Mayo News football podcast extra – Cork scene set

This week’s bonus extra episode includes Billy Joe Padden along with Rob Murphy and myself as we get you ready for tomorrow evening’s showdown with Cork at the Gaelic Grounds in Limerick (throw-in 5pm).

Memories of 2014 come up and thoughts about how this might play out continue while Billy Joe takes you through the 12 teams left in the championship as of Friday and gives his verdict on their progress.

This latest episode of the podcast is now available on both iTunes and SoundCloud and you can also listen to it here on the site – all you need to do is click the player below. Enjoy!

36 thoughts on “Mayo News football podcast extra – Cork scene set

  1. Before I even listen to the podcast I want to say thank you for the website and podcasts. It’s an incredible thing to see how this mayonews, mayogaablog and the rest are blending together to deliver such a product and that there is such great talent and ambition in the senior team these past 5-6 years.

    Mayo 3-17
    Cork. 1-14

  2. Would love if we got Roscommon in the quarters. They were celebrating in Supervalue Ballaghaderreen yesterday like they won the All Ireland!

  3. Billy Joe making perfect sense.
    Don’t over think it. Let the team play to the best of their ability.

  4. Billy Joe Padden spot on there. I agree only Kerry can take on Dublin in a shootout now and even then more often or not they will lose. Mayos best chance against Dublin is to slow their game down and hold onto the ball. Tomorrow should be routine win for Mayo IMO Cork are now as good as Clare they are in a bad place and their players aren’t playing for their manager.

    Roscommon well entitled to celebrate they won their first provincial title for 7 years off the back of league relegation and massive player turn over. They are in bonus territory now.

  5. Celebrate? Absolutely
    Still celebrating over a week later? It’s like 2001 all over again.

  6. Great podcast WJ.
    Like yourself I’m missing this one due to hols , refused to go earlier so as not to miss the Connacht final. Thought we were certs, silly me.
    Lots of green and red here , but not a word about the match. Hope it’s not the nerves getting to them.
    Anyway, I’ll be watching from here and believe the lads will do the job.

  7. Steady there mayoallstar we have to beat cork first.
    It will be interesting to see if the cork team is anything like the team that hammered us not 18 months ago in the league.
    All 15 that started for us against Clare played against Cork in 2014 when you include subs used.
    When we bet them in 2011 12 players of the 15 that started the last day were on the first 26 .
    I’m slightly anxious about the next day. If we can absorb the early onslaught , I feel we have the power in reserve to take them in the second half.
    If we start well we must keep the foot on the throat for the rest of game ,we can’t let them get on top for any length of time because they have quality footballers in their team. If a dog fight breaks out anything can happen.
    I watched the 2014 game again recently and we could easily have lost that one.
    Having said all that I’m heading south with confidence all because of the 2nd half the last day. The team played well for that half an hour.
    Up Mayo

  8. I’m travelled back from the continent for this one but have run into some logistical problems ahead of tomorrow.

    In essence – I’m looking for a lift back towards Longford/Leitrim after the game. Wouldn’t normally pitch this request here but struggling for solutions at the minute.

  9. Apologies in advance for the foul language but why the fuck do we have to wait until near bedtime Friday night (for some of us) when the game is the next day. They could at least name a 15 on Thursday and make the necessary changes after.

  10. I like to see some semblance of a team but wouldn’t be holding them over the coals for not naming it.

    We’ll know soon enough.

  11. Mayo have to deal with Paul Kerrigan and co.and stop them running at the heart of the defence then backing off.Derry did it through out the game
    Clare did it with ease in the first half to great effect .
    it has been a problem throughout the league .
    not easy to stop it !
    curtail this and mayo are in a far better place .

