Mayo News football podcast – final preview

Back on home soil, the Mayo News football podcast is back in familiar territory as well. It’s mid-September, we’re in the All-Ireland final and there’s a big match there to be previewed.

Host Rob Murphy is joined in this episode to preview the final by Mayo News regulars Edwin McGreal, Seán Rice and Daniel Carey. Rob also chats with former Mayo performance coach Kieran Shannon on why he thinks this current Mayo squad are showing similar parallels to Munster rugby in 2006.

This latest episode of the podcast is now available on both iTunes and SoundCloud and you can also listen to it here on the site – all you need to do is either click the player below or the one on the sidebar to the right. Happy listening!

10 thoughts on “Mayo News football podcast – final preview

  1. Great work again WJ and the lads.
    Right, that’s it. I can’t ignore it anymore. I’ve purposely kept away, and off here, from reading about the final and it was only briefly brooched in conversation at work. But now it’s time to let the dog see the rabbit.
    This will be, please God, my 11th all Ireland Final featuring Mayo. This has been the season to beat them all, irrespective of whether we win or lose. Kiltoom, Kerry away, Donegal at home, Ennis, Limerick and the 4 games in Croker to date. What a journey and what a privilege to be from Mayo.
    In the past, I had hoped and prayed for a win to feel, for myself, what it would be like to be there in Croker seeing a Mayoman lift Sam. To be honest, almost purely selfish reasons. Now, I want them to win for themselves. Nothing else. I will be there, please God, in January at the FBD regardless of Sundays outcome. I just desperately want the win for them.
    Hon Mayo.

  2. Like that pebblesmeller i really hope they win on sunday more for themselves than for us. If the dont mind we’ll help them celebrate the win. Im so proud of this group of players and the management team’s going back to Horan. No regrets lads, bring home sam..

  3. Excellent post Pebbles. I echo every sentiment of that. If we lose on Sunday, we need to stay fully behind them. Id go as far to say lets give them one last verison of “MAYO MAYO” if they leave the pitch empty handed. They owe it to themselves to go out there and get they’re reward.

    As the day gets closer, im getting more nervous, I fully beileve we can win, but we are really up against it. It will be the greatest AI victory of all time if we do it. Interesting that Horan seems to agree with a few of us on here, who stated we wanted Aido full forward for long periods, with cillian/andy either side. Thinks its a tactic that can really hurt Dublin…..

  4. We have to play a 3 man FF line for the vast majority of the match. This is vital. We can’t leave X 2 men in their isolated against 3 and a sweeper. This has limited us in the past against this team.

    To borrow the Connacht rugby tag line “front up, rise up” when we do this against them how will they cope? They have it so soft for all their championship matches this year.

    Not this time Dublin, not this time.

  5. I agree. All the sacrifices these guys have put in over the years. It would be criminal if they don’t win one at least. My hope is for them not necessarily for myself as a supporter. To win just once……..

  6. Luckily for Mayo fans, in the event of a victory, a journalist has made the decision to tell us and our friends in the rest of the country the details about the homecoming. And the journalist has also decided to remain nameless, such a kind and selfless act of journalism. They knew that dublin have such huge advantages over Mayo before a ball is kicked that they had to do something about it. This is why I love the Irish Indepependent, along with the fact that I never pay a penny to read it nor ever will.

  7. I too only want them to win it for themselves and their families. Not enough words to describe these super heroes. Think it would be great idea to chant Mayo Mayo even if it’s not our way on sun even. They deserve it from us for their never give up atttitude. But it will be our way Sun even. P.G.

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