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Still in the bubble after yesterday? Well, then, here you go – it’s the latest edition of the Mayo News football podcast, which is packed full with the sounds and stories from what was an enthralling All-Ireland final at Croke Park.

Rob Murphy is once again in the chair and I’m in there too, doing the in-game stuff and some other chat (the young lad even gets in on the action this time). There’s also some great post-match analysis from Billy Joe Padden, Michael Foley, Ray Silke and Paul Earley. It’s all available on Soundcloud here:

44 thoughts on “Mayo News football podcast: a draw

  1. I hope I’m not the only one who was totally distracted at work today.

    Had booked it off but went in to set down a marker with the Dubs ahead of Saturday week!

  2. Rock – same as that more or less. Wasnt planning to be here but can’t be here tomorrow. Needed to strike while the Iron was hot on that one.
    Loads of BS about the weather, Dubs won’t be as bad the next day etc etc.

  3. The Sunday game last night was disgraceful. We all know about the dublin money machine but rte is supposed to be neutral. Ciaran Whelan has lost all credibility. Sleveen is the term I would use to describe him and you really don’t want to be that.
    Last year his defence of Jonny Cooper was along the same lines.

    After watching the game back, the amount of decisions that went to Dublin was a joke. I hope there will be some YouTube clips of the McCauley black card fouls, the Connolly punches, mcmanaman incident etc.

    But the thing is, I actually think this will help us again in 2 weeks time. Us against the world mentality. The image of David Brady putting manners on Whelan and showing who is boss

  4. Enjoyed that analysis. Dubs bench a little more like Kilkenny in the hurling this year.
    Feeling we’ve a better chance in the replay as our lads now know they’re as good as Dublin. In reality we were 6 points better team but mistakes and to some in both halves evened it up and to some extent luck. Won’t win as many one on one battles next day but unlikely to make as many mistakes and maybe we’ll get a lucky goal or even 2 not the Dubs. Brogans last year was another one though taken like a poacher.
    Great pass by Jason to Andy for that chance. More of that. Run at them off the shoulder and they’re in all sorts of trouble. Set up for high ball but not as adept at defending Donegal style counterattacking. Also despite Small’s good game they miss the 2 boys.
    As ye lads pointed out on the podcast we could have prevented the goal chances. Dublin have loads of room for improvement and so do we.
    We probably won 10+ battles with few draws but get the sense we can win more than half of them again next day with more clinical edge to our play. If they see a bad weather forecast it will be like a stone in their stomachs. We all well used to in pissing down in the Wesht.

  5. Just back from dublin. I the mayo fans were magnificent yesterday.they cheered and chanted all through the game, WILLIE JOE your blog has got the message out to the fans the importance of cheering on the was way better than the 2012 or 2013 finals.Fair play to the team even when they were 3 points down going into injury time for keeping going for it.I think MAYO will win the replay.

  6. So Alan Brogan says that Mayo will regret “poking the bear”. We’ll have to wait and see on that one but it certainly shows a level of arrogance.

  7. Why can Off The Ball offer balanced analysis of a game and have people who offer a good insight to the game on and RTE have the same oul biased riddled hacks on peddling the same old shite. Pete McGrath knows his stuff and interesting to listen to.

  8. Would anybody know the cost of my 14 year old sons ticket will be for replay. I see they are 10 euros if they are got from a club in mayo or dublin. He is included in my CROKE PARK gaa season ticket scheme. THANK YOU

  9. Rte if useless anyway,hopefully irish tv will put them out of their misery,in a few years no one will watch that type of rubbish,but we don’t have to pay any heed to them,we know what our team is capable of,so just ignore them,the best team by far was Mayo yesterday,they will be the best team next time as well

  10. I would not be the biggest fan of Ray Silkes articles in the Galway Advertiser but he was very good on the podcast there . Summed it up nicely

  11. Just watched Sunday game. Whelen is a bollix. He obviously have a major problem with mayo.


  12. Tony I would delete the second half of that comment sharpish I was you
    This is a great place to come for comments after games etc but stuff like that makes it hard for Willie Joe to keep it going
    Agree with the first bit though
    Don’t think he ever liked us since Brady put him on his arse

  13. I was at the match with 2 of the Meath 87/88 team & when they saw the bit of row when Mayo came out they said Mayo are in the right frame of mind for the game.

  14. Just watched the game back on Sky. Much better analysis than RTE but I disagree with Jim MCG and Peter Canavan that Mayo have missed the boat. We were poor after we drew level in the second until Dillon’s excellent point. Sloppy passing and turnovers. Connolly and Dublin should have played keep ball and gave us the chance.
    I think we need to improve a lot and get more out of AOS, Seamis,Keith, Diarmuid for the replay. I believe we can get it and will get it

  15. I was waiting for someone in the media to say we ‘poked the bear’. I actually thought of that earlier. I was trying to think what will the dubs be thinking.