  12. The Cork Senior Football team to play Mayo in tomorrow’s All-Ireland Football Championship R4A Qualifier has been announced as follows

    1. Ken O’Halloran – (Bishopstown)
    2. James Loughrey – (Mallow)
    3. Eoin Cadogan – (Douglas)
    4. Jamie O Sullivan – (Bishopstown)
    5. Sean Powter – (Douglas)
    6. Michael Shields – (St Finbarrs)
    7. Tomas Clancy – (Fermoy)
    8. Aidan Walsh – (Kanturk)
    9. Ian Maguire – (St Finbarr’s)
    10. Colm O Driscoll – (Tadhg MacCarthaigh)
    11. Mark Collins – (Castlehaven)
    12. John O Rourke – (Carbery Rangers)
    13. Barry O Driscoll – (Nemo Rangers)
    14. Donncha O Connor – (Ballydesmond)
    15. Paul Kerrigan – (Nemo Rangers) – Captain
    16. Ryan Price – (O Donovan Rossa)
    17. Alan O Connor – (St Colum’s)
    18. Colm O Neill – (Ballyclough)
    19. Conor Dorman – (Bishopstown)
    20. Kevin Crowley – (Millstreet)
    21. Kevin O Driscoll – (Tadhg MacCarthaigh)
    22. Luke Connolly – (Nemo Rangers)
    23. Michael Hurley – (Castlehaven)
    24. Ruairi Deane – (Bantry Blues)
    25. Sean White – (Clonakilty)
    26. Stephen Cronin – (Nemo Rangers)

  13. Yes James …. no team tonight …. to keep the Corkies up late!!…..margins!

  14. Martin. …
    why get so upset. …
    The starting team will change anyhow.
    I don’t get it.

  15. That cork team is built to play with only three forwards only.
    Collins, o’Connor and kerregan.
    Mayo will have loads of ball but can theye build a lead in order to get cork to commit more to attack …. otherwise it might be a long frustrating evening.

  16. The Mayo team for tomorrow’s qualifier against Cork in the Gaelic Grounds Limerick at 5pm is:

    David Clarke (Ballina Stephenites)
    Brendan Harrison (Aghamore)
    Ger Cafferkey (Ballina Stephenites)
    Keith Higgins (Ballyhaunis)
    Lee Keegan (Westport)
    Chris Barrett (Belmulet)
    Colm Boyle (Davitts)
    Seamus O’Shea (Breaffy)
    Tom Parsons (Charlestown)
    Kevin McLoughlin (Knockmore)
    Aidan O’Shea (Breaffy)
    Diarmuid O’Connor (Ballintubber)
    Conor Loftus (Crossmolina)
    Cillian O’Connor (Ballintubber, captain)
    Andy Moran (Ballaghaderreen)

  17. Clarke, Harrison, Cafferkey, Higgins, Keegan, Barrett, Boyle, SOS, Parsons, McLoughlin, AOS, DOC, Loftus, COC, Moran

  18. Forward line looks as expected.

    Not sure about the omission of Paddy Durcan though.

  19. Hopefully no changes in personel ….
    positional obviously.
    Barrett will be in full back line.
    Half back line will be …Keegan Boyle & Higgins.
    Touchwood ….

  20. Maybe Paddy will start with Keith or Chris more likely not starting, especially with him named in an unusual position at no. 6.

  21. That team might actually start! Maybe a change in the backs though…. The full 26 will be interesting

  22. That’s a dangerous Cork team If we underestimate them we will be in trouble Our own team looks pretty impressive as well so looking forward to a really decent game Will take any sort of win Also congratulations to Aiden on his 100 appearance in Mayo senior team Mighty man Up Mayo

  23. Two or three changes me thinks!.. OK guessing… Duncan to start at 7, Higgins sweeper. Louftus on the bench… Whatever the real team is, some very good footballers will be on the bench,!.. If we don’t know, Cork won’t know.

  24. I agree with Leantimes. Think there’s no way Durcan can be left on the bench (barring injury) and they probably need to put a sweeper in at this stage. And I imagine Keith will be the sweeper. Maybe it’s a case they might not need it on Saturday but they definitely will if they ever meet Kerry. Need to get ready for serious attacks and maximise the potential of their players. Loftus might be the unlucky man. As good as he is, he isn’t as big a scoring threat as the others.
    Cork team isn’t bad but think Mayo’s defence should have the upper hand on their attack. It’ll be tight but should really have more than enough. Could be similar to 2014 in a way.

  25. Lavin
    Browne Forde Mortimer
    Finn Tj heaney
    Sean maher SOS
    Durkin MCDonald jinkin Joe
    Larry COC loftus

    There’s the team WJ.

  26. Cant wait for the trip to Limerick. Best of luck to the team tomorrow, we will be all behind you. We need to show the lads we will be that 16th player. Maigh Eo Abu. No surrender!!!

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