Mayo News football podcast 2018 – Tipperary review

Mayo’s wanderings through the qualifiers over the last few summers have given the county’s loyal followers plenty of memorable days out. Yesterday at Semple Stadium in Thurles, in sizzling hot and sunny conditions, was another one to add to the list, as well as another back door game that had supporters’ nerves jangling before that blistering late spell saw us make it safely into Round 3.

In this episode of the Mayo News football podcast, we bring you all the excitement of the trip to Tipp. Host Rob Murphy and I take you through the rip-roaring contest as it unfolded but while the supporters could relax and enjoy the balmy evening conditions after the final whistle had sounded the podcast was then only getting into its stride.

Post-game we hear from Mayo News regulars Seán Rice and Edwin McGreal, with Danny Carey also making a welcome return to the podcast fray off the bench. There’s after-match reaction from Stephen Rochford and Paddy Durcan, while Tipp’s Declan Browne explains what went wrong for his native county. Special guest star Tom Parsons also provides his thoughts on the game and where it leaves us. Not content with all that, Rob tracks down the fans behind the giant Mayo flag that was unfurled on the town end terrace at Semple Stadium yesterday.

This jam-packed podcast episode is now online and available to listen to on both iTunes and SoundCloud. You can also listen to it on the Mayo News website or alternatively here on the blog using either the player below or the one on the panel on the right.

The Mayo News football podcast is proudly sponsored by the Oxford Arms in Camden Town. That All-Ireland preview night over in London is getting nearer all the time!

13 thoughts on “Mayo News football podcast 2018 – Tipperary review

  1. I think most of us will remember yesterday very fondly. Great ground, gorgeous day, super atmosphere and a solid win against a good side.

  2. Great day out in thurles ,magnificent stadium.we had a few hairy moments but won well in the end . i dont think the hot day suited barrett,boyle or moran.we are in the draw and my preference are Leitrim, Clare, Cavan, Kildare ,Armagh Monaghan and Tyrone in that order.if we draw leitrim or armagh we play away, any other team it is first team out of bowl.I THINK the gaa will want to keep mayo ,monaghan and tyrone in the hunt so they will not be drawn against each other.Leitrim is the draw every team want but i think we will be drawn against cavan or kildare.hope -fully we get a home draw and get back to winning matches at mchale park, because one of the super eight games is a home game

  3. Time to leave Boyle , Moran ,Barrett on the line for first 45 minutes . Thirty plus years legs cannot match 20 year old legs over the first hour , but once the younger legs have 45 minutes on them in the heat the 30 year old legs will match them for the next 20minutes no bother. Also the only way to beat the packed defence is pure speed in a straight line to goal ala James Durcan and Hanley and Patrick Durcan and Keegan coming from defence at high speed . Centre field of Aiden O Shea and Diarmuid O Connor as good as any in the Country just leave them there . With the likes of Andy Boyler and Donie Vaughan coming off the bench think we can go all the way

  4. Big loss at midfield but will force our hand to set up so we take more advantage of our strength which is breaking fast from the half backs. I believe this is the only way we can go all the way. So I like the way we’re setting up despite the setbacks. One game at a time now.

  5. I have to say I returned from Semple Stadium in fairly buoyant mood last night.
    The football we played in the last 20 minutes was ‘pure Mayo’ with our defenders bombing forward and also some slick interchanges at pace up front making room for our strike runners.
    I have seen enough to convince me that we have to go with a running game from here on in.
    The game is now all about pace and fitness & we need to go with the flow.
    I see Kerry have decided to unleash their youngsters and are going to challenge Dublin with the motto of ‘however much Dublin score Kerry will score more’.
    We need to back our own strengths more & push up hard on the opposition kickouts.
    We need another couple of runners around the midfield area to bore holes at pace & also to improve our tracking of
    opponents venturing into our territory ( a key failing recently).
    I would place Aido & DOC at midfield with a different player tasked with doing Aido’s tracking.
    Some of our defenders are a little ponderous of late & I’m seriously wondering if the likes of Akram/Hall/Boland wouldn’t offer us more.
    Anyway go with a running game & make the goals happen. We’ve lost power with the loss of Tom & Seamie so I believe we have to take a different tack now.

  6. It’s a similar injury to the one Leeroy had so I would say 10-12 weeks minimum.

  7. Aidan
    I’d imagine a shoulder dislocation will take a few months. Swelling and pain will take a few weeks alone and then building it back takes more time. A pure bastard. Plan with Seamie is the upshot.

  8. Is it time to play COC at CHF? I think we’d get more out of him there.

    Draw should be on tonight when people are watching the SG – Monday morning me hat bag!

  9. Spotlight – in fairness, it makes me look forward to Monday mornings!! And that is rare!!

  10. Podcast very entertaining and right on the money with some great insight into the happenings on the field. So now the talking is over and it’s all eyes on the third round draw in the morning. I have a gut feeling this time we’re going to get either Leitrim or Clare or at least that’s what I keep telling myself. The thought of drawing either Tyrone or Monaghan away would be more than I could handle right now.

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