Mayo News football podcast extra – Kerry, Take Two

Once again, we’re heading into the weekend, which, in this mad championship campaign of ours, can only mean one thing – there’s another match coming into view and so it’s time for another edition of the Mayo News football podcast.

In this episode host Rob Murphy and I chat about a few issues as we head into the county’s fifth championship replay at Croke Park in the last four years. Rob also gets the views of Mayo News columnist Billy Joe Padden on the major tactical talking points facing the team ahead of Saturday’s replay.

This bonus episode of the podcast is now available on both iTunes and SoundCloud and you can also listen to it here on the site – all you need to do is click the player below. Happy listening!

70 thoughts on “Mayo News football podcast extra – Kerry, Take Two

  1. Controlled aggression, very high intensity for the duration and paying Kerry fuck all respect will win us this game. I expect us to mix it up tactically

  2. I can’t see Kerry going defensive against us because they don’t respect us.

  3. Loved it much more confident about Saturday than I was last Sunday ! They have the capability just need to prove it & destroy them!

  4. You could say that the first day we gave them too much respect putting Aidan O’Shea on Donaghy for the full game and they didn’t show us enough respect based on the space that they left in front on their full-back line and the non-deployment of a sweeper. It’ll be interesting to see how things will play out tactically next Saturday!

  5. I just mentioned in a previous post about Geaney punching Aidan in the face at the final whistle. I watched it back again just now it’s amazing how that type of thing passes without comment in the media. You would think it would be highlighted. When you consider the campaign against the Lee last September or Joe Brolly talking about our fouling strategy in 2012 and the focus that gets. Then you get a straight out assault on one of our players and nothing…..

  6. Pat, yes ridiculous, I also mentioned in the previous post that a Kerry sub punched Diarmuid right in the chest, #21 Savage I think. Let’s hope Gough and team are more alert to these incidences.

  7. Sure is CH-icago
    Drives me mad how that is not even mentioned. It should be possible to pull him after the fact on video evidence. If OSHEA chinned him what would have happened.

  8. I like the look of the crescendo that’s crept into our play over the period of the qualifiers and so may it continue till the goose is cooked.
    And I have to say I wish people would stop talking about people’s balls in public….is it not sexist in the least? One time we used to talk about guts and with that I’ll stick.

  9. Kerry are gonna bring a lot more physicality into this game and will play with some sort of cover/sweeper at the back. That’s a definite. If they can put Donncha Walsh on the pitch he’ll be a big asset around the middle, an area we comprehensively lost especially on the kickouts so we must improve here on Saturday otherwise we’ll be beaten.

    We’ll need Keegan and McLoughlin giving 9/10 performances to get over the line and a much betters citing return from our half forward like – only scored one point from play the last day.

    Can this Mayo team beat a side favourites to beat them? It’s a long time since they have! I hope it happens on Sat but it’s gonna take a better performance than the last day. When you look back at the game there’s loads of room to improve.

  10. Sorry mayonaze do u honestly believe we can’t match any physicality that they bring. Sorry so far in long championship and Irish ferries should give me a season ticket now. I have never seen us beaten physical. The opposite every time at the end we the team that wants to keep going.

  11. WJ and Rob, thank you for putting these podcasts together, they are like therapy to me at this time of year, how lucky we are to live in these rarified times. I’m obsessed about this whole thing, as we all are at this stage, and the podcast never fails to decompress and alleviate the stress. I don’t mind admitting, I’m rarely able to put any distance between my thoughts, and this great band of warriors we have to represent us. I’m welling up just thinking about the road they have travelled in all of our names and the names of those who have gone before. These podcasts are so wonderfully edited and constructed, they never fail to calm the fervour and introduce some much needed clarity of thought to proceedings, thanks for that lads, I’d be an incoherent mess otherwise!

