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April is proving to be a long month for Mayo’s football fans, with the helter-skelter League campaign already becoming a bit of a distant memory while there’s still some time to go until the championship season starts to rev up. As an antidote for this hiatus the Mayo News football podcast is back, placing a first audio-based stake in the ground ahead of another football summer.

The centrepiece of this new episode of the podcast is an in-depth interview by Mike Finnerty with Alan Dillon. In it, the recently retired two-time All-Star looks back on the highs and lows of his own inter-county career, as well as providing some fascinating insights into what it was like to be part of the current high performance set-up in and around the senior county panel. Alan also looks ahead to next month’s Galway game and provides his take on how he feels this crunch fixture could go.

Host Rob Murphy and I chat about this odd April off-season and a bit later on I take a trip down memory lane, where I reminisce on Mayo’s shock championship win over the Tribesmen in the 1981 Connacht semi-final. Rounding off this episode, Rob talks with Billy Joe Padden who had a close look at Galway when they played Dublin in the League final a few weeks back and who has a few early thoughts on the key tactical issues around which the clash on 13th May is likely to revolve.

This latest edition of the podcast is now available to listen to on iTunes and SoundCloud. Alternatively, you can listen to it directly on the Mayo News website as well as here on the blog – just click the player below or the one on the sidebar to the right. Enjoy!

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  1. Great podcast as usual just one point Willie Joe you mentioned Willie Nally from Balla was he not a mayo gaels man.Maybe I’m wrong but said I’d check before some angry mayo abbey men rounded on you??

  2. Thanks, Blondie11 – just checked and you are, of course, correct. Morto. Unfortunately, because it’s audio I can’t correct it so my error is there for posterity I’m afraid!

  3. Great podcast as usual Just what we needed to bridge the gap till May Thanks to all concerned.

  4. Willie Joe,.. I too was at that match, Willie Nally definitely ruled the Sky that day….I can’t recall the late free kick from Ger Feeny, that you describe so well .. But I can recall two particular incidents.. In the first half a high kick came in from Galway into the Mayo square… It should have been easily caught by Mick Webb but the Mick misjudged the ball and it was going straight into the net, only for the razor sharp reaction of Jimmy Lyons I think, to gather it on the line and deny Galway a certain goal … In the second half Galway started very well and in one of their first attacks, a great shot by Gay McManus,.. crashed off the crossbar at what is now called the Albany End,… McManus had a poor day for frees… On such things decide the balance of big match’s… And for many young Mayo Fan’s like me on that day, I had never seen Mayo beat Galway before. It was the start of a wonderful and for the most part enjoyable obsession!

  5. Any word on Lee Keegans disclocated shoulder.Wonder when he can go back running? Hopefully hes back for a potential Connacht final against Roscommon or the start of the Super 8s
    .I see Robbie Henshaw is back playing with Leinster this week with the same injury and surgery Lee got, he did his about a month before Lees.

  6. Interesting interview with with Alan Dillon. Especially interesting where he mentioned about key lads on bench near end of game and how we could have done with lads with their ability on pitch. For me that is what worry me. The lack of lads to come on and make an impact. Time will tell.

  7. Intend to get to the podcast shortly.

    Hope Rochy and management are keeping an eye on Galway.

    What with Corofin, ‘reaching a league final’, and celebrating ’98, they are all feeling very satisfied with themselves. Mayo should be, and I’m sure are, noting that and planning accordingly.

  8. Was the 81 win v Galway really a shock result?

    The Rossies were going for 5 in a row in Connacht that year but they lost to Sligo in the other half of the draw. Now that was a shock.

    Mchale Park was fairly full that day v Galway if I remember rightly. A great day alright.

  9. Willie Joe I have to say your writing and reading in that excerpt on the podcast was first class . Honestly , I fully believed I was at that game based on your story telling. I had to remind myself that in fact I was 6,000 miles away in another part of the world . Congrats on a job really well done and thanks again for everything .You have an incredible breadth of story telling and literary talent . I mean you could do this for a living . As you said of Mayo’s win “ more of the same please “.

  10. @Rober… Thank’s for the information… I wasn’t 100% certain… I wasn’t even certain when I was at the match, but it certainly was a game saver I would say…. Us Mayo folk would have long forgotten this Match had Sean Luskin’s reaction not been so fast, and our all ready long tale of woe would have extended until 1985…. It was some day, the Galway farmer’s were complaining leaving McHale Park, that they should have been looking after the hay, it was such a rare fantastic summer day!.. Mind you, some of the Mayo farmer’s were complaining that they should have been at the hay as well, some things never change!

