Mayo News football podcast: clipped by Cavan

If it’s further rumination you’re looking for on yesterday’s surprise loss to Cavan then you’ll find it in the latest edition of the Mayo News football podcast. In this edition host Rob Murphy is joined by Ger Flanagan, Seán Rice and Edwin McGreal of the Mayo News and also by Micky Brennan of the We Are Cavan podcast. There’s also some post-match audio from MacHale Park, following which Rob and I reflect on another bad day at the office for the county.

The podcast is now available to listen to here:

16 thoughts on “Mayo News football podcast: clipped by Cavan

  1. Enjoyed your contribution as always Willie Joe

    Must pull Rob and yourself up on the assumption that 2 points will save us.

    Cavan may just beat Kerry and that really would throw the cat among the pigeons.

    Kerry and Cavan would be on 5 and if we lost in Omagh we would have 4.

    A win then against Donegal would put us on 6 and Cavan would need a point against Ros to relegate us. If Cavan won or lost and Kerry drew with Tyrone in their last game the Kingdom would go down.

    Drama aplenty left

  2. Thanks, Ger – you’re perfectly correct to do so. We could yet survive on the four points we already have, should Cavan lose to Kerry and the Rossies then beat Cavan in the final round (that’d be the second year their efforts would have been decisive in keeping us up), but as you point out six points may not be enough, should other results go the wrong way. The bottom line is that our fate is still in our own hands and if we do ultimately go down we’ll only have ourselves to blame.

  3. Mightn’t be a bad idea, if there’s still time ( if there is), to contact a certain six foot Aughamore man who could fight for his own ball in front of goal. And do something purposeful with it. Which will be needed in next two games, especially in Omagh. This idea of certain players being seemingly in a position where they will never be substituted baffles me. I have no axe to grind for Alan Freeman or his Club but he was a long way ahead of some of the stuff we saw yesterday.

  4. I agree with Source of the robe management were mad to let Alan Freeman go. With a bit of coaching and a little bit of confidence building he could even improve more. He’s miles ahead of the younger players some of whom in fairness need time and games to devoloped but we are not that good a panel that we can do without Alan Freeman. The manager needs to grow a pair and sub certain players when they are not performing otherwise walk the plank

  5. Alan freeman chose to go lads. Should Rochford have locked him in the dressing room???

  6. We should all remember that the whole reason that we started playing Aidan O’Shea at full-forward was because we couldn’t win the ball consistently in the full-forward line. In fact it was after the league game against Tyrone in 2015 that this move happened. A match that was a replica of the game against Cavan. Alan Freeman was our full-forward that day and he wasn’t strong enough to win the ball hence Aidan O’Shea’s move to full-forward.

  7. HSE the “Richie Feeney effect” is in full flow. Players grow 10 feet taller when they’re not playing and the reality of what went before is soon forgotten about.

  8. Ah sure it’s grand so let Freeman go we’ll be grand Alan Dillon is coming back sure he’s only 35 and he has a good 10 minutes in him

  9. What do you mean “let him go”? He left the panel because of work commitments, as his job requires foreign travel. They’re amateurs, their not paid and sometimes life has to come first. We’re not Dublin where he can give everyone on the panel a handy number ten minutes from the training ground. I don’t know why you’re having a go at Alan Dillon but I can garuntee if Alan didn’t have a job in Mayo he would find it very difficult to make the same commitment as someone having to drive across the country a couple of times a week.

  10. I’m not having a go at him he’s been a great servant but if people are expecting him to come back and save the day at 34 or 35 then that’s just foolish. I know Alan has work commitments etc but it’s hard to expect him to sit on the bench on not get game time. Rochford is notoriously slow making substitutions for example bringing regan on late the last day and bringing Gibbons on a minute into added time. We are crying out for quality forewarsa and Freeman is one and can take frees as well heaven and earth should be moved to accommodate him I’d having on and taking frees before Cillian this weather.

  11. I fully appreciate the outstanding efforts that Alan Freeman put into representing Mayo,but three management teams looked at him and had reservations about him,so feel he is not the answer, also don’t agree that S Rochford does not make changes he far more than we do knows what is available,

  12. I take your point on that Corick Bridge but it is disapointing that some players can’t be dropped and Rochford is very slow to make substitutions. This team are not playing as a cohesive unit or as a team I know why and the exact reason for it but out of respect for Willie Joe’s house rules I won’t go into it here.

  13. Backdoor Sam. I also know the exact reason for it.
    can you give us a hint as to what you believe it to be.

  14. Fbd this is an excellent forumn and I enjoy posting in it and reading it so I’m going to respect the house rules and stay stum. Instead I’m going to hop in the car with a few other hardy souls and hope and pray what I’m hearing is not true and the lads play as a unit and fight for our Division 1 status I don’t want to see us go down Galway are down there 6 years and it’s a hard spot to get out of.

  15. Meant hop in the car and head to Omagh on Sunday I brought the mother out for dinner tonight so have clearance to go lol don’t forget lads and lassies as well as the clocks going forward it’s also Mother’s Day

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