  12. Memo to the players.

    1. No two games are the same. Especially replays. There might be a totally different pattern to the game .
    Don`t let that faze you.
    2 Kerry will be more gee`d up for this one. they expected to win the last day. Many will have got a rollicking
    and be more up for the battle.
    3. There will be more pulling/dragging/niggling. Kerry are the aristocrats but they also know the dark arts.
    4 The ref will not want the game to deteriorate like the replay in Limerick. He will be told to keep a firm grip.
    Expect cards to be flashed. (all shades)
    5. There might be some verbals. Do not get involved. No wrestling on the ground. You will only lose concentration.
    This is not going to be a day for nice guys. That I can guarantee. Good luck.

  13. I think Stephen Rochford & Co. Will make a couple of changes for the replay. Aido will have Learned a lot from Sunday’s game about playing fullback & staying with KD but what happens if Donaghy moves outfield, will Aido follow him? If so who covers the fullback spot. Keith Higgins could cover if needed? What i’m trying to say is Kerry will change it around on Saturday to try & confuse the Mayo defence, so they better be prepared for those possible switches & I am sure Mayo will give the Kerry manager plenty to think & frown about too. The Mayo Team has to play aggressively but fairly, no black or red cards. Come on MAYO.

  14. Thanks Mayo.Mickey
    Good to know I didn’t imagine it!!.
    I do think it’s worth us highlighting things like that as supporters. The chatter does make a difference.
    Some catch by aidan by the way!

  15. I really hope AOS is played in his usual position. I know the narrative seems to be turning that the experiment worked , but I’m sorry folks it didn’t. Donaghy had a hand directly in 2-4 or so and if that came from high balls we would be screaming for a change, the fact that it came from AOS marking him some are saying it worked…. Sorry I’m not buying that. Some posters seem to think he’ll learn from last week, but crikey lads, ya need years to learn full back.. not a few days. I am a massive fan of AOS, but it’s a disservice to him to play him there. But I’ll tell ya one thing…. Rochy has bal*s the size of boulders with his changes.

  16. It takes a lot of chopping to bring down a big tree. Kerry are a big tree.

    Sunday we started chopping. The tree is almost ready to fall.

  17. There are so many unknowns that’s it’s impossible to get my head around the whole thing. Who’s going to play and where? How are we going to set up and how are they going to set up? Will we benefit from the drier conditions and Gough’s decisions or will they? Who will have the legs to last the 76 odd minutes and what subs will have an impact? I guess i’m just going to have to go and watch it all unfold to really know. The one thing I do know for certain is that I will shout and roar our team on until my voice is gone because I know for certain they will give everything they have to win this game. What more do we need to be certain off. In Rochford I trust. Thanks for the podcast, really enjoyed it.

  18. Goodman Maigh Eo go deo. Whatever it takes. Might throw in a verse or 2 before the rematch.

  19. My team for Saturday
    1.D.Clarke- must go long when Kerry gofull press
    2.C.Barrett – Donoghue
    3.D.Vaughan – see how he goes with Donaghy
    for first few High balls
    4.B.Harrison- Geaney
    5.L.Keegan-to do a tighter markingjob on O’Brien
    6.P.Durcan- to run at Buckley which he hates
    7.C.Boyle – would suit him marking Savage then
    O’Briens pace
    8.T.Parsons – pick up Jack Barry
    9.A.O’Shea – pick up David Moran the key switch
    11.K.Higgins – sweeper
    Bring in Nally before Drake and Coen too!!

  20. Eoin Liston opinion
    As for the Aidan O’Shea full-back debate, there’s not a hope in hell that will ever be replicated again. He hasn’t that defensive instinct or the quick acceleration to play there and I’d have been licking my lips seeing him come in on me on the edge of the square. It was unfair putting a novice in there

  21. The punch by Geaney on Aiden is inconclusive. I know Deegan does not have too many fans on this blog, but we should be thankful to him for not carding Donie for last tackle. Could have been a black or a second yellow, either of which would have ruled him out of replay. Also think it was a selfless act by Donie. I am sure he was aware of consequences yet he took the risk of missing the next game by taking down the Kerry man for the benefit of the team Think last sundays game also shows what nonsense about players picking the team. I am sure if Aiden had the choice he would not have played full back. but like Donie he put personal ambition to one side for the greater good of the team. Maybe I am wrong and Brehony is a brilliant journalist and is right. Maybe pigs will fly, maybe even Galway are Connacht champions. In Brehonys world anything is possible.

