Mayo News football podcast – final words

Step-by-step with all the matches we’ve played this year, the Mayo News football podcast has been a constant presence this year. Now with the All-Ireland final not much more than 24 hours away, it’s time for a final helping of pre-match chat and analysis.

In this edition, host Rob Murphy and I chat about tomorrow’s D-Day for the county, before Rob gets the views of Billy Joe Padden. Cillian’s in there too at the end, before he leads the team he captains into battle tomorrow.

This episode of the podcast is now available on both iTunes and SoundCloud and you can also listen to it here on the site – all you need to do is either click the player below or the one on the sidebar to the right. Happy listening!

22 thoughts on “Mayo News football podcast – final words

  1. My Mayo Flag

    We all might come from Ireland
    And from Connacht that’s inside
    But it’s because I come from Mayo
    That my heart it bursts with pride

    I’ve met countless other people
    From every corner of the earth
    But the ones I’ve always loved most
    Are from the county of my birth

    When the football trumpets call us
    To the Croke Park battle scene
    We’ll fight for final glory
    Under Mayo’s red and green

    Our flag it stands for courage
    And for passion and for pride
    And we’ll never leave defeated
    With that flag that’s by our side

    They said after last year’s final
    That Mayo had come and been
    But you’ll never ever ever
    Drive away the red and green

    Of all the things I’ve ever owned
    All the places that I’ve been
    My most treasured of possessions
    Is my flag of red and green

    Every time I lift my flag up
    I hold it tight against my breast
    My heart it beats like thunder
    Almost bursting through my chest

    My life is written on my flag
    My father’s face I’ve seen
    Of the greatest gifts he left me
    Was my love for red and green

    Whatever happens sunday
    Already know I’m goin to cry
    And there’s one thing that I’m sure of
    My Mayo flag I’ll fly

    I love I love my Mayo flag
    Stands for everything I’ve been
    I thank the Lord near every day
    I support the red and green

    When we win the war on Sunday
    When we lay Goliath low
    I’ll wrap my flag around me
    Green and red from head to toe

    When life’s light will someday fade away
    And they lay me on my bed
    I’ll be making my last journey
    With my flag beneath my head

    And when the anthem plays in years to come
    And the team looks to the sky
    There is one thing that their sure to see
    They’ll see my old flag fly

    There’s one thing that I’ll ask you Lord
    Let O’Connor lift that cup
    I want to see my green and red
    To see it hoisted up

  2. I’m demented with waiting. Revellino… your poem is perfect. The red and green is flowing through all our veins. I am trying not to read stuff but putting the flag beneath your head… I’m holding back my own tears. You are a mighty man. I know we won’t be outdone on passion…not tomorrow and not ever. God the waiting is killing me. MAYO always

  3. WE are nearly there, one day to go.I hope most of our vocal supporters got tickets.I think all supporters know the drill at this stage –ROAR AND CHEER THE TEAM ON FROM THE THROW-IN UNTIL THE FINAL WHISTLE–and the job is done.i would urge supporters to go easy on the drink tonight and have the voice in perfect order for sunday at 3.30.WE will have loads of time for celebrating after 5.15 tomorrow when MAYO have won the all-ireland and the party can begin .ALL MOTORISTS. —-take care and safe travelling to all.REMEMBER an accident or even a fender – bender can spoil the weekend. I AM SURE MAYO WILL WIN THIS TIME.

  4. Revellino I ‘m emotional all week but I’m in bits after your poem now thinking especially of all the great Mayo people not with us in this world to experience this Sunday. Let them be with us in spirit. Hon Mayo.

  5. Wonderful podcast Just what was needed to finalise the mood for tomorrow. I agree with you Willie Joe I think there is less fear of losing this year then in others. Hard as that will be to take we know we can handle it and that win or lose we will be back again next year. Also it really is about seeing these marvellous players getting their just reward.
    Looks like the forecast is good so the elements should not play a part and hopefully the pitch is in better shape than it has been for a while.
    Safe travelling to all. We don’t want any news of tragedies on the roads.
    By the way have I missed it or have Dublin not named their team yet.

  6. @tom Burke

    Dave Clarke is worried alright. He ll spend the next few days wondering if he knocked the immersion off before he left home. Probably get home around Wednesday and find that in fact it was switched off.
    That’s all that worries him.

  7. @Tom Burke
    To what do you attribute that statement? Did you witness him feverishly chewing his nails or profusely sweating? Maybe you have psycho analytical skills that allow you to diagnose a persons disposition by merely glancing at them. Or maybe your just a wind up merchant and a fairly shite one at that…

  8. Tom Burke – that’s enough from you, you’re in the sin bin. Like that other airhead who was on here trolling yesterday, this isn’t a site for messers. You’ve had the last of your fun here now.

  9. Still on the hunt for a ticket and won’t be giving up my search until throw in tomorrow. I’d urge all the posters on this site to make as much noise as possible for 70+ minutes every time a Mayo player makes a turnover, block, wins a free, or scores. The lads have been saying all season how much of a boost it makes to the team (more so when the chips are down) to hear the crowd roar and see the red and green flags start flying. When you see them do interviews and they talk about the crowd you can just tell that it means the absolute world to them, so let’s do our part as supporters and drive them on!

  10. Jammercee – fully agree, can’t let any doubt or nerves or whatever effect the support you give, we’ve got to really go for it!

  11. Exactly Exile, it’s when the doubt or nerves are there for both fans and players that the bitta noise and support makes the biggest impact. It’s a bit cliché talking about the 16th man at this stage but I honestly believe for a team as connected to their fans as Mayo that it gives that extra 1% (or whatever figure you want to put on it) that’ll get this team over the line on Sunday.

  12. The support from the Mayo Fans matches and out surpasses the Dublins fans which turns croke park into a neutral venue….which Dublin are not used to! So roar, shout and wave those flags tomorrow and make sure the Dublin players get plenty of it when they miss a shot!!!

  13. Christmas Day is here but Santa never came to my friend who has just flown home for the match from Oz. Literally for the match. She flew in yester and will be going back Tuesday so if anyone can help at all please do! My heart is breaking for her…

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