  11. I seem to remember as a young lad doing a lot of moaning for being at the hay that day. Heartbroken to miss the match.

  12. Talking to a well informed Galway football man today at work he said Liam Silke and Michael Lundy are not apart of the Galway panel this Summer, Silke is going on a J1 and that the 2 Farraghers Mike and Martin got no word of Invitation up to the Galway Senior panel after the Club All Ireland where they gave outstanding displays for Corofin , could never understand how Mike Farragher wasn’t a regular in the Galway Senior team brillant footballer I kno he would be on the first 15 if Rochy had him in Mayo.Walsh brought him on as a centre back as a sub when the game was gone from them against Kerry last year and if anyone knos him he plays his best football in full forward with Ian Burke beside him.
    Supposedly Eamon Brannigan is meant to be injured at the moment aswell.

  13. I remember that day too I was only a young fella and was at the hay too with a big bottle of Cidona and a pack of thick tea biscuits to keep me company which were almost as good as winning the lotto to a young fella how time have changed but thank God we are stlll well capable of beating Galway and everyone else

  14. Backdoor,.. Cidona and Sunshine ‘those were the days my friend, we taught they’d never end’.. Next step Cider and Sin, Anyone Anyone??

  15. Yes Leantimes . Cidona was a stepping stone to Cider .. Slippery slope for an u 16 team !

  16. TH – Heard similiar last week from someone involved with Corofin. Would find it very hard to believe that key Corofin players would not be invited back in tho. Methinks another Kevin Walsh special surprise being concocted just like the tales of woe back in May 2016…?!

  17. Mike Farragher has never played full forward at any level. His brother plays full

    Mike got plenty of chances last year, and wasn’t really up to top-level county standard. Great club player but that’s it

    4 are called up by all accounts (minus the unavailable Silke) and that’s absolutely plenty to bring in to a (lest we forget) predominantly winning team

  18. TH now i know why Willie Joe doesnt take for the whole gossip/ rumours/ i heard from a fella blah blah thing. What you posted is all rubbish probably picked up off another site. Mike Farragher indeed has hardly ever played full forward as well….

  19. I’m a little more lenient about “I heard from a man who heard from a man” nonsense when it’s about other counties, which is why that world exclusive from TH didn’t go directly to the bin. That said, I’ve little time for any of that kind of faux inside information blather being posted here.

  20. Tuamstar I didn’t say that all Corofin players wern’t invited back, I know Bernard Power, Ronan Steede, Ian Burke, Kieran Molloy are all in the panel.Just surprised the 2 Farragher brothers wern’t called up cause I think there very good footballers, I also meant centre forward aswell about Mike Farragher.Liam Silke is going on J1 and Lundy is not playing with Galway this Summer .What is rubbish about that?

  21. It’s rubbish, TH, because all this intelligence appears to come courtesy of “a well informed Galway football man today at work.” Is it from the same source that your hot tip about Brannigan being injured comes as well? Give us a break, please, and leave the incendiary rumours to the likes of the Connaught Telegraph.

  22. Listened to the podcast this morning. Very enjoyable. God bless all the good things about social media.

  23. Remember that Galway game in 1981 very well. The first time I saw Mayo win a championship match of importance because Ross had won the previous 4 Connacht titles. We beat Sligo in a poor final, our first Connacht win since 1969 but we’re whacked by Kerry in AI semi, failing to score in second half. Galway annihilated us in Tuam the following year and won 3 in a row before we got out in 1985 and forced the dubs into a replay. When I hear some of our supporters whining about the current team I point them to the 1970s and early 1980s They would have had something to really whine about back then.

  24. Saturday filler from the Telegraph

    Meanwhile over at the bone chilling Vladivostok stadium Magoo decided that instead of having the players come out and meet the community , it might be a good idea instead to have the Galway team parade around the town in a so called “ running of the bulls “ .

    This would give confidence to the Men Of Aran who were showing some skepticism regarding their fitness to meet their old nemesis Mayo .

    Rith na dTairbhe would appeal to the “fear laidir “ community as a statement of intent prior to the big game.

    I mean this pure statement of their “footballing “ intent could not be misinterpreted. No longer would excuses like “ the ball was hanging in the air a lot “ ( by some people’s estimates during some of Galway’s league games the ball was hanging in the air for almost a full round of boxing ) need to be trotted out .