  22. The closer this match comes, the more I think it is absolutely key we do not start AOS at FB. We cannot lose the services of one of the best players in the country just to stop Donaghy winning high ball. There are lots of other ways of stopping him. Use another player, let him catch it and then crowd him out, employ a sweeper as per last year etc. Think we will be smart enough on the line to see that starting AOS did not work and they will have learned from this. My main concern is will Lee make it. We need him 100% to win this game and we need to attack, attack, attack. We have the team to win it so let’s go and beat them. This is our year!

  23. Heres a few scenarios for Saturday that haven’t happened already with this team:

    1) Straight reds for Donaghy and O’Shea before the throw in and nobody knows what to do from there.
    2) Stray dog on the field deflects a ball into the net for the winning team.
    3) Extra-time doesn’t separate the winners so we go to a third replay.
    4) Swirling breeze confuses hawkeye and it gives a wrong reading for the winner.
    5) None of the above but something crazy…

    Any other ideas?

  24. Aidan has to start FB, if it turns out Kerry are packing the fb line (not the middle) then we run hard at them and draw fouls. If they set up the same as Sunday, then play the long pass.

    This game will take on a life of its own, as usual. Think Durcan has to start as he has the engine to run all day. Boyle could drop out and be fresh to help close out the game. If we cut out the stupid unforced errors which led to both goals, we’ll have a chance. Kerry haven’t Reilly and a “home crowd” to bail them out this time. If we can manage to be 3-4 points up with 10 to go we’ll hold out…thats a big if though.

  25. Three things we have to do better next day. First is to control KD. To do that we need height and mobility, so Tom Parsons for that Job. We need to bring a big man to midfield so I would like see of Barry Moran there to contest high balls for as long as he is fit and then to be replaced by Kirby. Forwards can do more to put pressure on the Kerry Kickouts.

  26. Massive massive boost for Mayo. Geaney out.

    Imagine no Andy Moran for Mayo….this swings the pendulum for me.

  27. Apologies…not Paul…too trigger happy. Delete if wish WJ in case people get excited unduly!

  28. Forget Parsons for full back, he’s our most mobile midfielder and playing very well there. Either a biggish, strong guy with help of a sweeper or Aido… and if Donaghy moves out Aido follows with someone assigned to becoming sweeper on the fly. Part of Aido’s problem last day was he stayed back deliberately when Donaghy moved out, presumably under instruction.
    Also it’s a bit of a stretch to say Aido contributed directly to 2nd goal due to a line ball mistake. The team had time to set up in numbers.

  29. There’s also posters suggesting Kevin Mc was below par. Everything he did the last day was class. Might not have been our top number of possessions but look at the yardage he gained our team from the possessions he had.

  30. Its Michael Geaney that is out for Kerry not Paul Geaney, its reported in The Indo this morning.

    The point about Kerry’s second goal is that the one time Aidan O’Shea wasn’t in the full-back position, Kerry launched a high ball into our goal mouth area, so that’s something for us to think about before the replay.

  31. Shuffly Deck I’m Aido’s biggest fan but he was at fault for the second goal (not the first) – he could have reached the pass from Higgins but he didn’t pre-emp that it would skid off the surface and secondly he didn’t work his proverbials off to get back into position at fullback once the ball went over the line. Also as one poster previously said be a bit cuter, run out over the sideline, take the ball and bring it back onto the field with you in order to waste time and allow yourself get back in position. He will learn from that error no doubt and I expect him to have a stormer on Saturday

  32. There was one Kerry tactic that they got away with all day long,when some of our players offloaded the ball they followed through and took them out of it.happened to diarmuid and SOS twice.
    Seamie got a nasty belt after there kerry point straight after there goal wasn’t seen on camera.
    Kerry fans where unhappy about the free near the end but Barry John keane actually kicked to himself,well spotted by deegan and its not often I’ll praise him.
    I’m not going to try and pick the team,I had this terrible feeling before throw in about donaghey as i had in previous years
    Maybe the aos thing didn’t work at times but gave the likes of Keith and others the chance to drive forward.I think it was the right call.
    Rochford and co are shrewd operators they have our boys at the back switching to different players a different times you would want to watch the game back in slow motion to see who’s on who.
    I think there is more in this team yet improving with every game just need to sort out coming down the home stretch get the right men on the ball for the final shot.
    Support this year is unreal,to hear the noise and Willing the team on near the end would fill you with pride.
    Let’s go again.

