Mayo News football podcast extra – Salthill scene set

Only two days to go to the big showdown in the west so it’s definitely worthwhile ladling out a second helping of the Mayo News football podcast for more chat ahead of the Galway game on Sunday.

In this bonus episode, host Rob Murphy and I talk about Mayo’s team selection for the game as well as some other stuff while Rob also gets the thoughts of Billy Joe Padden on a few key tactical issues that are likely to face us on Sunday. Mike Finnerty’s in there too, helping to set the scene for Salthill.

The podcast bonus episode is now available on iTunes and SoundCloud and you can also play it without leaving the site – just click below. Happy listening!

4 thoughts on “Mayo News football podcast extra – Salthill scene set

  1. Excellent stuff WJ & Mayo News. Something to listen to on my commute home! Up Mayo!!!!

  2. Galway team announced. Conroy on the 40. Armstrong and Daly starting in the corners.

  3. How will we do against Galway on Sunday? I haven’t voted coz I just don’t know, I haven’t a scooby doo. Of course I know who I want to win.
    Have we slipped, if so how far?
    Have Galway improved, if so how much?
    All will be revealed Sunday. Monday’s papers will either be telling the country that we haven’t gone away you know or that we’re finished.
    Galway are improving, no doubt in my mind about that. A lot of people seem not to agree and think/believe that last year was a flash in the pan, just look at the poll numbers above.
    This is A MUST WIN game for us. We simply cannot afford to lose this one. Of course the woefully optimistic will be saying, sure we’ll get through the qualifiers handy enough like last year even if we do lose. Maybe we used all our luck last year, maybe we’d get lucky again this year, maybe. However even more disturbing for me is the fact that if we were to lose on Sunday and Galway finish the job against the rossies, they would be going for a 3 in a row this time next year!!!!!!!!!
    Perish the thought.

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