    The swirly nature ( did someone say swirly ?) of the fierce winds around Vladivostok stadium would no longer need to be invoked to justify the robust nature of Galway’s approach . I mean even Magoo thought that was Bulls$1t.

    No , he reasoned , this was Galway’s time . No need to be coy or shy about it , better to be all in your face to the Mayo boys.

    So a parade committee was summoned and Michael D would be on hand to be Master of Ceremonies. A top dignitary from An Roinn Talmhaiochta would be there.

    A tannoy would warn Mayo people not to be anywhere near the vicinity of Naughton’s during the event.

    The bulls would start in Eyre square and chase down shop street “ Pamplona style” towards the Quays and onto Salthill .

    The herd would be led by Comer ( Ard Ri na Tairbhe ) who was in the grand bull section along with Bradshaw. In the miniature bulls section would be Kerin and Heaney.

    The bulls would chase the red and green scarves and ties worn by the public running in front of them .At the end of the chaos there would be a bucket of sausages and a swirly for each team member courtesy of their sponsor. They would also receive the Supermacs prime bull rosette , “Feach an Tarbh” ( F.A.T) and a “ Let’s show them how it’s done “ T Shirt only available in XXXXXL size.

  25. I assume everyone is stunned for the same reason as I am ? That story on Hogsnstand about Aido has to be shall we say “ fake news “? It has to be , right ??
    If anyone is able to put me out of my misery by squelching that stupid rumor then I will be very grateful.

  26. Just in from the Breaffy v Claremorris game. 2-13 to 1-10 was the final score I think. All the county lads came through unscathed apart from Michael Hall who wasn’t togged. Aidan got 3 from play and was dominant throughout.

  27. Swahili..Big fundraiser for Breaffy GAA …About 80 people involved and yes Aidan may be one of them..

  28. Wide Ball… any standout performance from Matthew Ruane or Brain Gallagher for claremorris

  29. Was keeping an eye out for Brian Gallagher. He got one nice point in the 2nd half but overall was peripheral in the game. Mattie Ruane was decent. Looked fit and caught 2 or 3 brilliant marks.

    James McCormack was the best for Claremorris, he was everywhere in the 2nd half. Breaking kickouts and driving forward. Conor Diskin was a real handful at full forward.

  30. Was at the Charlestown v Garrymore game. Highligt was a brilliant battle between Tom Parsons and Shane Nally in the middle of the field. Parsons caught some great ball and kicked one lovely point. Nally was very ggod on the ground and dictated the game to a large extent with two lovely long range points. Caolan Crowe back after illness started at Full Forward and didnt really have huge impact until he moved out in the last 10 minutes. Jack Reilly kicked some good scores. Man of the match was undoubtedly Jimmy Killeen with the veteran scoring two goals and laying on another.

  31. Was at Knockmore v Holly-Carra. Kevin Mc played full forward for Knockmore. Was his usual self – good footpassing and link play. Stephen Coen midfield for Holly-Carra did ok. Peter Naughton played corner forward. Didn’t stand out. Looks like a player that is slow to take in his man in one on one situations. But also looks a good finisher. Has a bit to go yet.

  32. Was at Breaffy v Claremorris.Breaffy dominated the first half with a Man of the Match display from Seamie O’Shea in which he caught every kickout especially with McCallig from Claremorris kicking every ball down on top of him.All the O’Sheas were very impressive tonite they all look to be enjoying there football at the moment wich is good news for May 13th.
    Claremorris although very dissapointing in the first half got there act together in the Second.
    Really like Conor Diskin and James McCormack led there the team by example both have big futures in the Green and Red.Brian Gallagher was quiter than usual but then again he didnt get much service in the forwards and any ball he did get was good it but needs to get more into it.James Shaugnessy whos name has been mentioned as a potential forward for Mayo before was ominous throughout for Claremorris tonite

  33. Swaili, seen that article in the Hoganstand, what exactly is the problem? Don’t see an issue with fund raising for their club

  34. Was at Breaffy v Claremorris also. Agree both O’Sheas dominated and Matthew Ruane played his part also. Think Clarkey will be between the posts the next day going by Hennelly’s somewhat inconsistent free taking (3 out of ~7). Brian Gallagher is a nice footballer but does not have the physical conditioning for intercounty – was like taking candy from a baby for the O’Sheas around the middle. James McCormack far more influential and really took the game to Breaffy. Anyone at Ballintubber V Aghamore last night?