  33. I had GRAVE reservations about Deegan especially in the conditions
    I felt he did well to be fair about it

  34. Chatting to neutrals they thought he was fair. I watched and rewatched and rewatched the game and while it’s hard for me to admit I have come to the same conclusion. He gave Mayo the same leniency as Kerry (isn’t this what we ask for). I think we’re all blinkered by past mistakes. In actual fact, they were a number of supporters throwing abuse at him even when we got the decision (it was kinda spoiling for me listening to that consistent abuse).

    Now in saying that they were a few incidents he missed which I thought he should have done better but no ref is going to get everything e.g. Penalty (he was too far away, almost expecting the ball to be turned over.) & Push on Barrett that nearly cost us. Vaughton should have walked and possible Doherty (is attempted to trip a black card offense?). BTW – Vaughton seems to have a good rapport with him on the field maybe us as supporters could learn something from that!

  35. I felt he gave Kerry two or three very soft frees in the first half in particular. But on reflection he didn’t do too much wrong. He could certainly have carded Donie at the finish and that would have ruled him out tomorrow.

  36. I watched the game again last night and also changed my mind on Diarmuid O’Connor. After the game I was of the opinion that DOC had been quiet overall and underperformed. Watching back he carried a lot of ball and his delivery inside was very good.

    He’s being asked to contribute a huge amount of work, covering the length of the pitch and working tirelessly. Would love to see him getting the ball further forward as he’s an excellent finisher but against the better teams he’s a vital out ball.

  37. Yeah Donie was absolutely blessed to avoid a card at the end (yellow really)

    Fair play to him – you need that ruthless edge. He’s probably kept us in the tie

    To give Deegan his dues he never let up when Sheehan kept trying to steal yards. Many refs cop out and never give a second warning

    We did over-carry to for the goal. The decisions all balanced out really

  38. There was no way M.Geaney would start anyway. I wonder would they unleash Darran from the start? Savage will probably get the nod though

  39. “D.Vaughan – see how he goes with Donaghy for first few High balls”

    You see this is my exact fear and why I’m blue in the face telling everyone that O’Shea was definitely a prudent move

    Donaghy has the ability to kill off the game in the first ten minutes if he’s allowed win high balls close to the goal. We can try something all we like and see how it goes but it’s no good if two or three goals go in, in a flash.

    Sure it only took the shagger two minutes for 1-1 to come directly off him in the 2014 drawn game.

  40. It was a good play by Donie. Think if he hadn’t fouled a good chance kerry would have gone on to score a point. He took him down in the right place. Some fouls are worth taking a card for. With the game on the line he had no choice. He’s a great man for croke park. He’ll keep goin all day and doesn’t back down from the physical side of things.

  41. Agree on Diarmaid, his contribution is not being fully appreciated.
    Deegan did fairly well apart from reluctance to show black which was possibly in our favour the last day and the most blatant push on Barrett that I think they got a point from.
    Kerry didn’t seems as cynical as 2014 but that’s not to say they’re not cynical. Refs would need eyes in the back of their heads.

  42. Ciaran, I would agree with you there. Putting Donie on Donaghy and see how it does isn’t the approach required, that will very likely result in the ball nestling in the net behind Clarke and Aido sprinting back when the damage is done. AOS was at fb purely to stop the high ball into the square, we know for a fact now that this works, changing would be a huge risk. If our forwards were struggling last week it would be a risk worth taking but as many seem to be overlooking, our forwards were excellent last week and caused serious damage. 2-13 from play is an impressive return and should have been more but for some careless wides. I don’t think AOS would add to the forwards as much as people are thinking. AOS at fb wasn’t the reason we didn’t win last sunday but moving him could be the reason we don’t tomorrow.

