Mayo News football podcast – Galway win again

Another League game, a second defeat of the campaign and another episode of the Mayo News football podcast has hit the airwaves. Those events are coincidental, by the way.

In this episode of the podcast host Rob Murphy starts proceedings after the event by getting post-match analysis from Mayo News regulars Sean Rice and Edwin McGreal. In the in-match segment Rob is joined on the terrace at Pearse Stadium by Daniel Carey and myself, where we go through the key events as they unfold.

Rob then gets the ebullient post-match reaction from the other side of the fence, with Barry Cullinane of Galway Bay FM setting out his views on where Galway stand after this latest win over us. There’s also post-match audio from Stephen Rochford, Kevin Walsh (in conversation with Newstalk’s Oisin Langan) and Mayo ladies manager Peter Leahy.

This episode of the podcast wraps up with our post-match panel, where Rob, Danny and I are joined by Mayo News reporter Ger Flanagan.

The podcast is now available to listen to on SoundCloud and iTunes and you can also listen to it here on the site either by clicking the player below or the one on the sidebar to the right. Have at it!

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14 thoughts on “Mayo News football podcast – Galway win again

  1. Love the podcast.

    Not sure I can listen to this one. Barry Cullinane’s contribution last year made me sick. Can’t be dealing Galway smugness today

  2. Willie Joe, if you put a small little charge on each of the hits to this blog you would make a fortune, how’s that for commercial directorship.
    I don’t know what the underage coaching structure is like in Mayo but in Dublin some of the bigger clubs put alot into coaching, through workshops, ( coach the coaches ), fundraising for buying equipment etc, they nearly take over ones spare time. But this is not the case in the smaller clubs, coaching is poor with alot of people trying to coach but have never played the game, those small clubs don’t have all weather pitches as do the bigger ones.
    I know of one local club where the best U 12’s train 3 times a week, if they done have a match on the weekends, this is the same for the ladies from U 14. I think this will backfire on them, as the kids are being driven too hard.
    Mayo remind me of a neighbouring club in South Mayo, they played the same guys for about 10 years, they went from Intermediate ( almost gained promotion to Senior, 1988 /1989 )to Junior and then to amalgamation, this is what happens when new players are not brought in, of course new guys need time to be blooded.
    Where are all the young guys that people were raving about n this blog at the end of last year and at the start of 2018 ?.
    My own kids are U 15, U 12, U 11 and U 9, they have been training since mid January.

  3. It will be a long two weeks until the Dublin game hoping for a redemption that realistically probably won’t be coming given the state of resources available players current level of fitness and tactical approach of management etc. You could be forgiven for putting down Dublin by 10 in the prediction game such has been our dire performances so far .
    The wishful thinking would be that the team would come out and say let’s show we are still the only team capable of dethroning Dublin by going out and beating them. That’s probably not going to happen for the reasons suggested above.
    What we have learned in the league so far is that We will be gping to the well again with the same warriors again this year. Perhaps one addition to the match day 20. We will be strong favourites to reach super eights but I think it could be by back door again it will take huge effort to beat Galway on May 13th we will be favourites to reach AM semi-finals also. But with 3 super 8 games and no new players it may be asking the guys to goto the well once to often…

  4. will be interesting to see if Galway get brought back to earth like the Rossies a couple of years ago.

  5. Hard to disagree with a lot of what BC says on the basis of the performance on Sunday, but I’d echo a lot of posters here in saying that the gleeful tone grates a bit.

    A long way to go before May, keep the faith.

  6. Let Barry at it and I look forward to hearing his contribution on May 13th. I think Galway might just have poked the bear this time.
    Look on the bright side, it could have been Ray Silke 😉

  7. In fairness to Silkey, he taught me in St. Gerald’s in Castlebar and would have coached a few future Mayo starlets at the time. He never struck me as never a bad one, even if he does wear maroon and white glasses as a pundit.

  8. It could be worse. It could be Sean Ban Breatnach crowing away. Could we not have got him or will we keep him til May.

  9. I thought he was straight forward too. He knows there’s no point crowing now, it’s the evening of the May game they can crow and even then they can’t be certain of overcoming some mediocre team a round or 2 later. Tipp and Roscommon have beaten them well these last 2 years and neither are world beaters, though tipp have good forwards.

  10. At least we have been able to keep Galway feet on the ground by reminding them how they let Kerry tickle their bellies in Croker last year, but I have a feeling they won’t lie down quite so easily this year.

    Still think we’ll beat them on the 13th, mind.

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