  35. Was at the Breaffy game would agree with the other posts the one thing I took from the game is if Breaffy are to be contenders for a county title this year or in the near future they need a freetaker they kicked too many wides in a game where they were never under pressure

  36. Was it anonymous that James Shaugnessy was yesterday TH?

    I’ve checked up the Oxforde Dictionary of BS for “ominous” and it says:

    Ominous; A Galway lads description of Mayo football while talking shite at work

    ?You learn something new everyday!

  37. Agree with posters re Breaffy, they also miss Liam Irwin’s Free taking!
    Breaffy Club is organising a fundraiser called OsKarS and several of the Club players are contributing such as Aidan, Seamie and Conor O Shea, Michael Hall, Colum Dravins, Paddy Burke and Matthew Ruane.. most were filming either yesterday or today… Matthew and Conor were out at 7.30 yesterday on set so great to see the team give back to the club, Aidan and Seamie were immense last night and physically imposed themselves on the game

  38. Peter Naughton will improve a lot when he has a years strength work done. He’s a tall slim lad and with that build even a small defender can get in under you and put you back on your heels in a 1 v 1. He has tremendous skill but just needs that extra power to hoosh the tacklers lead arm out of the way and power on past into clear space. He’s good at dummy solos and stops n feints so he’ll be much harder to defend in a years time.
    Good to hear about Conor Diskin. You’d imagine he’s in for the full forward slot for our u20s. Whatever about u21 level, very few u20 full backs will match up to him physically.
    James Mccormack is one of the fastest improving young players around.
    Good that our players played league yesterday. Still 3 weeks away and don’t want to be flat. Also we need to keep our club league scene competitive and improving players. There’s a very healthy club strength in Mayo right now both on and off pitch.

  39. Thanks for the updates on the club games, its good to hear that a lot of the county lads were playing. It’d be interesting to hear if Brendan Harrison played for Aghamore, as I think I read somewhere during the week that it was hoped that he would play.

    In relation to the Galway game, you feel that it will be vital that we have Tom Parsons, Aidan and Seamus O’Shea on the field from the start of the game, fit and in good form. Last year against Galway, Aidan only came on in the 48th minute and wasn’t fully fit. In 2016 we started with Jason Gibbons who got injured and was replaced by Seamus who along with Tom Parsons were just coming back from injures going into that game and were not fully fit.

    So to sum up, having Tom, Aidan and Seamus going well will be key to us getting the better of Galway.

  40. Mayomad , I agree there is nothing here but admiration for club fund raising . What I found alarming was that it suggested a “live performance “ two nights before the Galway game . In that scenario Aido could leave himself wide open to the critics if his performance against Galway was not flawless and we lost.

  41. Don’t think Cillian or Brendan Harrison were togged for the Aghamore v Ballintubber game last night.

    Anyone at the Ballina v Castlebar game this morning?

  42. Swahili, your first mistake was reading a Hogan Stand article. It’s being recorded this weekend – 3 weeks before the Galway game.

  43. Agreed hopespringseternal but youth needs to Broken in key areas along with experience and stand up or the day won’t be far away when we will fall behind other counties
    We won’t be able to always rely on those great servants

  44. Swahili.. No live performance, pre recorded and it will be shown on Friday 11/5…

  45. Wide Ball, agreed, I think everyone knows the hoganstand isn’t exactly the beacon of accurate journalism.

  46. Anyone have a report of Castlebar v Ballina this morning or any other matches they were at the weekend and how did the County players on show fare?

  47. @Privileged Fan, I’d agree with you there too about bringing some youth into the team. I’d like to see Eoin O’Donoghue and Conor Loftus start against Galway to move us in that direction.

  48. Good to hear from Dillon but he can’t say too much. He’s a pure politician some might say.
    Would it not be an idea to let supporters who actually go to club games on the podcast? For example the “Ah ref” thread on twitter is one I check a few times a week to see the goings on in Mayo club and county football. People who actually go to club games and see all types of players in action instead of people who have to sit on the fence for whatever reason. Just an idea.

  49. Clubman51 I wouldn’t normally comment on this blog but read it regularly. The Ah ref account on Twitter is nothing short of brilliant for club football in mayo. It does stats for every club team and has regular match reports along with other bits and bobs. He’s never far off the mark. Willie Joe something to think about ,keep up the good work love the blog.