  43. I still think, as much and all as we are worried about Donaghy, Fitzmaurice has bigger headaches to deal with.

    Gooch and Spillane expressed major concerns about the positioning in the kerry backs. They got scalded and were out of position for much of the game. Alot of this was due to the Kerry attempts to clog up the middle of the pitch and stop our runners. Fitzmaurice might bend to the pressure and try to get their backs to hold their positioning.

    If Fitzmaurice instructs his back lines to hold their positioning he can expect an onslaught from the running of Keegan, Boyle, Durkan, Higgins and they’ll be helped out by the mileage that Mcgloughlin and D O’connor will put up.

    If the Kerry backs leave their areas then we are back to last Sunday and their inability to deal with the Mayo forwards.

    All in all I would much rather be in Rochfords position heading in to tomorrow than faced with what Fitzmaurice has to face.

    Mayo for the final.

  44. Shuffly Deck, I would agree that Deegan did well overall last week. At the time I thought the was overly picky on the tackle particularly against us but I would of course be biased in that regard. For pulling Sheehan alone on stealing yards on the last free and demanding he get the feck back to the correct position was enough for me, that could have been the difference between that ball dropping short and going over.

  45. Do we know anything about Donaghy’s fitness. He seemed to limp off the pitch the last day?

  46. Yes I think Darren OSullivan will start. He seemed to go in and match up to Donie when he came on and won the first ball. He’s looking very dangerous.

    Donie’s stopping of Sheehan is right to be commended. Lung busting at that time of the match, ruthless, and totally selfless. If that intervention wasn’t made Kerry would have worked a score or free nearer to goal. It definitely kept us in the tie. That is the type of determination we need to be showing.

  47. The problem with Donaghy is four fold, height, strength, can play at midfield as well as full forward, and “soft hands” (for want of a better term). Without having someone who is tall, can match him in strength, and has top class defenders skills he will make hay. e.g. Putting a tall defender on him isn’t enough, as he has mastered the art of sticking out his arse and muscling his opponent away from the dropping ball – Ref Galway QF. Likewise IMO Donie doesn’t have the height or a full back’s defender’s skills. Our problem is we do not have anyone available who ticks all the boxes. Believe it or not, I think the closest match we have available is Caff. Leave aside the 2014 drawn semi final – Caff was down with cramp before Donaghy came in and should have been subbed. Otherwise, Caff has competed well with Donaghy in their clashes. However competed is the word… Donaghy only needs to catch, knock down, or lay off one high ball during the game for a goal for the defender to be marked as a failure & if 5 or 6 come in during a game I think Aidan is the only person we have capable of winning all 5 or 6.
    I’d refer to the two Kerry high balls the last day for what I mean. When Aidan was out of position Seamie competed well for the high ball & turned it into a lottery. However the Kerry support players were rushing in as soon as the high ball was sent in, so I’d say odds are 50:50 that they will win the breaking ball, and if they do they are already steaming in on goal – which is what happened.
    When Aidan competed with Donaghy he had the strength to knock it down into the space where he could collect it himself, not just prevent Donaghy getting primary possession.

  48. I’d play.





    C o’connor

    Bring on D o’connor at half time
    S o’shea with 20 minutes to go.
    If boyle needs to come off after 50 minutes move higgins into his position and bring on Nally up front.

    If Donaghy runs out of gas switch o’shea and Donal.

  49. While some of us differ on the 2nd goal what I think most of us agree on is that Kerry are good at recognising an opportunity so all our lads need to be on their toes for the 70+. Sometimes lads tire mentally in a hectic game like that where it’s non stop frantic and lads need to remind their teammates to remain focused.
    Andy on our side is great for it too with quick frees so hopefully a few more follow him and we’ll catch Kerry with a sneaky goal or 2.

