Mayo News football podcast extra – Roscommon preview

It’s a huge weekend up ahead in the championship, in particular for the three Connacht counties who’ll share the billing – along with Kerry – on Sunday. Another match means another Mayo News football podcast and this latest episode looks ahead to our showdown with Roscommon.

Host Rob Murphy and I chat about the upcoming game and Rob then has a piece with Roscommon coach Liam McHale, which was recorded the day of the Connacht championship launch in May. It’s interesting to hear how relaxed Liam was back then, with Roscommon having only just emerged from a bruising Division One campaign in the League and facing into the Connacht championship as outsiders behind ourselves and Galway.

To wrap up this episode, Rob gets the thoughts of Mayo News columnist and podcast regular Billy Joe Padden about Sunday’s match and what we need to do to come out on top then.

This latest episode of the podcast is now available on both iTunes and SoundCloud and you can also listen to it here on the site – all you need to do is click the player below. Enjoy!

34 thoughts on “Mayo News football podcast extra – Roscommon preview

  1. Liam McHale:

    “I know I’m one of the best coaches in the country; probably the best coach in the country”

    Did I mishear that?

  2. Watch out for the usual crack they get up to in Roscommon when we’re on the road to Croker they clog the road with their Massey Fergusions, 10 mile an hour stuff. Wonder what they have in store for us this Sunday?

  3. Shame Liam didn’t have that confidence and self belief when he played for Mayo

  4. Baconfactoryend… Sure won’t they be stopping their own if they clog up the roads with Masey Ferguson’s.. It will be all right…wait until you see . Mayo have the ‘Hardy Buck’s’ quite literally,… Sure didn’t our team take over the Hill 16 end way back in 2006.. Sure haven’t our fan’s had the incredible audacity to park themselves on the Hill in 2013 & 2016… Not for the faint of heart… The Rossies are alright.. Really looking forward to this one.. And an interesting curtain raiser between the two minnows, to keep the giants of Connacht entertained until the real action starts!

  5. Don’t have an issue when Liam played for Mayo. He put in some serious performances for Mayo, in big games. Not least ’96. However, he seems to have gone for the theatrical more often than not since he moved into the coaching side of things. That kind of statement is exactly what managements hate to read. He was at the theatrical nonsense when training Mayo, writing newspaper articles while training the team. Writing about putting bets down on players instead of focusing on getting them right.
    I really wonder has he learned at all in the last few years for that is quite a childish and theatrical thing to say, in my humble opinion.

  6. I think Liam Mchale must be reading “the best Brian Clough quotes” book volume 1 chapter 3 titled “Walking on water” which goes something like,

    “I wouldn’t say i was the best coach in the game but i am definitely in the top 1”

    Difference is Brian Clough had the silverware to back it up.

  7. I hope I am wrong but I think mayo has had too many games and legs won’t be able to match Roscommon

  8. Its key that Mayo tear into Roscommon from the start. Go at their midfield like dogs & as Horan said on one of the podcasts, we need overwhelming phases of attack. Mayo by 4

  9. Good man Liam. The best coach in Ireland? Why not I suppose. It’s like something Conor mcgregor would say and it didn’t do him any harm.
    Since we re being self confident, Mayo will hammer Roscommon. No point in being shy anymore.

    Mayo 4-16
    Roscommon 1-12

  10. hoping mayo will win but i fear mayo could tired after extra time last sat could catch them

  11. It’s really a win-win for us Rossies. If by some miracle we pull off the upset on Sunday, it’s down to our fast young legs and innate ability. If we lose, it’s only because we were undermined by our Mayo coaching staff! : )

    Not sure where Liam is coming from there. Kevin McStay has a strong CV and I have not heard him make bold statements like that.

    Only two more sleeps!

  12. Some Q’s of Roscommon supporters for tickets there on rte news! If what I’m hearing, there’s gonna be some crowd there Sunday.

  13. If Im.honest Im not feeling most confident about Sunday..Nervous about sideline decisions that may go wrong and that the fitness levels may wane after last weekend..

  14. Mc hale was a great player for Mayo. Really admired him as a player. But he’s a bit mad. We will win Sunday & if we don’t it’s new management team and rebuild. I’m really not sure that rotchford knows what he is doing to be honest. Or maybe it’s mileage. Not convinced.

  15. I think Mayo will win on Sunday. I have reservations about fatigue. Rochforde pulled men off the last day thinking ahead to this Sunday. His strategy was right but his timing was off slightly and nearly cost us. In reply to Dave re the back room team knowing how to deal with the fatigue question : I hope you are right Dave. I do know that the two overriding physiological issues are muscle recovery and liver glycogen levels. They cannot recover fully in one week regardless of how good the medical people are. However even though he ran it close Rochforde’s tactics of replacing key players early on last week may be what will get us over the line on Sunday. I also believe we have depth in our bench and the young lads are getting better with every match. It will require the full panel to step up to the plate.