  50. Motion to rename Hollymount Carrowmore according to ah Ref failed to carry as did not get the required majority today. Sad case if that’s true and that row rumbles on. At game in Carrowmore yesterday and local crowd seemed quite sparse, shame can’t be resolved and get show on the road down there again, good pitch opened etc.
    Not even sure all our lads made it back North after match; think seen one our young lads been swallowed in one of the pitchers mounds of sand on pitch!!
    While passions can run high at games, meetings etc. At end of the day it’s just a game.
    Well done to ladies on great win. Did not get see game as was going see junior A championship game last heard they were 4 down. Great score to put up.

  51. I’d love a poll to be done or an experimental club based podcast even just for the championship games. I think there’d be a great response in a county as football mad as ours.
    @clubman51 I seen on Twitter Michael Moyles talking about that Ah Ref page. Seen they were at the Killala Cross B game at the weekend, a thankless task. Is it too anti establishment ?
    Would be great to see or hear more coverage from across the county I think we can all agree.

  52. Thanks, Thequietman. I don’t dispute what you’re saying but that Ah Ref geezer has a funny way about doing business online. In common with many others, for some unknown reason he’s blocked me on Twitter. Plus, from what I can see, he likes a rumour. And you know me and rumours.

    We’ve had a chat at podcast HQ, FBDallstar, about covering the club action and it may be something we’ll be able to do at some point. I’d agree there should be interest in it. I try to cover it a bit here but geography beats me every time – I’m based in Dublin so I see little or nothing of club games. I’ve repeatedly said that I’m happy for anyone else to run with this on the blog if they want (same with the ladies football) but there’s no queue out the door to take this on, I’m afraid.

  53. Agree with theQuietman some of the club stuff AhRef does on twitter is top class. We all log in here for county stuff and it’s great but I have a real gra for club football and AhRef really fills a gap for me. Ed & Rob have spoken positively about a club podcast later in the year too. Hope it happens because I do believe there is county players out there that could add something over the next 2-3 years

  54. If there was a man to interview about the club scene in Mayo and for young players to watch out for in the County, I would say Billy Fitzpatrick from Garrymore would be good, he always gave great Anaylsis on Mid West Radio on games club and county.Managed the Mayo Junior team for several years.

  55. Thanks willieJoe I agree on the rumours side of things but I’ve been following his tweets for the last six months and he’s been nailing them on the head. He has his ear closer to the ground than anyone I know.

  56. I’m afraid the Brannigan injury is a real worry. But, this is part and parcel of the thrust of Intercounty football. You have got to be prepared for setbacks, and have options off the bench. The one thing I am always mindful of, is players welfare, and I don’t like to see players brought back too early, before injuries have properly healed. Sure anyway, it’s just a quarter final..

  57. Five euro increase on ticket prices from last years quarter final. Very bad form but what else would you expect from Connacht Council and the GAA.

  58. TH my comment about the rubbish was based on the Corofin players you were spouting off about. You’re comment about Brannigan was a token piece at the end. I knew he had picked up an injury and he is indeed a serious doubt now. I think he wouldn’t be as serious a loss as a defender who is injured as well. Danng Cummins Michael Daly and the Corofin lads played in that game on Sunday. Injuries are part and parcil for both teams..

  59. It IS just a quarter-final though. It’s not a popular thing to say on this board but this game is not the be-all and end-all for either county in 2018. For Mayo and Galway, Super 8s is where they want to get to. If they do it via the direct route, then great, if not, they won’t be too bothered as long as they can get there.

  60. Yep Eamonn on a booth at A v B game in Killererin on Sunday last. Badly hurt previous week in league game v An Spideal where county players were allowed to play. Big loss if he misses out as arguably our best forward in the league. Neither of the Farraghers invited in a surprise but KW surely knows better than us. All to play for on the 13th. Was a little more confident in early April. That confidence draining a bit but still think we are a coming side even if the 13th goes against us. Bigger picture etc. On ’81 we were serious favs after winning the league and your ‘hiatus’ from provincial glory stretching back to ’69. Willie Nally caught every ball that day. Never heard of him again but the type of name I never forgot with its attractive ring.

  61. Tuamstar please tell me what I said about Corofin players that isn’t true good lad.3 Corofin players played according to Ollie Turners report on Galway Bayfm they were Bernard Power in Goal,Ronan Steede and Kieran Molloy!

  62. You stated initially that both Farraghers got no word from Kevin Walsh at all, which is rubbish..

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