the county team.

  49. The mood after Galway was dark ,
    and the Mayo lads needed a spark ,
    Rochy said Men
    We’ll meet those lads again ,
    and bate them above in Croke Park

  50. Ivan Stravinsky Stravar
    Swaggered in to a Lahardane bar
    I’ll beat any man here
    Cause your all filled with fear
    Ivans now in a jar in that bar.

  51. Thanks TH. I can’t be right all the time. He did blaze one over the bar in a qualifier game though, maybe against Fermanagh ?

  52. There was a young blogger Willie Joe
    Knew most about football , Mayo
    Gracious , smart , gentleman
    Don’t be cheeky cause he can
    Tell precisely to where you can go

  53. Twas Trump that sent out the alert
    It’s a green and red creature for cert
    But twas us from the Plain
    On the way to the game
    Now even Trump wears a green and red shirt.

  54. And its on to limerick we go, the boys from the co Mayo. In our guest to be best, We aint going to rest, till Sam is back home in Mayo.

  55. Irelands fittest family had started
    But Fitzgerald had not yet departed
    And Davy o’grief
    Filled his family with beef
    And all they did next show was farted.

  56. A chap by the name of O Reilly
    A Meathman both cunning and wiley
    He gave Kerry the leg up
    Despite Barrett’s big rare up
    And screwed us up pure and entirely

  57. Tom Parsons being interviewed tonight on off the ball on newstalk for anyone interested.

  58. The pundits have written us off
    Too many hard miles they scoff
    Too much on the clock
    We’re so easy to mock
    But some day their caps they will doff

  59. Thanks for that Richie duck, should be very interesting, hope he’s doing ok, tough on the poor man, and his family, teamates and friends, im sure they will give a good account of themselves, on his behalf, as he slowly recovers, all the very best Tom. Thought Galway and Sligo were playing on Sunday, nothing in the papers, thought Galway were the O’Shea’s favourite team in connaught, Its a wonder their not shouting from their soapboxes, like the cute fools they are, or let on to be, or writing crap, backed up by more crap, Galway are now defending connaught,

  60. Limerick are going well in training apparently since their “unlucky” exit from Munster.

    I’ve heard that now from two different people. Jaysus.

    Mayo better be waiting in the long grass for them on the 09th to spring the owl surprise.

  61. In this county there is no confusion
    Our lads are not under delusion
    There train well every day
    And I hope and I pray
    Sam Maguire will be their conclusion

  62. Niall Cullen is going to be the ref for this game. Have we had him before? His name doesn’t seem familiar

  63. Niall Cullen was the ref that Dublins U21s wasn’t too pleased about in 2016 v Mayo and he was the linesman that got Darran O Sullivan sent off v Mayo in the AI semi final summer again Darran wasn’t too pleased about it.

  64. jim
    I can’t say either way but the evidence so far in 2018 says they are not a happy camp. Then their manager comes out with a statement about not knowing the rules about naming a team in time for a game and one of his players being forced to sit in the stands watching instead of being on the team or at least bench.
    Fail to prepare, prepare to fail!

  65. Oh we’re all football mad in Mayo
    And as for our own Willie Joe
    By night and by day keeping trollers at bay
    When Im sure he has places to go.

    We flock here to vent and to cheer
    Seems to happen now all through the year
    His head Im sure wrecked
    Keeping all of us checked
    Sometimes we’re a pain in the rear!!

  66. We head to Limericks Gaelic Grounds
    Where the men from the Yew County
    Show one and all there are no bounds
    All our fans are in unity
    This will be our year

  67. Now everyone I am no poet,
    Because well I usually blow it
    My thoughts go round n round
    Them damn words go to ground
    Or maybe I am, I don’t know it!

    Anyway off tangent, but has anybody got the u20 panel anywhere? Thanks in advance.

  68. They came from Burrishoole, the Eady, the Covie Glens too. Their feet firmly settled, and victory almost granted. Sure wasn’t it deigned by the nod of a mule!

  69. That Interview with Tom Parsons is on Off the Ball on Newstalk just after 8pm this evening

  70. Castlebar in the second week of may
    We wondered would Lee Keegan play
    Who would keep Comer at bay
    We cried when they brought Tom Parsons away
    Johnny Heaney had the final say

  71. I never read as much poetry in my life.

    Mighty stuff everyone. Great poems.

    Keep them flying.

  72. Tom Parsons. What an absolutely impressive individual. His positive outlook is so commendable. He has good people around him family and medical professionals. He spoke of sticking to the protocols. Taking each step as it comes. He said the words ” . . and getting back in a Mayo jersey . .” Two weeks ago I despaired for Tom. Now I have no doubt whatsover that he will be back. Best wishes Tom

  73. Feeling emotional after that god what a man is Tom Parsons. No words.

  74. There was a fine hurler called Keith. Had a father from Galway called Pete. Give football a go and play for mayo said Pete to his son long ago

  75. Kerry came donkey and all
    Sure he hardly got hands on the ball
    Tomas talked more shite
    Sure he’s always right
    Said they lost by the kick of a ball.

  76. There was an analyst from Kerry
    That day he must be in a hurry
    The poor yerra forgot
    Ros were champs of Connacht
    I bet Rossies were feelin the fury

  77. There was a presenter called Des
    Who thinks he’s the best ‘nalysis
    But the men he has on
    They get it oh so wrong
    It’s just all a big load of mess

  78. There is this man from Mayo
    All over the country will go
    For the green and the red
    He roars off his head
    Come on to fuck lads up Mayo!

  79. There was a young man from Knockmore
    Who certainly knew how to score
    He sure saved our bacon
    Sent the terraces shakin
    And the fans want more more more

  80. From the County that boasts of Killarney
    Where ex footballers phrases are barmy
    They will swear black is white
    And that brown is blue shite
    And swear that everyone else just talks blarney.