    ‘Poking the bear’ is just more of the patronising stuff Mayo will get this week and gives a real insight into the Dublin psyche ahead of the next day. How dare this shower from the West come into their patch and have nerve to unsettle them…be brazen and disrespectful enough not to just roll over and submit like most other teams have done for the past few years.

    ‘Poking the bear’ is what a lesser team do to a superior opponent; one not your equal. These three words just show what Dublin really think of us. They’d never say it about Kerry!

    I’m not at all surprised Dublin were thinking this way. They are used to being lauded and praised. They don’t truly respect Mayo.

    They are used to hammering most opponents. Their forwards have lots of scope for improvement and will be out to prove themselves in the replay, that’s what the talk will be in their camp but I’m amazed someone as close to the squad as Alan Brogan is, uttered the words.

  16. Look for fuks sake dont be worrying what them clowns say on national tv . Make up your own minds … they always have an agenda..we seenb for ourselves wat this team of men can do as a unit and take it from me theres more to come. They dont take any notice of these guys why should we .

  17. Tonyk – I’ve deleted that second bit of your comment, for obvious reasons. Thanks for the heads-up, Km, it’s in everyone’s interest that stuff like that isn’t posted here. The first bit was fine, though, just fine!

  18. Got to watch the game with two Galway friends in Lima , Peru. So proud of this bunch of lads. Hugely proud of their team spirit and determination. They will not leave Croke Park.without finishing the job,leaving every ounce of energy and all their skill and experience, to take Sam.

  19. Keith’s(I think) foot pass out of defence up the line was superb in the move for Cliian’s last gasp point was. A brave and difficult foot pass pass to take on but he did it. It got us moving up the pitch nicely. Just thought I would mention it.

  20. Had booked today and tomorrow off but texted my principal minutes after the match to say I’d be in. I was more with it today than last week though.

  21. I was thinking about Aiden O’Shea today, in the final he was below par and silly one one of our forward movements at a very critical period.
    See the thing is even when this man has low scores from his game which is rare he still takes so many of the oppositions time that is is a massive massive strength to have about the place.
    Regarding Aiden that is all really, even when he dose the do fire works he is always close to it. And the opposition have to be on that

  22. Great rx by Clarke when he came out to contest that wobbly skyscraper with Rock.
    Showed great discipline even though it wasn’t a foul…accepted and straight back into goal!
    Ref got it spot on according to the two stooges!!

  23. Don’t want to reference another popular forum for Mayo gaa but the Dublin thread is actually funny today . Last week they were joking about coddle and light hearted banter about nothing . Today they were imploding calling for changes in the team .
    It’s really time to be calm and not run out of control . 2 weeks is a long time and things can swing and change .
    Please god we will take the hill again and control this from start to finish .

    I hope the news will be better for Alan Dillon , Evan and diarmud .

  24. Diarmaid took a heavy knock from McMenamon right at the start of the game for his yellow. The kinda thing that can give a dead leg. Can’t see Evan being allowed to play if concussed. Alan wasn’t hobbling too bad so here’s hoping. I’d say Diarmaid was just subbed because of the massive mileage he’d done. Maybe he didn’t set the world alight but carried some ammount of ball up the field for us. Was gasping for air on 53 minutes and galoping up and down the field again a few minutes later. Must have some VO2 Max. Every man did his bit. Seamie had been very good until 47 minutes but most players made a few mistakes, Keith, Kevin Mc, even Paddy D who played so well, in the intensity of an AI final mistakes are not for dwelling on. I think we should bring Aido closer to midfield and remind him of how brilliant he was against the Aussies last year. Get him in the game early on the next day and have runners coming off him from farther out. We saw what Cillian can do off the shoulder in the brilliant last point and his other one earlier in 2nd half.

  25. We cannot tolerate bullshit Analysts with personal agendas (Ciaran Whelan) to continue to infiltrate the minds of officials and influence their decisions. I’ve just complained about the biased unbalanced nature of the debate surrounding Keegan v Connolly by sending a strongly worded email to

    I also suggested they opt for unbiased analysts from outside the competing counties in future. Don’t know if it will make a blind bit of difference but if enough emails are sent they have to take action so please follow suit if you want to get that w****r off the air.

  26. I see that The Indo have the following article up tonight online:

    GAA launch investigation into All Ireland ‘tunnel bust-up’ as series of events is clarified

    An investigation has been launched into an incident before yesterday’s All Ireland final when Dublin and Mayo players came together in the tunnel as they entered the Croke Park pitch. Director of Communications for the GAA, Alan Milton, confirmed that Dublin were due to take the field at 2.56 and would be followed by Mayo two minutes later.
    Milton also revealed that the incident will be investigated by the CCC. “Dublin were scheduled to come out, if I am not mistaken, at 2.56 and Mayo two minutes later. But all I can say is the CCC are investigating this and we are awaiting Conor Lane’s report today.”

  27. That John Casey stuff on that Mayo were the protagonists in the tunnel thing. Talk about a storm in a tea cup! Why did he make such a song and dance about it?

