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The latest episode of the Mayo News football podcast is now available, this one covering last Saturday’s Round 3A qualifier win over Clare and looking forward to our Round 4A meeting with Cork on Saturday week.

Host Rob Murphy and I take you through the action from our vantage point of the covered terrace across from the stand at Cusack Park. Post-match, there’s discussion with Seán Rice and Mike Finnerty, as well as post-game reaction from Stephen Coen.

The second part of the podcast was recorded this morning in Westport and features Mayo News regulars Edwin McGreal, Ger Flanagan and Daniel Carey, where the lads look back on Saturday’s win and cast their minds ahead to the Cork match.

This latest episode of the podcast is now available on both iTunes and SoundCloud and you can also listen to it here on the site – all you need to do is click the player below. Enjoy!

23 thoughts on “Mayo News football podcast – Banner beaters

  1. Grand, something to look forward to for the morning commute

    thanks to everyone for putting in the time for these brilliant podcasts, really enjoy them

  2. Agree on something to help the commute. The energy, excitement and sense of anticipation in the podcasts are contagious, well done to all contributors

  3. Enjoyable podcast as usual.

    For me, Paddy Durcan must start against Cork. He will help stop attacks down the middle as well as his wing. It don’t think there’s a decision to be made here given his current form.
    With Chris improving all the time at 4 and probably having it nailed down now, it will be interesting to see what management will decide with Keith. It’s a great headache to have and nice to have a couple of weeks to decide and try things in this regard.

    Coen is surely closing in on nailing a place too.
    We have a good choice of possible starters who equally could do well coming off the bench. It cannot be over stressed how important this is in the modern game and is evidence of good team cohesion i feel.

  4. Not sure if P Durkan is nailed on starter ahead of K Higgins …. Keith has anot excellent 2nd half v Clare.
    Full back line will not change. Barrett has been very solid & Harrison has been excellent in his two games since injury.

  5. Very enjoyable podcast looking forward to the Cork game the donegal V Galway game hard to call

  6. Fair play to ye lads. It’s brilliant having this podcast during work.

    Make sure ye do an extra long one on Friday week, long drive from Dublin to Limerick on Saturday!! 🙂

  7. Great podcast. Thank you to all involved in it. It was very interesting to hear that the banner subs were complaining about their colleagues on the pitch and feeling they would have been better had they been chosen. Another really funny thing is breheny saying today in his column that galways season is over !! Last week they were great and classy, and now it’s all over?
    I think the Galway players must have been reading too much of what was being written and some of them believed it, Roscommon were perfectly positioned to capitalize on the situation. Well done to them. I have to say it’s weird to see Cork being written off, don’t believe it all. They train hard and have the talent to beat anyone on a given day. Mayo included.

  8. Yeah Cork completely written off it seems 9/2 to beat us and 100/1 to win the all Ireland. Are they really that bad? I certainly don’t think so. This is the strongest county we’ve ever drawn in the qualifiers.

  9. MayoMark, Limerick is not too bad of a drive from Dublin, I can do it in an hour and a half, ( depending on time of day / night ) but wont make the match v Cork, the Gaelic Grounds has left a bad taste in my mouth since the semi final replay v Kerry in 2014.

  10. All people can go by is there last few games and Cork have been very bad but there are like any other team left a 50, /50, chance but saying that I can not see Cork beeting mayo it won’t be a walk in the park for mayo but I would take a one point win and on two the next game it’s like ones at work think donegal will run true Galway they think a 4 to 5 point win for donegal is Galway that bad I don’t think so

  11. These podcasts really make the summer.
    It’s great that we have so many great players to chose from eg Durkan, Coen, Higgins & Vaughan all jumping on two positions. For me it is Higgins and Durkan.
    Biggest concern is full back when high or low fast ball comes in, Cafferkey is great but not good on Hugh ball or if his man gets on front of him. Would Coen be an option?

  12. Mayo man in Kerry. …What two positions.?
    I would suggest higgins ahead of Durkan following Saturday at half back & TP & SOS at midfield.

  13. DURCAN, should definitely start!..always good for a point or two.. We have often needed those scores in the past.

  14. Leantimes ….
    Have a look at games against v sligo, Galway & Derry. His easy missed were very poor execution. Granted he scored a corker v derry when required.

  15. RiseAgain.. And he scored a cracker versus Galway..He did miss one or two versus Derry and Galway, but was definitely the man that stopped the rot against Derry, it’s was only one point, but in the greater scheme of things, it was immense, would Connor Loftus have scored that wonder goal if Durcan’s mighty effort had not been scored? . Paddy was MotM versus Sligo.. and in the Mayo’s MotM in the replayed All Ireland final, as well as the GAA Player of the month, last September.. We will be playing with only Clarke and Cafferkey if we drop everyone that has missed point chances for Mayo.

  16. Three catalysts in MC L , Loftus and Higgins….the obvious outcome of last day for me for more consistent up front results. Add in AOS with his bag of assortments and we have something at last to be going on with. Bringing it all together again in Limerick with no silly assumptions about how good we re going to be is a tall order. Look back over the Cork/Kerry game and it’s clear that Cork were far from wiped off the field. You’re only as good as what you produce on the day so lets make sure we limit Corks threats from back to front and in every sq inch of the park!

  17. Mayo man in Kerry – you have durcan, Vaughan, Higgins and coen fighting it out for just one position……assuming Keegan and Boyle are shoe-ins!id say we could see a sweeper between Boyle (centre half back) and cafferkey yet!

  18. It Means Nothing – lethargic first half against Galway?? They played extremely well in that half – against a hurricane, and with 14 men for the second quarter of that half. It was their third quarter performances that caused me concern and I voiced that concern here quite often.

    So, I’m delighted to report that Rochy and co have paid close attention to my posts and rectified the problems I identified! Their third quarter last Saturday put the match to bed, and not only did they run Clare ragged – Billy Joe Padden’s report of Clare players trotting out in what looked like pain was good – they also controlled the game.

    One area of concern. I noted that after Aido left, we hardly won anything around the centre and that allowed Clare to tag on a few points. Could be a problem on a bigger stage and tighter game.

  19. catcol, maybe in tighter games, bring barry off the bench when aido moved into full forward would negate the opposition winning position in midfield

  20. I do have a slight concern about finishing out the match at MF alright. Seamie is having a great season but is realistically only a 50/55 min man at this stage. Aido has the legs but is still on the recovery track. Can TP cover all that ground and still be going strong at the end?

    This maybe where Coen/Vaughan or as mentioned Barry Moran come into play.

    I think there could be a strong case made not to start TP and bring him on for Seamie. That will give us a continuous presence at MF.

  21. That’s lunacy Kevmy, parsons is mr.reliable and has some engine. He has to start and will last 70+ when fit!i agree about seamie running out of steam on 50/55 minutes and Vaughan or coen are both good options to bring off the bench and both are athletic with good engines

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