  81. Christ Crossmolina are some craic
    They gave us P Gardiner and Mac!
    But the best was last year
    Was when Derry saw fear
    When Loftus, the net he did crack.

  82. I see sky are showing the Meah v Tyrone game on the 9th coverage starts at 4.30, must be 5 o’clock throw in.

  83. Tom P was on newstalk with Joe Molloy and it makes for interesting listening. Molloy is hands down the best interviewer out there, he asks the questions but knows when to draw the line.
    I suppose there are no guarantees in this world but it’s highly likely that Tom will be back. You can just tell from the interview that he won’t be stopped.

  84. He was the MacDaddy of Skelpin’
    Made many a Kerry man yelpin’
    Fear Laidir was tamed
    By a terrier named
    Swahili , a helpin of whelpin’

  85. Noticed that all senior panelist didn’t play for their clubs last weekend except for Conor o Shea who played for Breaffy, is he off the main panel

  86. Now Tom said lets go out and play.
    I’ll support u each step of the way.
    There’s a game to be won,
    show them we ain’t done,
    we will back in Croke park, come what may.

  87. WJ where are you?….some of your poetic laureates are defiling the iambic pentameter!!!…grate stufh tho

  88. A gunslinger from Kerry below
    Faced an hombre a dude from Mayo
    The kerry gun wasn’t loaded
    The gunslinger exploded
    The Mayo dude watched Kerry blood flow.

  89. Mayo football is like Caviar
    It’s only served up to the best
    But Galways electric blanket
    It’s like drinking sweat wrung from a vest.

    (32 oz free from Supermacs if yea can finish it without yuking).

  90. The Sea Search and Rescue Chopper
    Passed up and down by Galway Bay
    They were searching for their forwards
    Or where they were supposed to play

    They even searched with beaming headlights
    Through early morning and through dark
    They were looking for some evidence
    Of their last win in Croke Park.

  91. I think everyone realises when they go in and order nuggets in supermacs what their getting.
    Or do they?
    There’s no chicken in them boxes. Them nuggets are not chicken. Oh no. They’re Leprechaun buttocks. That’s right. Leprechaun arse’s.
    So why not call it what it is Pat.
    I wised up to this a long time ago, and while I wouldnt dream of eating them myself, if I’m ordering them for someone else I do ask them straight up for a box of Leprechaun arse’s.
    There isnt a fuc*en Leprechaun left in the countryside because of Pat and his nuggets.

    “Would you like 5, 7 or 9”.
    If he had any heart at all he’d at least keep the buttocks together. But oh no. Pat the cute hoor has no problem serving half a Leprechauns arse in 1 box and the other half in another box.
    He’s making a right arse hole of this country.

    I won’t even mention the barbecue sauce he supplies to spread over all them Leprechauns arses.

    It’s time someone stood up for these Leprechauns or we won’t have one left in the country. And don’t think it doesn’t affect the rest of us.

    Pat at one time was thinking of using the ordinary Joes buttocks for the nuggets but like I said before he’s a wily customer. He figured out our arse’s wouldn’t fit in the boxes.

  92. Twas a very sunny day towards the end of May
    When on the radio I heard Tom say
    Don’t worry about me or my knee
    The support’s been great I’ll be fine
    I’ll do everything I can to get back that #8 (or9)

  93. Just listened to the Tom P interview.

    What an absolutely inspirational man! Feeling emotional thinking of what he is going through but his attitude is incredible. Also felt so proud that he is representing our county in such an inspirational and dignified manner

    I hope we see him in a mayo jersey again

  94. Sooner the better there’s a game or a rumour of someone either dropped from the panel.

  95. @richie duck, youre right there, if the roscommon supporters were on their site writing childrens poems, we’d be having a laugh at them.

  96. We wouldn’t be bothered being on the rossie site, that’s the difference.

  97. Is anyone really concerned that Roscommon fans may be laughing at a few people writing poems?

    Some are awful. Some are crackers. It’s just a bit of craic lads.

  98. @Dave Johnson and Richie duck
    The poets guild don’t give a fu*k
    About grumpy comments because we find
    Those comments come from empty minds.

    (Is that the more grown up type of poem yea were begging for. I can taylor the poetry to whatever yea prefer).

    Yours obligingly.

  99. My absence from the site has been commented upon
    The reason is simply I’ve had much work going on
    But my flight home has now landed
    Those trifling distractions have ended
    And the match against Limerick I now want to focus on.

  100. Reprimand for Reilly

    Said a guy by the name of Mick Barr-At
    To the ref ‘What do you think you Ar-at?’
    ‘Gave them frees for fcuk all!
    While they pull, drag and maul
    Ya lousy low down fcuking maggot’


  101. Hi Everybody, This is a football Site.
    Writing poems is just not right.
    So if ye would not mind please flight your kite.
    Because most of them are awful shite.

  102. The grass is getting taller
    Afraid it won’t get cut at all
    Because till August on from June the 9th
    Mayo will play football.

  103. Its the 9th Day of June
    on to Limerick we go
    Humming a Mayo Tune
    All Mayo Fans now in tempo
    When we swoon in June

  104. Connelly Mc Stay Horan Mc Hale and Ford
    O mahony Holmes Maughan Gilvarry were all on board

    If there not involved with our underage
    How will we compete on the big stage

    Experience we cannot ignore if we want to put the big ones to the sword

  105. Hi WJ and welcome back….good rhyme but may I suggest ‘upon’ as a finisher? Can you instruct how to attach emoticons to posts so as people will know whether I’m joking or not?

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