  28. Not sure mayomaningalway but energy and freshness will be a big factor next time. I’ve a feeling the dubs will come out all guns blazing given the sounds emanating from the east…particularly with the Brogan ‘poke the bear’ line, which is nothing short of insulting toward Mayo. Whether dub can maintain that level for an hour or so is another thing! I think Mayo should just stick with their processes..remain focuses… Let Dublin go into this all worked up. That in itself expends energy.

    It’s all to play for.

  29. I most definitely think Dublin will feel somewhat embarrassed about their performance yesterday and many of them will be thinking they have a point to prove, especially a couple of forwards who will be under pressure to keep their starting positions for the next day. There are a couple of players on the Dublin team who could do with being dropped. Whether Gavin actually shows that kind of ruthlessness or remains loyal to those he has picked all year remains to be seen. I fully expect a Dublin backlash and I do think they will be better in the replay, but there’s no reason we can’t disrupt their rhythm again. It can be done and they’re not as invincible as some of their supporters think.

  30. Mayomaningalway. .agree that we looked the fresher team after a look back at game this evening..the energy from the start was palpable and we looked better at the finish too..interesting to see the dubs fans are concerned as to how mayo fans managed to “hoover up” so many tkts for the match..

  31. Mayo came into drawn game in an ideal fairly low key fashion, so it’s important for supporters to chill, as over analysis can be mentally draining, and seep into players mindset. The thing is to cconcentrate on the present – no point looking back trying to apportion blame on pundits – muppets etc. Be proud and confident that you will raise your game again in the replay! But it’s best to allow the players and management the breathing space to come back down and refocus without any distractions.

  32. Agree….time to settle. Mite just not go online for a couple of days or bother with the papers. Let’s just chill.

  33. I’m going to take your advice Man of Aran & Chill. It is draining, you’re correct. You also said something the team seem to say, they don’t look back, learn from it and move toward. Maigheo go Deo.

  34. Jeez some of ye getting fierce upset over a turn of phrase from Alan Brogan, why wouldn’t he try to get into our heads, was an important squad member just last year. Any time I’ve seen or heard him.comes across as a gentleman. Sporting player. We have Brady reminding them of 2006 and it is in their heads they can’t put us away. Whelan though has shown that RTE need neutral analysts for Sunday game as he was fairly blatant though at least he couldn’t think how Dubs can counter the next day. Bit exasperated when asked that question. Trying to influence refs.
    Bar the shirt pulling I only saw one foul by Keegan on Connolly which was well away from.danger and not spotted while Connolly got away with a late foul (non cynical) on Keegan which would’ve been from where the ball landed. Neither Carney nor Canning picked up on it
    Jim Gavin was very honest in his post match interview. Dubs will be better and we will male fewer mistakes. But I think we have their number. Next day a few Dubs might see the red mist. MacCauley in particular seems to lack discipline.

  35. The Mayo team must believe that they are the reason Dublin played badly for long periods. After that everything must be forgotten. Move on and look to improve. Dublin will improve no doubt and so must we. I still think we slow up the ball once we reach the opposition 45…looking to play across and back. Not enough movement up front and Andy and AOS at times are isolated. Long ball is useless in that scenario. Anyone hear anything on injuries ?

  36. 100% agree Yew Tree, “move on and look to improve”. 2 Areas for me:

    Match ups must be spot on again. I think Jim Gavin could make 1 personnel change with Paddy Andrews coming in for Kevin McManamon. I also think a positional change may see a role to keep Connolly and thus Leeroy closer to the Mayo Goals. I would be worried about Andrews if not more than he usually does well against us. Add that to the raging bull that is McManamon when he comes off the bench. For me its two completly different players. Not sure who picks up Andrews if he starts, Chris Barrett for me matches up well here but im not sure would he have the full game in him. This could potentially free up Keith Higgins a bit more to sweep and carry forward.

    Midfield is simple, Brian Fenton must be reigned in and his influence curbed. An awful lot goes through him. Maybe its just me but I thought he tended to go down the right side of our defence a lot more than the right. In terms of attacking through the midfield, we just need to tidy up the little balls for the off the shoulder runners and make these passes stick. I believe there is oppurtunity in the little bit of space between the midfield and Cian O Sullivan who drops very deep at times to attack. This also needs out attack to have width to avoid extra bodie between the D and 45.

  37. What a game .the voice is gone today .I was never so reved up for a match since the 1985 replay.
    Mayo definitely had the right frame of mind going into the game.
    It’s like a boxer before a big fight ,if I see him
    Smiling and waving to the crowd .hes fucked.
    Or when Ali lost to spinks first time around .he went training the next day and kept repeating to himself ‘must beat spinks’ ‘must beat spinks’.up until the next fight and won the world title for the third time.
    Get the heads right Mayo and it’s there for the taking. They’re got the fitness and strength.
    Hunger what do dubs know about hunger.
    Mayo will win on the 1st October.
    Must beat dubs, must beat dubs.

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