  50. All week I’ve been thinking how the f**k does Stephen Rochford sleep this week, what with all the permutations running though his head regarding selection, match-ups, etc. Us supporters all have our opinions and we’re entitled to have and express these opinions “We’re all in this together”, but I’m 100% backing Stephen and his team and thought his comment to Colm Parkinson that “he wasn’t going to die wondering”, displayed a brilliant attitude. The theme of “The man in the arena” then came to mind.

    “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”

    Whatever happens tomorrow the journey continues.

  51. You are right Cosa Bana, Caff is best suited to mark Donaghy. We are shooting ourselves in foot by ignoring him!

  52. Revelino in all fairness Loftus doesn’t yet bring half what Diarmaid does and can’t really defend. OK ye stuck him corner forward but I think the lad is better coming on with 10 to go or if Andy tires sooner. Also he can’t win ball like Andy and is best sprinting in from HF line onto good passes. But at HF he doesn’t track deep. Catch 22.
    Nally is a better option for me. Even Kirby cause he can win high ball and is also a goal poacher. COS is back in the panel and I wouldn’t rule him out for coming on. He can work hard and scores if he doesn’t have to work like a dog.
    For me though Nally is best as he can work hard and scores easily. Big enough and very good footballer, hybrid of the better attributes of most of the others forward subs.

  53. The reason Roch and co wouldn’t sub enough the last day was our forwards playing too good to take off. The only other one needed was perhaps someone for Barrett when Barry John came on. Drake the wrong sub in forwards I think we all agree on that. Rationale must be extra defender but Nally is both a back and a scorer. COS would be better there too as he tracks deep when needed.

  54. Ciaran, yes I totally agree . lets try Vaughan on donaghy , we still had a goal coughed up off donaghy at halftime. The other side of the coin was we totally missed aiden in the middle. if he was there Clarke s kick outs would have gone down the middle rather than out over the sideline. Also for gods sake get some forwards off the bench, Don’t think drake even touched the ball when he came in

  55. Shuffly (and Anne Marie too from the previous post), if Nally has all those attributes, and I’m not saying he hasn’t, why are management, consistently, leaving him on the bench. Even in the league, his appearances were minimal.

    They must know something.Great points against Rossies, but game was over.

    BTW, will be delighted if he come on and scores a brace tomorrow.

  56. Best of Luck tomorrow lads, Rivalry aside this Mayo team deserve to win Sam and ye supporters deserve one for all the money and time ye spend following them lads. It is a very costly business been a Mayo fan but hopefully come Saturday evening i doubt any of ye will care if ye have to fork out for another ticket

  57. I see your point Shuffely Deck. Just had Loftus in from the start to see what he might bring to the game. I would have preferred start him and if it isn’t working then sub him. If you bring him in later and he doesn’t spark then your left with him on the pitch.

    I think Connor has shown what he can do, but, yes I agree I’m not sure are you guaranteed a big performance from him.

    I had D O’Connor coming on at half time. Think he has been running out of juice but I would see it as a huge boost to the team to have him coming on for the 2nd half and feel he would really wear down the kerry backs going full throttle for the 2nd half.

    I think we have plenty of defenders on the pitch Shuffely Deck, we also need people that can rack up some scores. Think C Loftus assuming he had a good day could help us on the scoreboard.

    Don’t worry though, I won’t be picking the team.

  58. Leaving aside all the match-ups and starting 15 & subs to being on etc etc; in simple terms Mayo have given 2-2 (O’Shea’s mistakes) 0-5 (frees scored) = 13 points. These were easily avoidable scores, let say we only reduce this by 50%, that’s 7 less scores for Kerry. Where are Kerry going to improve by 7 points. This is assuming we don’t improve our scoring rate. Inaddition Keegan, DOC, SOS, COC, AOS all to improve on their last outing as well. Said it before say it again its Mayo’s to loose (albeit it happened in 2014)

  59. as bad as kerrys fullback line was do you think they would even dream of sacrificing david moran to that line, not a hope, essentialy that’s what we have done with aos, try caff sos or Vaughan on him and lets play our own game or even let aos drift between mid field and full forward and give Kerry something to think about.

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