Mayo News football podcast extra – Kerry scene set

With the All-Ireland semi-final against Kerry now approaching rapidly, it’s time for another helping of the Mayo News football podcast. This one sets the scene for Sunday’s game, with input from both counties.

First up Mike Finnerty of the Mayo News speaks with Stephen Rochford before host Rob Murphy chats with TV3 sports correspondent and Kerry native Sinéad Kissane. Then Rob speaks with former Mayo selector Tom Prendergast about Limerick 2014 and all that, following which he gets the thoughts of Billy Joe Padden on the key tactical issues that are likely to arise on Sunday. There’s plenty of chat from Rob and myself there as well about this eagerly awaited fixture.

This bonus episode of the podcast is now available on both iTunes and SoundCloud and you can also listen to it here on the site – all you need to do is click the player below. Happy listening!

14 thoughts on “Mayo News football podcast extra – Kerry scene set

  1. Really looking forward to this one. atmosphere will be unreal and these Mayo boy’s have what it takes. Sure aren’t they “carrying the fire ” and we are too. let’s bring it!

  2. Thanks Willie Joe the traffic home seems much more approachable with this to look forward to.

  3. My team for Sunday
    2.B.Harrison on Paul Geaney
    3.D.Vaughan on Donaghy
    4.C.Barrett on O’Donoghue
    11.K.Higgins as sweeper and main runner when on the counter attack.has ability to get up and down the field if hes gets the proper cover on counter attacks
    14.A.O’Shea could take mark griffin to the cleaners here.why is nobodg talking about this.

  4. Thanks wj and co. That was the therapy I needed. Its going to be a cracker and let’s hope that we get it right tactically. I won’t bother talking about who or where other than don’t tie up Keegan or aos on any Kerry lad in the ff line unless we are a few points clear with s few minutes left.
    As an optimist even in the bleakest of situations I have deeper than usual feeling about this encounter, and that is that Mayo could be ahead at the end by a bit. No basis other than looking at the history of the last 5-6 years and the type of character this Mayo have become.

    Safe travels to all going and bring lots of colour and noise

  5. up mayo prob be totally wrong but i fancy mayo to beat kerry by mayo have nothing to lose pressure is on kerry.

  6. Chris Kelly…..I’m with you 200%….he will be there for most of the game..ssshhhhh!. Allez Mayo!

  7. Kerry like to bring a surprise for key games eg final against Donegal in 2014. In fact the bold Darragh O Se referenced it recently, saying ideally the surprise has had the effect before the opposition can react. The question is what do people on here think that Kerry surprise will be…?. It could for example JoD being held back till now or one off Savage/OBrien/McCarthy starting, timed pushup on Mayo kickouts etc. Rochford reacting quickly to any such suprises and bringing one or two of our own could be key to deciding outcome?. Good man markers will earn their crust on Sunday, but we have the experience of similar situation last Sep/Oct and strong case to reverting to that formula.

  8. Kerry team named. Maher starts in mid field. Donnacha Walsh not in match day 26. Stephen O’Brien in.

  9. I like the look of that team Chris Kelly has put up there. Think it could be pretty close to the mark. A o’s could roam in and out between ff and the 45. In for the high ones and out a bit then to get possession, run at them and get frees. Also like to see Keith and Lee both out of the fullback line. More scope for their running game.

    With all the different line ups I see been suggested over the weeks how how could we ever give out about the management. Everyone has their own fancied starting line ups so no matter who they pick there will be loads of us who would have picked it a little differently.

    Game number 8, 2 days away. We really are the luckiest fans in the country.

    If you want to know what the word fanatical means just take a look at any mayo supporter. Pure fanatics. Might be the most loved team in the world.

    May the heavens smile on us Sunday.

  10. Revellino, may the Sun shine on us… Me in particular I’m out near the front in the lower Cusack… At least the rain was warm for the drawn quarter final… Still I would willingly get drowned so long as we win!

  11. “Hon Mayo” ———— Cairde Muigheo ticket for sale, Cusack Stand lower Section 308 (40 metre line ) face value

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