  16. Listening to both podcasts and the discussion on how we nearly lost it and whether so and so should have been taken off, who was sweeping, who was sleeping, one question stands out:

    Why can we not foul effectively in the last minute of a game to prevent the opposition getting into our box?

    We had it won against Derry after Loftus’s point, we had it won against Cork after Loftus’s point, and yet both teams got up the field; they had it all to do and we had so little and we let them through and even gave Cork an extra 10 yards to make an impossible shot possible. We fouled, but so ineffectively. On the other hand Galway managed to keep us out for 6 minutes of injury time in Salthill, with the dodgy box that is their full back line.

  17. Hopefully the week’s recovery has gone well and that the backroom team have brought all of their skills to bear in doing a highly professional job getting the bodies and energy levels right for Sunday. If they have then we will win handsomely and then some…!!

  18. Liam was fine player but his coaching ability is not star studded in terms of Clare and Cavan.
    McStay has not managed County in Croke Park and Rochford did lead Mayo to an All Ireland losing by pt after replay.Sure his gamble backfired but he is no less exerienced than Kevin and the backroom team infinitely more experienced.Yes Ros could have the legs etc but I honestly dont think this is the game that will catch us out.
    Surprised so many Rossies are so bullish really…winning Connacht guarantees nothing.If they do win then fair play.They are decent in the main except for a few and we have some of those too.

  19. If Roscommon beat us on Sunday what are the repercussions for the county board given the non appointment of Mcstay in preference for Holmes & co. Only saying…….

  20. Don’t worry about our management team as much experience as any other,as for recovery premiership teams play at least once a week,rugby teams play week in week out so our team will be fine,no worries about Ros at all we will win by five or six,then we have three weeks to prepare for Galway

  21. seeing the amount of time McStay has spent talking in th media Muckle only reinforces my belief that he was the wrong person for the job. What’s he done so far. They got relegated and won 1 game against a team that didn’t turn up.

    The team need to go out win Sunday and then go out and shut the mouth of those lads from the Southwest one of which said we should concentrate on the league.

  22. Great podcast as always , Billy Joe mentioned he thinks cafferkey won’t start , I would love to know who he thinks will start.

    Anyways Billy Joe is correct when he said forwards are coming into form and defence issue can be fixed , more confident now after listening to that.

  23. It s not the first time McHale has put his foot in his mouth, and is likely to happen again.
    I sense the Rossies are getting a bit carried away with their Connacht final performance. I see Mulhooly is being interviewed on Countrywide tomorrow morning, that definitely wasn’t taught in the Gavin School of communications.
    Nonetheless there is no room for complacency on our behalf. When we turn it on, we can beat anyone, but the difficulty has been keeping it turned on for 70 minutes. At least we have had a few competive games to sharpen the senses.

  24. Thanks Willie Joe for the plug regarding Morley Byrne monument unveiling today in loughglynn
    Well done to the local community
    And thanks to all the Mayo people that travelled over in numbers.
    Great craic from the Mayo people offering us Rossies maps to croke park
    Boys from the county was sung no dry eye in the place

    There are stout -hearted men from the co Mayo
    Now Boys pull together in all sorts of weather.
    Don’t show the white feather,wherever you go.
    Act each as a brother and help one another.
    Like true hearted men from the County Mayo.

  25. Same team as last weekend named… probably not the one that will start, but parsons is named so hopefully he is fit enough to be included

  26. I hope that’s a dummy team that Rochford has named because if Ger Caff starts we will be beaten Mc Stay will be rubbing his hands with glee pumping high ball in there all day which Ger cannot deal with anymore. It’s an ideal time to try out a new full back cos if Ros don’t destroy us with high ball Donaghy will. Not meaning to be hard on Ger Caff he came back from an horrific injury but but do we want to win Sam or not lads? # ruthless

  27. Believe Caff will be fine.Relax.You have to play to get match fit.Still our best option.

  28. Rossies have got carried away before and has always been a false dawn. We will beat them comfortably on Sunday. McHale was one of our finest, pity about the mouth!

  29. Firmly believe Caff and Doherty will start. Hopefully Tom P will too and that there will be no changes from that selected. But as we know there always seems to be one or two changes thrown in there in the mix. Love the unpredictable

  30. Tulsk Lord Edward, that’s a fine name you have going there, Lord of the manner no doubt 🙂 Assuming you’re a Tulsk man, I used to know a Jim Flanagan from that neck of the woods back in the day, worked with him in Galway many years ago – a great GAA man too. If you happen to know him, give him my regards. Best of luck for the match, but it’s probably a year or two too soon for your young bucks.

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